Here are all files dealing with that most universal of concepts: Sex. This was obviously at the foremost of many a young mind using BBSes. Perhaps surprising (or not at all), sexual activity was kind of ancilliary to the whole online experience, since what impressed people was what you could accomplish online, not in bed. But the longings of adolescents everywhere is evident in all sorts of files written during this period.

Probably the most humorous files were the “Sex Guides”, purporting to be tracts that would guarantee sexual activity for all those who read them, and obviously written by people who had never or seldom experienced any activity themselves.

Besides the erotic stories, dirty jokes, and the Purity Tests (which are an event in themselves), you can find articles and information about sexually transmitted diseases, and other health issues, which are informative about living a good life after you get over this “have sex with anything that says yes” phase.

A small site note: Obviously, with any web site mentioning sex and sexual activites, you’re guaranteed hit upon hit as people looking for some sort of “dirty pictures” or erotic enlightment stumble upon your poor text-only page. To those people, I take their time to say “Buy a T-shirt”. Thank you.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile EROTICA Erotic Writings, Stories, Narratives, and Just Plain Smut   052496h1.txt 3999 Who, Really, is At Risk of Acquiring AIDS? By Maggie Gallagher (May 24, 1996) 500pure.txt 58845 The Unisex, Omnisexual PURITY TEST, Version 4.0, Final Release 808-cass.txt 7722 Cassandra’s Adventure, by 808 State (1991) 808-laid.txt 5694 How to Get Laid on the First Date by 808 State (1991) 808-lust.txt 5253 Lust in the Chapel by 808 State (1991) 808-next.txt 6767 The Next Door Neighbour, by 808 State (1991) 808-ppro.txt 6668 Partytown Pro, by 808 State (1991) 808-rebe.txt 4363 Rebellion, by 808 State (1991) 808-spoi.txt 5976 The Spoilt Brat, by 808 State (1991) 9_types_.gir 4602 The 9 Types of Boyfriends and Girlfriends, from Matt Groening a-p_fone.txt 17402 Erotica: The Telephone a-scene.txt 7670 A Scene, by theClone (1991) a_friend.txt 33411 A Friend in Need, by Phil Phantom a_guide_.wom 4807 A Guide to Love and Sex for Today’s Young Women a_ride.txt 22244 A Ride, by Anonymous (Threesome) a_swap.txt 12654 A Swap, by Anonymous (Threesome) aacockpt.txt 14498 An American Airlines Cockpit, by M.A. Mohanraj (Threesome) aaden.txt 24077 Aaden’s Revenge by Elf Mathieu (1994) aadendnc.txt 31691 Aaden’s Dance, by Elf Mathieu Sternberg (1994) abbs9302.txt 41806 Norman Brown’s Consolidated List of AIDS/HIV Bulletin Boards 1 February 1993 abusebib.txt 15093 Bibliography for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Their Allies adam.gph 2547 The Pirate’s Cove Erotic Poem “Adam and Eve” affectio.txt 37545 Cultivating Affection in Your Marriage, by Willard F. Harley Jr., Ph. D. 1987 aids-war.txt 35547 AIDS as a Weapon of War by Dr. William Campbell Douglas, M.D. aids.mar 1444 The AIDS Mary Urban Legend, and a Variation aids.sg 21526 Understanding AIDS, a message from the Surgeon General aids.txt 5326 Who’s Making Money Out of AIDS? by Steve Painter aids02.txt 8695 AIDS: Spread Facts, not Fear aids10.txt 56971 Conspiracy Theories regarding Government Creation of the AIDS Virus aids2.txt 67126 Extremely Large AIDS “Facts” File. Conclusion: We’re Doomed aidsplot.1 35648 AIDS as a Weapon of War, by Dr. William Campbell Douglas, M.D. (August 16, 1990) aidtruth.hum 30800 Massive Rant about how AIDS will destroy the world in 1995. Oops! alicia.txt 14513 STORY: The Fringe Benefits allwant.mag 22075 Getting All You Want, by Roger Victor amanda01.txt 20300 Massive Incest Story with Weird Explanatory Text Beforehand amanda02.txt 25154 Incentual Sex File with Large Explanation Beforehand amanda03.txt 19123 Amanda Takes on Dad, Poker Buddies, and