Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups

Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups

Here, you will find:
Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups
in the United States, Canada, & International.
( located by state or region )

Support groups exist for the purpose of helping transgender persons &
crossdressers get to know themselves and others, and to understand that these
feelings and desires you have are normal and healthy.
Support groups allow you (and your significant other) to interact with other
people who share basically the same feelings & desires that you have.
In most cases, you can attend these support group’ meetings either
cross-dressed or in your regular mode.
Trust me, nobody will laugh at you or criticize you if your makeup or whatever is not “perfect”.  🙂

Your first time out while cross-dressed you may feel very nervous, and that’s
perfectly normal. We have all been there ourselves.
You really have NOTHING to fear or be ashamed of,
and joining a support group will certainly help you in many ways.
Let these support groups help you in your wonderful journey.

Find a Map to the support group addresses.
Check Weather Forecast before you go to support group meetings.

All resources on are subject to change without notice.

Transgender Life-line
For those times, when suicide SEEMS like your only option!
Toll-Free Call:  877-565-8860

Find a Transgender Support Group Near You (United Kingdom)
TransUnite is a not for profit organization, run by volunteers.
We are the most up to date resource for the UK, and online based support groups.
Users can find a local group and even message them directly from our site using the “Contact Group” button.
We don’t store any personal details, and the site is secured by SSL.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity
from The American Psychological Association

Transgender Children Assistance Organization…
Trans Youth Family Allies (TYFA)
1-888-IMA-TYFA or email us at
TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators,
service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which
gender may be expressed and respected.
TYFA is working toward a society free of suicide and violence
in which ALL children are respected and celebrated.

List of Famous or Otherwise Notable Transgender Persons and Crossdressers

The National Center for Transgender Equality

The Transgender Child  (excellent book)
A Handbook for Families and Professionals
By Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper
This comprehensive first-of-its-kind guidebook explores the unique challenges faced by
families raising gender variant and transgender children.
Through extensive research and interviews, as well as years of experience working in the field,
the authors cover gender variance from birth through college.


North Alabama Gender Center (NAGC)
P.O. Box 392
Madison, AL 35758
Providing Transgender Support For Huntsville and North Alabama.

Montgomery Medical & Psychological Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 3361
Montgomery, AL 35109
(334) 272-2726
Contact: Jerry or Lynn Montgomery.
TS support group.

The HASUBET Society, Espouse Tri-Ette
near Birmingham, AL
Phone:  (256) 435-6178
The HASUBET Society is a support group for all
Transgendered persons.


Alaskan T-People
c/o Bobbie Wendy Tucey
P.O. Box 670349
Chugiak, AK 99567-0349
Social support group.

Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups
Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups

The Berdache Society
c/o Nora Jean York
P.O. Box 92381
Anchorage, AK 99509-2381
Nora Jean York, Co-founder.
A social group for crossdressers and the transgendered community.
Regular meetings.
Newsletter:: The Berdache Voice


TGNet Arizona Online  (not a support group)
Your source for news, information, and resources for, by, and about the
Transgendered, Transsexual, and Gender-variant communities of Arizona.
TGNet Arizona
2818 N. Campbell, PMB 315,
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 566-4591 (voice mail)

Transgender Harmony
(SO’s, Family, Friends, Gays and Lesbians,
and others who associate with the Transgendered Community, welcome).
We are also an educational, support, referral,
and social group for the Transgender Community.
Meetings: TWICE monthly. 2nd and 4th Sat of each month…
at Healing Waters Ministries, 225 W. University, Suite 105, Tempe, AZ.
Behind Buffalo Exchange.
For More Information:
Phone:  602-954-7553


Tucson, AZ Metro Area
c/o Sassi Johnson
7739 E. Broadway Blvd. PMB 314
Tucson, AZ 85710


Evolere Transgendered Foundation
1830 E. Broadway Blvd. #124-269
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone:  (520) 884-0541
Open transgender support group.


Phone:  (602) 293-3456
Arizona Transgender support group.


Wives’ & Partners’ Concerns
Linda Peacock
P.O. Box 24031
Little Rock, AR 72221
Membership fee for wives/partners is $10 per year.


3rd Sect
c/o Sacto. Gender Assoc., PO Box 215456
Sacramento, CA 95821-1456
Female to Male transsexual support group.

Los Angeles, CA Metro Area
409 N Pacific Coast Hwy. #320
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Los Angeles Chapter of Tri-Ess.
Monthly meetings for heterosexual Crossdressers.
Newsletter:: Alpha Bits


Fresno, CA Metro Area
P.O. Box 26593, Fresno, CA 93729-6593
Phone Karyn: 559-322-5078


Visalia Area and South:
PO Box 4067, Visalia CA 93278
E-Mail Marlene:


P.O. Box 480740
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 467-8317….Sheila or Shirley
Mention that you are calling about Androgyny. 9am – 9pm PT.
Social and support group for crossdressers.
Meet on Tuesday nights from 8-10 pm in Santa Monica, CA.


American Transsexual Education Center
1626 N. Wilcox Ave, #584
Hollywood, CA 90028
Amanda Silvestri, Dir.


CD Social Group
P.O. Box 224
Montrose, CA 91021
A social support group. Write for information.

127 Collingwood
San Francisco, CA
(415) 703-6150 ext. 22 ask for Jaron.
Social support for transgender, transsexual,
crossdressing people under 26.
Meetings the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.
LYRIC youth talk-line: (415) 863-3636 or 1-800-PRIDE.


Crossdresser Heterosexual Intersocial Club ( CHIC )
P.O. Box 17850
Long Beach, Ca. 90807
For heterosexual Crossdressers only, their wives.
The CHIC membership consists of about 30 male heterosexual crossdressers
and their wives or significant others.
We are a social club for those who have accepted
and are comfortable with their crossdressing.
Meetings held 2nd Saturday night of each month.
Newsletter: CHIC Clippings


Club Cherchez La Femme
P.O. Box 14521
Long Beach CA 90803
Private membership club for lovers of the drag-scene.
Dance party is held once a month.  Send SASE for details.


Diablo Valley Girls
P.O. Box 272885
Concord, CA 94527-2885
(510) 937-8432  answered live weekday evenings 7-9 pm Pacific.
Social support group. Meetings are the 1st Tuesday and
3rd Monday of every month at 8 pm.
Newsletter:: Devil Woman


Eureka, CA Metro Area
Forming Tri-ESS Chapter
Attn: Lois
Address: FG – Eureka CA Metro Area
c/o Tri-Ess
P.O. Box 194
Tulare, CA 93275


Far West Women
Eureka, CA
Transgender support group meets on the 2nd and 4th
Saturday of each month at 8 p.m.
Crossdressers, transgendered persons, and women are welcome.
Email Heather at

#634  P.O. Box 410-990
San Francisco, CA 94141-0990
Support group for Female to Male transsexuals of color.
Bi-weekly meetings.


