Oral Sex Stories

284. Man’s Story: Best Head Ever (10/11/04)

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I was sixteen years old and was in 10th grade at the time. Me and my love for the entire year had just broken up and I was sort of depressed. There was this freshman who sat in front of me who played the flute (no shit!). We went out on and off during the year and the summer came around. She came over to my house and we ended up going off into the woods behind my house.

We were walking down this trail when she suddenly stopped me and we started to make out. Her hand made its way into my basketball shorts and the next thing you know I was getting my first handjob ever! She only jerked me for about two minutes when she decided to get funky with it.

At this point my eyes were closed in pure bliss. I never felt my shorts and boxers being pulled down to my ankles but I did feel the warm mouth that engulfed my dick. Now that was heaven! She moved her tongue in circles around my dick while alternating between deep, heavy sucks and light, teasing ones.

Within a few seconds I came all over the surrounding shrubbery and her. It was my first sexual experience other than heavy petting. Let me tell you…I’ve been with a lot of girls. Even had sex with several of them. And nothing felt better then when that girl gave me head. When I jack off at night she is the one I think about every time.

235. Woman’s Story: Laundromat Sexcapade (7/7/04)

We were alone at the laundromat. I told him I wanted him to come to the bathroom with me. He looked a little confused but he came anyway. I locked the door behind us and flicked off the light. I pulled up my shirt and undid my bra. He grabbed my tits and started sucking on my nipples while I grabbed his hardness through his pants.

I knelt down and undid his belt and pulled his pants down. Then I took a hold of his throbbing meat and started licking the head. He moaned quietly as I took the rest of it into my mouth and softly sucked. I deepthroated him a couple times until we heard someone come in the door right next to the bathroom.

We then decided our little sexcapade was over for a little while until we got home. But the whole time we were folding clothes we had grins on our faces cause we knew what we had been doing just a few minutes earlier and what we would be doing once we got home.

212. Man’s Story: “Sucking Your Cock Is Fun” (3/22/04)

Me and my girl had been going out for a while. I didn’t want to rush anything so I didn’t force her to do shit. But I always had to do something for her and it got really annoying. I did everything for her – I fingered her and ate her out and she wouldn’t even return the favor. She had a nice pussy, though, and I got to say I liked doing that shit, but still. So one day I said to her that I didn’t think what she was doing was right. We got into an argument and I told her to suck my cock. She said, Fine, I don’t give a shit anymore. So she pulled out my dick, which was basically limp, and went to work kind of pissed. She was doing it simply to piss me off and make sure I never asked for it again,  so I said just stop. But she wouldn’t and she just kept on sucking it. I laid back and started to enjoy it. She kept pumping my cock in her mouth as she drooled all over it. She really got into it. She licked it all over with her tongue, up and down like she loved the taste of it. I came right in her mouth and she still kept sucking on it and made me come 2 more times. When she was finished she said to me, I had no idea that sucking your cock was so much fun. She goes right to it every day from now on.

199. Man’s Story:  Lucky Break (1/18/04)

My wife likes nothing better than to give me a blow job. I recently broke my leg, and was feeling very horny. One afternoon, I was relaxing with my eyes closed, picturing my wife naked. I got an enormous hard on imagining her beautiful 38B tits and their rock hard nipples, her small sexy ass and sweet pussy. I didn’t hear her come in. She obviously saw me hard, and unzipped my fly and slid my cock into her warm moist mouth. I instantly awoke out of my slumber, and watched as she sucked on my cock until I orgasmed hard. She swallowed the cum, and squeezed my cock for any leftovers. The best blow job in the world!

197. Man’s Story: Lunchtime Love (12/10/03)

When I was 23, I worked with a cute, petite, brunette 18-year-old girl who was unhappily married. Soon after she started, we would sneak away to a secluded area during the lunch break and fuck around. It became routine, daily almost, where she’d be up against the wall and I’d finger her while she jerked me off till we both came. She would come so hard, sometimes cutting off circulation to where my fingers would be numb temporarily. It was beautiful. I made sure she came first, and when came,  she would often like to catch my cum in her free hand and hold it there till we went back to work. I’ve never had a better hand job than when she gave them. Other times she would jerk my cock till I came and aim it at the wall. We’d watch it splatter all over it. But one of the best times was one day before lunch when she said she had a present for me. We went to our spot and she knelt in front of me and sucked me till I came. She swallowed all of it and said she had never done it before. She also told me she had never been eaten out. So one day I yanked her pants and panties down and had her put her hands against the wall and stick her ass out. Saying nothing, I kneeled and licked her pussy. Fuck, she tasted good! But her real treat came when I began licking her ass. She almost cried out of pleasure. As kinky as we got, there was a sense of deep passion, also, perhaps of the “taboo” of it all. I was so happy to see her feeling so good. Unfortunately she had to quit and we lost touch as usually happens with things like that. The intense, beautiful memories of her will not be forgotten though.

