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When you take your first and shallowest glance at the phenomenon of virtual reality porn, you might conclude that it has only one purpose: getting off. Having orgasms. But I call that shallow thinking, because cataloging the deeper folds and wrinkles of human sexuality is a huge part of the ErosBlog mission. Everybody relevant to this discussion wants orgasms. The interesting question, from my point of view, is what does VR porn bring to the party?

Some of the standard “W” questions from journalism will help us explore the value of virtual reality porn. Who uses VR porn? What do they do with it? When and where do they use it? And why do they enjoy it? Since I’m not an actual journalist, I’m cheating here. I don’t remotely attempt to answer any of these questions. Instead, I’m just publishing illustrative bits of hentai porn showing imaginary people enjoying VR porn programming. But I suppose I should also acknowledge that we live in a world where “real” journalists are much more likely to publish ten thousand scare stories answering the question nobody asked: what are the risks of VR porn? There aren’t any such risks, of course. The closest I could come in my deep collection of dirty anime is this joke image that warns against losing track of your situational awareness. You can, apparently, have a surprisingly realistic encounter if you’re so lost in your VR porn, there under your headset, that you don’t notice someone sneaking into your bedroom:

Doubtless there are, at least in the realms of minoritarian fantasy, many non-traditional uses of VR porn. Here, it would seem, is a scenario that’s not primarily focused on the user’s pleasure. Apparently those shadowy gentlemen who control the world supply of human milk produced by unfortunate “hucows” have discovered that a constant stream of raunchy virtual porn keeps their captive producers happy, thereby increasing the production of black-market neo-dairy products:

Of course we already knew that horny young gentlemen with serious catgirl fetishes have to take extraordinary measures. It should come as no surprise that any plausible sex doll can become a catgirl if there’s sufficiently good catgirl porn playing inside the headset:

If we drop back for a moment to the idea that VR porn is just about getting off, there remains room for nuance. Does VR porn make orgasms easier, or does it make them better by enabling new masturbation routines? Maybe both, but strategies clearly differ. Nobody could doubt that this self-proclaimed vibrator slut would have gotten off with her wand vibrator even if she didn’t have her favorite porn flashing in her eyes, so we must assume it helps her cum harder, or perhaps faster:

Whereas this advanced practitioner appears to be exploring the semi-mythical practice of “thinking off” or achieving orgasm without touching herself. An AI-guided assortment of VR porn images carefully tailored to her psyche and fantasies seems to be helping her accomplish that tricky sexual business, which might have been totally impossible for her without the VR assistance:

As VR porn technology gets better and cheaper and more available, I’m eager to see how many of these hentai fantasies become part of everybody’s common sexual practice.

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