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My Tgirl Princess

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My Tgirl Princess


Bo meets up with Mya. She turns out to be his “dream” girl.

The next morning Mya woke up me up early, too early for how late we had stayed up. She wants to know if I want to get a cab to get my car and take her home or if she should get one and just head home. I better just get my car now so I tell  her to get a cab for us.

I get up and brush my teeth and splash some water on my face. I felt like crap and was dehydrated big time. Once the cab arrives we ride to my car and take her place. She doesn’t live far from downtown either, just in the opposite direction but it’s really not to far from my apartment. I dropped her off at her apartment. It is a lot nicer than where I live and much better neighborhood. She gives me a kiss and her phone number.

“I hope you call me, if not I understand” Mya said. “We had a good time no matter what.”

“I’ll call you. I did have a good time last night.”

She looked damn good walking away. I grab some McDonald’s breakfast on the way home so I can just go home, eat and relax, I feel like crap. As I lay around and have a lazy Sunday watching football and drifting to sleep a couple times I often think about Mya. I am starting to struggle with the fact I had sex with someone with a penis. Although it did look natural for some reason. Sure I had fun and the sex was great, but I’m not gay or anything like that.

As the next couple days go by I can’t help but think about Mya. I bragged to a co-worker about hooking up with her but left out the trans part. She is good looking and a fun person but I keep going back and forth on what to do. I mean I don’t regret what happened but I definitely don’t want people to know, it’s all confusing to me.

Wednesday after work I stop at a bar and have a few drinks with some co-workers. We have fun talking about sports and trying to avoid work talk but it occasionally comes up. The more I drink the more I start to think about Mya. After a few drinks I was having fun but decide to leave so I didn’t have to drive home drunk.

Once I get home I eat some food I grabbed on the way home and watch some TV. After my meal I smoke a bowl of weed and drink a couple more beers. By this time I am feeling pretty damn good and as I drank my beer staring blankly at the tv I couldn’t stop thinking about Mya, and not even the cock part. I just wanted to see her, feel her, kiss her.

As I finish my beer I light a cigarette and decide to call her. I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was nervous as the phone rang. “Hello, this is Mya.” I hear as she answers the phone.

“Hello Mya. This is Bo, so how ya doing?” I nervously say.

“Great now, I’m so glad you called” she says with excitement in her voice. “How are you!”

I’m a bit relieved that she sounded glad I called but realizing I called without a plan. I am buzzed and just wanted to see her but I can’t just say that.

“I’m good… I’m just call…um…I would like to see if maybe we could go out to eat or hang out sometime, maybe this weekend.”

“I’d love to.” She replied before an unsure pause. “I’m kinda busy this weekend though.”

“Well, I would just like to see you sometime.”

“How bout we meet up for dinner tonight in about an hour.”

“Sounds good. Where you wanna eat?” I had ate a bit ago and wasn’t hungry but I wanted to see her.

“Not sure yet. Meet me downtown in about an hour. I’ll let you know where.”

“Ok. See ya in an hour. Can’t wait.”

“Alright. See you soon Bo.”

I start to get excited about seeing Mya tonight. I decide I better hop in the shower. As I am in the shower I can’t stop thinking about her. Her smile, her stomach and that sexy little ass. My cock starts to grow as soap and water run down it. I grab it and start stroking as I think about her moans and warm breath on my neck. As I near cumming I start to think about that little extra something she has. I tried not to but I just can’t stop. It bouncing as she rode my cock. The way she moaned like a girl but squirted out her cock during orgasms. I place my other hand on the shower wall and my knees start to grow week as I cum on the shower floor.

I quickly finish up my shower and brush my teeth. The closer the time gets to meeting with her I start to grow nervous. The weed and booze are wearing off which don’t help but I want to be clear headed to meet her. I need to decide what I want out of this, to see what she wants out of this. If I can get around the fact she has a penis. It did add a bit of excitement to the night and occasionally turned me on when I thought about it. Other times I question if I would’ve done it if sober, it’s a lot to take in.

I get all ready and head out the door. I get a text on my way walking to my car. I get in my car and check the message. It’s from Mya and reads “14th and P on the corner with the statue. Can’t wait to see you.” I start my car and make my way downtown. I live close so it doesn’t take me long to get there. I park in a garage about a block away from where she said to meet her.

I get down to the street and walk towards the destination spot. As I approach the intersection I spot Mya before she sees me. My mind is racing with thoughts of what to say, what to do. I almost feel like I’m in highschool asking a girl out. Before I can gather my thoughts she looks over my way and spots me. She gets a big smile on her face and is just as beautiful as I remember. Her warm smile and good looks almost make me forget the fact she has a cock.