174. Man’s Story: My Buddy’s Sister  (10/15/03)

One day I was over my buddy’s house. I was waiting for him to get ready to go out and I was watching TV with his sister in the basement. She is very hot and she is 21. My friend has porn stations on his TV and she asked if I would put it on, so I did. I began jerking off in front of her. She loved it and started fingering her pussy. When I was ready to cum she put her mouth on my dick and swallowed my cum, just before her brother walked down. I loved it.

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163. Man’s Story: Beauty Shop Blow Job (9/15/03)

I have girlfriend who is working as a hairstylist and I usually will visit her after work. One day, her boss was not around and there were no customers at that time. Her colleagues were also relaxing at the front portion of the shop. I was at the back with my girl and I asked her to stroke my cock. Suddenly, she was sucking it and I was looking outside to see whether there were any customers or her colleagues coming to the back. As she was sucking it, I was pumping my cock into her mouth and she kept saying, “I want your sperm! Faster, pump it out!” As my sperm is gushing out, the showtime came. She sucked my juice even harder so that my sperm flowed more rapidly into her mouth. It was totally like heaven.

39. Man’s Story: First BJ 

First time I got a blow-job was in my junior year of high school. I was at home with my sister and a bunch of her friends came by for dancing practice. Seeing all the girls dancing and jumping and splitting made me so horny so I went to my room. I laid down on my bed with my legs hanging out on the side of the bed, put on my headphones. Then I pulled my dick out closed my eyes and started jerking off. 

All the sudden I felt a wet, warm and moist sensation of someone’s mouth on my cockhead. I opened my eyes and lifted my head up to see a smiling face of Liz, my sister’s friend. Liz had my cock head in her lovely mouth with her soft tongue circling around it, her long straight blonde hair hanging down brushing my balls. She then pulled my hand off and grabbed my swollen dick with her hand then sucked me harder and bopped her head up and down furiously. 

I was in heaven as my dick grew bigger and bigger in her mouth. Liz make a slurping noise as she inhaled my swollen cock driving me to the edge very quickly. I grabbed the silky  hair and lifted my hips up to sink my cock deeper in her throat and shot a long stream of cum in to her mouth.  Liz pulled my cock out and pumped the rest of my cum in to her open mouth, sucking me dry. Liz got up as I collapsed back on the bed and said “Next time make sure you close your door tight, okay” then give me a smile and left the room.

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No Pop-Ups

86. Man’s Story: Tasty Alternative

When my girlfriend told me that her doctor advised her to refrain from intercourse, I’ll admit I was devastated. Sex had been an important part of our relationship. I wondered if I could be faithful under the circumstances.

She must have sensed my uneasiness as the very next day she asked me to get something off the top shelf of the walk in closet. We had company in the next room and I didn’t suspect a thing.

Once inside she closed the door and quickly slid my pants down to my knees. I was totally limp when she inhaled my cock into her mouth. Her nose was pressing into my pubic bone. Her tongue swirled around my dick always returning to the sensitive underside. In less time than it took to read this sentence, I was as hard as a rock. The sight of her kneeling before me with my penis in her mouth was the biggest turn on I ever experienced. She sucked and pumped until I was unable to think.

“Don’t come in my mouth” she commanded as she kneaded my balls while coaxing the cum out of my dick.  By now I was leaning up against the closed closet door. The sucking became more demanding, pulling the semen from me. I knew I was about to cum.

I don’t know how I did it but I told her I was about to cum. She poured some kind of body lotion on my cock and pumped it furiously with both hands. I came and came while my knees wobbled and shook. She continued pumping until my dick was absolutely limp.

78. Woman’s Story: The Love of a Good Woman

I love my husbands cock. I worship it, I adore it, I am totally addicted to  it! I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it tastes. He has the most perfect cock of any man I’ve ever seen. I am obsessed with it. I’m  constantly thinking about it, fantasizing and dreaming about it.  I love sucking my husband. There is no better feeling in the world than the feel of his cock, hard and throbbing, deep in my mouth. I want to suck him morning, noon, and night.

