short sex stories

Chelsea and Andrew
I was struggling in my Science class and I needed help. I asked the teacher could i be assigned a tutor. She assigned me to Andrew Smith. We have known each other since sixth grade but never really talked. I found Andrew in the library and went up to him and tapped his shoulder. He turned around with an inviting smile and asked me what I needed. I told him what Mrs.Johnson said. He nodded his head and picked his stuff up and told me to follow him. He told me that they were going to be studying at his house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I gladly agreed and thanked him for helping me. I texted my mother and told her I would be home late. We walked out of the school doors to Andrews Black and Red Lamborghini. I gazed at his car totally forgetting that I was supposed to get in. Andrew laughed and pulled me to the passengers side and opened the door for me. I got in and put my seatbelt on making sure I didn’t get his car dirty. He laughed, closed my door and walked over to his side and hoped in. He laughed again before he started his car and drove off into the distance making his way home. Once we pulled up to the house I gasped, amazed at how big his house is. This forced another laugh out of Andrews mouth. I slowly opened my car door and got out. Andrew got out of the car and walked over to my side and grabbed my hand and guided mr towards the house. Andrew pulled out a key and stuck it into the key hole and opened the door to his magnificent house. I slowly strolled in and looked around. I then heard a woman’s voice and assumed it was Andrews mother.
“Andrew sweetie is that you?” The kind hearted woman asked.
“Yes mom it’s me, if you don’t mind I have Chelsea here with me. She needs a tutor and we will be studying on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.” He told his mother. Mrs.Smith walked into the living room where Andrew and I were standing. She was a little lady standing at about 5″. She had pale skin and mirrored Andrew tho Andrew was darker. She wore a long purple sun dress with her purple flip flops. She was a very beautiful woman.
“Of course I don’t mind sweetie” she said looking at us. Me and Andrew were standing pretty close but I was enjoying it and didn’t bother to move. “If I didn’t know you two I would think you guys were the cutest couple I’ve ever seen” Mrs.Smith said making me blush. Andrew looked over towards me and noticed and laughed at his mother and I.
“Ok mama that’s enough we’ll be upstairs” Andrew said making his way up the stairs. I followed after him but we were both interrupted by his Mothers voice.
“Ok baby but I’m leaving and I’m taking Josh with me we have to go get him some new clothes and go grocery shopping. I will be back in about three hours.” His mother said dragging a tired josh along with her.
“Guess its just you and me” Andrew said. He turned around and smiled and grabbed my hand dragging me up the stairs. We finally got to the tops of the steps and made a right down the huge hall and walked to a door on the right. He stopped and told me not to touch anything and to go sit on his bed. He opened the door and I did exactly what I was told. I sat on his extremely soft bed and admired his red and black comforter set. Me being me I stood back up and plopped onto his bed landing in the pillows messing his sheets up. Oh I totally forgot to mention Andrew has a short temper……… I just laid there, closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I then felt a shadow on top of me. I quickly oped my eyes and saw Andrew angrily on top of me breathing hard. That was when I realized I was in some deep boo boo. I closed my eyes again hoping I was only imagining this but I opened my eyes once again and saw him in the exact same position as before.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!!” He yelled at me. I flinched at his voice but he acted as if he didn’t care.
“I-I just have never seen a b-bed like this b-b-before.” I said calmly but terrified at the same time.

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