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May 24th, 2010

April 5th, 2010

February 20th, 2010

This guy goes to a popular tourist destination and finds a hot chick for himself, he takes her outdoors and fucks the shit out of her, she is a great sucker and he loves the way her tongue runs along his cock…

Hi, buddies! My name is Barak! I’m 36, I live the way I love and I have got a small business on the Western coast, and I believe that I’m a pretty good man. But as mot people I have my own merits and demerits, although I think that advantages prevail. You know, I am weak and hot about young, cute teens, or girls of specific age. Don’t think of me as a pervert or something like that, I just got a weakness for younger girls, and I definitely prefer younger pussies rather than older or mature ones.

One wonderful summer night I happened to have a vacation in St. Tropez. Saint Tropez! Oh, Yeahh, sure, let me just show you around this wonderful place! Saint Tropez is a beautiful and well known familiar place to stay on the French Rivera, located on the same coast, juts in one of the most beautiful gulf in the world, along the French Riviera. Saint Tropez is an excellent place which is neighboring with other well famed European resorts like Cannes, Nice, Monaco. Saint Tropez is surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and a sunny climate. Saint Tropez is known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite. The travelers from all over the world come to this paradise for work or in search of adventures, unloading their pockets on expensive drinks in any of the abundant and stylish nightclubs. Celebrity watching is also popular. On the whole, Saint Tropez is upscale, and expensive, but nevertheless, a fun city to enjoy. Saint Tropez is well known fro its beaches first of all. Saint Tropez offers miles of sand. The Plage de Tahiti, 2.5 miles southeast of town, is the best in the area. If swimwear is making you feel restricted, head east to La Moutte, a naturiste beach, and get rid of your cloths. Many of the beaches near Saint Tropez are nudist beaches. (Read More…)

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February 19th, 2010

February 17th, 2010

The divorced lady is really crazy for sex, she’ll do anything to get a fat cock all the way down her pussy and she can’t wait for her pussy to be fucked…

Being a recently divorced 34 year old woman, I was looking for some fun with no special conditions or commitments. I had enough of married life, and now being alone for long 5 months, without sex, I was hornier than ever. I am 34 years old, short and on the plump side. My tits are large, but still perky.

As I was shopping at our local groceries store, I had the pleasure of being waited on by the most beautiful and so handsome man, Ronald, I had ever seen. Although he was 22 years old, he seemed so young to me! He was almost 7 feet tall, a beautiful tanned muscular body, and he smiled like an angel with that hot Hollywood smile of his! I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying, but all I could wonder is how huge his cock must be. I’d already heard about this guy, they said that he was a fucking horny fucker, but I had never been with a guy like this one. Was that tall? He had to be going to the gym and must have amazing stamina. While he was helping me, I made sure to bend over so that he could see my big tits popping out of my shirt. He started asking all kinds of personal questions, and I knew he was getting into me. That was great! To be honest with you, readers, usually I would have rejected this type of blatant advance, but this time something came upon me, I was flattered, and he was absolutely gorgeous. After exchanging numbers, I left the store. (Read More…)

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July 16th, 2009

June 2nd, 2009

Two teen babes are camping in nature, they meet up a family and decide to get to know the men better. It’s gonna be a hot night in nature, believe me…

We extend our thanks to the author Betty.

It was a beautiful day in Florida, not too warm and yet sunny, I was happy since I was going to go on a camping trip with Becky and her family. Becky and I had been friends since forever. I was 18 and had started my periods three years ago. Becky’s father, Andy, who had been my first lover for over 3 years now, was also with us and I was excited to once again be with him.

We went to the campgrounds and parked the RV and started to set up. It was almost dusk by the time we were done, dinner was done and all was peaceful and quiet. We all sat by the fire, the neighboring campers had joined us as well; they were a family of 4 – father, mother and 2 sons. After a few beers, of which I had some too, thanks to Andy, the little ones and the moms went to the RV to sleep. Becky and I insisted on staying up late. The neighbor, Justin was around 30 and getting a little drunk. Becky and I started to giggle at what he was saying, Andy moved closer to our blanket and was joining in our laughter. (Read More…)

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May 18th, 2009

May 18th, 2009

This guy is having the time of his life at a party, he picks up two gorgeous girls and fucks the shit out of them, they love every minutes of it and there’s nothing his cock likes better…

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After having drunk some beer, in a good mood, I and some friend of mine made our steps to one girl. The door opened and there appeared some cutie: cheerful, warm-tempered, we examined her whole body, every piece of her, those nice nipples, tender swan neck, slapped her ass, and came in. There were other 4 sweet goodies waiting for us, we introduced ourselves in a very noble and gentle manner of medieval knights. The fun went on, we were drinking beer, listening to the music, watching babes around us, and they made it on purpose making us turn on, their twists and bends made me mad, the knobs placed irresistible burden on jeans, it was like volcanic eruption, when you are still not burst but anyway, it makes you hard-on so that you are losing your mind. I was dreaming of putting these bitches down, and ramming them hard right on that red carpet one by one, changing places and eating them piece after piece.

From the left, from the right some sun tanned female bodies were dancing, filling the whole room with their sweet flesh aroma, we filled our desire with some more drink, noon was gonna come back home, time was flying by like some enigmatic tale man, reminding of the dawn that was still on the way and the night that was still in full swing. Drunk guys, smoking grass and getting wild, it was only one room flat there, but we didn’t care on how 8 people could find enough space to settle in. (Read More…)

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May 12th, 2009

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