Hottest Role play With My Sex Slave Wife

Every night in the bed, we used to discuss my wife’s hardcore sex session with two big black cocks and how she turned wild on the bed. My wife made fun saying that my cock was not as big as a ‘black meat’.

However, my wife was changed after that incident and she used to fuck me like a slutty pornstar.

After a month, one night, while I was fucking my wife, she said that she wanted to get fucked like a whore for the whole night in a hotel room. I was excited but I set a condition. My wife will be my sex slave for that night and I will be rough and humiliate her as much as I want. My wife said yes in one go. I was surprised to see her excitement.

That weekend we booked a big room in a star hotel. We told our parents that we are going out for the night to our friend’s party.

We reached JW Marriott around 4 in the evening. My wife was looking beautiful and was wearing a one-piece gown. To my surprise, my wife was wearing nothing inside it. I started having a boner in my pants at the lobby itself.

We checked in to our room and I straight away jumped on my wife and started kissing her from the back. I was pressing her boobs with all the power I had and I even started to bite her neck. She was saying no and resisting but I ignored.

Then she turned and took my cock in her mouth and asked me to face-fuck it. Honestly, I love facefucking and the tears in partner’s eyes make me happy for some reason. After face-fucking my wife for 15 minutes and getting my ass licked in between, I came and she drank all of it.

Then we had a shower where I licked my slutty wife’s pussy for a good 20 minutes and had an anal fuck. Post dinner and around 7 pm, our main roleplay act was about to start.

Me: So, you want me to be my slave?
Wife: Yes, master.

Me: You will do whatever your master says? (I spanked her naked ass).
Wife: I am all yours, master. (She took my dick in her hand).

Me: What role you want to take tonight? A wife or a street hooker?
Wife: Hooker!

I was happy to hear that, I kissed her.

Me: Did you get all those things your master asked for?
Wife: Yes, I did.
Me: Go bring them but on your fours.

My wife got on her fours and started to move to her bag. She took out all the things which I had asked for – a transparent lingerie, handcuffs, rope and to my surprise, a big black dildo too! My wife is so crazy for black cocks, I thought.

Me: Randi, you want two cocks at once tonight?
Wife: Yes, master.

I had made up my mind that tonight I will treat my wife like a randi and make her remember this night forever.

I asked her to change into that lingerie, then go out and knock on the door. I have already explained to her what to do. Initially, my wife hesitated but then I slapped her and said, “Obey your, master!”

Now the roleplay started. My wife knocked on the door.

Me: Who it is?
Wife: Your gift, sir.

I opened the door.

Me: Who are you?
Wife: I have been sent by the hotel as they came to know that you are all alone.

Me: What can you do for me?
Wife: Anything sir, just that you have to pay.

Me: How much?
Wife: 15K Rs for a night

(Anybody would pay that amount for that little whore anyway!)

I asked her to come in. She said, “First the money, sir.”

“Smart woman”. I paid her 17K (2K was tip). I had in my mind since I was paying my own wife so tonight, I will fuck her like a street hooker. My wife happily took the money. Then I made some drinks and rolled a joint of hash. Our role play continued.

Me: What’s your name?
Wife: Reeta.

Me: Married?
Wife: Yes.

Me: How long have you been a whore?
Wife: Only recently, sir.

After a few drinks and joint, I saw my wife was already high. Now I was about to start. I went near her, took her in arms and started to liplock her for the next 5 minutes. My wife was breathing heavily as she was tipsy. I started to play with her boobs.

I was too high and wanted to go rough on her.

Me: Randi hai tu aaj meri.
Wife: Yes, master.

Me: Now you will know what a hooker goes through.

Before my wife could say anything, I grabbed her hair and started to pull her to the bed. She was shocked but she cooperated.

On reaching the bed, I tore all her lingerie at once and put my ass on her face. My instructions were straight – keep licking my ass while I smoked a cigarette.

My wife is like the queen of all whores when it comes to oral. She started to tongue fuck my ass. I could feel her tongue inside my anal hole and she did it for 10 minutes as I finished my drags. Then I turned towards her.

Me: Randi, I will fuck your face now.
Wife: Go ahead, Sir. You have bought me for tonight.