FTM International
5337 College Ave., #142
Oakland, CA 94618
Support organization for Female to Male transsexual men.


Gender Expressions
P.O. Box 816
Lakewood, CA 90714-0816
Phone (310) 869-4241
Fax (310) 869-5662
Outreach for transgender people and their families.


Genderqueer Boyzzz
Genderqueer Boyzzz is a Southern California social group.


Ladies Knight Out
P.O. Box 19608-179
Irvine, CA 92713
Phone: (714) 262-9105
Heterosexual crossdressers support group.


Los Angeles Gender Center
1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone (310) 475-8880
Fax (310) 641-1790
Support & Info. Group at Women’s Center.


Loved Ones Of Transsexuals
Phone: (714) 786-6891
Monthly support group for family, friends of transsexuals.
Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month.

(Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center)
127 Collingwood St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (800) 246-7743


LYRIC sponsors “Changeling” a bi-monthly support group
for transgender youth 25 and younger.


Mariposa of Palm Springs (Transgender Outreach)
68277 Farnrell Lane
Cathedral City, CA 92234
Gina at (909) 278-0500
Meetings on the 1st Sunday of every month from 2 pm – 4 pm


MCC TS Support Group
c/o Metropolitan Community Church
South 7th Street, San Jose, CA.
For Transsexuals, their partners, and families.
Meets 6:30 pm 3rd Saturdays at the MCC on South 7th Street
between East Santa Clara Street and the San Jose State campus.


Minority Aids Project
5149 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: (213) 936-9338
Discussion and rap groups conducted by the MA Project’s transgender program.


c/o Jeff Faircloth
191 Golden Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415-567-2346
Support group for transsexuals.
Meetings on Mondays at 5:30pm – 7:00pm


Neutral Corner
P.O. Box 19008
San Diego, CA 92159
Phone: (619) 685-3696 – voice mail
Support group with monthly meetings.
Newsletter: Reflections


On The Scene Night
Marlayna Lacie
1856 Cherry #608
Long Beach, CA 90806
Open parties 2nd Saturday of every month,
and Fantasy Fetish Fashion Night the 4th Saturday each month.
Newsletter:  TV Epic


Pacific Center For Human Growth
1250 Pine Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (510) 939-7711
Support groups for transgender persons.


Pacific Center For Human Growth
2712 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone:  (510) 548-8283
Support & discussion groups for TG persons.


Phoenix Rising
c/o Kristen Dixon
P.O. Box 632852
San Diego, CA 92163-2852
A social support group for transsexuals. Weekly meetings.


PSGV Transgendered Support
401 South Main St., Suite 104
Pomona, CA 91765
Phone:  (909) 620-8987


Sacramento Gender Association  SGA
Blue Rose Chapter
P.O. Box 215456
Sacramento, CA 95821-1456
Phone: (916) 482-7742
Transgender support group.  Monthly meetings.  Newsletter


San Francisco Gender Information  SFGI
P.O. Box 423602
San Francisco, CA 94142-3602
Christine Beatty
Send SASE for further info.


The Santa Cruz LGBT Community Center
P.O. Box 8280
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Significant Others Support SOS
c/o TGSF
P.O. Box 426486
San Francisco, CA 94142-6486
A support group for the Significant Others of Crossdressers, and Transsexuals.


Society For Initiatives And Services In
Transgender Issues (SISTI)
P.O. Box 30844
Oakland, CA 94604-0844
Phone: (510) 601-7975  Sharon Grayson
Phone: (510) 601-9066
Social support for transgendered persons.


Stonewall Alliance Center TG Support
Chico, CA
Phone: (916) 893-3336.


Tenderloin Aids Resource Center
183 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 255-8272
Support group for transgender individuals.
For more information, contact Nicole or Jo Ellen.


Santa Rosa, CA USA
E-mail: DianeAnne@Earthlink.Net
Monthly meeting – the 3rd Saturday.
Support group for the Transgender community.
For more information on this organization contact ETVC
at their hot line (415) 564-3246


P.O. Box 426486
San Francisco, CA 94142-6486
A large support group for Crossdressers and Transsexuals.


Thursday Irregulars
c/o Joan Sheldon
P.O. Box 6541
San Jose, CA 95150-6541
Crossdressers and their friends meet every Thursday for lunch.


San Francisco, CA
Monthly socials in the San Francisco Bay area.


Transsexual Support Group
The Center Long Beach, 2017 East 4th St.
Long Beach, CA 90814
Phone: (562) 597-1118
Transsexual support group.
Meetings are every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 8pm.


San Diego, CA
Phone: (800) 666-8158 (Evelyn)
A support group for transgender people.
Meets – the last Wednesday of the month.


Transgender San Francisco  TGSF
P.O. Box 423602
San Francisco, CA 94142-6486
(510) 549-2665 hotline; (415) 564-3246  7-10pm weeknights.
TGSF has an open membership policy with over 400 members
and provides a full program of educational and social activities.
Debbie Cook
Newsletter:  The Channel


Transgender Nation San Francisco
584 Castro St.
P.O. Box 288
San Francisco, CA 94114-2588
Phone: (415) 863-6717
Focus group of Queer Nation working through direct action for transgender liberation.


Transsexual Explorer
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (323) 654-1454
Monthly group for m-f post & pre-op.
Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 8pm – 10pm


P.O. Box 11504, Denver, CO 80211


Entry Level Support Groups,
Telephone arrangements (303)431-9793 necessary.
Support to Crossdressers on Monday evening, 7 – 9 pm.


The Green Room
Phone: (303) 431-9793, during regular business hours, MST.
Private membership facility at Institute for Gender Study & Treatment.


Pueblo TV/TS Support Group Of Southern Colorado
Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Membership is open to crossdressers & transsexuals
in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and the rest of Southern Colorado.


Southern Colorado Intra-Regional Transgender
Society (S.C.I.R.T.S.)
Colorado Springs, CO
TG support group. Meetings every Tuesday night at 7 pm,

Teenage Kids Of TS: TAKOTS
c/o Laurie Ciccotello
1740 S. Buckley Rd. #6-178
Aurora, CO 80017
Support group for the children of transgendered persons.


Connecticut Outreach Society  COS
P.O. Box 163
Farmington, CT 06034
Phone: (860) 604-6343
Promotes a positive self-image for transgendered individuals.
Three meetings each month.
Newsletter:  The Outreach News


P.O. Box 2281
Milford CT 06460
Open Social and support group for Crossdressers and Transsexuals.


A new support group is forming crossdressers.
Open to crossdressers and transsexuals.
Based in central Connecticut.


