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Your Top 21 Sex QuestionsAnswered

Your Top 21 Sex QuestionsAnswered

Keep these three main things in mind.

1. Wetter is better: Utilize your tongue, lips, and hands to provide a full experience. Go back and forth between sucking on him like a straw and bobbing your head up and down his shaft.

2. Deeper is not always better: The head is the most sensitive area, and therefore should get the most attention. Wrap your lips around the tip of his penis, and use your hands (and spit) to caress his shaft. Every once in a while, swirl your tongue around the head.

3. Get into it:  If you don’t look like you’re enjoying it, then he isn’t going to enjoy it either. Treat it like it’s the most delicious Popsicle you’ve ever had, and make eye contact with him every once and a while. Trust me, guys are all about eye contact and enthusiasm.

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