The G-spot

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The G-spot

The G-spot measures 2 to 4 cm and is placed about two fingers from the entrance of the vagina. Its sensitivity was discovered by Ernest Graefenberg in 1950, hence the name dot ‘G’. In response to direct stimulation, the G-spot behaves like a sponge and fills with fluid. Until now the origin and function of the fluid are unknown. It is neither urine nor vaginal fluid and it has no lubricating effect.

An orgasm combined with ejaculation is more than a male orgasm, including fatigue and resting needs. Ejaculation occurs in several emissions, the number and intensity of emissions depend on each. Scientists disagree on whether all women have a G-spot and whether they are all capable of ejaculation. Among those with such an area, her size and sensitivity vary from woman to woman.

! A “G-spot” or rather a “G-zone” can be identified in most women. This requires inserting the fingers into the vagina, and stimulating the anterior wall (front) of the vagina at different levels, from the lowest, near the vulva, to the highest, near the cervix. Pursued according to an intensity guided by the sensations experienced by the woman, this stimulation can amplify the erotic sensations until eventually lead to orgasm. But without prior excitement, its stimulation can quickly prove unpleasant, even painful. In many cases, it causes a feeling of need to urinate. Thus it can be concluded that the area is sensitive but would be to “work”, “train”, “tame” to become erogenous.

This type of indoor massage can be practiced to develop your own erotic sensibility. A caring partner can also practice it to develop his partner’s own sensitivity, or to include it in the foreplay to enrich the quality of the report. Sexologists recommend this type of self-exploration in the treatment of female pleasure disorders.

! Stimulating the G-spot until ejaculation requires three things: Time, softness or tenderness and usually vaginal Fist. see topic: BDSM – Wax – Ices All you have to do is stimulate the G-spot – even if your friend is more excited by the stimulation of her clitoris – with your fingers and tenderly trying to get your hand in until you get there.

It is necessary to wear latex gloves not only to protect yourself, but above all to protect the inner and fragile wall of the vagina. It is also necessary to use lubricant in quantity.

! Tip: heat the lubricant – soak the tube or bottle in hot water – so that it is at body temperature before using it, do not hesitate to use it on the glove as well as around the vagina. It is understandable that a woman has trouble relaxing after applying a gel… Cold! When you’re there, stimulate, stimulate and… stimulate until you feel the vagina tighten on your hand, the first sign of ejaculation is there. This is the signal of the change of position: leave 4 fingers in the vagina and put your thumb on the clitoris.

! Now, simply press the G-spot from behind, as you would squeeze a lemon or an orange, to extract the liquid. Whatever you do from there, don’t stop! The orgasm will be very intense, it can also be multiple. Let him come, come back, until your girlfriend asks to stop. Squeeze the liquid, slow down a little, and when the second wave arrives, start again.

Multiple orgasms can last 10 to 15 minutes!

Point A.

Point A, also known as the AFE zone or second point G, is a female erogenous zone, located in the anterior vaginal wall, between the G-spot and the cervix. When stimulated, it can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and intense arousal, sometimes without any other form of stimulation, and whose continuous stimulation can result in an intense orgasm. Point-A is as controversial as the G-spot.

Early Female Orgasm.

There is indeed an early orgasm in women, which can be considered the equivalent of premature ejaculation in men. The causes of this early orgasm are psychological. Some unconscious fears, for example, can cause the person to avoid staying long in a state of sexual arousal, which produces a difficulty in experiencing arousal and sexual pleasure, and therefore lead to an orgasm or Ejaculation.

In these people, as soon as sexual arousal is constructed as a result of caresses, it skyrockets and results in a premature orgasm. This is not a real orgasm in the sense, where more often than not it consists only of a discharge of tension and brings little pleasure and often even none.

Any situation of anxiety, whether in the sexual field or in life in general, is experienced at the level of the body by a change in breathing and in the degree of muscle contraction. Breathing is only at the chest level, rather than at the chest and abdominal levels, the muscles become tense in order to take action, run away or fight. When sexual arousal rises and the person unconsciously feels anxious about this increase in arousal, breathing becomes thoracic and the muscles of the legs, abdomen, buttocks and pubis become more strained. It is this too intense contraction that causes an instant discharge of tension, that is, an orgasm without pleasure.

In some cases, the contraction caused during the moment of excitement will lead to a state of fatigue such that the woman does not feel able to resume sexual play right away. In other cases, the woman will leave on a new excitement that will bring her, once again, a rapid release of tension and so on, on several times. The next day, she feels so bent, that she wonders why she would go to so much trouble for… so little fun.

In order to solve the difficulty, it is often necessary to identify the unconscious fears underlying this process of un pleasureless voltage discharge. Then, it’s about learning how to modulate your sexual arousal so that it doesn’t skyrocket as soon as it appears. This is done by breathing exercises and awareness of muscle movements and contractions. Gradually, the person learns to live in a prolonged state of excitement and to find pleasure in it.

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