“Hi Bo!” She says in a loud and cheerful voice. “I’m so glad to see you.”

“Hey Mya, glad to see ya to.” I respond as I make my way up to her. When I get close she gives me a hug. It feels nice to have her in my arms as I hug her back.

“You made my day Bo. I didn’t think you would call me.” She quietly says in my ear before we break the hug.

“I told you I would call.”

“Took ya long enough. Had me worried” she said jokingly. “There is a good pizza joint around the corner if that works for you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We walk to the pizza store making small talk, the weather, how our days went, you know. She works at a bank downtown as a junior loan officer, basically a paper pusher but set up for a good future there. I just do factory work, not the best job but it pays the bills.

The pizza place is nice, very casual with a lounge feel. We make our way to the back where the order counter is. I look up at the menu and there is a ton of toppings, lots of sauce flavors, as well as many ways to order bread sticks.

“Well how should we order this. What toppings you like on pizza?” I ask My.

“I’m just gonna order me a personal pizza.” She responds. “I like spinach on mine… And I know spinach on pizza is weird, but I like it.”

“I’ve heard of stranger, might not be bad. I’m thinking about brisket and tater tots.” I stare at the menu and question my first decision as take in all the toppings. “There is a ton of topping choices here, crazy.”

“Only place downtown to get spinach on it.”

I look back up at the menu and towards the bread sticks. I’m still not to hungry but I’ll take it to work for lunch tomorrow. As I browse the menu a girl approaches to take our orders. I better hurry and pick this out. She asks Mya what she wants and she states her pizza and a small soda. I look down and see her going into her purse.

“Don’t worry ill get it Mya.”

“No I got it. If you take me out you can then.”

I try again but she ignores me and pays her own. I order my pizza, cheesy bread and a soda. The girls hands me my receipt. Mya and I go and fill our soda’s and sit on a couch with a coffee table in front of it. I look around the place to hide my nervousness as we sit in silence waiting for our food. My mind can’t even think straight, here I am out with a pretty girl, but I couldn’t date a person with a cock, what would my friends think and so on. But she is nice and sweet and good looking.

Our food is ready, and I couldn’t have been soon enough to break the silence between us. I go up and try to grab our food but she gets up and gets her own. I’ve been with some pretty independent girls but they still let a guy buy them dinner or go pick it up. But Mya, she’s different, maybe showing her pride in her Independence or something. We sit and the pizza looks good but I’m not very hungry. I first try a little bit of the cheesy bread, it looks amazing.

“You wanna try this bread? It’s delicious,” asking while I lift the bread up a bit.

“No I’m ok. Looks good but you can eat it.”

“I got it to share. And besides I’m not that hungry.”

“Why did you come with me for food then.”

“I wanted to see you,” I reply. “And I’m gonna take it to work for lunch…but mainly to see you.”

Mya gets a shy smile on her face as she looks down and gets a piece of cheesy bread. She takes a couple bits of the bread and I grab a piece of pizza and take a bite. It’s good and different than any pizza I’ve had.

“This is good. I like it.” I say.

“This cheesy bread is delicious.” Mya replies.

“Glad you brought me hear, I never even heard of it.”

“I like it. I just stumbled across it a few months ago.”

We eat a bit more. I finish my slice of pizza and a piece of the cheesy bread. It’s enough food for me and a perfect work lunch. She is still eating and glancing over at me every now and again.

“I feel awkward eating in front of you.” Mya says.

“I’m sorry. Here I’ll eat another piece.”

“No it’s ok, you don’t have to.” She says just before I grab a piece. “Try a bite of mine.”

She hold it out towards my mouth and I learn forward to take a bite. She slows then pulls it back teasing me a little bit. She then slowly puts the half eaten piece of pizza up to my lips and I take a decent sized bite. It isn’t bad either, spinach and chicken. How she feed it to me was sexy as well.

“That’s not bad, I don’t mind it. I could eat it.”

“I think it’s amazing, at least you don’t mind it.”

She finishes that slice and starts on the last. We just got little personal pizzas, perfect size for a meal. This is the best time to bring something up if I’m going to being if it gets awkward she is almost done eating. I just decide I need to say something, I don’t know what but something.

“Well uh hey…um. I don’t really know how to bring this up or state it.” I fumble for the right words to say. She sets her half eaten slice of pizza down and looks at me. “But I uh…” I pause as she looks at me a bit worried.

“What, you don’t want to see me.” She says softly.

“No that’s not it Mya. You have a uh. You know what I’m talking about. I kinda like you and want to see ya but I don’t know if I can get past it.”