Now an Entire Barroom! She must be tired. amerspor.hum 8903 The Dungeon Master presents “American Sportswoman” ann&bob.sty 10368 The Story of Ann and Bob armyaids.txt 12416 Designer Diseases: AIDS As Biological and Psychological Warfare arose.sty 13888 Ed and Rose’s Adventures in Swinging arose2.sty 12288 As it says “Wife is tied, fucked, and used by three horny men” artofsex.hum 6424 One of the Worst: The Art of Sex, by The Cloaked Warrior artosex2.hum 4903 Another One of the Worst: The Art of Sex II, by Cloaked Warrior asiaa_2.sty 22224 Amy, the Thai Tease by Gerry Kanne, Part 2 babyhave.hum 11796 Humorous perspective on having a baby. (Man’s Perspective) bases.txt 4369 A Newly Revised Guide to the Bases bear_cod.txt 11969 The Natural Bears Classification System, by Bob Donahue, 3/24/1991 beastiality.txt 6693 The Complete Guide to Beastiality and Necro-Beastiality by Nuclear Deth bedgolf.jok 1455 The Rules for Bedroom Golf beefstar.hum 2965 The only Beef Porno Story I have. billie.txt 129158 Billie and her adventures in the Winnebago blinddates.txt 5123 More than Fifty Ways to Get Rid of Blind Dates and Other Social Catastophies boat.txt 2048 Sex Princess Sort of Writes Out Some Amount of Eroticism bon&disc.fun 15030 Heidi’s Stories of Bondage and Discipline boobs1 6951 One Mammogram Please: Well Done, Hold the Onions, by Del Freeman boobs2 6313 The Fun Never Stops, by Del Freeman (Mammogram Column) boobs3 12061 Homestyle Boobs, by Del Freeman (Mammogram) brady.bunch 4352 The Brady Bunch by Dick Cheese and Stu! brady.txt 10382 Brady: A Special Family Story brother.txt 54851 Brotherly Love (Incest) byeprsnt.txt 18602 A Really Nice Goodbye Present camp.txt 11890 STORY: An Experience at Camp, by The Storyteller camptrip.txt 11180 The Camping Trip carlinis.txt 8368 Carlinisms: Result of a Human Sexuality Survey of Sexual Slang celibacy.jok 659 Man Page for Celibacy chateau.txt 56959 The Chateau chester.fun 4546 Chester the Molester’s Guide to Picking Up Little Girls cindy.txt 23235 Cindy Does Her Best Friend’s Dad, by Steve Jensen circ.txt 3457 Circumcision by the Associated Press circbook.txt 5312 CIRCUMCISION: What It Does, by Billy Ray Boyd; circhst1.txt 11265 Our British Heritage and the Sword of Islam circlist.txt 16140 Large list of Celebrities and who is Circumcised and Who is Not circum.txt 9600 Circumcision, an Overview, by Geoffrey Francis circums.hum 2121 Information on Circumcision clothes.pin 17934 Everything You Ever Want to Know about Clothespins as a Sexual Device colors.sex 7095 Your Favorite Color is the Key to your Sexual Life comlust.txt 3293 Computer Lust Story cond.txt 3316 List of Possible Slogans for National Condom Week condom.stp 2560 Condoms Stop AIDS Virus, by Bob K. condoms.txt 1094 List of Possible Slogans Promoting National Condom Week contract.txt 1556 The Contract of Love (To be signed by the Guy) cookie.txt 1744 32 Reasons why Cookie Dough is Better than Men crfaq.txt 19886 The UnOfficial Chicken Ranch FAQ Version 0.10 by Blake Wilfong (1994) cucumber.hum 1501 Cucumbers are better than men! cucumber.jok 5739 The “Why Cucumbers are Better than Men” List desperat.sit 3566 A Man’s Guide to Self-Amusement, by David Segall differen.jok 5897 Men and women are NOT alike: The Proof! By Optimist Prime differen.txt 5726 NEWS BULLETIN – Men and women are NOT alike doghow2.txt 14751 A Women’s Guide to Canine-Human Sex by Susie doit.txt 7410 JUST DO IT eel.hum 3154 How to Kill a South Dakota Eel electron.txt 1536 The Sex Life of the Electron, by D.C. Current erolit5.hum 11735 Erotic Literature #5 eroticbf.hum 5228 The Erotic Buffett, from the Erotc Baker Cookbook eskimo.nel 8728 The Ballad of Eskimo Nell evil.bondage 7424 Evil Bondage: Phucks Phrom the Third Dimension by The Occultist (1987) (Badly Formatted) evilbondage.txt 7533 Evil Bondage: Phucks From the Third Dimension by The Occultist (1987) exotictorture.txt 4684 Exotic Torture Techniques: A Guide for the Beginner by Cyberpunk farm.hum 18560 My Uncle’s Farm, by Emily Wescott favorite.col 5375 Your Favorite Colour is The Key To Your Sexual Life favsexpo.hum 1792 Sexual Preferences of Users That We All Know Well by Teeny Bopper and Surf Rat fellatio.txt 37364 How to Suck Cock: A 14 Lesson Tutorial With Techniques from Some of the Experts female.txt 15360 JOKES: A Collection of Tastleless Jokes about Women female_t.est 4340 The Female Purity Test finland.txt 1961 The Official Minnesota Finlander’s Sex Quiz foreanal.txt 4982 Rectal Foreign Bodies: Case Reports and a Comprehensive Review of the World’s Literature frs 10734 Information on a Case of Scrotum Self-Repair fuck.your.hand 4224 Fucking Your Hand, by Mr. Sex fuckdead.txt 2529 How to Fuck the Dead (All Caps, Satire) fuckingyourhand.txt 4235 Fucking Your Hand, by Mr. Sex galfrnds.txt 3346 The 9 Types of Girlfriends, from Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell” gay_laws.txt 8352 Lesbian and Gay Rights Law Enters New Stage (April 27, 1989) gay_sold.law 1981 Appeals Court Orders Reinstatment of Gay Soldier (May 5, 1989) gaypagan.rul 3870 Rules for the Gay and Lesbian Pagans chat list gaywo 2079 List of Gay Women from history gender.dic 20615 Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Glossary gerbilstuffing.txt 5127 Gerbil Stuffing, from the Straight Dope, typed by Ali Kent (May 26, 1989) getaids.txt 27036 Can AIDS Threaten You? By Phoebe Courtney girls.guide 9310 Sources say: A Girl’s Guide To Condoms by Mimi Coucher girls.hum 2996 Las Vegas Singles Expose – November 1985 girls.txt 1671 Why Must Girls Squat to Pee glbo_lis.txt 56782 Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Historical and Celebrity Figures (January 1993) golf.txt 5249 The Rules for Indoor Golf, with Additional Comments from a Course Owner goodwife.hum 22976 gourmet.sex 7168 Little Oral Annie’s Guide to Gourmet Sex gourmetsex.txt 7296 The Little Oral Annie’s Guide to Gourmet Sex govtaids.txt 15643 AIDS: A Man Made Monster? by The Geheim Magazine guide.beastiali 6528 The Complete Guide to Beastiality and Necro-Beastiality by Nuclear Deth guilt.txt 2619 Guilt Without Sex: A Quick Guideline helldate.jok 6826 The Orange County Register reports on Dates From Hell holmes.txt 1931 An Ode to John Holmes, Porno Star Extrardinaire honeymoo.pra 2018 PRACTICING FOR THEIR HONEYMOON by Jan Harold Brunvand (An Urban Legend) horse.sic 15012 The Foremost How To on Having Sex with Horses hostess.txt 9033 Party Girlie, by J. Boswell how.fuck.dead 3712 How to Fuck the Dead by The Necrophiliac and the Blade of Neon Knights howpussy.txt 1836 How the Pussy Was Built (You go, fellas) hsg.txt 8921 High School Girls discover the infinite realm of naughty bits indoor.golf 2214 The Official Rules of Indoor Golf indoorgf.hum 2648 The Rules of Indoor Golf infert.fun 17408 The mechanics of Infertility insanityc.txt 9917 Keeping Insanity in the Closet! By The Weatherman of Metallica Mafia (April 13th, 1988) interace.txt 30584 Results of an Interracial Relationship Survey kamasut.txt 24183 The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra by Vatasyayana kamasutra.txt 23273 The Love Teachings of the Kama Sutra karen.sex 15255 Letter: Karen Fucks Her Little Brother: Is This Right? lambskin.txt 4416 A Girl’s Guide to Condoms by Mimi Coucher latrine.duty 11543 Latrine Duty, by Mark E. Dassad (1993) latrineduty.txt 12301 Latrine Duty: It’s Not About Violence, it’s not about Sex, it’s about Violent Sex by Mark E. Dassad lawssex.hum 4346 Murphy’s Laws of Sex lay-girl.txt 16308 The Complete Guide of Laying a Girl V1.1 lesbian.dic 20031 The LesBiGay and Transgender Glossary libraryd.txt 1251 They Got the Sexual Deviances Right in Order! linestog.txt 8954 Collection of Pickup Lines lorry.hum 4619 Lorry the Babysitter (Erotic Fiction) lovebyte.txt 