You’re Mine

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Gray woke up with a start, his heart beating so fast inside his chest he thought it would burst from it. He couldn’t breathe right, he was sweating in his sleeping bag, the nightmare still fresh in his mind. He looked around, waiting to see his girlfriend but he only spotted his teammates. Gray was confused for a moment until he remembered she wasn’t with the team at the moment, she was at an S-class mission with Gajeel.

It didn’t matter, he had to call Juvia. He needed to listen to her voice, at least, or he would go insane.

Gray pushed the sleeping bag away and reached for his backpack, pushing his clothes away while looking for the Lachryma. He only realized he was shaking when he found the device and started the call.

“Please, pick it up.” He whispered to himself and he could still feel fear inside his chest, memories of holding her dead body and the pain that followed it. He was terrified he would go through that again – he wouldn’t be able to take it. “Come on.” He called again and when she didn’t pick up, he felt panic tighten his chest. What if something was wrong? They hadn’t spoke for five days and a lot could’ve happened. “Shit.”

A hand on his shoulder made the Ice Mage jump, startled. “Gray?” He recognized Lucy’s voice and when he jumped, she looked startled as well. “Sorry, it’s my turn to keep watch and I saw you get up and I wanted to know if you were okay.”

Still afraid and confused, Gray looked down to the Lachryma in his hand and then back to the Celestial Mage. “Juvia… Juvia isn’t picking up.”

Lucy frowned. “Gray, she’s probably sleeping. It’s the middle of the night.”

“What if… what if something’s wrong?” He asked his friend in a whisper.

Seeing Gray wasn’t in his right mind, Lucy stepped closer to him and put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. “I don’t think something’s wrong, Gray.”

“She’s in a mission. S-class. Something could’ve happened.”

“Juvia is with Gajeel and they were S-Class level even before they joined Fairy Tail.” Lucy reminded him kindly while leading him back to his sleeping bag. “Those two know how to take care of themselves, you, more than anyone, should know that; you don’t need to worry.”

“Because I know that I worry.” Gray admitted, sitting back on top of his sleeping bag and Lucy kneeled in front of him. “I saw her dead one time, I can’t see it again.”

Lucy’s brown eyes softened. “You won’t.”

“I just did.” He said and Lucy was confused before she understood his meaning.

“Oh, you had a nightmare. Of course, that makes sense.” She whispered the last sentence to herself. “Sorry, I’m tired, my mind isn’t working properly.” The blonde gave him a curt nod. “Alright, you should lie down and try to sleep again.”

“I can’t.” Gray shook his head. “I need to know if she’s alright.”

“Gray-” She started but the ringing of the Lachryma interrupted her.

His heart was racing when he answered the call and put the Lachryma close to his ear. “Juvia?”

“Gray-sama?” Her voice was rough form sleep but it sounded amazing in his opinion. Relief washed over him and he finally relaxed a little. “Are you okay?”

“I am.” He managed to say.

“The Lachryma was in Juvia’s bag and she was sleeping, that’s why she didn’t pick up when you called, it took a while to find it.” The Water Mage explained. “Did you need anything?” She was clearly worried. “Something happened?”


She stayed in silence for a moment. “Did you have a nightmare?” She asked, kindly.

It took Gray a few seconds to answer. “Yes, I did.”

Seeing her friend would be fine, Lucy put a hand on Gray’s knee and squeezed it before she got up and went back to her spot so he could have privacy to speak with his girlfriend.

“The same as before?” Juvia asked.

“Yes.” He gulped, the nightmare still bothering him. “You didn’t come back.”

“But Juvia did come back, Gray-sama.” She said. “Juvia has told you before: she will always do her best to return to you. She just became your girlfriend, Gray-sama, there’s no way Juvia will die any time soon, we have a lot to do before that.”

He knew she was trying to make him relax and he did feel better listening to her voice and such Juvia-like words.

“Just promise me you’ll be careful.” Gray asked. “Please, don’t get separated from Gajeel and don’t try to be a martyr.”

“You’re one to talk.” Juvia snorted softly.

Juvia.” He emphasized her name. “Please.”

The Water Mage took a second to answer him. “Juvia will do her best.”

Gray sighed, knowing it was the best compromise he would get at the moment. “Alright.” He nodded. “I’m sorry I called in the middle of the night.”

“Don’t be, this is why we got the Lachrymas.” She reminded him. “Juvia will have hers next to her when she sleeps so if you have another nightmare, Juvia can pick up quick when you call her.”

“Thank you.” He said, relieved. “You should go back to sleep.”

“Do you feel better?”

“Yeah.” He’d rather have her lying next to him, passing her hands through his hair to soothe him, but since he couldn’t, hearing her voice was the next best thing and it calmed him enough he would fall asleep again. “I will call you soon, okay?”

“Okay.” She answered. “Good night, Gray-sama.”

“Good night, Juvia.”

Feeling a lot better, Gray finally lied back on his sleeping bag and when he closed his eyes, he knew he wouldn’t have nightmares again that night.

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