Escorts can be ordered on a mobile phone using Adultwork App

Girls make thousands of ££££ pounds a week selling their london">escorts services, according to Channel 4 show High Class Call Girls.

Escort girls in the UK charging up to £500 an hour for sex can be ordered on a mobile phone app.

The app called AdultWork allows men to order call girls on request and pay in advance.

High Class Call Girls, some girls are naked before and after sex sessions and give interviews surrounded by banknotes.

London-based prostitute Cookie Jane insists she enjoys the work and is becoming rich whilst being her own boss.

The privately educated 23-year-old said: “You can call yourself whatever you want at the end of the day, you can sugar coat it. An escort, call girl, whatever, you do it when you want to do it. You enjoy it and you’re not doing it because you’ve got a habit you need to pay for.

“I like wealthy men. I’m not going to have someone telling me who to sleep with and taking money off me for doing so. I make good money but I am not rich yet. It’s two hours of easy money.”

Cookie also reveals how she sees an older guy who wants to be her sugar daddy.

She added: “He wants me to come off AdultWork and become my sugar daddy. He wants a monthly arrangement so that I come and see him, he doesn’t want anything else, just my company – it was amazing.

“He gave me £650 just to sit and have a few drinks, we had a nice little kiss. They want a nice little girl and they want to look after them, whether that’s through holidays or cash.

“Lots want to put girls through university, get them cars – they feel like they need to help the young ones. They can help me as much as they want, I’m not going to complain. I need my rent paid, it’s £2,500, then my bills paid, I go out for meals most nights, then I need gifts.”

Hiding her face and not giving her name, Cookie’s mother, a matron, tells the programme: “What can I say?

“I have a child who is definitely different and definitely loving and definitely lovely. I don’t want to know [the details of what my daughter does for a living] I’m a very naive person to a degree and I want to stay that way.

“I make a little fairy story, she goes out, she entertains, she’s got some big strong men protecting her. I know it’s silly but that’s how I cope with it, whatever she does.”

Another Essex girl called Emily B, 27, is also adamant she enjoys her job. She was privately educated growing up but now finds herself selling sex as her job.

She said: “AdultWork is a website for independent london">escorts. You have to make a profile, get your pictures up and get yourself verified. It’s free to join up, but as a girl to advertise that you are available today costs you five credits, which is five pounds. You get ratings and feedback.

“I will only see clients who I have verified and they are who they say they are so if anything does happen, like they come in here with a meat cleaver and try and chop my bloody head off, there’s no way of getting away with it.”

Asked about her earnings, she said: “I make serious money – five or six grand a week. Unless you win the lottery you are not going to make more money than what I do.”

Adultwork bareback Punting escorts
Adultwork bareback Punting london">escorts

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