3468 Love Bytes, or Sex and the Single operator lvb.txt 21822 A Guide to Las Vegas Brothels, by George Tews male_t.est 4650 The Male Purity Test manhood.jok 1100 The Road to Manhood, a List by Matt Groening massage.txt 17649 ALT.SEX.WIZARDS Chimes in with Suggested Erotic Massage masturb.txt 5748 Masturbation Techniques and Info (1986) masturbation 5760 Masturbation Techniques and Information (1986) mc1.txt 12507 The Marauding Cock of Lubbock Presents: I Fucked the South-Plains Maid of Cotton menstral.txt 4240 Male Menstration: The Truth menvswoment.txt 12527 Men Vs. Women: An Overview menwomen.txt 6054 Men and Women are NOT Alike! mm-test.txt 25429 Mortified Matchmakers Love Questionairre III (The Collegate Version) mojo_cha.txt 17966 Shannon French’s Sex Rant mormast.txt 4032 From a Guide to Mormon Youth: Guide to Self-Control: Overcoming Masturbation mormon.txt 9688 Some Steps in Overcoming Masturbation by Mark E. Petersen of the Council of the 12 Apostles multi.txt 26443 More Rude Stuff from Nikolai and Kelanie: Welcome to the Team murfssex.txt 4075 Murphy’s Laws on Sex murph.sex 4279 Murphy’s Laws on Sex myrape.txt 6781 The Night I became a Woman, by Joseph Wilson nasty.txt 1766 The Nasty Girl: A List nipples.txt 6977 Polished Nipples, or the DeKlein of Western Civilization oralsex1.txt 9250 A Guide to Oral Sex, by Anonymous oralsex2.txt 8299 A Guide to Oral Sex, by Anonymous (Part II) orson.txt 12485 Orson Scott Card on “The Hypocrites of Homosexuality” paper.jok 672 The Fax Message That Has Sex With You party.fun 13953 Mike Goes Out to a Party peepingt.txt 3743 You can be a peeping Tom without getting caught! By Brutus Maccabee (July 11, 1988) peepntom.fun 6050 Thorough Insight on how to be a successful peeping tom. penthse.txt 3955 Joining the Penthouse Petline Network personal.per 1290 A Couple Personals from the HorseFeathers BBS pervert.lbry.1 7168 The Perverts of Doom Present The Perverts Library #1: When Father Was Away by Leper Penis (July 5, 1989) pervert.lbry.2 4096 The Perverts of Doom Present Whore Story, by Funky Fish Vagina (July 5, 1989) pervert.lbry.3 4992 The Perverts of Doom Present Jism Baptism by Leper Penis (July 5, 1989) pervert.lbry.4 2176 The Perverts of Doom Present Loading Zone by Leper Penis (September 15, 1991) pervertsofdoom2.txt 4141 The Pervert’s Library #2: Whore Story by Funky Fish Vagina (July 5, 1989) pervertsofdoom3.txt 4975 The Pervert’s Library #3: Jism Baptism by Leper Penis (July 5, 1989) pervertsofdoom4.txt 2134 The Pervert’s Library #4: Loading Zone by Leper Penis (September 15, 1991) phonsex.hum 3431 Penthouse’s Phone Sex Lines pickup.lin 6070 The Canonical List of Male Pickup Lines pickup.txt 8153 The 1984 Collection of Killer Pickup Lines pj.spa 11856 Filmography of Porn Star P.J. Sparkx playboy.l1 6795 Large List of Playboy Playmates from 1960-1991 playgirl.jok 835 Disheartening PLAYGIRL Rejection Letter polyamor.txt 43596 Very Large File on Just How Rockin’ Polyamory is pool.txt 5385 A little fun by the Pool by The Sex Princess porn 13402 The Erotic Story of Maria porn.fav 8935 The 1993 Survey for All Time Best XXX Actress prinnude.hum 1186 The Princeton Naked Run a Big Success prostitutefaq.txt 30402 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List on Legal Prostitution in Nevada Version 1.0 (November 20, 1994) prudes.txt 8159 Prudes and Virgins Digest (1988) purebred.cht 4992 The List of Purebred Domestic Cats purity.100 4977 The 100 Question Purity Test purity.15k 120450 The 1500 Point Purity Test purity.400 54059 The Unisex, Omnisexual Purity Test Version 3.5A 1985 purity.500 57216 The Unisex, Omnisexual Purity Test Version 4.0 (500) 1988 purity.txt 77430 The Omnisex Unisexual Purity Test Version 5.2 Final Release (September 15, 1992) reasons4.jok 9182 Some Reasons to Have Sex rectum.txt 1832 Looking for Love In all The Wrong Places… rest.in.pieces 2432 Rest