Force Fantasies Lorelei’s Romance-Novel Roleplay

“I have only recently acknowledged that I have a force fetish and am learning more about it. Like the fact that I’m not as rare as I thought.” ~ Mckayne

“After visiting both Bedroombondage and Forcefantasies sites I feel I have similar interests to Lorelei.”  ~ NipperUK

“I love reading the stories that were written on your website. I do find forced sex stories very arousing!” ~ Jackie, 47

“I am just starting to explore my fantasies and am coming to terms with the fact that I am not a freak — that there are other people like me.” ~ Alexi, 26

“My girlfriend and I like fantasies and would like to see how other people do it.” ~ Harlock

“Just cruising the net and found you.  I didn’t know there were others that had the same fantasy as I.” ~ Morgan, 24

“This website is a healthy outlet for adult fantasy.” ~ Michael, 27

“I like to enhance our bedroom sex play. Reading these stories can lead us to explore new adventures. Thanks.” ~ Lou, 48

“Lorelei has an attitude that fascinates me. Not many people (including myself) get to live their fantasies in the way she does.” ~ RichGardixx

“I am exploring a fetish that I have kept under wraps. I am rather embarrassed, but also curious.” ~ Marney

“I’m a man and am just curious how women view this kind of thing.” ~ Mardogr

“I very much enjoy these types of roleplays and the stimulation they provide.” ~ Ura, 27

“This is great! I always felt alone, like I couldn’t share my fantasies with anyone. Thank you Lorelei! Just joined the site.” ~ Scattered, 46

“I’ve long enjoyed bondage/force fantasies but have had trouble finding an outlet for their enjoyment… this fits the bill perfectly.” ~ Tiercel (about our Yahoo Group forum)

“I am a 41 year old woman who has an unusual interest in forced sex. I have been seaching the web a long time to find a group like this.” ~ Joanne (about our Yahoo Group forum)

I have had those fantasies for almost 4 years and didn’t know such a club existed. For once in quite some time, I don’t feel alone.” ~ Sweet (about our Yahoo Group forum)

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Comments from real people interested in force roleplay

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