P.O. Box 666
Thompson, CT 06241-0666
Phone: (203) 779-9708
Support group for the transgender community.
Group meetings the 1st Thursday of each month 7 to10 pm…in Worcester, MA.
Individual counseling.
24-hour crisis hot-line to members of the group.


P I Group
P.O. Box 245
Haddam, CT 06438-0245
Supportive meetings. Send SASE for info.


XX (Twenty) Club
P.O. Box 387
Hartford, CT 06141-0387
XX Club is the Transsexual support group of the
Gender Identity Clinic of New England. Meets 2nd and 4rth Saturday.
Newsletter:  XX, (bi-monthly).



Washington D.C.

Washington-Baltimore Alliance
c/o R. Lewis
P.O. Box 50724
Washington, DC 20091-0724
Phone: (301) 277-5475
Meets in Maryland on the 3rd Saturday of each month.


TADD (TGs Against Discrimination in the District)
co/ HCC, 813L. Street, SE.
Washington, DC 20003
Phone:  (202) 543-6777


FTM and MTF Support Groups held monthly at Metro Wellness in St Petersburg, FL.
For more information call (727)-321-3854

P.O. Box 420309
Miami, FL 33242
Group meets the 1st Saturday of every month at 8:30 pm  Newsletter


The Eden Society
P.O. Box 1692
Pompano Beach, FL 33061-1692
Phone: (305) 784-9316
M-F and F-M Transsexual support group.
Meets 2nd Saturday of month at MCC church in Ft. Lauderdale.


AIDS Coalition Pinellas, Pinellas County
1180 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL.
Support group for Transsexuals.
Meets 2nd Friday each month at 8 pm.  Newsletter.


714 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: (407) 425-4527
Social & support group meets twice a month.


Fort Myers, FL Metro Area
8660 College Pkwy, Ste.230, Ft. Myers FL 33919


Tampa, FL Metro Area
Contact: Dee


Gender Inform Network of Gainesville  (GING)
Gail Driaper  (904) 332-8178  Quarterly meetings

Gender Society Of The Palm Beaches
P.O. Box 16615
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-6615
Phone: (561) 833-3638
Fax:  (561) 833-4941
Contact: Julie or Joanne
Open to all Transgender persons.


Lauderdale Area TG Support
c/o Diane Arnold 3990 NW 42nd Ave.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
Phone:  (954) 739-9242
New Transgender support group in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Meetings are 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Panhandle Transgender Alliance (PANTRA)
P.O. Box 3426
Tallahassee, FL 32315-3426
Support group for the transgender community,
and meets on the 4th Saturday of every month.

P.O. Box 307
Hollywood, FL 33022
Phone: (305) 436-9477
Meetings the 3rd Friday of each month in Fort Lauderdale.


P.O. Box 6822
Clearwater, FL 33756-6822
Open support group for the transgendered community.
Meetings the 3rd Saturday of each month
from 7-11pm in St. Petersburg.  Newsletter: Butterflies


Trans Alliance of Gainesville (Florida)
PO Box 143102
Gainesville, FL 32614-3102
Write for info.


Atlanta, GA Metro Area
Sigma Epsilon,  P.O. Box 930516, Norcross, GA  30003-0516
Kira – (President):
Secure Voicemail: 770-552-4415
Monthly meeting weekends for heterosexual crossdressers and partners.


Southern Comfort Convention  (not a support group)
P.O. Box 77591, Atlanta, GA 30357
(404) 633-6470
This organization hosts the Transgender community’s Southern Comfort Convention
each September in Atlanta, GA


Hawaii Transgendered Outreach
P.O. Box 75616

Kapolei , HI   96707-0616
Telephone Number: 808-696-6815
Transgender social and support group. Bi-weekly meetings.


Tri-States Transgender Group
P.O. Box 6691
Boise, ID 83707
Phone: (208) 368-8669
Social & support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals.
Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.


Moscow, ID Metro Area
520 S. Hayes St.
Moscow, ID 83843-3424
Attn: Laurie Wolf
Phone Laurie: 208-882-1564
E-mail Laurie:


Central Illinois Gender Association  CIGA
P.O. Box 182
Washington, IL 61571
Phone: (309) 444-9918, JoAnn
Support for all transgendered people.
Meetings are on the 2nd Sunday.   Monthly newsletter.


Chicago, IL Metro Area
Chi Chapter – Tri-Ess
P.O. Box 40
Wood Dale, IL 60191-0040
Social support group for heterosexual crossdressers.
Co-sponsor of annual Be All You Want To Be event.
Meetings the 3rd Saturday of each month,  Newsletter


Chicago Gender Society  CGS
P.O. Box  31465
Chicago, IL 60631


Social and support group for crossdressers.
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday and has socials on 4th Tuesday each month.
Sponsors annual Miss CGS Pageant,
Newsletter:   The Primrose.


Island Girls
P.O. Box 2306
Joliet, IL. 60434-2306
We are a social and support group for all crossdressers and the TG community.
We meet the 1st Wednesday of every month.
Our social night is the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Outpost Transgender Group
Champaign/Urbana, IL
Phone: (217) 359-5113
E-mail  Elizabeth Bridgett
A support group for transgendered persons. Monthly meetings.


QC Group
P.O. Box 1534
Davenport, IA, 52809
Phone: (319) 323-5492
Meets in Rock Island, IL.


The Sunday Society
P.O. Box 478850
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: (312) 486-3125,  (312) 252-7024, Sheila L.
Sampognaro and Louise L. Raeder Outreach and support organization.
Meetings the 3rd Sunday of each month.


Transgender Splendor
Urbana, IL
Phone:  (217) 367-1033
Social support group for transgender people. Two monthly meetings.

Dr. Randi Ettner   (Chicago, IL)
World Famous Transgender Therapist & Author of 3 Transgender Books.
She is a world-renowned expert on transgender,
having authored three critically-acclaimed books on the subject,
Gender Loving Care and Confessions of a Gender Defender.
She addresses conferences around the world, and receives frequent invitations
to appear on network television, including Oprah, Dateline NBC and ABC’s 20/20.


P.O. Box 20710
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 971-6976 Voice Mail,
(Bloomington) Gloria (812) 876-5635,
(Vincennes) Gerri (812) 882-4755
Support group for Transgender persons.
Meetings on the last Saturday of the month


International Gender Support Group.
P.O. Box 425
Carmel, IN 46032
IGS is a social support group for crossdressers, transsexuals,
and their partners.
Meetings are on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Kappa Phi Iota
Serving the Iowa area.
Help us build our newest Tri-Ess Chapter in beautiful Iowa.
If you are a crossdresser and have had no interaction with other crossdressers
or you are still in hiding this is the place for you. There are others out there.
We want to help you feel more comfortable with yourself.


