Enjoying Crossdressing male to female

Enjoying Crossdressing male to female

hi everyone

i’m a 30 y/o M to F crossdresser and i’d really like some advice on how to behave more feminine. Also, i have begun wearing lacetop holdup stockings as opposed to a garterbelt (suspenderbelt) with stockings – are holdups more popular amongst girls?



Have fun and enjoy yourself

I am M2F TG and I can’t answer your question as I prefer jeans from Papaya; aeropostle; 5,7,9; bongo; angel; etc and such for daily wear and a sexy yet conforming shirt from similar stores.

The most beneficial answers you will receive are from forums with other CD’s and GG’s that help…


Personally most of the GG’s in my area wear jeans 3 sizes too small so their jelly rolls are shapelier and jiggle atop their waistlines and shirts 3 to 4 sizes too small so that you may rest assured the jelly roles are real and thongs aka flip flops with toe nail polish half pealed off.

They look quite disgusting but it is also their choice on how they dress…

If you shop at the Online CD stores their are videos on how to act more fem. I always just people watched at the mall and asked friends when I began dressing and going out…

Best bet is ask friends or forums on CD- if you live in an area like mine- ask the forum and do not mimic the local dress of choice for your age group…

Sorry I am not more help.


Go over to yahoo groups and search “crossdressing” and the like. You’ll find a wealth of information but also a lot of adult content.


Girls wear jeans and tee shirts and sneakers. It amazes how crossdressers mtf wear the absolute extremes omg! Newsflash: You don’t need to look like a prostitute to look like a woman!


REAL women wear jeans, trainers, (trainer sox), tee shirts and bras…It always amazes me that you dudes always think we do the hoovering in silk stockings, thongs, pencil skirts, frilly blouses and dangly earrings…plus full makeup and nail extensions!!



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