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I looked at my wife Lin as she turned away from the sink, the last piece of crockery washed, dried and ready to put away. At 52 years of age she still looked good, indeed, with her regular weekly gym workouts I’d have defied anyone to have argued she was any older than early forties.

She turned towards one of the cupboards and I allowed my eyes to wander up and down the rear of her slim, lithe body. She was wearing the outfit I had asked her to, a pink, close knit cardigan, a short beige skirt and a light coloured pair of stockings with what I was sure would be a pair of suspenders beneath holding them up.

It was a Friday night and with working away from home I’d been looking forward to tonight all week. I was sure Lin was too.

The two of us had discussed the matter on several occasions during the course of the week. It had been Lin’s choice to raise the subject. She’d done so on the Monday, little more than a day after I had left.

It revolved around a guy who she worked with. His name was Wade, a young guy of some 23 tender years who had just moved down from the North of the country. It was Lin’s task to show him the ropes of his new job and over the ensuing weeks it became apparent to me my wife was enjoying her new role as mentor not least of all due to the fact, despite his age he had on more than one occasion, expressed more than just a working interest in my wife.

Now our relationship is such, Lin and I keep very few, if any, secrets from one another the fact this young guy had expressed an interest in her was no different. Lin had already told me of several instances during the previous weeks of his advances towards her. She had rebuked them all but as is her way she’d known, her recounting these events during our nightly contact would serve only to excite me. However, on the Monday just gone it appeared Lin had, in her words, “given in” to his latest advance and had accepted the idea he call round for a coffee.

From her deions of what had taken place when we talked that Monday evening, coffee appeared to be the one thing, NOT on his agenda but my wife being like she is, held back, leaving my imagination working on overdrive.

Subsequent chats on the following nights, the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday managed to see me elicit pretty much the whole of what had taken place that Monday. To say my imagination had would be something of an understatement.

The fact is she knew, though it would also make me jealous, her deions would also serve to turn me on. Needless to say it was then I suggested, come Friday I wanted her to dress in what she had been wearing for him that Monday at which point I let it be known I would expect her to lead me through everything that had happened that night. If I ever had any doubts she would do so, the fact she was now wearing that same outfit was evidence to the contrary.

As she reached up towards the cupboard to replace the last of the crockery I moved behind her and slipped my hands onto her waist.

“Is this where it all started darling……here in the kitchen?”

I allowed my hands to slide upwards and over her supple breasts, my fingers teasing her soft pink top back and forth over each nipple in turn.

“Hmmm! Yes. I had turned to get some mugs from the cupboard for our coffee’s. that’s when he did what you are doing to me now, coming up behind me and sliding his hands onto my breasts.”

“Hmmmm! Somewhat forward wouldn’t you say? Did you not try to stop him?”

“I think I was too shocked.”

“Shocked eh? Are you sure you don’t mean excited?”

“Hmmm! Yes a little of that too.”

“Hmmm! And didn’t you think you were being a little bit naughty Lin? After all, you’re a married woman and there you were allowing this young guy, a virtual stranger to fondle you.”

“It was yes…but naughty can sometimes be good and I guess, being married is a part of what made it all the more />
“Yes. And was he good darling? Did you enjoy the fact he was petting these juicy breasts of yours?”

“Ohhh yes! I have to admit, he had this way about him. He was both gentle and firm at the same time. He had my nipples aroused in seconds darling.”

“And still I don’t suppose it crossed your mind for a moment you shouldn’t be allowing it to happen?”

“Yes it did.”

“The idea what he was doing was wrong simply got me all the more aroused. It also occurred to me I’d be talking to you later and that I would be telling you how I had invited this young guy home for a coffee and of course, that I had been naughty and had let him touch me up.”

“And that thought was />
“And how long were you letting him do this?”

“Quite a while.”

“Because of how much you were enjoying it?”

“Oh yes! Especially when he leant in closer and started to kiss the back of my neck. You of all people should know how that gets me darling….that and the fact his fingers were plucking at my nipples by then… He was tipping me over the edge and being honest, I didn’t want it to stop.”

“So were you telling him you wanted more?”

“Not in so many words!”

“But he got the gist of what it was you wanted?”

“And what about pussy? How was your pussy feeling?”

“The truth?”

“Of course.”

“Horny eh? You’d been with him what? Ten minutes and already you were horny.”

