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Welcome to the Fife london">escorts page of Escort Directory UK. Here you will find the best online london">escorts that are available now for your pleasure and are waiting for you to get in contact. You will be sure to find someone that meets your desires on this page. Search below to view real Scottish london">escorts who will let you make a booking to meet them in person. Whatever your search entails you are able to find all the new erotic massage services and adultwork london">escorts in Fife for an intimate rendezvous.

One reason to visit Escort Directory UK is that we have new london">escorts coming onto the site every day. Every day there are hundreds of new london">escorts in Scotland. When you bookmark Escort Directory UK on your phone you are guaranteed to find the new girls every day. If you don’t see a girl that takes your fancy, check back tomorrow and there will be new london">escorts in Fife who give sexual relief to the local horny punters.

Listed are some of the most beautiful independent london">escorts in Fife who are waiting for your call. All the london">escorts listed are independent and you can contact them directly using the contact details on their profile page, each escort will discuss your requirements and what they offer.


Why did I become a female escort in Fife?

I’ll paint a picture of my life right now. 37, single mum of two who hasn’t had sex since 2014, that’s right you read it correctly, 2014! That’s coming up to six years…six freaking years! Have I thought about paying for sex? Yes! Have I thought about being an escort? Hell yes!

I remember camping as a child. I must have been 10 maybe 11 and this one time everyone was playing spin the bottle and I felt incredibly uncomfortable. Silently praying the ketchup bottle wouldn’t land on me. Laughing when everyone else was laughing. Trying to look like I knew what everyone was talking about. That night I found out what a 69er was, I pretended I knew but I didn’t have a clue and watching people lick ketchup from each other’s lips is probably what traumatised me to never get intimate for many many years. My teenage years consisted of my sister calling me frigid and me retorting “I’d rather be frigid than a whore”. I was clueless and I liked it that way and that’s why I never knew what an escort was or did until my 20s.

Cut to my over-sexualised drunken 20s. My body was my weapon, especially my breasts, and I used them to get what I wanted. I thought about being an escort because I wanted to be wanted. I craved attention and wanted money so I could drink myself through the years. To me, it sounded perfect. I would get attention, conversation, someone to share things with if I wanted, sex on my terms – all the while being paid, but without the hassle of a partner that comes with needy attachment issues and complications.

Deep into my third decade on this planet and if you can’t remember, SIX YEARS, since I last had sex and I ask myself, would I still think about being an escort in Fife and the answer is yes, but for completely different reasons. Reason number one; to stave off loneliness. Reason part two; adult conversation – please God (or whichever mighty lord wants to listen) let me talk to someone that isn’t one of my children and reason three; to be intimate. All the things I didn’t want in my 20s I now want so desperately.

Are there many london">escorts in Fife? Oh yes, there are lots of london">escorts, in fact, there are lots of london">escorts everywhere. Finding local Scottish london">escorts, whether it’s young teen girls, Oriental massage girls or housewives who escort part-time to make a few quid, finding the best london">escorts is easy.

Do london">escorts in Fife have boyfriends? That’s like asking do london">escorts have cars? Some do some don’t. If a girl has a boyfriend then he had better be working otherwise he will be regarded as a pimp. My boyfriend knows that I am a working girl, he knew before we met and he says he’s ok with it. I think most girls want to have a boyfriend but it can be difficult maintaining a relationship with a girl that has sex with other men for a living.

Where Do Men look on the Internet to find Scottish london">escorts? Most men go online to find an escort, the choice is wide and diverse. No matter what type of girl you want, you will find the perfect escort in Fife on Escort Directory UK.

What’s it like to be an escort girl in Fife? The job doesn’t suit every girl, you need to be very headstrong and capable of commanding every situation. If you don’t mind men sticking their cocks inside you, in your mouth and sometimes up your arse then you will be fine. I’m joking really, I enjoy my position, it gives me freedom, lots of money and I’ve met some really nice guys who I sometimes go out to dinner with.

So what type of girl becomes an escort? Any kind of woman, in any situation, at any point in her life. In this ‘woke’ era should it really be an issue or something to be shameful of? Whether a girl makes a living as a masseuse in a massage parlour in Scotland offering sexual relief or she signs on with a local escort agency. Why can’t it be a way of making a living, especially if it’s between two consenting adults that respect one another? I say life is too short to be concerned about being judged and that we should grasp every moment of happiness, especially if that independence and happiness comes with a healthy salary.


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