Signs of Cheating Husband

Signs of Cheating Husband

Millions of women have experienced cheating husbands. Not all of those women know what to look for.

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Here’s the trick, there are different men, different factors. There are some questions you should ask yourself first.

  1. Is your Husband social or anti social?

  2. Is he loud or quiet?

  3. When you first met, did he have a pick up line?

  4. Is he a smooth talker or clumsy?

  5. Do you know when he is lying?

  6. Is he private with his things, such as facebook and cell phone?

I will use my husband as an example. My answer for number 1 is anti social. My answer for number 2 is he is very quiet. When I first met my husband he did not have a pick up line, he was really shy. My husband is very clumsy with words.

I could always tell when my husband is lying, he starts talking in English horribly. At first we shared everything but then he started being private.

Each and everyone of my answers gave me the indication that he was cheating. I know my husband so well that I can predict how everything happend. First he started messing around in facebook. There he met a girl that was really straight forward. She caught his interest and they began to text and inbox one another. For this reason my husband is now nervous and cautious. He is also scared all the time he gets a text while I am there. He is lying to my face, very poorly.

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  • Sudden Changes in His Appearance.
  • His Attitude Towards You Dramatically Changes.
  • He’s Become Distant.
  • Guilty Behavior.
  • Secretive, Unusual or Unexplained Behavior.
  • You Never See Him Anymore.
  • He’s Frequently Unavailable or Unreachable.
  • Your Gut Tells You Something Is Going On.

See these questions combined with your knowledge of you spouse, will give you the answer you want or need. I got my answer and it was’t what I expected. Now, you next question probably is, what now? Well there are some options, some good, some not so good.

Now before presenting the options we must obviously establish feeling. At this point, if you get negative results, the emotions are deep. You feel betrayed, hurt, in shock and angry above all. Do you let yourself go by your emotions? How would you react?

Let me just say that reacting in the moment is probably not best, but at times cannot be avoided. So if you do cool down, look at my options.

  1. Revenge
  2. Confront
  3. Silence
  4. Break Up

Revenge is the one thing many people think about first. If you believe that this is your decision, the get even. He betrayed you, so betray him in the same manner. Do it exactly the same, so there cannot be judgement, when and if exposed. That way everything is even. Make sure you do all research and are sure that he is being unfaithful. Once you are sure, do exactly what he did. Although revenge is not the only way to go.

Confronting your husband is also an option. You can show your husband the evidence of his betrayal. If you do choose this option, please remember to have all the facts as a lawyer would. Leave no holes because he will try to find them. When men are caught they lie, so do not leave room for any argument.

Silence is yet another option. I must admit my least favorite. If you are worried about how it will impact your family, then this is the choice for you. Maybe you just do not want to know, or would like to pretend like you don’t. If that is what you want that is fine. Staying in silence allows the man to continue cheating. If that is what you want in order to get more proof, then perfect.

The final option is just breaking up. If you feel that your relationship cannot be repaired then just break up. There are more fish in the sea. Don’t let betrayal stop you from believing in love. It is out there, you just have to look.

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The option I was attracted to the most, when I was experiencing betrayal was revenge. I had so many ideas. I even had someone ready for me. But I figured I was better than him. Although it would have been a great slap in the face. The option I chose was confrontation. I yelled, I cried, I warned, and I forgave. I moved on but still have my eyes and hears open. Hope this helps!

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