Role Playing

I had a friend who loved to see his wife getting fondled by a doctor during medical examination and after 2 years of cajoling, begging she finally agreed to do it. The problem was to find a doctor to do it and coming from a respectable family , they had their standing in the society to worry about. A few times we discussed about it and in the end I told him, you can never find a doctor to do it but i can do role play as a doctor to get your fantasy fulfilled ,since your wife have not seen me, when I come to your city next time, I will do that , just tell her that Iam a real doc.He agreed but said that I must not have sex with her since he dont like anyone to sleep with her, all i should do is fondle her breasts , finger her pussy and may be bring her to climax by funger fucking her. We agreed to that and he flew to his city the next day. After 2 months I called him and said that I am visiting on such and such date and we fixed it all up.

After arriving in the city, I did my official work and evening went to my hotel, showered , changed and took my carry bag and put a pair of gloves,labcoat and a steth which I had borrowed from a friend who works as lab radiologist in a superspeciality hospital in my city. Told him its for my niece for a play at school.I reached their house around 7pm in the evening and he opened the door, she was standing there nervously smiling and whispered a halo.She was a typical south indian housewife,plain looking but she had great curves and boobs and a very sweet face. I actually took pity on her,my idiot friend was putting her through all this. She didnt look like the kind of woman who relished all this and was just doing this to make her man happy.She went in and I asked him what next?? He told me to act proffessionally and also asked me not to breach the agreement, i.e not to fuck her. I said fine and went into the room. I asked her to sit on the bed and started examining her eyes, mouth and neck and asked her to remove her clothes and lie down. She did that but asked me to dim the lights a bit. I did that and sat next to her naked body, she looked really sexy , lying down , nude and looking at my face. I felt like stopping all this nonsense, throwing her hubby out and to kiss her and then make love to her madly. Trying to remain calm,I checked her with the steth for sometime and saw her giggling, when i asked her why, she said you have to put that into your ears to hear my heartbeat. I felt stupid and mumbled something and checked her chest and back, then I did her breast examination slowly , massaging it, gently pinching the nipples and caressing her neck and shoulders. My cock was hard now and Ihad to adjust my trousers to turn it side ways so that it didnt hurt.

I could see that she was biting her lips, her eyes were closed and her face was like she was having pain and pleasure at the same time. The hubby by now was in his lungi, sitting in the chair , he was shaking his cock , with his eyes focused on us. I brought my one hand down , cupped her vagina and inserted one finger inside. I rubbed around her thighs and clit area, she was breathing heavily now and was preesing my thigh hard with her hand. The hubby got up, removed the lungi, climbed onto the bed and inserted his cock into her mouth. I laughed when I saw his cock, it was barely 4 to 5″ long and only as thick as my index finger, now I pitied her even more. She was sucking it like a hungry baby and by now she was pressing my cock through my trousers. I stood up and unbuckeld my belt,my friend stopped fucking her mouth, got up and looked at me quizzically, I said, “come on man, I cant sit with this hard on, its hurting me, dont get scared, I will not fuck your wife, he stood and watched as I unzipped and sat down on the bed. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She felt it and immediately opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled at me. She must have been surprised at the size of my monster which is nearly double the size she is used to have in her pussy. She started stroking it and by now my friend was really furious but couldnt say anything. She was also not really bothered about him because she was too horny to be worried about him and a cock this size was making her judgement clouded.

After few minutes , I decided to lick her pussy and as i put my head down, he stopped it and said no, no, no, we cant do that. I got up , took him to one side and whispered, look, i have come to a point of no return, what is wrong in if we have sex since we have already done so much. I said if you dont allow me to fuck her today, I will come some other day when you are not around and fuck her.
He knew me well and he finally agreed and I then licked her clit for sometime and then mounted her and fucked her hard, Her pussy was tight and when I changed position to doggie , I found that my tool was wet with her juice. She was pouring and if not for that excessive pusssy juice , her tightness would have hurt me. I have never fucked a tighter pussy.

I lifted her up and held her like a baby and fucked her standing , she had her legs around me and I stood holding her buttocks and fucked her hard. She coiled and held me tight and bit my shoulder, her hair was loose and flying in the air as she bounced on my body to meet my every thrust.I felt that even if let go my hand from her buttocks, my stick cock buried deep inside her would stop her from falling off my body.

My friend was standing there, holding his cock. He forgot to shake it I think, he was mesmerised to see his once demure wife, fucking a man with a huge dick, like she had gone mad. He must be cursing himself for setting this up. He underestimated the power of a horny couple, he thought he can control us to the point he was comfortable with.

My sensation was unbelievable, all that grinding was building a great orgasm in me.I came soon, pumping my hot jism deep inside her belly, She also came, may be for the third or fourth time. Arching her back, hair almost touching the ground, her ankles locked together, in the air, pointed downwards behind my back. Her thighs were literally crushing my pelvic bones, due to the intensity of her orgasm.

I gently lowered her on to the bed, without releasing my cock from her pussy and just lay still for 5 mts. Then she started kissing my face and licking the sweat off my face. I felt my cock stiffening again and I started moving slowly, now she was filled with my cum and it was different for both of us. I fucked her sideways and this time it was slow and after 10 mnts of kissing, rubbing each others body , we came again and just lay still in each others arms. My friend now had accepted the new situation and ws shaking his pathetic cock and was trying to spray his juice on her face.

I was not worried about the friend , I can talk to him and buy the look on her face , she was also not too bothered about him. Later we all washed and again had another round where he had become cuckold officially.

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