My husband cheated with a prostitute

Marriage and Trust – Here is my story
by: Sara


I am sorry to hear what happened to you. i am going through the same thing. we’ve been married for 10 years and have a kid.

Recently my husband came from the gym and i noticed a strong perfume smell. I asked him about it. but he just laughed. The next day when he was not around i checked his bank statements.

I found he had paid for a strip club and Ashely Madison site. When i asked him he said he just went once and watched strippers. But i knew he had a lap dance and after many questions he admitted he had a lap dance.

He said sorry to me and promised not to go again. but still i doubted him. Then i checked his external hard drive and found he had many email addressed. I logged in to each account.

I found out he had been sleeping with prostitutes. He said since our sex life hasn’t been good he went to them to get satisfied. He said he was not satisfied with me. He said since we didn’t make love much he went to get it from prostitues.

He said I was jelous and it was no big deal and he had been watching pornos also. He is the only sex partner i ever had. and the way he behave he doesn’t seem to be a that kind of person.

He has been lying to me a lot. I said if you want me to forget these things then i want to go to a strip club and have sex with another man.

He agreed. he said if it is what you want i understand and then i opend some accounts and sent some requests. He helped me to open them too. When I got requests i showed them to him but in my heart I never wanted another man still except him.

I wanted to hurt him and make him feel how I felt but still he said he was frustrated and promised not to go. If I let him go once in a while he would appreciate it.

It was hopefully to make a change in the life. I asked for his account passwords and user names of adult accounts. He had made a lot. He said he closed them and i was keep searching men on this sites to see his responds.

He gave me some chances to go to men and strip clubs.he said he would take me. i forgave him but dont trust him even though he promised. I told him to tell everything he did and i allowed him to watch pornos If he needs a change so i could start trusting him and makeup my heart and mind.

So he confessed everything and after that our relationship went well for one week. I told him i don’t want to go to another man to be equal with you and I cant let down my values going to those places.

He said it happened to him too at first and by the way I was his first and only girlfriend. Later I found out he hadn’t closed those accounts. He said he didnt because it was anonymous and he had no credits.

He just abandoned them and we had a argument over that and he said he promised me he would not go and why bring it up again.

I told him i trusted hm but still he lied about accounts and after a long argument he said he is fedup living with me and he would continue going to see prostitutes.

If i want I can live with him or leave him since I made some account he accused me of cheating. He says making accounts and sleeping with them has no difference.

He doesent understand my feelings at all. I feel I’ve been living with a stranger for 10 years.he says he was hiding all his sexual feeling all the time.

He feels relieved now because he went with prostitutes and he says he enjoys lap dances and prostitutes and eating from outside is a change for his life.

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