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Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies 

It’s hard to believe but some men don’t want or even enjoy getting blowjobs. Of course, most men can’t get enough oral sex and are always eager for more. Women have similar mixed feelings about giving head. Some love it and give amazing blowjobs, many will do it like an actual job when they “have…

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Dirty Dating Ideas to Inspire Your Sexual Role-play Games

For many couples, regular date nights are setup to reconnect and keep the romance alive. Dinner, drinks, dancing or even just a movie can make for a nice night out on the town. But what if you’re looking for more erotic excitement and sexual thrills to spice up your love live. Why not include some…

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Sex Fantasy in Her Kama Sutra Daydreams Comes True

Here is an erotic sex scenario to inspire your role-play games. It involves dirty text messaging, oral pleasuring, and a variety of sex positions. This sexy story was written to incorporate six random combinations of ideas that come up using the iLoveRandomSex app. I hope you enjoy reading it as a way to inspire your…

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Dominatrix & Submissive Kinky Sexual Role-play Ideas

Dominance and submission play a part in many sexual fantasies and erotic role-play games for couples. Most people tend to lean towards being more dominant or submissive to various degrees. Playing these roles in the bedroom can make sex play even more thrilling and exciting. Sometimes, people who seem more domineering or subservient in public…

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Taboo Sexual Roleplay Ideas of Dark Desire & Ritual Deflowering

Sex has often been associated with something bad, forbidden, taboo or even evil. It’s not surprising that sex plays a role in many fictional horror stories involving witches, vampires and demons. Their dark perversions and satanic rituals can be seductive. Even if it’s hard to admit, many people secretly have dark sexual fantasies. And, everyone…

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