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No AU leaves out quite a number of must read fics. But still, as you wish. 

Long post alert!

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom (62k, Explicit) : A beautiful, beautiful fic from Sherlock POV. Difficult relationship issues, miscommunication. Ohh what a fic.

A Cure For Boredom by emmagrant01 (81k, Explicit) : They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.  One hell of a sexy fic. 

and stand there at the edge of my affection by coloredink (2.6k, General) : Sherlock asks for John’s expertise on writing a love letter. Who is it for? You have no points for guessing it right. But John is an idiot.

A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (4.6k words, Tee n) :  Just pay me back with one thousand kisses. My go to fic whenever I am feeling down. Fluff, fluff and more fluff. Did i mention fluff?

Alone On the Water by Mad_Lori (7.7k, General) : Sherlock Holmes never expected to live a long life, but he never imagined that it would end like this. Fair warning, look at the tags and think for at least 10 times before reading this okay.

State of Flux by Atiki  (24k, Explicit) : John’s marriage is over and he is fin ally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs). Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen. Ever wonder what a no-angst perfect johnlock fic looks like?This is it. Series 3 fix-it fic.

Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy (30k words, Explicit) : “You love your mother, Sherlock?”John watched the muscles in Sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk.“Then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” John let out a resigned sigh. “As a ruddy couple, you bastard.” Fake/pretend relationship. Thank me later.

Electric Pink Hand Grenade by BeautifulFiction“If Sherlock’s brain is a hard drive, then these attacks are an electro-magnetic pulse.” Sherlock Holmes does not do anything by half, not even a migraine. It falls to John to witness one of the greatest minds he has ever known tear itself apart, and he must do his best to help Sherlock pick up the pieces. I’ve got one word to describe this. “Sickfic”. You are welcome.

A Was te of Breath by Chryse (95k, Explicit) : John had always assumed Sherlock was uninterested, untouchable, married to his work. He was wrong on all counts. But when Sherlock embarks on a relationship, John worries that he is in over his head…and this time he might be right. Sherlock picks up Sebastian Moran as a fuck buddy and things go kinda wrong.

The Quiet Man by ivyblossom (157k words, Explicit) : “Do you just carry on talking when I’m away?” What can I say about this one? Post reichenbach fic in John POV. You can guess how it is.

A Study in Intimacy by doodle (5k words, Teen) : People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people.Then he meets John Watson. I won’t say anything else.

The Important Bit by Solshine (9.9k. General) :  Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other. Thirty years, give or take, in an atypical marriage. Basically a long bit of platonic domestic fluff. 

The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl by out_there (32k words, Explicit) : Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John’s head. This is the fic where John finds out Sherlock has slept with four-hundred people. 

Dear John by wendymarlowe (23k words, Explicit) : With Sherlock dead, John eventually (under duress) makes a profile on an online dating site. And falls into a long-distance relationship with an enigmatic partner who reminds him of Sherlock in all the right ways.Post-reichenbach epistolary fic. Online romance? Check. Cybersex? Check. Sherlock is so screwed. 

Curious Case by Cleo2010 (44k words, Explicit) : After burning his hands, Sherlock’s unable to release his ‘tension’ in the usual manner. Who should he turn to? His totally, completely straight friend and flatmate who’s totally not into Sherlock or his boy parts at all. Definitely. Basically a PWP. Oh my.

echoes through time by chellefic (21k words, Explicit) : Mummy sends a trunk from the Holmes cottage in Sussex to 221B. Its contents alter the way John and Sherlock see themselves and one another. What’s in the trunk you ask? A diary written by a John Watson about the adventures of Sherlock’s great grandfather. Another Sherlock Holmes. The diary is quite explicit in nature.

Applied Linguistics by what_alchemy (4.8k, Mature) :“He wants to shake John by the shoulders, wants to open his mouth and swallow John whole. Wants to marry him.” Sherlock searches for the right words.

To Light Another’s Path by BeautifulFiction (128k, Explicit) : Teaching John to observe seems to be a losing battle, but when Sherlock falls ill and submits himself to John’s care, will he realise that there is more to life than the science of deduction? Meanwhile, there is a murder to solve, and John must try and convince She rlock not to sacrifice his own health for the sake of the case. Eventual John/Sherlock Hurt/Comfort case fic. Post the Great Game . Sickfic. Yay!

Acceptable Behaviour by bbcatemysoul (3.4k, Mature): Sherlock isn’t really sure why John wants to shag him, b ut he’s certain that if he’s careful to behave properly about it, John can be persuaded to keep doing it.In other news, John is a good boyfriend and Sherlock is an idiot. When aren’t they idiots?