Central Illinois Gender Assoc.
P.O. Box 1925
Clinton, IA 52733-1925
Elena Graves  (319) 242-4405
Social & support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals.
Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of each month,
either in Bloomington or Peoria.


Iowa Artistry
P.O. Box 11093
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410
Support group for transgender folks. MAGGIE affiliate.
Bi-monthly newsletter


QCAD Group
P.O. Box 1534
Davenport, IA 52809
Phone:  319-323-5492
Transgender support group for Eastern Iowa and also parts of Western Illinois.


Quad-City Society For Sexuality Education
1236 W. 8th
Davenport, IA 52802
Phone:  (319) 324-6941 from 6pm – 9pm
Social support group for all transgender.
Meets 1st Sunday of the month at 6 pm.


Wichita Transgender Alliance
P.O. Box 754
Wichita, KS 67201-0754
MAGGIE affiliated support group.
Bi-weekly meetings at a local church. Newsletter


Southern Boyz
P.O. Box 118
New Haven, KY 40051
Phone:  (502) 549-5619
E-mail:  or
A chapter of The American Boyz FtM social support network.
Quarterly meetings. We host a weekly online support chat.



Maine Gender Resource & Support
c/o Jean Churchill,
P.O. Box 1894
Bangor, ME 04402-1894
Transgender support & resources in Maine.

Outreach Institute Of Gender Studies
126 Western Ave., Ste. 246
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 621-0858
Ariadne Kane, Director
Conferences on gender issues,. Sponsors the annual Fantasia Fair
Transgender conference in Provincetown, MA.
Newsletter:  Journal of Gender Studies.

P.O. Box 17622
Portland, ME 04112
Educational and social group for the transgender community
Monthly meetings and discussion group. Newsletter: Trans-Talk.


Baltimore, MD Metro Area
P.O. Box 505, Brooklandville MD 21022-0505


Wilmington, DE Area
P.O. Box 1674
Media, PA 19063
Attn: Tammy and Sandy Thomas

Northern Virginia Area
P.O. Box 1728
Herndon, VA 20172
Attn: Joan Henderson

Transgender Support Group of Baltimore
c/o Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore
241 W. Chase St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 837-5445
or switchboard 7-10 pm (410) 837-8888
Transgender support group. Meets monthly.

The Bridge Club
c/o Michelle Gerald
P.O. Box 11737
Baltimore, MD 21206-0337
Transition support for transsexuals. Meets monthly. Newsletter.

TranQuility Gender Information Society, Inc.
c/o GLCCB, 241 W. Chase St.,
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  (410) 488-7074
Transgender support group.
Meets on the 4th Saturday of each month.

Transgender Education Association
P.O. Box 16036
Arlington, VA 22215
Transgendered support group.
Meets monthly the first Saturday.   Newsletter:  The Pinnacle

Trans Info Project (FtoM)
P.O. Box 1145
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Female to Male Transsexual resources.

Tri-State Transgendered Club
c/o Diane Terrant
P.O. Box 3102
Deer Park, MD 21550-1002
Phone: (301) 453-3538
Open support group in Western Maryland.  Meets monthly.

Washington-Baltimore Transgender Alliance
P.O. Box 1994
Silver Spring, MD 20915
Support group for Crossdressers.


The Adam Society
c/o Dan Riley
P.O. Box 367
Wayland, MA 01778-0367
Support group for female-to-male crossdressers, transsexuals, and SOs.
Newsletter: Adam’s Word.

After Surgery Support Exchange For Transsexuals (ASSET)
P.O. Box 3121
Greenfield, MA 01302

P.O. Box 380547
Cambridge, MA 02238
Social support group. Weekly meetings on Wednesdays.

Berkshire Alternatives
P.O. Box 508
North Adams, MA 01247
Transgendered social and support group .
Meets the 1st Friday of each month.

Charlene at Nightlife
P.O. Box 3031
Woburn, MA 01888
1 on 1 meetings to help you get through the hard times.

East Coast Female-to-Male Group
P.O. Box 60585
Florence Station
Northampton, MA 01060
Meets in the homes of members.
Social activities with other FtMs.

Boston area support group exclusively for Female-to-Male
transsexuals. Weekly meetings. Monthly open meetings.
Phone: (617) 441-5165

Gender Identity Support Services For Transsexuals
Meets weekly. Call for location and time.
Phone: (617) 720-3413

Getting Real
P.O. Box 194
West Newton, MA 02165
Support group for Transsexuals and their families.
Monthly meetings in downtown Boston.

The Myriad Network
P.O. Box 288
Williamstown, MA 01267
Support group for all transgender persons.
The Myriad Network News.

P.O. Box 2194
Orleans, MA 02653
Social transgender support group for those on Cape Cod.
Meets 1st Tuesday each month.  Newsletter

International Foundation For Gender Education (IFGE)
P.O. Box 229
Waltham, MA 02154-0229
Phone:  (617) 894-8340
Fax:  (617) 899-5703
Educational outreach service, and networking facility for the CD/TS Community.
Sponsors the annual “Coming Together – Working Together” convention.
International information and referral services.
IFGE also publishes…”Transgender Tapestry” magazine.

New Horizons
Alcohol-free supportive space for transgender-identified and questioning individuals.
For more information, contact AIDS Project Worcester at (508) 755-3773

P.O. Box 4002
East Dedham, MA 02026
Meets 4th Saturday of each month, 3-5pm at the
Arlington Street Church, 351 Boylston St. at Arlington St., Boston.  Newsletter.

Society Of Cross-dressing Hardware Engineers  SCHE
276 Pearl Street #L
Cambridge, MA 02139
Newsletter: SCHE Mail.

Sunshine Club
P.O. Box 564
Hadley, MA  01035-0564
Phone: (413) 586-5004
Caring support to the whole spectrum of the transgendered community
in a safe space for those individuals who are questioning their own gender identities.
Monthly meetings at a church in Pioneer Valley area.
Newsletter: Sun Spots

Sunshine Wives and Partners Group
Meets on same dates and place as The Sunshine Club.
E-mail:  (Barbara)

Tiffany Club of New England
P.O. Box 540071
Waltham, MA 02454-0071
Meetings, workshops, and group outings.   Newsletter: Rosebuds

Tiffany Club Wives’ Support Group
(See Tiffany Club of New England)
P.O. Box 540071
Waltham, MA 02454-0071
Phone:  (781) 891-9325
Monthly meetings, one-on-one support.

“Trans-Chat” of Central Massachusetts
Michael at (508) 756-7123
Support group for Transgendered persons.
Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday nights of each month in the Worcester area.


TG Support Group
36 Alpine Rd
Wayland, MA 01778
Merissa at (508) 358-5919
Transgender support group in Massachusetts.


After Six
P.O. Box 126
Comstock Park, MI 49321
Support group in Grand Rapids for Transsexuals.

