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List of Signs of a Cheating Husband

Marriage is a relationship that is full of surprises. The most hurtful event that might visit your home is when you see signs of a cheating husband scattered all over your life. This might pierce your hurt but trust me, it will kill you more if you are not vigilant enough to detect them before they actually grow much worse. The best way to combat this problem then is facing the truth by familiarizing yourself with the indicaters that indeed your man is having an affair with another woman.

Before talking about the signs of a cheating husband, it would be better to know first why husbands cheat. Men are often commonly tempted especially when they do not get the comfort they expect from home. If all you do is blame him for your misfortunes, bring back old faults or call him out about his mistakes, then do not expect him to come home early or even have supper with you and the kids. If you are a housewife, then you must ask yourself too if you have contributed to your husband’s change of heart. If you let yourself be forgotten or do not even keep yourself up everyday to be pleasing in his eyes, then naturally, he may turn his eyes on fresher faces.

Some signs of a cheating husband are quite obvious while others have to be cautiously observed. Here is a list of them which can help a wife confirm or disprove her theories about her husband.

·         One of the signs of a cheating man include his being too secretive about his activities or when he tends to give you the same reason over and over again for being late. When he goes out for a trip, all you get are blurred words and false assurances. He becomes too possessive of his personal things too. He does not allow you to touch his phone or even pick up his cell phone. He works on his computer during times when you are about to sleep or when you are busy with something. He may also start withdrawing from your family’s savings without asking your permission or telling you about it.

·         He loses his attention for family activities. He often makes excuses when a date has already been made for a family get-away or a vacation perhaps. Aside from that, he loses his attention to you too as his wife. He doesn’t seem to hold you the way he did or kiss your eagerly like he used too. He starts to forget very memorable dates too.

·         One of the signs of a cheating husband can also be observed when your friends start acting strangely when you are around. They may whisper to each other or tend to shun away from you because of their guilt.

·         Having strange things (like a foreign hanky or towel) and foreign scents in your home is an indication too.   

When these signs of a cheating husband start showing up, then you must act fast or else, you may end up defeated and torn apart. You can choose whether to end it all or let your husband chose between her and you.     

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