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (151k , Explicit) : “This was like nothing John had ever thought to associate with Sherlock: stubble, skin-tight jeans and three small silver rings gleaming at the crest of one ear. It was unbelievable, like stepping into an alternative universe, and John couldn’t stop staring.” Sherlock working undercover as a sexy-bartender. Not just John, I died too. Did I mention eyeliner?

Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid (47k, Explicit) : John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. 

Nothing to Make a Song About by emmagrant01 (36k, Explicit) : When Sherlock returned from his faked death, John could not forgive him for the deception and broke off their friendship. Ten years later, John returns to London in search of yet another new beginning. Sherlock, not surprisingly, is waiting. This was the first johnlock fic I read. So this has a pretty special place in my heart.

Best of Three by SilentAuror (17.4k, Explicit) : “You want to have sex with me,” Sherlock announces one evening about a year after John’s divorce. John’s vigorous denial sparks a three-day wager wherein Sherlock is determined to prove his point, and John is determined to hold onto his heterosexuality. Set well after HLV. And as the author states it “Porn. With feels”. Hot. Very hot.

Let’s Make a Bed Out in the Rain by theimprobable1 (17k, Mature) : John is devastated after his long-term girlfriend leaves him. Sherlock helps him through it. Pining, Angst, unrequited love, first kiss. Yeah the package. 

Just a Kiss by emmagrant01 (19k, Explicit) : Five times John and Sherlock kissed because of a case and one time they kissed for real. 

To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (5k words, General) : Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. One word. Fluff.

Evening Ride by LapisLazuli (8.6k, Explicit) : John has a series of unexpected meetings with a stranger on the Tube. Not an AU. Just alternative meeting. And one of the hottest fic I have ever read. Keyword? Public sex. Thank me later.

I Just Had Sex by pennydreadful  (916 words, Teen) : Sherlock just had sex and he’s going to make sure everyone knows. One of my favourite crack fics.

The Great Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst (58k, Explicit) : John Watson thinks Sherlock Holmes should admit that he, Watson, is more of an expert on sex than Sherlock is. But Sherlock refuses to concede the point. He comes up with an experiment plan that will resolve the issue. The results will determine who wins the prize. But sometimes even the best thought-out scientific study has unexpected consequences. Lots of sexual experimentation.

Praise Me by testosterone_tea (11k, Explicit) : In which Sherlock has an interesting physical reaction to compliments and John discovers it. Praise kink!

Sink Like a Stone by pennydreadful (4k, Teen) : After defea ting Moriarty at the pool, life isn’t quite the same around 221B Baker Street…it’s more peaceful. And stranger. 

What to do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal by hyacinth_sky747 (58k, Explicit) : Molly gave me a magazine. It has one hundred tips for figuring out your man. She said it is a bible amongst women. I will use it to solve the mystery that is John, or, as I like to refer to him, that mad-hatter who sits on my Union Jack cushion until it is flat. I can’t actually describe this one.You need to read it.

The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (47k, Teen) : Sherlock and John go undercover to solve the murder of Joanna Oldacre, but things are complicated by the many feelings John has been repressing in the wake of Sherlock’s faked death and return. Fake/Pretend relationship.ahahahaha.

The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (15k, Teen) : Sally Donovan discovers an old secret John Watson considered long buried – a ten-year old “Men of the A rmed Forces” calendar, which has John as a very enticing pin-up for August. The image of John might just change the way everyone sees the unassuming sidekick, even Sherlock Holmes. 

Thirst by bittergreens (122k, Explicit) : When John realizes he has feelin gs for Sherlock and decides he must keep those feelings secret at all costs, the resulting tension might bring Baker Street to the ground. Check the tags. Every element possible to be in a fic.

On the Losing Side by missselene (8k, Explicit) : After Mary’s death, John moves back into Baker Street, but is still upset at the loss of his wife and child. Eventually, he and Sherlock stumble into a sort of relationship, but it’s more physical than anything and they don’t talk about it.They especially don’t talk during sex. If they are going to have sex, Sherlock notices the signs hours beforehand, and he prepares carefully. The lights are off, they’re under the covers, he prepares himself using lots of lube so he can make it feel as much like a woman as he can, and he doesn’t let himself make any noise so that, if John wishes, he can pretend that he’s still with Mary. Misunderstanding, Pining. *sigh*

And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild (12k, Explicit) : What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the wa y you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content.What he says is simply, “Marry me.“ 

That’s it for now. But it doesn’t mean these are the only Must-read fics.It means the list got quite long already. Guess I will make a separate post for those then.

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