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SexStorys.sw is an english version to the sexstories spanish best site. Here you discover the best translations of the latin erotic literature.


The world of literature allows us to dive into the most interesting perversions. What is not allowed in real life takes place in our mind, our morbid curiosity, and on this website. We are here to read the most dirty and morbid stories.

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In 2001, We created an erotic literature website. There was no economic pretension, just publish own stories and learn to program websites. Rapidly site visits skyrocketed, soon there were some 20,000 people who read, wrote, commented, and sent stories every day. The site was in Spanish,, but it has really grown, and it already has Portuguese versions and this one, which is the English version. Here you can find news, recently translated stories, we hope not to be a web more, we are different, unique, different. Like you.

For a long time this website was born and does not stop growing and renewing itself, always taking care of a neat and friendly editorial line with the visitor. In 2001 we began to publish exclusive stories of this website, and immediately to receive stories from visitors, who did not take long to exceed 20,000 a day, something that has not waned and that finds us in 2018 determined to transform us into an Editorial Online , not only of stories, but we also hope to have exclusive online commissions, from our own production.

If you like the web, if you like the content, leave a comment in the stories, help us make the producer and publisher of online porn content in Spanish that we dream of being. In times when 3D and virtual reality are strong in pornography, and where you can contact the most acclaimed porn stars in the world through their own twitter or instagram accounts, porn in the present can give us pleasures that we only imagined before.

Anyway, we believe that the greatest morbidity is in the stories behind the images. I hope this website only grows.



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