Is role playing character Sex a Sin

I’m Catholic, and I Roleplay Final Fantasy Characters, other ficional characters. I para roleplay, no oneliners.

Anyways, I just got back from Stuebenville, which is a catholic camp, and this got me to thinking; When my characters have sex, is this a sin?

I really enjoy RPing, and, when my characters have sex, it’s not something I do to get off to it, or however you’d like to say it, it’s just something that happens in their relationship.

To me, writing it would be just the same as if it were in a book, but lately, I’ve found myself thinking; “Have I committed a sin, without realizing it?”

I’m just, not entirely sure, it’s not as though I’m masturbating off of this or find any sort of pleasure, but, does that make a difference?

Please help me, and if you’re just going to write about how I don’t have a life because I roleplay or anything negative you know won’t help me, don’t bother answering.

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