What’s Up, Buttercup

• You can’t do simple math problems, even though you are thinking of the answer in your head.
Ex: I always can’t remember 7 • 3 or 4(It equals 21 & 28)

• You go to the search bar, but can’t remember what you were going to search
Ex: I can’t think of an example, but you should know what I mean.

• You are going to go get something, but can’t remember what.
Ex: When I was a little kid, I would go get some new thing I had to show my grandpa, and stand in my room for 5 minutes remembering what I was going to show him.

• You can’t focus on someone’s eyes because everything around you is too distracting/noisy.
Ex: I try to make eye contact with my girlfriend, but get distracted by all the things.

• You’re having a conversation, and keep changing the subject, then go back to your first subject 5 subjects later.
Ex: I try to explain Pokémon or some other game to someone, and get off topic talking about how complicated the battle system is.

• You read a book and 5 pages later have no clue what you’re reading, then go back to the earlier pages, and find new information.
Ex: Every time I read a book again, the story seems new to me.

• You’re reminded of useless trivia by everything.
Ex: Someone: Ooh look at that NES
Me: did you know that the Sega Genesis competed with the NES for two years before the SNES came out?

• You get distracted by every, little, unimportant detail, but never what you actually need to pay attention to.
Ex: There’s a tear right there, and there’s a different shade of green over there.

Some of these things may be normal, and I just don’t ask others about it.

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