How to Get Address Details of a Mobile Number

Few days ago, a friend of mine was looking around for someone’s mobile info; like he was interested in knowing his address details and some other basic information. Previously we had a combined friend in a Telecom company, so such little things were not big issues. However, now he is in Canada for a better job. Hence my friend asked me to figure out some way but I was left with no option. We kept on wondering about how to tackle this do or die situation.

After doing some research, I just found a very good way to find someone’s info. (I am sharing this to let you guys know how badly configured our online systems are, and how insecure our information is)

You can get someone’s name and city right? Its very easy, simply call helpline and plead a little, and they give away this info and its not hard part (I did this personally). Also name and city can be acquired by your cousin or cousin’s friend who is working in cellular company franchise. (Franchises can access to name and city of any number)

So now we have victim’s name and city and last name (last name is must here, as it is used to find address).
See, we can acquire complete details from this basic information, in fact you would be surprised that many online phone directories offer this very personal information like a duh!

I wonder, how this very private data of PTCL was stolen away, and above this, how daringly these websites are offering free online directories of this sensitive and private data. I am not promoting these website, but just wanted to share how insecure we are.

check it out, PTCL’s online directory – taking advantage of such thing is not bad! Is it?

Here is magic string use it well boys


Change NAME with the last name of victim – that we got from call center or franchise; while change NAME with city name.

Here you go, match your number with name and enjoy! There are good chances if name is rare one, as you will get less results for uncommon names. And in case of multiple results, and if you are not sure about your match, simply call the number from any PCO and act like TCS or DHL guy, and tell them “Sir we have a letter for you from XYZ bank, can you please confirm your address” you guys can give him same name address from that’s city he will confirm you this address, even if it was incorrect huh how much hard this was?

Lessons for us!

Please Immediately block all these services, as they are of no good. They are just used for ill means. Even, if there are some genuine inquires, they must be routed to PTCL’s helpline 1217, which should verify its legitimacy prior to revealing any details.

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