Friends North Gender Society
P.O. Box 562
Traverse City, MI 49685-0562
Phone: (231) 946-1804
Support group for transgendered persons. Monthly meetings.
Newsletter: Gender Issues

IME of Western Michigan
P.O. Box 1153
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Support group for Crossdressers and Transsexuals.
Bi-monthly newsletter: Puff ‘n Stuff.


National Gender Dysphoria Organization And Support Group
P.O. Box 02732
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 842-5258
Justina Williams, President
Support & educational organization for crossdressers and transsexuals.
Monthly Meetings.  Newsletter: NGDO Key to Freedom.


Northwest Michigan Gender Society
c/o Tricia Marie Benton
P.O. Box 271
Petoskey, MI 49770
Support group for TGs & partners.  Monthly meeting.  Newsletter.


Minneapolis/ St. Paul MN Metro Area
P.O. Box 40126, St. Paul MN 55104
Phone: 612-870-8536
Tri-Ess social & support group for heterosexual crossdressers.

Gender Education Center
P.O. Box 1861
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Phone: (612) 424-5445
The Gender Education Center is an educational
support organization in Minnesota.
GEC gives hundreds of Transgender related workshops.


City of Lakes Crossgender Community  (CLCC)
P.O. Box 14844
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Monthly meetings. Support group for crossdressers.


Minnesota Freedom of Gender Expression  (MFGE)
P.O. Box 17945
St. Paul, MN 55117
Phone: (612) 220-9072 (voicemail)
A support group for transgendered persons, significant others,
Interview required. Bi-monthly newsletter

New Men and Women of Minnesota
P.O. Box 6432
Minneapolis, MN 55406-0432
Phone: (612) 220-1920
Meetings & referrals.    Newsletter.


P.O. Box 1306
Florence, MS 39073
Phone: (601) 845-1328
Support group for Female to Male Transsexuals.


Gulf Area Gender Alliance
P.O. Box 56836
New Orleans, LA 70156-6836
The GGA is a social and support organization for
Transgendered persons.  Newsletter: The Flip Side



St. Louis Gender Foundation
P.O. Box 9433
St. Louis, MO 63117
Voice Mail & Information: (314) 367-4128


Transsexuals in Prison
Non-prisoners contact Dee Farmer, 23288037,
P.O. Box 4000,
Springfield, MO 65808.
Prisoners contact Mrs. Patricia Fisher, Succ 293
Cote-des-Neiges, 5858 Cote-des- Neiges Blvd,
Montreal, QC, CANADA H3S 2S6
Education, advocacy, and legal support.  Quarterly newsletter.


TG Support Services
Monthly meetings in Missoula, MT
Phones are 406-543-2224 for the Western Montana Gay and Lesbian
Community Center or 406-721-4610 for Anne Harris
Transgender support.



Community Center TV/CD Meeting
912 E Sahara Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV 89125.
Phone: (702) 733-9800
Held at the Community Counseling Center 1120 Almond Tree Lane

P.O. Box 30353
Las Vegas, NV  89173
Phone (24 Hour Voice Mail): (702) 387-3891
E-Mail (Chapter):
E-Mail (Kimberly – T.U.G. President):
E-Mail (Nora – T.U.G. Vice President & Outreach):


Silver Rose Gender Association
Contact: Lynda Cheney
P.O. Box 1334,
Carson City, NV 89702
Crossdressers & Transsexuals,  meetings –
2nd Saturday of every month.

Transgender Support Group
(702) 392-2132 (Voice Mail)
For more information or
directions, please call the Center at (702) 369-8700 or

New Hampshire

Gender Talk North
P.O. Box. 211
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: (603) 924-8828
Regular meetings at various locations in southern New Hampshire.


New England Area
P.O. Box 7681
Nashua, NH 03060-7681
Crossdressing Support Group.

New Jersey

New York City Metro Area
P.O. Box 1, River Edge, NJ 07661-0001
Contact: Susan Vanderbilt
Phone: 1-800-484-7593 (Code 4985)
E-Mail (Tammie):
For Crossdressers and Transvestites. Member of Tri-Ess.

The Community Alliance of Transsexuals (CATS)
Meet the 4th Saturday of each Month in Mount Holly NJ.
A Transsexual oriented support group.

Trenton, NJ Metro Area
PO Box 9255, Trenton NJ 08650
Contact: Pat
Voice Mail: 609-392-1132
Crossdresser support group – meets the 4th Saturday of each month.


Northern Pennsylvania
Endless Mountain Girls
P.O. Box 4, Three Bridges NJ 08887
Contact: Alice Harding
24-Hour Voice Mail: 570-364-2949
Meets in Towanda, PA on the 1st Saturday of the month.


New Jersey Support Group
P.O. Box 9378
Trenton, NJ 08650-9378
Phone: (206) 666-5990
Meetings are the 1st Saturday of the month. Inquire about location

Renaissance – South Jersey Chapter
P.O. Box 189
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Phone: (609) 435-5401
Transgender support.
Meetings the 1st Saturday of each month at the
Atlantic Mental Health Center, Inc.,
2002 Black Horse Pike, Mckee, NJ.


Transsexual Organization Self Help
c/o A. J. Gilberti
6 Firethorn Way,
Toms River, NJ 08755
Phone networking self-help for male-to-female, partial or full transsexual.

New Mexico

Fiesta! Chapter of Tri-Ess
8200 Montgomery NE, #241
Albuquerque NM 87109
Phone: (505) 831-2285
Social support group for crossdressers, the Phi Chapter of Tri-Ess.
Monthly meetings in the Albuquerque area.  Newsletter:  Fiesta!

Transgender New Mexico
Transgender New Mexico provides support, information and referrals to
transgendered people, their families and friends, and offers educational
outreach to interested members of the community. We also offer a wide range
of social activities to further develop individual friendships and to
extend support outside the regular meetings.

New York

Buffalo Belles
P.O. Box 1701
Amherst, NY 14226-1701
Meetings are held every 2nd Saturday of each month in Williamsville.
Monthly newsletter.

Upstate New York Area
C/O Victoria Covington
PO Box 299, Campbell, NY 14821

Cross Expressions
Daniel Stephens
c/o Cross Expressions
P.O. Box 931
Vestal, NY 13851
Phone: (607) 862-3203
Support group for heterosexual crossdressers with weekly meetings.