Me: Where is the dildo?

My wife gave it to me. I started to fuck her face. Though I had done it thousands of times, thinking of paying my wife for sex made me more aggressive. I was going deep into her mouth. She was running out of breath but I didn’t stop. Then I took that huge dildo and started teasing my wife. She just spread her legs.

Me: Sali rand, all the time you are ready, huh?
Wife: I am ready for as many men you say, master.

This brought a smile on my face and I increased my speed and pushed the dildo into my wife in one go.

“Ouch..”, she moaned. After 10 minutes, she had her orgasm and I cummed in her mouth.

Now, I wanted to pee. So I said to my wife, “Your master wants to pee on you.” She said, “No!” But I grabbed her hair and started to drag her towards the bathroom.

Me: Randi, I have bought you. A whore even drinks her master’s pee.

Wife: Nooo master, nooo.

My wife said but before she could say any further, I had already started peeing on my wife! The warm pee started to flow from my wife’s face to her boobs and finally, dripped from her pussy. After a few seconds, she too started to enjoy it and even drank some of it.

I was happy from within. My wife cum hooker was doing what a hooker is made to do.

Then we took a shower. While fucking my wife under the shower, I took out my cock from her vagina and put it in her ass crack. She understood and cooperated. It didn’t pain her a lot as her ass was already used to anal fuck.

The rough ass fucking continued for the next 12-15 minutes and when I was about to cum, I took out the tool from my wife’s ass and pushed it straight into her mouth. She swallowed my cum like a champ, licking every drop of my cum. Then we rubbed on each other and went to the room naked.

My wife looked tired as she was drunk but I was not done. I have paid for this whore. So, she was my fucktoy that night and not my wife. After 10 minutes of break, I was feeling horny again.

Me: Randi, are you ready for round two?
Wife: Yes, master.

Saying this, my wife spread her legs like a true whore.

Me: Your master will tie you now.

My wife got up from the bed and brought all those stuff. I tied her hands and blindfolded her. Then I took the dildo and pushed it inside my wife’s pussy. She moaned with joy. I got on top of her and pushed my cock inside her mouth. She started blowing me deep down the throat like a cheap whore.

Me: Do you like the dildo in your pussy and my cock in your mouth?

She said yes by moving her head. I increased my hand speed and the dildo was almost lost inside my wife’s pussy. Then I took the dildo out and went down. With a single thrust, I was inside her. I was fucking a whore and not my wife. So, I had no sympathy for her at that time.

My wife started to shout, “Fuckkkk meee… Fuuuuckkk meeee.. Chodo na aur zoor se chodo na. Aaj mein aapki randi hoon mujhe khush kijiye.”

Listening to this, my speed automatically increased.

Me: How are you feeling now, whore?

Wife: Master, I feel like having more dicks inside me. I want you to fuck me the whole night and tear up all my holes. Fuck me.. Aaj chodo is randi ko.. Bech do bazar mein aaj mein 10 lund se chudongi..

Then I lied on the bed and asked her to ride me. That was only way to double penetrate her. As my wife sat on me and started to ride me, I slowly untied her hands and put the dildo and gave it a thrust. She had no pain as she was a pro now. Sali sahi mein randi ban gayi thi. This continued for 15 minutes and then I finally cummed on her.

I was still not done as I wanted to humiliate her. I tied the rope around her neck and took her to the balcony naked. I sat on the chair and asked her to stand there in the open for the public to see even though it was 2 in the night.

Then I got up, slapped her, made her sit on her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. Oh man! Fucking your own wife in the open balcony after paying her was really an erotic adventure.

Then I turned and brought my ass in front of her face.

Me: You will lick your master’s ass for the next ten minutes while I smoke a cigarette.

My wife had become a master of this art by now

Wife: Master, I would love to do it any number of times.

She licked my ass for 10 minutes and finally, gave a gentle bite me on my ass. Then we went back to the room, had another session of wild fuck while talking all dirty things and planning for our next adventure (“Gangbang With 6 Cocks” – my next story).

All of a sudden, my wife said that next time she will fuck my ass with that dildo. I was excited to hear that. Then I hugged her went to sleep.

In the next morning before breakfast, we drank each other’s juice and later, went back home.

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