“I understand. If you don’t want to see me I understand.”

“I do want to see you. We just got to you know. I guess I need to know more about it, you, all of it.”

“Well I’m, do you wanna talk about stuff outside. Maybe go for a walk.”

I look around and people are within earshot and this isn’t something they need to hear. “Ya, better than in here.” I reply. I consolidate my cheesy bread and pizza while she puts her jacket on. She gets up and throws her box and soda in the garbage as I refill my drink and toss the empty box out. We head to the front door and I make it a point to get there first to get the door for her.

I let Mya know I want to take my pizza to my car as to not carry it around. The temp has dropped a bit but still not bad for this time of year. We don’t say much on the way to my car. I think she is thinking about the conversation we are about to have, I know I am. The closer we get to my car the more nervous I get, after I drop off my pizza I know I will need to open up.

We make our way up to the third floor of the parking garage where my car is parked. It didn’t feel awkward till the elevator ride up as we would occasionally make eye contact and one of us would quickly look away. We get to the floor my car is on and drop off the pizza then make our way back down to street level. As we leave the parking garage and get to the street I light up a cigarette and decide the time is now to say something.

“Well Mya, um…well I’m not sure how I feel about it.” I manage to get stumbled out my mouth. “If you know what I mean.”

“I know what your talking about but not what you mean.”

“Well I do like you, but” I say with hesitation in my voice. “But i mean you have a penis, I don’t know how I feel about it.”

“I know it’s a lot to take in. If I didn’t have a penis what would you think.”

“I do like you and your good looking. I would try to get with you and see where it goes, get to know you more.”

“You can still get to know me.” Mya says

“I did have fun and like you, plus I did call you. I -”

“And I’m so glad you called me.” She interrupted.

“I’ll just say it, I can’t quit thinking about you, I want to know you, your story, what you like. But then I think about your, uh you know what, and you are a b…used to be a boy.”

Mya steps in front of me and stops. “I am a girl, don’t think of it any other way.” She says. “I was never much of a boy anyways.”

“What would I tell people?”

“Don’t tell em anything. Let’s just get to know each other, see what happens.”

“It’s a lot to wrap my head around. Let’s take it slow and see how it goes.”

“That’s all I want.” She smiles and gives me a hug.

After a second of thought I hug her back. It feels good to have her in my arms, even if a quick hug. We resume our walk and just talk about us. She is from Philly and lived here since she was fourteen. Her family is not rich but they have some money. I came from a little town here in the midwest, a college drop out that’s done a lot of drugs and have had my share of legal trouble and no money, she doesn’t care about that.

She is such a sweet nice girl, not the kind of girl I normally get. She dresses nicer and is a bit classier than what I’m used to. We come from a totally different place than I but it makes me want to know her more. It is starting to get colder and we both kinda need to go home and call it a night. I walk her to her car which is in a garage a few blocks from were I parked. We get to her car and is nicer than mine and only a couple years old.

“Well I had a good time.” I say.

“Me to. You don’t even understand.” Mya says.

“I guess this is good-bye.”

Mya leans in for a hug. I don’t know what came over me but when she got close I kissed her. She was not expecting it and neither was I. I quickly pulled back and looked at her. Mya looked at me with a smile and seductive look on her face. We both went in till our lips locked, a good feeling shot down my body. I parted my lips a little and but my tongue in her mouth till it found her tongue. She pulled her body close to mine as we shared a very passionate kiss.

As our lips separated that good feeling was even better. We opened our eyes and looked into each other’s eyes for a second before she broke the silence.

“Bye. I’m gonna go now, call me.”

I just stand there as she pulls away and opens her car door. She gets inside and looks up at me, I’m still just standing there looking at her with a smile. She starts to close the car door.

“I’ll call ya.” I get out right before the door shut. She smiles at me then backs out and drives off.

I watch her car drive off before I make my way to my car to head home. I am in a good mood for the rest of the night. I get home and watch a little TV then call it a night. Work at five in the morning comes pretty fast.

I’m sleeping good until my phone rings. I just let it ring and go to voicemail. I start to dose back out and my phone rings again. Damn person I think to myself as I let it go to voicemail again and try to fall back asleep. Then the phone rings again. I better see who it is calling, might be important too call three times in row in the middle of the night. I pick it up and look, it’s Mya. I quickly answer it.

“Hello, this is Bo.”

“Hey I’m outside let me in.” Mya says quickly.

“Wait, what’s going on?”

“I’m outside. Come down and let me in. It’s cold out here.” Then she hangs up the phone.