Girl’s Night Out
c/o Barbara Fortune
P.O. Box 350369
Brooklyn, NY 11235- 0007
Phone: (201) 794-1665, ext 2021
Social support group, meetings.
Newsletter: Lipstick and Lace

Imperial Queens And Kings Of New York & Long Island
70-A Greenwich Village Ave, Suite 120
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 229-1968 (day) and (212) 627-6100 (eve).
A supportive organization for Female Impersonators, Drag Queens,
Crossdressers, Transsexuals.
Meetings 1st Friday of the month, 8:15pm,
Newsletter: Imperially Yours


Long Island Femme Expression (LIFE)
P.O. Box 1311
Water Mill, NY, 11976-1311
Phone: (516) 283-1333
Support and social group for transgendered people.
Three meetings monthly. Newsletter: Lifelines

The Transgender Group at the LOFT Center
180 East Post Rd.  Lower Level
White Plains, NY 10601
New Transgender Support Group (MeNTA).
MeNTA meetings are on the 4th Saturday of each month, at the LOFT.
Newsletter:  The Loft

Metropolitan Gender Network
561 Hudson Street
P.O. Box 45
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (201) 794-1665 ext. 332
Transgender support group. Monthly meetings on the 2nd Sunday.
Newsletter: City Lights.

NYC AmericanBoyz
CU Station, P.O. Box 250543
New York, NY 10025
Phone:  718-544-7632
Female to Male transsexual support group.

Rochester Crossdressers Network
Rochester CD Network
PO Box 92055
Rochester, NY 14692
Non-sexual social support group for crossdressers in Rochester, NY.

Rochester Transgender Organization
Meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each
month at 2pm, at the Gay Alliance of the Genesee
Valley, 179 Atlantic Ave, Rochester, NY
A support group for transsexual, and transgendered persons.

Survivors of Transsexuality Anonymous
Answering service: (212) 969-0888
A twelve-step recovery program modeled after
Alcoholics Anonymous. Meets 6:30-8 pm on
Tuesdays, and 8:30-10 pm on Sundays.

Trans group for advocacy, education, and support.
Call or email for meeting date, time, and location.

Transgender Network
PO Box 753
New Paltz, NY 12561 USA
Transgender support group. Meets bi-weekly on 1st and 3rd Fridays.

Transgender Rights! (TGR)
Phone: (212) 979-8547
Human rights advocacy organization run for transgendered people.
Open meetings every other Wednesday in Manhattan.
Newsletter:  Rights News.

Syracuse Transgender Society
Syracuse, NY USA
Phone:  (315) 422-6220
Contact: Charliss Dolge

North Carolina

Raleigh/Durham, NC Metro Area
P.O. Box 90141, Raleigh NC 27675-0141
Contact: Karen
Crossdresser support group meets 1st weekend each month.


Phoenix Transgender Support
P.O. Box 18332
Asheville, NC 28814
The Carolinas transgender support.
Weekly gatherings and larger meetings every other month.


Triad Gender Association
Social/support group for transgendered individuals.


The Tarheel Transmen
A social support group specifically for FTM
(female-to-male) transgendered men.

North Dakota

Mandan, ND 58554
Phone:  (701) 663-0409 –  Trent


First Presbyterian Church
2nd and Thayer Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 223-7773 – Lola Huwe
Meets the 4th Monday of each month.
Not a support group,  it’s a resource center.


P.O. Box 1692
Cincinnati, OH 45201
A transgender support organization.
Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Monthly newsletter

Crystal Club
An open support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals, and SO’s.
Meetings the 4th Saturday of each month at 7 pm.
Newsletter: The Crystal Chronicle

TransFamily Of Cleveland
2121 S Green Rd
S Euclid, OH 44121-3300
Support group for transgendered and transsexual people.
Meetings are monthly.

Valley Gems
Dayton, OH 45424
Support group for Transsexuals, Crossdressers, and Significant Others.
Meetings are the1st Saturday of each month at 7pm.


Central Oklahoma Transgender Alliance
P.O. Box 60354
Oklahoma City, OK 73146

Cross Dressers International (C.D.I)
c/o Ms Gwen Pete
P.O. Box 50192
Tulsa, OK 74104
Phone: (918) 582-6643 / 835-5334
Social and support group.  Meetings every other Saturday

OK New Men and Women
Oklahoma City, OK
(Contact COTA)


Sooner Diversity
Contact COTA or
P.O. Box 575,
Norman, OK 73070



Capitol City Chapter
P.O. Box 3312
Salem, OR 97302
Social support group for heterosexual crossdressers, transsexuals,
and significant others.  Monthly meetings.

GenX Trans Group
NW 5th Avenue at NW Irving St.
Portland, OR
(2nd fl. Amtrak Union Station)
Wednesdays 7:30 p.m. at Love Makes A Family Inc.
Under age 31 only.

Intermountain Transgender Outreach
1524 Monroe Ave.
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541-962-3466
Transgender community resources. Meets 1st Tuesday of the month.

Phoenix Rising
620 SW 5th, Suite 710
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 223-8299
Contact  Jim Everett.
Transsexual support group with meetings on Tuesdays 7:30-9 pm.

Grants Pass, Medford OR Metro Area
Rogue Valley Girls
P.O. Box 5551, Grants Pass OR 97527
E-Mail Arlene:

Salmacis: The Equalitarian Feminist Social Society
P.O. Box 1604
Eugene, OR 97440-1604
Sally Ann Douglas, Social Director;
Phone: (503) 688-4282 (Sally Ann, 6-11 PM PST)
Salmacis meets the 3rd Monday of every month.
Newsletter:  Femmes Together and The Equalitarian Feminist.

Salishon, The Womyn’s Information Network
P.O. Box 1604
Eugene, OR 97440- 1604
Phone: (503) 688-4282
Leslie-Shawn Witham, Director.

P.O. Box 66913
Portland, OR 97290-6913
Phone:  (503) 774-8463
Support group for transgendered persons.
Monthly meeting.    Newsletter:  TRANS-PORT

Transsexual Support Group
2400 NE Broadway
Portland, OR
Transsexual support group in Portland, OR.
Weekly meetings on Thursdays at 7 pm.


Cross Dressers International (CDI)
P.O. Box 61
Easton, PA 18044
S. Kristine James, Director, KarenCioe, NYC Coordinator.
Sponsors meetings, parties, etc.


Erie Sisters Transgender Group
1903 West Eighth Street, PMB 261
Erie, PA 16505
TG social & support. Meetings on 4th Saturdays, even
numbered months in accepting public establishments, odd
numbered months in secure space. Apply in writing.
Newsletter: Mirror Images.


P.O. Box 622
Meadville, PA 16335
Open membership. Meetings the 3rd Saturday of
each odd-numbered month. Apply in writing.
Newsletter:  Oasis Dreams.

Philadelphia TS Support Group
P.O. Box 15839
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 567-7879
Transsexual support group.  Monthly meetings.

Renaissance Education Association
987 Old Eagle School Rd., Suite 719
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: (610) 975-9119 (24 hrs)
Monthly meetings with educational programs,
significant other support group, transsexual support group, etc.

