Happy Ending Massage Bangkok | Single Man’s Paradise

Happy Ending Massage Bangkok | Single Man’s Paradise

Happy Ending Massage Bangkok | Single Man's Paradise - Punternet Reviews

Bob here again and this time I am going to tell you about my very first oily massage experience.

Yes, that may be hard to believe, but I have not been to an oily, soapy, or rub and tug establishment.

Well, there’s a first time for everything and my first time took place just days ago in Bangkok. The place I wound up going to is called Exotic Massage. It’s a fairly new business that’s been open for six months and they actually have a very professional website, which you can find here http://www.exoticmassagebangkok.com. It is on a street known for having massage places; Sukhumvit Soi 22, which is a growing Soi and is within walking distance of the Phrom Phong BTS station. It’s a Soi that has a good number of hotels, restaurants, even a beer bar complex AND PLENTY of exotic massage parlors.

Now where is Exotic Massage? You can find it here.

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If you’re walking, make sure you walk down PAST The Marriot Hotel and its on a little sub Soi. You will clearly see the sign displayed on the map.

I entered Exotic Massage and was warmly greeted by one of the girls. The lobby/waiting room area is quite spacious and well lit with comfy couches to sit on, and the staff was attentive and welcoming. They have a book, OK it’s more like a menu, that displays all of the services offered and their prices, which I think is great, because you know EXACTLY how much you are going to spend…… so no surprises!

Another great thing about Exotic Massage Bangkok is they offer In Call and Out Call. That’s right. If you’re too lazy to visit the shop you can have a girl come to your hotel room for the massage. Easy as ordering a pizza.

The girl I chose was a looker named Ying. As you can see here http://www.exoticmassagebangkok.com/girls/ she has a fair complexion and is quite busty…. Just how I like em!

Some Beautiful Ladies From Exotic Massage Parlor in Bangkok, Thailand

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So we walk upstairs and go to the room. It’s dimly lit, there was a standard massage table and a shower on the side.

She tells me to take a shower and she will come back in five minutes.

She comes back right as I’m drying off. She then instructs me to lay down on my stomach on the table and as I do so she undresses.

She begins oiling my legs and starts to massage my feet and my ankles; not a stiff massage, but more like a rub down. Personally, I don’t like stiff massages so I loved it. She slowly worked her way up my legs, occasionally running her hand between my legs, which I certainly didn’t mind.

After working her way up to my neck, she went back down to my calves, but this time started using her forearms, as opposed to her hands, to massage me. Then she started back down at my waste and started using her whole body. I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed feeling them big knockers rubbing up against me. She did that for a few minutes before telling me role over onto my back. The whole process started, but this time she skipped the part of using her arms.

As she’s rubbing her body, and knockers up against me, I’m groping her the whole time (duh!).

After the doing that for a while she then sat up and started rubbing her ass and twat up against me, and you can bet I was fiddling with them melons the whole time.

She then slid down to ole’ one eye and I started titty fucking her. By this time I was stiff as a board so she slipped on a rubber and started blowing me.

Not being a huge fan of covered blowjobs, I motioned her back up because I wanted some more of those melons. As she’s sliding her twat up against my torso my fingers began to roam in that region, it was then she asked, “Do you want to fuck me?” So of course I slid her down towards my cock and in it went. After a few minutes of riding me, I got up and started fucking her doggy until

Once I finished, we took a very lengthy shower and she made sure every inch of me was sparkling. I must say her attitude was great the whole time; there was nothing mundane about the service AND not once was anything hurried. All in all, I’d say it was a great experience.

I’d certainly go back. I’d probably get another girl, but not because there’s anything wrong with Ying. I’m just a glutinous bastard that
wants to try and sample all 31 flavors. With there being so many massage shops in Bangkok, you never really no what you’re going to get. So I do think it’s important to mention shops like Exotic Massage, in that you know that with this particular establishment you will certainly get what you paid for.

So, if you’re in the mood for a great erotic massage, definitely give this one a GO!


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