“I know it seems daft but as I told you, he was so expert with how he was playing with my tits.”

I ran my own fingers over her breasts, drawing the soft material of her top firmly over her nipples which had either responded to my own touch or were aroused because she was reliving her thoughts.

“Was he better than I’m doing for you right now?

Maybe because of who he was.”

“Hmmm! That and the fact you probably wanted him by then?”

“And how about now? Is having thoughts about him making you wish he was here with you now?”

“Oh God yes! That would be nice darling, feeling him pressing that bulge of his into me, just like he did on Monday.”

“Oh really. And when was he doing that? While he was playing with these tits?”

“Yes. I could feel him rubbing it against me over my skirt, against the cheeks of my arse.”

“And I take it once again you didn’t feel it in you to object?”

“No. I realise I should have but in all honesty it felt so good. The thought this young twenty year old was confident enough to try it on with someone like me, someone twice his age.”

“You sure it wasn’t the case you, the supposed more experienced woman, was leading him on.”

“Oh I don’t think so darling. I don’t think he needed leading, besides, I think he knew exactly what it was he was after.”

“And knowing that excited you all the it?”

For a moment there was a silence.

“And what about you? What was it you wanted?”

“Let me guess shall I? There you were, the older, mature woman growing more and more aroused with the idea this young guy was playing with your tits. Then he starts pressing himself against you. You can feel he’s aroused and you start to have ideas about what it is he’s pressing into you. Am I right?”

“Yes. Cos when he was doing that to me all that kept running through my mind was the idea I could be telling you when you phoned later.”

“Telling me what?”

“That he’d gotten me aroused and of how hard and big he felt.”

“Is that all?”

For a moment she kept her thoughts to herself.

“Well?” I prompted.

“No. I admit it also crossed my mind of how you might react if I were to tell you it wasn’t just my tits he’d been playing with…but that I had gotten laid.”

“I see. And is it fair to say that thought got you even more excited.”

“I guess it still didn’t cross your mind it was all wrong?”

“Yes. Of course it did but as I explained before, wrong can sometimes be a lot more fun than right. Besides, it’s not entirely my fault. You’re the one who chooses to work away from home and neglect me.. So is it any wonder I might have to look elsewhere to keep me />
At hearing this I laughed out loud.

“Now that really doesn’t sound like you Lin. In fact it sounds more like something Wade might have said. Would I be right?”

“It could have been ….Yes.”

“I thought as much. So come on…exactly what was it he said?”

She was silent for a moment as if collecting her thoughts.

“I think I mentioned to him what we were doing was wrong, telling him I was a married woman and that he should respect that fact. He simply replied, he was more than aware I was married but what he wasn’t able to understand was, how you could leave someone as delicious as me and work away from home. I told him it was simply the case you had to.”

“And what was his reply?”

“He just said he felt you ought to have known better. That you ought to have understood a mature sexy woman like me was always going to need keeping happy.”

“Is that right? He seems to have no problems being forward with you does he? And what else did he have to say?”

“He told me if you weren’t going to be there for me then, if it was what I wanted, he’d be more than happy to take your place.”

“Take my place eh? And what were your thoughts when he said that? Did his suggestion appeal? Did it run through your mind, the idea he could take my place, that he could step into my shoes?”

“The reason being?”

“The reason being the young, hard cock that was still being pressed against me.”

“Ahh! I see. So with the thought of telling me all later and the fact you could feel that hard cock. That was enough for you was it?”

“Enough of a reason to allow him to Fuck you?”

“Well it seemed all the reason I needed at the />
“And how about now…….Any regrets?”

“None!” she replied, turning in his arms to face him, wanting to see the look of excitement she knew would be written across his face.

“I’ll be honest. It felt good darling. After all, I’m sure there aren’t that many women my age can say they’ve been serviced by a stiff, young cock?”

She reached down and slid her hand over my crotch. The fact I was hard a positive sign for her I was as aroused with the idea as she was.

“And how about you darling?” She asked as she continued to stroke her fingers over my swollen crotch. “How did you feel when I was telling you all about it this week?”

“What do you think?” I replied.

“I think it turns you on. In fact, this is telling me so.” she said as her hand continued to stroke at the erection forming down below. “So tell me darling, did you have to see to yourself that night? Did you play with your cock as you imagined Wade’s young hands playing with my breasts?”

“Yes.” I groaned, a little surprised my wife had turned the tables on me somewhat.