Renaissance – Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Renaissance PHL
P.O. Box 530
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: (610) 975-9119
Meets 3rd Saturday of month in King of Prussia, PA. at 8 pm.
Monthly programs, social activities.

Renaissance – Lower Susquehanna Valley Chapter
Renaissance – L S V
P.O. Box 2122
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2122
Phone: (717) 780-1578
For the gender community.
Meets the 1st Saturday evening of each month in Harrisburg, PA.

P.O. Box 3214
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
(412) 422-1558
Web site:
Transpitt is Pittsburgh’s oldest transgender support group with
monthly meetings and other functions throughout the year.
Check the website for further information.
Live phone line every Monday 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Travelers Express (a crossdresser social group)
P.O. Box 150
Falls Creek, PA 15840
Phone:  (814) 375-7651
Group for crossdressers who like to go out in public.

TSG (Transsexual Support Group)
6020 Penn Circle South
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone:  412-661-7030
Support group for transsexual persons.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Gender Community
A Community for Transgendered and
Gender-questioning People in Rhode Island and Nearby areas!
The group is designed for people who are exploring or questioning their gender,
or are transitioning from one gender to another.
All types of differently-gendered people are welcome:
Transgendered, Transsexuals, Transvestites, Hermaphrodites, Intersexes,
Androgynes, people in transition, people questioning their gender, etc…
RIGC also provides Education Outreach Programs.
Weekly Meetings are held on Monday 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
at the home of one of our members.
Our Website:


Also, here are a few of the support resources for nearby Connecticut…

Connecticut Outreach Society  COS
P.O. Box 163
Farmington, CT 06034
Promotes a positive self-image for transgendered individuals.
Three meetings each month.
Newsletter:  The Outreach News

P.O. Box 2281
Devon, CT 06460
Social and support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals, and their
Significant Others.

XX (Twenty) Club
P.O. Box 387
Hartford, CT 06141-0387
Transsexual support group of the Gender
Identity Clinic of New England.
Meets 2nd and 4rth Saturday from 2-5 pm
Newsletter:  XX.

South Carolina

Charleston Area Transgender Support
Coastal SC & Charleston, SC
New Transgender support group.

South Dakota


Memphis Transgender Alliance
P.O. Box 11052
Memphis, TN 38111
Meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 7pm.


Nashville, TN Metro Area
2831 Fairview Blvd., Fairview, TN 37062
Phone Fiona: 615- 799-6027


Houston, TX Metro Area
8880 Bellaire B2 PMB104, Houston TX 77036
Phone (Jane): (713) 349-8969
E-Mail (Jane):
E-Mail (Stacey):
Meetings – 3rd Saturday of the month…
in the Houston area heterosexual crossdressers.
Newsletter:  Femme Forum.


Austin, TX Metro Area
P.O. Box 1398, Georgetown TX 78627
Social support group for heterosexual crossdressers –
that meets the 4th Saturday of each month.

4506 S. Congress Ave., Bldg. B. in South Austin.
Recovery support group & Narcotics Anonymous meeting for
gay, bi-sexual and transgender.
Meets on Thursday. and Friday nights at 9 pm – 10 pm .
Contact Number is Suzy at 512-462-0502 or
Group Number is 512-445-9106.

Central Texas Transgender Society
P.O. Box 195
Spicewood, TX 78669
Phone:  512-451-7763
A transgender organization for for Central Texas.

Gulf Coast Transgender Community (GCTC)
P.O. Box 66643
Houston, TX 77266
Phone: (713) 780-GCTC, (713) 780-4282 voice
Social organization. Meetings 2nd Saturday each month.
Newsletter: Gulf Coast Transgender Community.

International Conference on
Transgender Law & Employment Policy
5707 Firenza St.
Houston, TX 77035

Metroplex CD Club
P.O. Box 141924
Irving, TX 75014
Hotline (214) 367-8500
(live on Wednesdays 7-9:30 PM Central Time)
We offer a once a-month Saturday night meeting at a safe location,
where on average 20-30 of us including spouses
and significant others get together to socialize and exchange information.


ReCast Educational and Informational Network (ReCast)
P.O. Box 224001
Dallas, TX 75222-4001
Phone:  214-641-4842
National FtM support organization with bi-monthly meetings.
Newsletter: En*Gender


Significant Other Support (SOS)
c/o ReCast
P.O. Box 224001
Dallas, TX 75222-4001
Phone: (214) 641-4842   – Rebecca


Spouses & Partners International Conference for Education (SPICE)
(not a support group)
Peggy Rudd, c/o 8880 Bellaire B2 #104
Houston, TX 77036
Phone:  (713) 347-8747
SPICE sponsors an annual conference for wives,
and partners of transgendered people.
No crossdressing is permitted at this conference!!!


Texas Association for Transsexual Support  (TATS)
P.O. Box 142
Bellaire, TX 77401
Phone: 281-437-2975
Support group for transsexuals.
Social and support meetings on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Transgender Group
c/o Forward Foundation, Inc.,
P.O. Box 421042
Laredo, TX 78042
E-mail:  (Jean Carlowe)

P.O. Box 17
Bulverde, TX 78163
Phone: (210) 980-7788, before 9 pm Central Time.
A support group for women involved with transgendered men.
Newsletter: Partners.


Engendered Species
P.O. Box 11897
Salt Lake City, Utah 84147
A social support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals,
and significant others.  Meets every 2nd Saturday.

Salt Lake Gender Consortium
159 North 150 West
Tooele, Utah 84074
Phone: (435) 882-4951
Transgender community support.  Monthly meetings  Newsletter.


Vermont Transgender Support
Phone:  (802) 860-8430
No more info is available at this time.

P.O. Box 5687
Burlington, VT 05402 USA
Phone:  802-865-9970
E-mail: or
TRANS stands for Transgender, Radical Action,
Networking and Support.
Support group with weekly meetings.


Male-to-Female Transgender Support & Discussion Group
Monthly meetings in Roanoke, Virginia.
Please contact Andy Matzner at 540-819-0429
or for more details.

Black Rose
P.O. Box 11161
Arlington, VA 22210
Phone: (301) 369-7667
Dominant-submissive group. Crossdressers welcome.
Meets Tuesday nights.

Hampton Roads Transgender Outreach
P.O. Box 61606
Norfolk, VA. 23466-1606
Phone:  (757) 627-4652


Richmond-Tidewater VA Metro Area
PO Box 382, Norge, VA 23127-0382

Transgender Education Association
P.O. Box 16036
Arlington, VA 22215
Support group for transgendered people
Meetings on 1st Saturday of month.

Virginia’s Secret
P.O. Box 14716
Richmond, VA 23221
Phone:  (804) 752-4977
Monthly meetings.  Monthly newsletter.


