Empowering Women in Adult Entertainment

Traditionally male actors in adult entertainment have always had it easy compared to women.

Male actors earn more money and it’s relatively easier for them to get in front of the camera compared to women.

The porn industry is changing. Every day more and more explicit material becomes available for free online, putting thousands of small porn studios out of business. Large porn conglomerates are forced to constantly rethink and re-invent what can be sold. In this chaos, only the strong survive, and there’s an unlikely contender for the prize; the elusive Cam Girl.

There are many people who would argue that live cams are bringing freedom back to female actors.

Men constitute the biggest share of adult entertainment consumers.

Empowering Women in Adult Entertainment

They are in it for women mostly so it’s safe to argue that female actresses are the pillars of the adult entertainment industry.

You’d think that this qualifies them for more money yet it’s actually quite the contrary. But Adultwork daily pay cam models working on live cams are getting their payday everyday. Although a majority of models on live cams are often amateurs, the money they are getting is better compared to an amateur starting out in hardcore porn.

This could explain why radical feminists who have always called on equal rights in the adult entertainment industry have not raised any concerns about the live cam industry.


Empowering Women in Adult Entertainment

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