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  • Performed by: Alexis

    Synopsis: “I sort of use masturbation as a technique to figure out what I am into.’Cause I’ll experiment with different thoughts.” Her Hearsay is rich with fantasies, dreams and curiosities of the mind, because Alexis finds sexual metaphor across all elements of life.

    Tags: confession, female sexuality, female voice, hearsay, masturbation, tantra, true sex stories

  • Performed by: Various
    Music by: Eff

    Synopsis: There are those memories that will always stand out when your mind flicks back over the the blur of bodies you have bumped against. Here, the stories of multiple women merge for the ultimate telling of those unforgettable encounters.

    Tags: confession, conversation, female sexuality, female voice, real orgasm, real sex sounds, sexcapade, straight, tantra, true sex stories

  • Written and Performed by: Daisy Danger
    Synopsis: Today we welcome Daisy Danger to Sonic Erotica. ‘Threesome’ is a true sex story Daisy had always wanted to tell in detail, and she’s gone ahead and elaborated, especially for us!

    Tags: BDSM, domination, female ejaculation, female voice, girl on girl, group sex, guest post, MFF, spanking, threesome, true sex stories

  • Performed by: Isak

    Synopsis: Isak has it pretty sweet. His wife is the kind of gal that sends personalised sex toys when they are apart, and on top of that, he and his lady have a girlfriend too! Isak believes in trying things at least once and that talking is a time-saving route to pleasure.

    Tags: confession, group sex, hearsay, male voice, masturbation, public sex, sexcapade, threesome, true sex stories

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