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How to Tell if He Is Cheating on You 5

This is the 2nd part of the article: How to Tell if He Is Cheating on You

Click Here for How to Tell if He Is Cheating on You Part 1

How to tell if he is cheating on you? Here are the 3rd, 4th and 5th signs to look out for.

3. He Displays Guilt

Usually, when a man cheats, he may feel very guilty about it. The strange thing about guilt is that it can work in 2 different ways.

The first way is that your husband will start to be extra nice to you and become more affectionate than before. This is one way of easing his guilt.

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The second way is that he will try to find reasons to be angry with you. It might sound strange to you, but anger often gives a cheating husband a reason no to feel so guilty about his affairs.

4. He Has Lost Interest In The Family

If your husband used to be a very responsible man and cares a lot about the family, then the sudden lost of interest will be a big cause for concern. Maybe he used to play with the kids. Now, he no longer seems to have the time or patience to do that. This may mean that your husband is actually cheating and he would rather spend time with his new interest than with the family.

5. He Behave Strangely Around the Phone and the Computer

Strange behavior around the phone or the computer is probably one of the more common signs of a cheating spouse. You might want to ask yourself these few questions about your husband usage of the phone and the computer.

a. Does you husband hang up and speak more softly when you enter the room?

b. Does he use his cell phone more often than before when he could have used the home phone.

c. Does he switch off the computer or try to prevent you from seeing the screen whenever you enter the room?

If you answer yes to the above questions, there is a reason for you to suspect that he is cheating on you. In order to confirm your suspicion, you may want to get hold of his phone and try to find out who he is calling and who is calling him. You will also want to check the text messages that he has sent and received.

How to tell if he is cheating on you? Those 5 signs mentioned above are just some of the possible signs displayed by a cheating husband and are quite easy for you to catch, especially now that you know what to look out for.

Although it might be difficult for you to accept the fact that your husband is cheating on you, you might want to think of the long term situation at hand if you are ready to proceed to the next stage.

It is better to know than to speculate. This way, you can decide what you want out of the relationship rather than just pretending that it is not happening.

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