Escorts Sites Like Punternet

Escorts Sites Like Punternet

Punter Net! If you’re from the UK and are in need of a website for punting, are you in for a treat today. Punter Net is a website where you can read and post reviews of escorts and see what the best options for you are when it comes to buying services from various prostitutes across the UK. And with its long-standing history of being an amazing website where you can get a lot of information from, you better believe that you’re going to be able to get a lot of use out of this website.

History of

First of all, let’s get a little history lesson on this website. was first established back in 1999, with the intention to better connect people who use escort services and so that they can make an informed decision about their purchases. It wasn’t only made for the exchange of escort information, but it was also made for the sphere of sensual massages as well, which we know that a lot of people in the UK are a fan of. So, the site was really made with good intentions, and it was never meant to profit off of its users. Instead, it was made to facilitate the exchange of information, for absolutely free.

In 2017, it changed ownership when the owner Galahad decided to retire and leave the website to be managed by a new Admin team. They made some changes to the website, and one of the most important ones was that they now allowed transgender escorts to operate and be reviewed on their website for the first time. A really progressive change. They also got rid of the Forum since most of the information was already available on the website and the forums only fragmented the community. The mods on the forums were also used to Galahad so they probably didn’t want to continue with the new Admin team.

You get everything without having to give anything back

The site really doesn’t expect anything from its users other than to find it useful. It always helps when users actually tell their escorts about the website so that they can get a better acquaintance with the people who are operating the punting businesses in the UK. Also, it helps when they leave constructive reviews so that other punters can also have a really good time by making an informed choice about which ladies they choose to spend time with.

There is no pornographic content on this website, but it’s still filled with sexual content in the form of explicit reviews and so on. You better know that you need to be of age to go here and use these services. I mean, there really isn’t a point for minors to roam around here since they can’t get service anyway, so it’s definitely a good move on’s part to eliminate all porn from the site. That way they’re left with users who actually need the information that they’re browsing on this website.

This website does take some getting used to

PunterNet is not that simple to get into, so you’ll need to look around for a bit to actually understand how to use this website. There are instructions on every one of the major tabs, so you don’t get lost in your tracks, but you should also be able to understand how to generally use this website on your own after a while. Let’s take a look at the three most important sections on this website and see how you can optimally use them.

All of your favorite escorts, as well as potential new ones, are here

The first one, and probably the most important one is the Escort Directory. The reason this one is so useful is that you can search through all service providers with ease just by using a few keywords that you can tick. However, be careful when ticking the keywords since some of them exclude each other. And while I understand that you’d like a chick to have both natural tits and enhanced tits at the same time, it’s physically impossible unless she had two pairs. So, unless you’re looking for alien escorts, be careful not to tick contradicting keywords.

There are some other useful tools that you can use when searching through the service provider directories such as Age, Ethnicity, Nationality, Likes, Services, Type and so on. All of these have some really important parameters in them and you can use all of them to customize your perfect punting experience. You can even choose the size, so you better know that went into details when they were putting in all of the ladies with their information in the directory.

The benefits of using this punting directory over other ones on the internet

A few other reasons why this punting directory service is probably one of the best ones is also listed on this page. It’s free, obviously, so you don’t have to pay anything in order to find a cute chick to bang tonight. You can also rest assured that all of these escorts are checked and there are no fakes on Also, there is no way that escorts can remove reviews about them, so you can have a full and transparent overview of what you’re getting with each and every one of them.

There is also no need to make an account on, since they respect your privacy. You can safely navigate and search through the directory without making an account. This makes really appealing, as what more could you possibly want from a punting website. They’re serving everything to you for absolutely free with no risks or strings attached so you better know that this entire site is just meant to enhance the user experience with the escorts that they go out with.

The hottest and most active escorts are always making some announcement

There’s also an Escort Announcements tab where all the newest and hottest escorts get posted as well as when they’ll be working. You can expect to find some of the hottest and best catches here since this place is where some of the most active escorts are. They’re always looking to advertise themselves, so you better know that they’re just aching to get more clients that can enjoy their services. But if you don’t believe them, you can always check the reviews that are left about them on the next tab that we’re going to take a look at.

Get the most valid and constructive escort reviews on here

On the Escorts Reviews page, you can search through all the reviews that are left for any single escort. Simply go ahead and search through the parameters that are given to you on the left-hand side and use the information that you know about the escort in which you’re interested in to find some reviews about her. Fake reviews get removed almost immediately, as do malicious reviews that are simply not constructive. All the reviews on this website are legit so you can expect some really great service if the reviews are positive, and you can know when to stay away when the reviews are negative.

So, as you can see, has plenty of options for you that you can use and all of it is available for free. It’s nice that they made it all free since you’re going to have to bust out your wallet to use the escort services anyway. The only thing bad is that every now and then you’ll get a popup ad since the site has to make money somehow. But other than that, you can expect the maximum available satisfaction when using the website and finding out about the next escort that you’re going to band on your next night out. Good luck and happy hunting punters!

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