Woman Falls in Love with BFs Cross-dressing Male Lover, Gets

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For most people, finding out that your partner is cheating is quite an emotionally traumatic experience. But one can always look on the bright side and try to make the best of it, like straight up poaching your partner’s illicit lover.

This is a story about a woman’s boyfriend who cheated on her with a male cross-dresser, but she falls for the other man instead and got impregnated by him.

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Yeah, you’re not the only one who had to read that line again.

Angelica Mabuhay’s story went viral when she went on Filipino feature show, “One At Heart, Jessica Soho” to talk about her interesting love life.

Angelica had started dating a man called “Justin” in mid-2015 after meeting him through mutual friends. After dating for a month, the two became a steady couple, as translated by Nextshark.

“I was so in love in with him,” Angelica said, “If I ran out of prepaid credits, I would top up just so I can talk to him.”

All was not well in paradise, however, as Justin became distant after a few months. His behaviour made Angelica suspicious and naturally, she began investigating.

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“I suspected that I was not his only girlfriend. He must have a lot from different places, I stalked him on Facebook, checked out texts on his phone … He hung out with other women and there were pictures.”

Despite all the red flags, they remained an item. That is, until a fateful Facebook tag later when someone on social media requested that Justin changed his relationship status.

Angelica’s suspicions were confirmed and the mystery lover was revealed. She was shocked, however, when the “other woman” turned out to be a man!

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It had seemed that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a gay cross-dressing man named Jeffrey. Jeffrey had also known Justin through mutual friends.

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Outraged, Angelica confronted and dumped her cheating boyfriend. Angelica then messaged Jeffrey to hear his side of the story, who revealed he was unaware that Justin had a girlfriend.

In a shocking turn of events, the two bonded over the experience and became fast friends. Their friendship deepened when Jeffrey broke up with Justin and they became BFFs.

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Over time, Angelica started to pester Jeffrey to be a couple.

“Jeffrey is a very nice person. He’s different from all the other men and I really like him,” Angelica said. “I proposed the idea of us being together … and he said yes.”

Jeffrey, still very much gay, was confused about his feelings but gave it a chance anyway.

However, the relationship between Angelica and Jeffrey went through a hiccup when Angelica found out that Jeffrey had been talking to Justin as well as flirting with other guys. Her gay boyfriend defended himself until she gave him an ultimatum: choose her or them.

Jeffrey’s heart helped him find his answer, “I chose Angelica, the woman who loves me so much.”

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They continued their relationship and soon welcomed a baby boy. Now, they live together to raise their child.

“Even if life is hard, even if my salary isn’t enough, I manage to save money to raise our baby,” Jeffrey confessed. “I’m happy to go home after work to see my son. My exhaustion goes away.”

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Their story has blown up on social media, having been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook, commenters have expressed their support for the unconventional relationship.

“I better start looking for a gay man.”

“This is a truly wonderful story. May God bless you both.”

“This made my day. In this case, a gay man clearly handles the responsibility way better than a straight man.”

Love truly knows no bounds.

Whew, what a rollercoaster of a romance! We wish Angelica and Jeffrey all the best in their relationship.


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