I need as many roleplay sex stories as u got

Your in the world trade centers on 9/11. your on the top floor with your co-worker. both of you are virgins. You get a phone call from your friend who is on a plane. he tells you that you have 4 minutes before the plane crashes and you die. you tell your co-worker. you only have 4 minutes before you experience certain death. you ask her if she has anything she wants to do before she dies. she says she wishes she had sex. you do too. you and her make sex the last thing you do before you die.

Pretend you are in a world that seems normal. But then you realize…you are actually not in the real world. You are in a computer simulation that makes you feel like you are in the real world while all the time you are in a vegitative state and robots are harvesting you for energy because there was a technological advancement and artificial intelligence have destroyed the freedom of humanity. There is only one man that can save you. Lets just call him “the one” for example. He must choose the correct door in a hallway to talk to the architect of the computer superstructure to try to reunite mankind. He opens the wrong door and accidently comes into your room. Then you have sex…

You are late for a business meeting on the top floor of your office. You get in the elevator. you click the button for the top floor. you go up one floor and the elevator opens and a women enters, about 10 years your junior. you notice her revealing shirt. you go up three more floors and the elevator stops. you get impatient…how long will this take? The elevater doors dont open…Your stuck. You are there for 3 hours. all of a sudden the temperature starts to fall. you and the girl are forced to take off your clothes and press together to share body heat so you dont freeze to death. it helps temporarily but after a while you begin to feel cold again. you and the girl decide you need to have sex to make you sweat and get raise your body temperature so you dont freeze to death.

You are in a bed going down a highway. Your bed is powered by having sex. But here is the catch, there is a bomb under the bed and if you go under 60 mph the bomb goes off and you die. You try to get off the bed but then someone is watching you and sees what you are doing and kills one of the people…you are no longer having a threesome. You keep having sex becuase you don’t want to die then SWAT comes and you fool the security camera to play a loop so that it looks like nothing suspicious is going on. You then climb under the matress to a platform on wheels being dragged behind another bed. Meanwhile you get goes into an airport. You then let go of the bed and roll away under the matress on your dolley. You slide into some thick shrubbery just as your bed smashes into an airplane and blows up. You did it. You saved the day…go have more sex.

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