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Anonymous whispered:When are you going to post the next chapter ??? It’s so amazing <3 i'm addicted to it…

We should start some time soon, we already have the ideas so now we just need to get it all typed out, and I’m glad you like it 🙂


Anonymous whispered:can’t wait for the next chapter! xx

I’m glad you like it 🙂




-Paula & Claudia :)x

Preference #31: Phobias.

Harry (Altophobia):

“He wants to say ”I love you.“ but keeps it to ”Goodnight,“ because love will mean some falling, and she’s afraid of heights.”

And he stares at me, with pleading almost desperate green eyes. His words still ringing in my ears. I love you, Y/N. My brain is going into overdrive, with all the thoughts that go by the second through my head. “Well, say something.” he demands trying to be gentle, but I can hear that hint of anger and desperation in his voice. I just shake my head, casting my eyes up to the ceiling where I don’t have to meet his piercingly green eyes that seem to know everything about to me. The last time I returned those words to someone my heart had been stepped on by the same person who had claimed would always keep it safe. I can&rs quo;t afford to love someone back. Not even Harry. A lump forms in the back of my throat as tears threaten to spill from my eyes. “You know I can’t say it back,” I mumble, putting my face in my hands as I let out a little whimper, “Don’t make me say it back.” He then grabs my wrist and pulls me close to his chest, engulfing me in his familiar warmth. He strokes my hair as I cry. “I know you’ve been hurt before. But I wouldn’t do that to you. I would never hurt you. Let me take care of you. I’ll make the pain go away. Love me and I promise-I promise you, I’ll make the pain go away, baby. I’ll catch you when you fall.” he mumbles against my hair. 

Niall (Claustrophobia):

“But then I remembered: the universe was closed, and so very small. There was really nowhere else to go.” 

Frustration. That’s what I feel every time I think of this place. Frustrated because I can’t seem to get out of the same monotonous routine. I want to escape. Oh, I want to escape so badly. To run away and never look back. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Panic taking over me. Slowly crushing me until I too become comfortable with the horrible and tiring routine. It almost feels as if I can’t breathe. I want to flee, to disappear, to turn off my thoughts. Breathe — But I can’t breathe and I’m suffocating and for a minute everything wobbles and then I just see Niall, my life support. He is there for me, like a rock, like an anchor – something to hold me in place when the waves begin to crash too hard against the peaceful beach along the shore. He’s the reason I haven’t fled this place yet. “Baby, I know it’s hard. But we’ll get through it together.” he promises and I have to believe in his words. His words. His soothing words that calm my every nerve. The feeling of suffocation slowly fades away as I rest my head against his chest and listen to the steady beat of his big heart. Because my love for him will always overcome my thirst for fleeing. So, I stay.

Zayn (Aquaphobia):

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” 

My mum always wanted me to learn how to swim when I was younger. She told me, “Bad things can happen in the future. I don’t want you to drown.” But, I always refused to learn. I didn’t want to learn because I was always too scared. Too scared that the kicking of my feet to stay abreast of the water would not be enough and I would sink to the bottom. Feeling helpless as the water took power over my body until it wasn’t me in control of my body anymore, but the water . The water muffling my ears and entering my lungs. The water burning my lungs. Burning my lungs in a way that the cigarettes couldn’t. I refused to learn because I wasn’t aware of the cruel things in this world. I never thought that I was going to drown in a a sea of melancholy. And so I’m living my worst nightmare as I watch her walk towards the door. “Goodbye, Zayn.” she says in a monotone voice, “No, Y/N. Please don’t leave. I’m begging you.” I plead but it’s too late because she’s gone. Gone. I don’t know how to swim and the waves are slowly drowning me. I regret not taking Mum’s advise. Now, I’m drowning in this sea of melancholy because she’s gone. Gone, for good this time. 

Liam: (Lygophobia):

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.“

As I child I was scared of the dark. Scared of the monsters beneath my bed. Always seeking comfort from my mom or my dad, as they were my protectors. But as I grew up I realized that the darkness and the monsters are within me, and I am terrified. Now, who will protect me? Who can protect me from myself? Growing up, I felt alone. I sought out comfort in the wrong places. In dark places. That only made things worse. I sought out comfort in things that only led to self-destruction. Many were the times when I wanted to end it all. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was a coward. I was terrified of the darkness…and ironically I was the darkness. I was my worst enemy. But then came this boy. Who finally, after a lifetime of perpetual darkness, brought light into my soul. Liam. He is the light. The light that drives out everything that’s rotten inside of me. I love him. Oh, I love him so much. For bringing out the light in me. His touch brings me back to life. His lips keep the monsters of my nightmares away. He’s my knight in shining armour. My protector. My saviour. 

Louis: (Chronophobia). 

“Man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that not other creature endures. A fear of time running out.” 

It gnaws at me you know? Thinking that my time has ceased to be measured in seconds and hours. It begins and stops when I am with or without her. It sometimes worries me how much I really need this girl that sits beside me. Playing with her hair as she watches the movie. Her eyes stuck to the screen as she deciphers the plot twists just before they actually happen. Her mouth making that little twitch that I find extremely cute, even if she hates it. Truth is, I don’t ever want to part from her. Of course, I know that nothing in this life is certain. Life is just one big game of uncertainty, and my greatest fear, I think, is that my time with her won’t last as long as I want it to. The fear of time running out that bugs us all. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks as a smile creeps up on those pretty lips of hers. “Because I love you.” I reply as I mirror her smile. Oh, how I do love you, Y/N. I can’t imagine my life without her. I’m in too deep. I have to make my time on Earth worth it. “Y/N?” I ask as she snuggles closer to my chest, “Yes?” she replies in an almost sleepy voice, “Marry me.” I say simply. After all, life’s too short to ask questions.

A/N: Sleep if for the weak so I write! Hope you liked it! <3

-Paula :)x

1d imagines;

Anonymous whispered:Do you have a list of all your preferences?

Yes, when you go to our blog there’s a link that says “links” click on that and voilà! There you have a list of everything we’ve ever written! Enjoy 😀

-Paula & Claudia :)x

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The Look of Danger: Harry Styles Fanfic.


Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is your typical high school asshole. The charming, green eyed Greek god with luscious curls that are to die for. Good-looking and smooth-talking. Quarterback of the football team. Immensely smart despite his stereotypical attitude, and of course extremely popular with the ladies. The school hero; who is always up for a good challenge. Truly an irresistible specimen. That is, of course, until the biggest player in school falls for the ultimate heartbreaker…

-Paula & Claudia :)x 

Anonymous whispered:Ahhhhhh Paula said she loved me <3 Hahaha. You welcome hun and its true you did an amazing job, you brought tears to my face. keep it up. And how are you and your sister?

Hahaha well I do <3333 It makes me really happy that you guys liked it so much. I’ll miss writing about bad boy Zayn for sure. But life must go on! We can do this! Oh, hey, we’re great! Just you know enjoying the last bit of summer before the torture begins haha </3

-Paula :)x

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