In Pieces, from the Carrion AE rocksex.hum 4427 OH GOD WE HAD SO MUCH SEX sam.fox 8495 Filmography of Samantha Fox, Porn Star samfox.txt 18271 Samantha Fox: The Life Story! sayno.txt 5150 101 Easy Ways to Say No seduce.hum 4326 Three Places to Easily Seduce Your Girlfriend seminars.2 2214 Seminars Offered for the Female Staff seminars.3 2065 MORE Seminars for the Female Staff seminars.wom 3574 Seminars for the Male Staff sex-cars.faq 8905 Dekhyr Dragon’s Guide to Sex with Cars (for males) sex.for 10522 Sexual Consent Form for Two Individuals, Version 1.0.2 sex_and.cal 3243 The Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss During Sex sexcolor.txt 5972 Your Favorite Color is the Key to your Sexual Life sexdrur&.hum 2657 Pointdexter Smallpecker’s Guide to Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll sexedprm.txt 2641 Sex Education Not Linked to promiscuity, December 16, 1993 sexhar.txt 2721 The Sexual Harassment Consent Form sexquiz.txt 12800 The Roble Hall Purity Test sexsata2.hum 7351 Cock of Flame: Sex with Satan part II sexsatan.hum 8979 Sex with Satan, by Psychoe. sextest.txt 53151 The Unisex Omnisexual Purity Test Version 3.5A (400) (April 13, 1985) sextxt.hum 1655 What NOT to name your dog sexual_t.qui 2167 The Sexual Tension Quiz (Two Answers, Sexual and Not) sexwiz.faq 185341 The Official Alt.Sex.Wizards FAQ File with Answers sexx.jok 7898 The .plan File of Life sexy.fun 2688 ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX!!!11!!!! sexy.txt 2629 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex!! sexydogs.txt 2878 A Dog Named “Sex”. Massively morphed file of the original (old) joke. shaving.txt 4132 The Pleasures of Shaving, by GunErekt snagging.chicks 5632 Snagging Chicks by Darkside 444 and White Shark snaggingchicks.txt 5624 Snagging Chicks from the Flaming Toilet BBS solomon.sng 25963 The Song of Solomon – Erotic poetry at its finest sorority.txt 7878 The Canonical List of Sorority Girl Jokes squid.pur 90605 The Official, Sanctioned DoD Squid Purity Test(tm), February 1993 stork_vs.rep 1809 Ovulation Versus Cretinism: The Debate Rages On strip.rv 41505 Very Large List of Nationwide Strip Clubs stupwife.hum 3123 Stoopid Wives, by L.E. Pirate sweet16.txt 24893 Thumper, by Dave Read syphilis 2816 Syphillis: Effects and General Information by Suicidal Maniac syphilis.txt 2768 Syphilis: Effects of and General Information by Suicidal Maniac of Dirty Bird’s Nest BBS tacos.txt 2357 27 Reasons Why Tacos Are Better Than Women talebdho.hum 23002 Tales of a Bored Housewife test!.fun 4588 100-Question Purity Test testsex.txt 6644 The Kinky Test! the_date.txt 26219 The Ultimate Date (Erotica) therules.txt 2589 THE RULES: Respect the Female! titnames.hum 4270 The Complete Tit File tits.hum 5208 Head Honcho Presents Tits For Free titstard.hum 8776 Barney Badass’s Tits On The Tardis tortures.txt 3537 A Few Cruel and Unusual Tortures That Women Perpetrate on Men toughluv.hum 14130 Tough love For Singles, by Dr. James Dobson tracilords.txt 1973 A Complete List of All of Traci Lords’ Adult Films trojan.asc 1749 The Trojan Condom Company Writes a Helpful Letter unisex.test 12322 The Unisex Exprience Test unisex_t.est 12570 The Unisex Experience Test (Seems to be a precursour to a Purity Test) vibrafaq.txt 17057 The Vibrators FAQ waysayno.txt 5651 100 Easy Ways to Say No what!.fun 3563 Live Sex In Concert whodo.hum 5973 Everybody Does It! whybeer.txt 1280 Why Beer is Better than Women wife.txt 2625 To My Loving Wife, The Seductions of the Past Year wifeslut.txt 114696 The Wife Slut Program: A Course For Candidates To Discover Who They Are Sexually wifespk.txt 2589 Wifespeak Translations wmnhood.jok 1052 The Road to Womanhood, by Matt Groening woman.txt 4103 Chemical Analysis of the Woman Element (WO) women.jok 3556 David Crist’s Truths about Women, 1989

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