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LC call number is a unique alphanumeric code that is displayed on a label attached to the each book, videocassette, or other item in the library, and in the bibliographic record which represents the item in the library catalog. This call number is developed by Library of Congress and is used to identify a library item cataloged by the Library of Congress classification System, and to indicate its location on the shelf.

A General Works
B-BJ Philosophy, psychology
BL, BM, BP, BQ Religion
BR-BX Christianity, Bible
C Auxiliary Science of History
D-DR History (General) and History of Europe
DS-DX History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc
E-F History: American (Western Hemisphere)
G Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation
H Social Sciences
J Political Sciences
K Law in General Comparative and Uniform Law. Jurisprudence
KBR-KBU History of Canon Law. Law of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Holy See
KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KDZ, KG-KH Law of the Americas , Latin America and the West Indies
KE Law of Canada
KF Law of the United States 
KJ-KKZ Law of Europe
KJV-KJW Law of France
KL-KWX Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KZ Law of Nations
K Tables Form Division Tables for Law
L Education
M Music
N Fine Arts
P-PA Philology and Linguistics (General), General). Greek Language and Literature. Latin Language and Literature
PB-PH Modern European Languages

Oriental Philology and Literature, Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature

PL-PM Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania; Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial Languages
PN Literature (General)
PQ French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literature
PR, PS, PZ English and American Literature, Juvenile bells letters
PT German, Dutch, and Scandinavian Literatures
P-PZ Tables Language and Literature Tables
Q Sciences
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
U-V Military Science. Naval Science
Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources

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The LC call number usually consists of four lines:

  • The first line contains one or two letters. The first letter indicates the general subject areas and the second letter the specific sub-section within the general subject category of the item cataloged.
  • The second line is always a whole number from 1 to 9999. This number indicates the subject sub-section within the sub-section.
  • The third line is a combination of a letter and numbers and called book number. Some LC call numbers have more than one combination letter-number line.
  • The fourth line is usually a year of publication or a volume number.

How Are LC Call Numbers Shelved

To shelve and also find library materials with an LC call number, one should look at the first line (“HA” would be shelved before “HB”, etc.), follow the number(s) of the second line, then look at the combination of letter and numbers, read these numbers as a decimal, and finally read the fourth line.

Examples of call number order:









  • Similar call numbers with different dates will be shelved in chronological order. So, an earlier edition of the same work is always shelved to the left of a later edition.
  • In CSU Library, if the call number begins with REF, the item is shelved in the reference section on the 2nd Floor of the Library.
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