my cop wife loves to role play

my boring sex life becomes very interesting when my wife and i role play

For the last five years Cindy and I have been happily married. She works as a police officer and I am the manager of a grocery store. We live alone in our one bedroom apartment up town. When we first met we had sex every day, sometimes several times a day. When we got married we fucked every night, all over the apartment and town. We fucked in the park, in our cars, in restaurant bathrooms, in my office, anywhere at any time.

Lately though, we have fallen into a bit of a rut. Now we fuck maybe twice a week and always in our bed on Wednesday and Sunday nights, when Cindy doesn’t have to work late. Don’t get me wrong my wife is beautiful, and I love making love to her, but I wish it were more spontaneous and exciting.

One day while Cindy was out on patrol our neighbor Karla came over. We talked for a while about work and our lives. Eventually the subject of sex came up, I don’t remember how but it did. I mentioned that my sex life with Cindy was becoming boring. She asked me if I had told Cindy how I feel and I said of chores not. I may not be a genius but I know better than to tell my wife that fucking her has become boring.

Karla kept trying to convince me to talk it over with Cindy but I kept telling her no. I figure that when work lightens up or if we have a baby then things will change and I would have started a fight for nothing.

A few days after my conversation with Karla I was driving back from work one day when I saw a police car behind me. Out of nowhere it turned on the sirens and started to speed up. I thought it wanted to pass me so I pulled to the side. When it didn’t pass me I looked at my speedometer and saw I was doing close to the speed limit. The cop car got next to me and the cop told me to pull over.

I pulled over to the shoulder and sat in my seat. Then Steve walked up to my window. I knew him through my wife, obviously since they work together. I had seen him at picnics and parties. I figured my taillight was busted so I rolled down the window.

“Hey Steve what’s up?”
He answered in a stern cold voice, “Sir can I see your license and registration?”
“What? Steve it’s me, Dan, I’m Cindy’s husband.”
“Sir I am going to have to ask you to show me some ID and proof of ownership.”

I got the hint that he was not joking, and that I was not going to get away with whatever I did. I gave him what he asked for and he walked toward his car and talked on his walkie.

He came back to me and told me to get of the car. I hesitated but none the less obeyed his orders. He then put handcuffs on me and walked me over to his car where he put me in the back seat. I tried to ask him what I had done wrong and to explain to him that we had met on several occasions, but he ignored me. He did not say a word to me the entire drive.

He pulled me out at the station and put me in a small cell. I pressed up against the metal bars and yelled for someone to get my wife and let me out. The station was empty; no one was there to answer me.

Then I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I could see my wife. I was relieved to see her coming, I knew that this whole mess was going to be fixed and I would be out of jail in no time.

My stopped right in front of my cell and looked at me. She had a stern cold look on her face. She screamed, “put your hands on the back wall now.”

I was puzzled, “Cin it’s me what the…”

“Put your hands on the back wall now.” She took out her nightstick and held it menacingly. This really freaked me out. I put my hands up and backed away to the wall. I slowly turned around and put my hands on the wall. I heard her open my door and then close it behind her. She walked over and started frisking me. This wasn’t like how they do on TV or in the movies.

Before she began her frisk down she asked me, “Do you have any weapons on you that I should know about”

“No of course not”

“Sir if I find a weapon on you and you are lying to me then you could be serious trouble.”

I really started to worry, first she called me sir, then she asked if I had a weapon when she knows perfectly well that I don’t even own a weapon.

She started at my shoulders and moved down my back. She gave my ass a little squeeze and continued to move down my body. She went to my left leg and then my right. Starting as high up my thigh as possible and slowly moving down. When she came back up a hand went from one thigh to the other, stopping in the middle to feel and rub my balls. Her hands moved slowly over my body, feeling every inch. I could not help but feel aroused by this. My mind was telling me that something must have gone seriously wrong if my wife and friends were treating me like a criminal, but my dick could not help but harden at the feel of my wife’s firm but soft hands move up and down my backside.

“Turn around with your arms in the air.” She whispered in my ear. Even though it was soft it still carried that force and authority she had used before.

I slow turned to face my wife with my arms in the air. She then proceeded to rub my front side, once more starting with my arms and moving down. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses so I could not see her eyes, but I knew she was looking directly into my eyes. She rubbed down my chest and stomach, and just as she was about to get to my stiff dick, she went to my legs. (That was my wife, such a little cock-tease) as she was coming up my legs her hands went for my crotch and grabbed my dick through my pants.

She stood up took off her sunglasses and looked at me. In a serious voice she asked, “Sir what is that in your pants?”

I thought that was a stupid question, after all we have been married for five years. She must have sucked and fucked this dick a thousand times, and she didn’t know what it was.

“Sir I am going to have to ask you to remove your pants.”

I started to catch onto her little game by now, and I wanted to play too.

“And what if I refuse officer?”

“Sir I am allowed by law to use force.”

“Yeah I bet you like it when you use force.”

She then pushed me against the wall and started undoing my pants. She let them fall to the floor leaving only my briefs to cover my throbbing dick. She felt my bulge again and asked, “Sir what is in your pants?”

“oh you know exactly what I got in there.” I then grabbed her hand and pushed it into my dick and started rubbing it against the fabric.

She rubbed me for a little bit before taking her hand away and slapping me on the face, “Sir I am an officer of the law, and will not be treated like that. Now remove your underwear so I can inspect what you have.”

I pulled down my underwear so that my dick sprung out to face my wife. “Is this what you wanted a look at?”