“And did it excite you darling. Picturing his fingers pressing onto this top…over my firm />
She took my hand and placed it over her left breast where I immediately felt how firm her nipple was.

“I’ll admit, they were harder and much bigger than this darling.” she whispered into my ear. “Like I said, he was so expert. He seemed to know just what buttons to push to get an old woman like me aroused. The truth was, he could have hung his jacket on them they were so horny for him darling.”

“And is that what you wanted? For me to play with myself that night?”

“Ohhh yes! Why wouldn’t I? What woman wouldn’t like the idea she was able to get two cocks horny in one night. And I liked even more that I was able to tease you that night. That I’d left you wondering what else had gone on…..whether or not I’d let him Fuck me.

“Yes I bet you did.” I told her.

She laughed.

“Well I did try to describe it as best I could darling. Letting you know he was stood behind me, his arms through mine, his hands on these breasts.”

I turned her around in my arms once more pushing my arms through hers, placing my hands over each fleshy orb, just as I imagined he had done for her. She groaned quietly and I imagined her to be recalling that Monday evening.

“Surely it must have crossed your mind when you invited him round, he was likely to try something on with you?” I asked as I continued playing my fingers back and forth across her breasts.

“I think it />
“I see. So is it fair to say it was what you wanted?”

“A part of me did yes. A part of me wanted to know if I was still capable of getting his attention … this case the attention of a much younger guy. I just told myself if he did try anything on I would only let it go so far. I told myself there could be no harm in a little kissing…a little />
“Yet it went further?”

She was silent for a moment, as if thinking carefully how to answer.

“I guess I didn’t count on how horny he might get me and how I imagined it might be I thought I would always be in control and be able to stop.”

“It turned out you />
“So what happened to your />
“I guess it disappeared when I felt how hard that cock of his was.”

“So just feeling his hard cock was all it took for you to want it. To have him Fuck you?”

I pulled firmly on her nipples causing her answer to come out little more than a garbled moan!

“What was that again?” I prompted.

“Yes! I wanted him to Fuck me.” She cried. I wanted to know what it was like to have that young cock of his pound my pussy. There! I’ve said it!” she said, turning once more in my arms and reaching down for my crotch.

“And how about you?” She almost hissed. “How does it make you feel knowing your naughty wife wanted his young cock up her? Is that what you imagined when you were lying on the bed that night playing with yourself? Oh I know I hadn’t told you all that had happened but I know it will have crossed that mind of yours whether he’d screwed me or not? Am I right? Did you lie there imagining his twenty year old cock sliding in and out of this?”

She grabbed for my hand and pushed it up beneath her skirt. She was wet, wetter than I had ever known her to be.

“Damn you’re horny!” I cried.

“Yes darling. And all because you’ve got me thinking about Wades young cock. Just remembering what it was like has gotten me this wet darling, so maybe you can imagine how I must have felt actually being screwed by it? Hmmm! Better yet…let me tell you. He was good darling. So so Fucking good.. Ok…Maybe his cock wasn’t as long as yours darling but what he lacks in length he more than makes up for in girth. He’s much remember when he bent me over the sink. When he lifted the hem of this skirt over my waist and pressed that big bulbous knob of his against my pussy lips. I knew there and then it was going to be a pleasure having him stretch this wet little cunt of mine.”

She continued to stroke at my erection only now she had started to undo my zip.

“My only regret is I never got the chance to suck him. I guess the truth was we both needed it too much for any niceties. It was quite simply the case, he wanted to Fuck me and I wanted to BE Fucked.”

She closed her eyes and I instinctively knew she was going over that night again in her head. I pushed two fingers in through the side of her gusset and remembered thinking how unbelievably wet she was. She whimpered with pleasure as I slid them both into her cunt.

“Ohhh yessss!” she mewled. Make me cum!!”

I began thrusting my fingers in deep and hard and could hear her juices squishing inside her cunt. She rose onto her toes as she savoured the pleasure of what my fingers were doing for her.

“Are you thinking about him now? Are you reminding yourself how it was that night?”

“Ohhh Yes.”

“And are you wishing it was him here with you now and not me? Would you like that darling…to be able to reach down and take a hold of that young cock of his once more?”

“Ohhh Fuck yes!”

“And what then darling? Would you want him to slide it back into this hot little cunt of yours again? Or this time, would you drop to your knees and slides those lips of yours up and down his shaft. Milking that cock of his for precum?”

