Female Crossdresser frustration

Quote from: Sarah7 on November 13, 2011, 11:11:04 pm

Um… no. Stone butch actually refers to how you have sex. Specifically, a butch top who doesn’t like being touched genitally by her partner. A woman who dresses in men’s clothes is just butch. Stone butch can also be considered pejorative, so careful with that.

It just doesn’t have to mean that. It can apply to that but a stone butch lesbian does not have to mean what you described….unless the stone butch women I talked to on campus got their own self identification wrong when they described themselves to me.

From a Stone Butch website of one of the definitions of a stone butch:

I am a Stone Butch. Stone in this case meaning “very”. I was born female but Butch is my gender; the two gender system described by the word “woman” does not fit me at all. “Man” fits much better but it is not a perfect fit either. I am not a male but you can call me “sir” and use masculine pronouns of “he” and “him”. Don’t call me woman, wimin, womyn, gal, lady, girl or ma’am. Ever.

I dress in men’s clothes down to my boxer shorts. My hair is what you call masculine, a regular guy’s barber shop cut…I am 6’2″ and have a naturally deep voice that does not give away my biological sex. I walk, talk, eat, love and live as the Stone Butch that I am. Femmes rock my world. Andro dykes are my sisters. Other butches and Stone Butches are my brothers. Butch is not a word that “describes” me. It *is* me. I am Butch the noun, not butch the adjective. My identity as *a* Butch is sacred to me. I walk the walk and I talk the talk. I live with it everyday. It is *NOT* a role that I choose to play. I have no more choice in this than I had a choice in my biological gender. I live it 24 hours a day, every day of the year. I can’t ever put it away, nor do I want to. I am *proud* to be a Stone Butch.

Butch the adjective is descriptive of a female who is masculine, yet woman identified. They generally pass as women who “look butch”, though some may look like a Stone Butch. They still identify as a woman unlike Stone Butches. Most Butches fall into this category, and may also call themselves “soft butch”. Then there are andro dykes who are sometimes called “butchy”. Often they are mistaken as butches or call themselves butch even though they are very woman identified and wear women’s clothes. Some also just “butch up” for the weekend. Stone Butches sometimes call them “Saturday Night Butches”

Butch is not identified by what you do. Heck, I am Butch when I cook or sew on a button. It is an energy, an amalgamation of action, thought processes, look, desire, tastes and interests.

Big Dog

It’s not just the sexual act that labels one a stone butch. It can mean many things. If you go to a lesbian bar around here and say “Stone Butch is defined by how you have sex and not who you are” you’re gonna offend half the people in that bar.

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