General Observations about Asian escorts

Asian Girls

General Observations about Asian escorts

Chinese Girls

  1. Often offer massage (and hand relief) only services in parlours.
  2. Usually fairly priced, on par with Thai escorts; if not a bit cheaper.
  3. Often lie about their age and bait and switch scams are rife.
  4. Often mature housewife types, but probably offer a good service despite their looks or mumsy demeanour.
  5. A lot of fat older Chinese women, but the younger ones are usually slim (and higher priced).
  6. Most of the escorts are short and very feminine.
  7. It’s not as easy to find a Chinese escort that offers full sex services as other Asians. They are not rare in most big towns and cities though.

Indian and Pakistani Girls

  1. A lot of overpriced “courtesans” with high-opinions of themselves. This seems prevalent amongst Indian escorts.
  2. Many large breasted and overweight escorts are Indian. However, the young ones are often slim. Height varies, but usually similar to British women albeit slightly shorter on average.
  3. Some young Indian and Pakistani women may display a bratty, arrogant attitude; they are often nice when they drop the “front” though.
  4. It is very difficult to find a genuine Muslim escort. Some may “dress up” in a niqab (full face veil) or hijab (head veil) to gain more bookings.
  5. A few bait and switch scams. They often involve using old pictures, pictures of models or younger sexier women. These scams are uncommon, but not rare.
  6. Looks vary wildly. There are some genuinely stunning Indian and Pakistani women. Some punters consider most of them to be average looking.
  7. Not too difficult to find in larger cities and towns.

Japanese Girls

  1. Japanese girls are very hard to find in the UK. The girls advertised as Japanese are often “halves” such as: Half-Korean, Half-Japanese. Japanese men have a history of trying to preserve the “purity” of Japanese women by disallowing them to have sex with Western men.
  2. Often submissive by nature and natural pleasers of men.
  3. Very feminine and have a cute (kawaii) nature, Korean women have similar personality traits.
  4. Due to their rarity they can be expensive, often £120+ per hour.
  5. Usually a dress size 6 or 8, with small breasts. Enhanced breasts are fairly common.
  6. Bait and switch scam profiles are common. The most common scam is girls pretending to be another ethnicity, e.g. Thai women pretending to be Japanese.
  7. Sex is usually quite vanilla. Kissing is usually available, but DFK is variable. OWO is available with some girls, but uncommon. It’s worth noting, Japanese people are obsessed with hygiene which may be a factor in some services being off limits.

Thai Girls

  1. Often reasonably priced, and regularly cheaper than British women. Prices are often on par with EE women.
  2. Bait and Switch scams are common, often an older Thai woman will use pictures of a younger woman or stock photos of lingerie models or pornstars.
  3. DFK and OWO are often available, but often for an extra charge.
  4. Easy to find. There are a lot of independents and some Thai only brothels.
  5. The quality of service varies from “mechanical” going through the motions sex to a great enthusiastic punt.
  6. Facially not as pretty as Japanese or Korean for the most part. Their bodies are usually appealing with most Thai women being size 10 or less. Like most Asian women, Thais are often short compared to Western women, but are probably the tallest of the Asian bunch.

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