I love to be awakened in the morning by my husband gliding his cock over my lips, pressing against them, urging my lips to part so that he can slide it inside mouth. I especially love it when he strokes his own cock as I suck on the  head of it, he pumps away, stroking and pumping. I love the way his fingers feel bumping against my lips as he jerks himself off. His balls will be slapping against my chin, and he will be talking to me…saying things  like…”yeah, suck it baby, suck it good”  The way it feels as he nears his  orgasm, the swelling of his shaft…he pumps it harder and harder, his  fingers slamming against my lips. Then he will cry out…”ooooo I’m cumming  now baby, I’m going to feed you, suck baby suck!”

Oh God, the feeling of his cock as it pumps his hot cum into my mouth is the  most heavenly feeling I know. His hand is moving so fast, pumping more and more cum, filling my mouth as I suck as hard as I can. Sometimes, I won’t swallow, but will hold my mouth open as he jerks off into my mouth. He loves watching his own cum fill up my mouth. I will hold it in my mouth, savoring the feel and taste, only swallowing when he tells me too. Then, I love to close my eyes and let it just trickle slowly down my throat, swallowing little bits at a time. After I’ve swallowed it all, I love the after taste and sensation in my mouth. That after taste makes me hungry for more…and I  want to suck him again and again.

Some days, I might suck my husband off 4-6 times, but at the very least, he feeds me his cum once a day. Its a part of our lives now, one that I simply couldn’t live without. Someday, I think I might like to try having him jerk off into my mouth as maybe another man, or maybe a couple of other men watched. I think that would be very erotic to suck my husband as others watched. One of my favorite fantasies is that my husband is playing cards at a table with some other men. I serve them drinks and snacks as they play. I’m topless and the men can see how my husband has trained my nipples with dc current over time to stay erect. When I’m not serving the men drinks and such, I’m under the table, with my husbands cock in my mouth, sucking him.  This really messes up his game sometimes but then it also messes up the  other men’s game, as they are constantly peeking under the table to watch my  husband get his cock sucked. Sometimes my husband will let the men watch as he sprays his cum all over my face and chest. Then I will slowly and dreamily rub his seed all over me as the guys watch. Thinking of this fantasy really turns me on! I love his cock and there is nothing more delicious to me than the taste of his cum in my mouth.  I love being his cock hungry cum eating wife.

45. Woman’s Story: The Lounge

One night I stayed over at his barracks and we watched TV in the lounge. Since we were the only ones in there he turned off the lights. Myself, being the freak that I am, began to get really hot at the thought of sucking on his enormous cock.  I like to have sex in places where we might get caught it really turns me on.  As he watched TV I laid on my stomach and took his cock out of his pants.  He asked me what was I doing and said that someone might come in. I told him that it made it all the more better then they could watch.  I began sucking his cock.  With every stroke it went deeper and deeper down my throat.  He was moaning and pushing my head down as far as it could go. He pulled my hair as he came into my mouth.  I love the taste of hot cum trickling down my throat.  Once he had cum he pushed me off of him and ate my already soaked pussy. It felt so good to feel his warm tongue in my cunt.  I came almost instantly.  As we finished and began watching TV again, someone came in the lounge never suspecting a thing.

68. Man’s Story: I Knew She Was Coming

We parked near the pond. She got out to get some air. Coming around to her side I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I could feel her nipples hard under the t-shirt she wore. I couldn’t resist lifting the t-shirt off and squeezing both breasts as I wrapped my tongue around one nipple and tweaked the other with my fingers. She threw her head back, leaning against the car. She was moaning.  I moved down her stomach with my tongue. I made a small circle around her belly button and then pulling the skirt and pink panty down in one motion I kissed her black tuft of pubic hair.

Down on my knees, my fingers parting her pussy lips to find her clit I wrapped my tongue around it and started sucking, slowly. Slipping my fingers inside I accompanied my slow sucking with slow deep thrusts into her hot dripping pussy, going faster as I heard her moaning become louder. I liked it and wanted more so I went faster with two fingers rushing in and out of her pussy.

Her hands in my hair, tightening around the strands, I knew she was cumming. Her body shaking, I could feel it inside her, as her pussy walls tightened around my fingers, still moving in and out faster than I knew they could. I knew she was cumming because I could taste it on her clit, around her clit and smell it. I knew she came when she screamed, “Oh my God!!” and shivered intensely before she relaxed.

9. Woman’s Story: Munch Maniac

He was probably one of the less attractive guys I ever dated…but he could eat pussy like no one else.  He camped out down there for ages, and did so with great talent.  None of that porn-movie fake crap….you know, barely touch the clit with the tip of your tongue stuff.  He went for it full on, tongue-fucking me while his nose rubbed my clit.  He would be wet with my juices from ear to ear, and I would be grinning the same way.  And he wasn’t afraid of a little blood – or a lot, for that matter – and there is nothing better for cramps than a good toe-curling orgasm!


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