“Damned right!” She growled through gritted teeth. “I’d want to make sure I get him nice and hard…for when he’s ready to Fuck me.”

“And how about me? Would it matter I was here?”

“Nooooo! It wouldn’t matter at all. I would simply tell him how aroused you’d gotten while I was telling you what happened on that Monday night. So aroused in fact that you now wanted to witness for yourself if he’s as good as I said. I’d tell him he could take me darling…anyway he likes…The only provision being he makes sure to show you how much better he is than you.”

“You didn’t tell me he was better?”

“Oh but I did darling. I told you how expert he was at seeing to my tits. How quickly he was able to get my nipples to respond to his touch. Just like I told you how thick and chunky that cock of his was. Of course, what I didn’t know then but do now is… a nice thick cock makes for a much better Fuck

She whimpered some more as my fingers bought her to a climax causing her to lean over the worktop. It was some moments before she was able to speak again.

“Ohhh God! That was good darling. Hmmm! And to think, that could have been him. You’d have been stood there watching the two of us. Watching his hands all over my body and better still….watching him Fuck me. How would that be for you darling, watching as he shafted your horny wife…..His hands around my waist pulling back onto his thick cock…aware from his groans and the look on his face he’s just emptied the contents of his balls into this horny little cunt.”

“Hmmm! Tell me darling. Is that what you imagined when you were seeing to yourself that night. That he had me pinned down and was emptying his balls into what was until then, your own private cunt?”

“You’re a bitch Lin!” I told her, with not a trace of venom in my voice.

“Yes darling, I think you’re right…and on that Monday night a quite horny one who thoroughly enjoyed getting laid by that lovely young cock.”

She reached between her legs where her fingers took a hold of my hand pushing my fingers back into her pussy.

“That’s right darling. Feel it. Feel it and know you no longer have sole rights to this pussy. I’ve experienced a nice young cock up here now and if I know men at all I know it’s not going to be too much longer before Wade is demanding more of the same!”

“So it isn’t to be just a one off?”

Her lips formed a wicked, knowing smile.

“No! Why would it darling? It’s clear Wade enjoyed himself the other night and he sure as hell made sure I did.”

Not for the first time she reached for my crotch, running her hand along my hidden erection.

“And this tells me you enjoyed the idea too. I think you’re quite turned on, the idea of me with a younger man. Hmmm! Is that what you want darling? To witness my getting laid by my much younger lover?”

“I might well do!” I groaned as my fingers began drawing her towards yet another wet climax. She was grunting now and forcibly grinding her pussy hard onto my hand.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she gasped as she ground her pussy up and down my fingers. Moments later her body stiffened. She slumped forward over the worktop as her juices squirted over my fingers. Again it was a few moments before she could speak.

“Damn it darling! Why don’t I just call him. Why don’t I simply pick up the phone and tell him to come over and service me. I can tell him how you’ve gotten me ready for him. Nice and wet and ready to be pounded by that thick young cock of his.”

She made to stand up but my hand against her back held her down. I used my free hand to undo my trousers and release my straining cock. She felt the movement and began to resist, struggling against the hand holding her down..

“Noooo! That’s for Wade!” She cried, but I was having none if it.

The fact it was young Wade she had on her mind right then didn’t matter. Nor did it concern me it would be sooner, rather than later before he had her again. What mattered right then was, this was my wife and like it or not it was my cock she was about to receive.

I pushed the hem of her skirt high over her waist and pulling her lace panties to one side, pressed the knob of my dick into her pussy lips. She immediately slumped forward, her resistance gone.

I Fucked her long and hard, pinning her there, giving her little choice but to bounce back and forth on the end of my cock. By the time I had finished she had climaxed twice more and though I suspect it was young Wade she’d envisioned screwing didn’t matter. By then I had sated myself and filled her pussy with my seed.

“Now tell me he does you as well as that?” I whispered into her ear.

I pulled away leaving her spent…her body slumped over the worktop. I made my way out of the kitchen towards the lounge. I knew her mind would be filled with all manner of thoughts but for now I had left her in no doubt who’d satisfied her. So far as I was concerned, if young Wade wanted my wife he’d have to wait his turn for already I had plans for servicing her tomorrow and for that matter, the next day too.

story by: foxylindi

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Author: foxylindi

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