She got down on her knees and took my tool in her hands, “Yes, I am going to have to run some tests on this to make sure it is not dangerous.” With that she took the dick in her mouth. I must stop at say that my wife is a grade A cocksucker. When we were dating she would give me a blowjob a day. So she was well practiced and familiar about how to treat a dick.

I could write poems about what her tongue was doing to me. She sank my entire member into her mouth as her tongue flicked and glided along my sensitive head. She started slow; making sure every square inch was wet with saliva and at one point licked by her expert tongue. After a few minutes I noticed her pace quickening. She was moving her head and tongue faster. I knew I was going to blow my load soon. When I was almost gone she spit my cock out of her mouth and moved away from it.

It took me a second to realize the sensation on my dick was the cold air. My wife was on her feet and grabbed me by the shoulders. She pushed me down onto a small wire cot. “Sit down and don’t make a sound, I’m not done with my inspection.” She got back on her knees between my legs. This time she just stroked me for a while. Then she lent down and started licking my balls. This something she hadn’t done since our honeymoon. She took one ball in her mouth and played with it, letting it roll around her mouth. She took the other and when she was done with that, she took both at the same time. She sucked and licked them with incredible tenderness. I had almost forgot how good it felt when she showed that part of my anatomy attention.

She left my nuts and went back to my dick. She got back to her slow paced bobbing but was once more building up speed. I once more felt myself edge closer and closer to an orgasm. I found my hips bucking to meet my wife’s mouth. I then grabbed her head with both hands and full out face fucked her. “Baby I’m gonna cum soon.” Was all the warning I gave her just before my balls burst open and a river of seamen shot from my dick straight into Cindy’s loving throat. My leg shook from the intensity of my orgasm.

I held her head there as the last few drops of spunk dripped out of me. When I released her she slowly let my dick fall out of her mouth. I was surprised she was able to swallow so much of my cum without spilling any.

When she stood up she took a moment to compose herself and then she started to take off her pants. She said, “Now you are going to return the favor, and if you try anything funny, I will send you to prison.”

She lowered her naked pussy over my face. It was just above my lips. I took a deep breath and smelled her natural perfume. Her pussy always smelled sweet when she was excited and this was no exception. I licked her slit and spread her lips with my fingers to give me better access. She responded by moaning and slowly moving her hips back and forth. I found her clit and gently played with it. After five years I knew how to get her off with my tongue. I knew if I continued to lick and play with her clit she would be coming in no time.

And I was right. Her slow hip movement built up fast and faster. Within minutes she was grinding her hips and pussy right onto my face with incredible strength and speed. With one hard suck on her clit and a fountain of sweet pussy juice she came. She screamed and bucked for a few seconds and then went completely still.

She got off of me and turned to face me. “That was great now lets see if that criminal cock of yours is good for anything.” She straddled me and used her hand to place my dick at her slippery cunt opening while using her free hand to hold onto my shoulder and keep her balance. She slowly lowered herself down onto me. Letting me slowly penetrate deeper and deeper into her love tunnel. I have to say that after all these years she is still as tight as the first time I fucked her.

She started slow, taking long strokes up and down. “Come on criminal don’t let me do all the work. I want to see what this lawbreaking dick can do.” I took the hint and stood up. She loves it when I do this. I stood holding her perfect ass as she wrapes her arms and legs around me to hold on. I lift her ass up and down several times, letting gravity slam her deep onto my dick. “That’s what I’m talking about. Fuck that pussy.”

After a few more thrusts I lie her down on the cot and drive my dick in and out of her like a piston. I was going down on her like I was trying to drive my dick completely through her pelvis.

As I was fucking her I tore open her uniform top to reveal her white cotton bra. I pulled it over her tits and sank my mouth over one of her hard nipples. Like I said before, I know how to get my wife off. She loves it when I lightly bite down on her nipples, and that is exactly what I did. I had one nipple in my mouth, one between my thumb and forefinger, my free hand lightly rubbing her clit, and my dick beating her cunt like a drum.

“Holy fuck!…Shit!!!!!!!!!!” Was all she said as her orgasm hit her like a truck. She beat her hands against the brick wall behind her as her pussy flowed like a fountain. I know that if it wasn’t for the blowjob earlier I would have cum right there and then, but I was able to hold off.

When I felt her orgasm subside I pulled out and turned her over so she was bent over the cot. I quickly reentered her slick cunt and went back to fucking the shit out of her. She seemed to be getting out of her post-orgasm daze when I reached around and once more started playing with her swollen clit. I could tell by her moans that she was building up to another orgasm. I took her nipple once more in my hand and pinched it hard. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Yeah cop you love it when a criminal uses you like a fuck toy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Yes god Yes!!!”

Once more an orgasm ripped through her body this time taking me with it. Feeling her pussy lips clench around my dick for a second time was all it took for my nuts explode and my dick spew load after load of spunk deep into her womb.

I kept my dick inside her long after my balls had emptied. I just stayed there trying to catch my breath. After a while Cindy sat up taking my dick out of her tired pussy. She sat on the cot facing my with her blouse still open. Her face was red and covered in sweet, much like mine had felt. She looked into my eyes and kissed me with more love and passion than we have had in years.

We got dressed and left the station with smiles and winks from all of Cindy’s coworkers. Steve, the cop who pulled me over, patted me on the back as he flashed me a wink.

Apparently Karla had told Cindy that I found our sex life boring and she then got her entire precinct to help live out a fantasy. I have to say it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life, that is of course until we got to live out another role playing fantasy, but that is a story for another time.

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