Washington Gender Alliance
P.O. Box 2004
Bellingham, WA 98227
Transgender support group.  Meetings are every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.


Emerald City
P.O. Box 31318
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone:  (425) 827-9494
(Tuesday 7-10 P.M. the phones are attended.)
All other times you can leave a message on the recorder.
Social & support group for crossdressers and transsexuals with monthly meetings. Newsletter

Ingersoll Gender Center
1812 E. Madison, Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98122-2843
Organization for transsexuals, crossdressers and families. Meetings

Papillion (pronounced ‘papp-eon’)
c/o R2C2, 206 1/2 E Wellesley,
Spokane, WA 99207
Phone:  (509) 458-2741

Transgender Support Group
Olympia, WA
Phone: (360) 357-7615  (Catherine)
Support group for Crossdressers, Transsexuals, and SOs.

Transsexual Lesbians And Friends (TLF)
Seattle, WA
Phone:  (206) 292-1037
Meetings are held Fridays at 6:30pm. Significant others welcome.

West Virginia

P.O. Box 2322
Huntington, WV 25724-2322
Support group for crossdressers & transsexuals.
Monthly meetings the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Newsletter.



Gemini Gender Group  (GGG)
GGG is a support group for all transgender & transsexual identifying persons.
Significant others are also welcome.
Monthly social meetings in Milwaukee on the 2nd Saturday.
Milwaukee Transgender Yahoo Group.

FORGE: For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression  (Female to Male TS Group)
Female To Male transgender support group.   Meets monthly in Milwaukee.

The Madison Transgender Group
Meets at Outreach the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month
For directions…phone OutReach:  (608) 255-8582
The Madison Transgender Group is a newly organized group that seeks to
provide information and support for crossdressers, intersex, transsexuals,
their families, friends, and significant others.
We serve the male to female transgender community in south-central Wisconsin.
Meetings take place at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month at OutReach.
Call OutReach for more information or to leave a message.(608) 255-8582
Madison Transgender Yahoo Group.

OutReach, Inc.
Madison LGBT Community Center

Pathways Counseling Center   (Milwaukee Area)
Pathways has been providing GID counseling for several years and has helped
many Transsexuals through their transitioning process.


Nothing available yet.
Please tell us if you know of anything in Wyoming   :o)
Although we know you won’t!!



Edmonton Transgender Support Line
Phone:  (780) 488-3234

Illusions Social Club Social & support group for CDs, TSs, DQs, SOs, etc.
Meetings 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month, 7pm.
GLCSA auditorium, 223-12th Ave SW Calgary, AB.   (403) 234-8973

Edmonton Illusions Social Club Social & support group for CDs, TSs, DQs, SOs, etc.
Meetings 2nd Thursday of the month, 8:30pm at
The Roost, 10345-104St Mail to PO Box 356, Edmonton, AB T5J 2P2
Go to


Phi Sigma, Tri-Ess Chapter
Box 81115, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C-1B4 Canada
Phone: (403) 271-6247
Chapter of Tri-Ess. Social & support group for
heterosexual crossdressers.  Meets bi-monthly.
Significant Others are also welcome to attend meetings.

Box 81115, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 7C9 Canada
Phone: (403) 281-6426
Social & support group for heterosexual Crossdressers and partners.

British Columbia

BC FTM Network
P.O. Box 10,
1895 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4A6
Phone:  (604) 862-1321


Cornbury Society
PO Box 3745,
Vancouver, BC, V3B 1Z1

Kootenays TG Support Group
P.O. Box 270
Rossland, British Columbia V0G 1Y0 Canada
Phone: (250) 362-5701
A support group for transgendered persons.


C/O 620 – 1033 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M7
Phone:  (604) 687-8752
A political action group which is advocating changes to
human rights and doing educational work on trans issues.


Prairie Rose Gender Club
PO Box 23 Grp 4 RR1, Dugald, MB, R0E 0K0
Phone:  (204) 257-2759
New Brunswick

New FoundlandNova Scotia


Canadian Crossdressers Club
Sponsored by: Take a Walk on the Wildside
161 Gerrard Street East,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2E4
Phone:  (416) 921-6112   (24 hours per day)    Fax:  (416) 964-8824
(click on the “Services” link at the left side of that page)
Social parties for Crossdressers and partners every Saturday night.
Overnight accommodation, locker rental, changing facilities also available.

Consultation and Counseling Practice
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Limited to adult Transgendered clients and their spouses –
Evening and weekend hours only.
Flexible rates – by Maxine Petersen-Lee, M.A., C. Psych. Assoc.
Phone: 416-994-1376   E-mail:

349A George St. N, Suite 206
Peterborough, Ontario K9H 3P9 Canada
Social & support group for transgender persons and partners.


Gender Metaphor
P.O. Box 27097
Ottawa, Ontario  K1J 9L9
Transgender support group with meetings.
Our Strength is to Married Couples.


Gender Mosaic
P.O. Box 7421
Vanier, Ontario K1L-8E4 Canada
Support & social group for all transgendered persons, and significant others.
Meets monthly.
Newsletter – bi-monthly:  “Notes From The Underground”.
For Significant Other support call:  Jan at (613) 236-9110

Ontario Female to Male Network
378-532 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4R4 Canada
Phone: (613) 798-9552
Fax: (613) 728-8054
Support organization for Female to Male Transsexual persons.

P.O. Box 223, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1B2 Canada
Social & support group for crossdressers, and their partners.
Monthly meetings on the last Saturday of each month.  Newsletter.

Prince Edward Island:

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgendered Community Support
53 Grafton Street, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 1K8
Phone:  (902) 892-4163    E-mail:


Club MET
4113 Dorion St.
Montreal, Quebec H2K-3B8 Canada
Social TG group.

Czech Republic

Czech Trans Forum
Czech Internet site for transsexuals, their families, relatives and friends.

United Kingdom

An Education, Advocacy, Campaigning & Support Organization
for all TS & Intersex people living in NW England & N Wales.
Help lines: 07905 121656  &  07833 385126

Gendy’s Network
London-based group for those troubled by gender identity,
their loved ones, and caring professionals.

Northern Concord TV/TS Support Group
Manchester, UK group with great stuff.

The Pink Practice
Counseling and psychotherapy practice for lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender people in Leeds and in London.


Dreamwear Club
A registered Finnish association to help with blending into society.


Non-profit organization based in France – open for all transgender people.


DGTI – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V.
Comprehensive information for transgendered people in Germany.

German site for Transmen, with lots of information, forum, meetings.

New Zealand

Auckland Transgender Resources
Support and advice for Transgendered and Crossdressers in Auckland

Support society group for transgender by transgender.


Lambda Istanbul
Turkish site for support for gay, lesbian, transgendered individuals.

All resources on are subject to change without notice.

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