I throw on a shirt and shorts and make my way downstairs. I open the door and let Mya in. She just walks past me and up to my apartment without saying a word. Once inside she takes off her jacket, kicks off her shoes and heads straight to my room. I follow her to my room and enter behind her. She takes her shirt off and tosses it on the floor then turns around to face me. Her standing there in her black bra looks better than I remember. She puts her arms on my shoulders.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Mya says.

Before I could respond she leans forward and brings her lips to mine. Our tongues meet and massage each others in a very passionate kiss. Her hands reach down and grab my shirt bringing it up. We break the kiss just long enough to get my shirt over my head. I move one of my hands down to her ass and give it a good feel and a big squeeze. My other hand makes it’s way to the clasp of her bra as I quickly undo it. She wiggles out and tosses it to the side. She takes a few steps back till we reach my bed.

Mya gets on my bed and lays back looks up at me with desire in her eyes. I reach down and pull her pants and panties down together. She lifts her ass off the bed and wiggles her hips a bit to help get them off. Once they get past her hips I rip them off her as fast as I can. I look down and admire her sexy little body laying there, feminine little cock and all. There is an obvious bulge in my shorts and she notices. She rubs her foot on my hard cock a few times and let’s out a little chuckle.

I can’t wait any longer and remove my shorts and boxers. I crawl on top of her and start to kiss her. I rub my hard cock on her little soft cock. She moans a little underneath our kisses.

“Lay on you back baby.” Mya let’s out between kisses.

I don’t say a word and I roll our bodies so I’m under her. She starts kissing my neck and I feel her hands grab my cock. She slowly starts stroking my hard cock as her kisses slowly make there way to my chest and down to my stomach. I am kinda ticklish and squirm a bit which she seems to get enjoyment from it.

Not much longer and her head is hovering above my cock as her hands continue to slowly stroke me. She puts her head down till I can feel her breathe on my now throbbing cock. She slowly licks down then up my shaft before placing her lips on the head of my cock. I let out a little groan as her lips part and wrap tight around the head. One hand still slowly stroking my shaft while her tongue massages my dick.

She teases me for some time as I fight the urge to speed up her hand or nudge her head down. Then her mouth makes it way further down my cock till its about half inside her mouth. She comes back up then very slowly starts bobbing up and down as my hand grabs a handful of her hair. Her body slowly works it’s way around till her ass is by my head. My free hand massages her ass and her leg goes up over my head.

With her cute little cock in my face her blowjob pace picks up a bit with her hand in rhythm with her mouth. I lick my finger and place it on her little asshole. Her hips squirm a little as I rub her tight hole. Slowly I work my finger into her ass stopping halfway to let her ass adjust to my finger.. My finger massages the inside off her ass till I get it all the way in. The blowjob is getting more intense as she let’s out little whimpers in the process.

Her hips start rocking and waving her feminine cock in front of my face. I don’t know what came over me.

“Oh God baby!” Mya cries out as I take her cock in my mouth.

I don’t start slow or nothing. I just put her whole cock in my mouth. I continue to massage inside her ass and savior her tiny cock in my mouth. She has her head leaned back moaning, her body almost stunned by my act. My tongue works her cock and I suck on it intensely. It’s turning me on more than I could have ever imagined and my cock is now pulsating in her hand. My finger starts banging her tight ass hard pulling her cock down into my face as I do it.

She starts sucking my cock again but this time really fast. Her hips start to buck as well as mine. I’m getting close to cumming and she seems to about be there as well. I try to hold it back to get her to orgasm first. My balls are tightening up and tingling. Then I hear an alarm. I try to ignore it but it starts getting louder. Mya does not seem to hear it at all, probably to wrapped up in the moment. I try to ignore it but it is impossible to ignore. I blink my eyes then all of the sudden.

I’m laying in my room alone. What the hell is going on? The alarm on my phone is going off. Damn, it was a dream, but it seemed so real. My cock is still pulsating and wet from precum. I grab a few tissues and my cock as I continue the dream in my head. Her head bobbing on my cock, up and down quickly trying to quickly make me cum. It is not much longer and she succeeds in her efforts, sending squirts of cum into her mouth. Working hard to drain all the cum and give me an intense orgasm.

I lay there thinking about what just happened, or what happened in my mind. It seemed so real I have a hard time believing that it wasn’t. After a few minutes to collect myself I get up to get ready for work. It puts me in a good mood that lasts through the day. I think about her more as the day goes on. I know I’ve only been around her twice but I think I’m starting to like this girl and can’t wait to see her again.

The end…till next time.

More to come. Comments would help with story and future stories. Thanks for reading

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