Cuckold in University of Delhi

Cuckold in University of Delhi

Cuckold in University of Delhi
Cuckold in University of Delhi

I chanced upon my first cuckold experience with by second boyfriend whom I used to date in my college days. I was charmed by his flirtatious nature and good sense of humor initially. Little did I realize that the person I was dating was a sex freak who fettered a rainbow of sexual fantasies that would soon push my sexual boundaries and my own fantasies to new limits. In fact, once we were past our initial honeymoon phase, we had a very wild sex life for almost a year. Sex in public space, a four-some with his friends, you name it and we had done it. But that’s a story for some other time.

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My first cuckold experience with him was rather by accident than by design. We had shared a rented an apartment close to our college and were in a live-in relationship. It had just been two months since we had started dating, though we did have casual sex a few times before that. My boyfriend had hit the gym. I was alone and dead bored so I decided to catch up on some shopping. My boyfriend’s laptop was unlocked so I decided to use it instead of my phone as it had a bigger screen. As soon as I opened the web browser, I came upon a webpage with a porn video. Apparently my boyfriend had not closed the page from his previous wanking session. ‘Girlfriend fucks two guys in front of her Cuck’ the title read above a buffering video. I was immediately taken aback. Did my boyfriend really wish that I had sex with other men in front of him? Shocked and intrigued at the same time, I decided to play the video.

Cuckold in University of Delhi - Punternet Reviews

The girl in the video had an uncanny resemblance to me, though I believe that I was blessed with a curvier ass. The girl started tying her boyfriend to a chair seductively and eventually to his shock let two guys use her right in front of him. I couldn’t believe that this was something that my boyfriend would enjoy watching. I skipped through the video quickly as I my boyfriend was about to return. Before he arrived, I made sure to dig through his browser history and realized that he had in fact bookmarked the video and had visited the same webpage uncountable times.

Cuckold in University of Delhi
Cuckold in University of Delhi

I must confess that while I did have threesome fantasies of my own but all of them either involved him and another guy or a girl. I never admitted this to him as I wasn’t sure how he would take it. But now that I knew that he had his own secret fantasy of being cucked, the devil inside me got thinking. The more I imagined about my boyfriend’s obsession, the wetter I got. I studied the video closely for the next few weeks, watching and re-watching the clip multiple times and finally made up my mind to bring this story to life.

So the next weekend when my boyfriend hit the gym, I set the plan to motion. I dressed myself into a plain skin tight white crop top. I decided to drop the bra as the top accentuated my ripening nipples which were stone hard in anticipation of the events that were about to unfold that evening. Along with I wore a really short denim skirt that showed just an inch of my ass crack from above. Again I decided to drop my panties. I finished it off with a pair of black nylon stockings and four inch high heels. I almost resembled the porn start from the video now.

I greeted my boyfriend at the door as he arrived. I led him to a dining chair in our living room and ushered him to sit down. Facing him, I mounted him as I began grinding my fully exposed pussy on his rapidly stiffening cock which was tying its best to break free off his track pants. I raised the waistband of his pants with my right hand and began fondling his cock which was almost rock hard by now. I caught hold of his shaft, bringing it as close to my pussy as possible, without taking it out from his pants while staring right into his eyes all the time. Realizing that I had his complete attention, I reached for the ropes under the chair that I had placed in advance. I kissed him hard, probing his mouth with my tongue as I moved the rope behind him and circled him around his chest. He was taken aback but I increased the pressure on his cock with my pussy while pushing my tongue deeper into his mouth. Having tied his hands tight to the chair, I moved away and called in the surprise for the day.

I had hidden two of my boyfriend’s classmates in the bedroom all this while. Both of them had the hots for me and had been hitting on me for quite some time. So far I had not done anything sexual with them apart from a few casual brushes on the thighs while sitting at the college canteen. But that was before I had started dating my boyfriend. Suddenly everything became crystal clear to him as his shocked face turned from me to his classmates, just in time for me to duct tape his mouth shut.

“Now you do look surprised. I’m afraid your little cock hasn’t been satisfying me baby so I thought I’d treat myself and let you watch as these two big cocks ruin my pussy like I’ve been craving,” I told him as the two guys hugged me from both sides. The two guys were already naked and one of them mounted me from behind, forcing me to kneel over our a vacant dining chair. My eyes were lined up with my boyfriend as he stared right at me. The second guy game from the left, holding his cock right at my face. I began sucking on his cock as I felt my skirt being pushed up over my ass and my stockings being torn open. My naked pussy was dripping as the guy behind me slid two of fingers in me easily. “Look how wet your girlfriend’s pussy is and she hasn’t even been fucked yet,” he taunted my boyfriend.

As I began gagging on the cock in my mouth, the guy behind me began slapping my gleaming pussy lips with his cock. It felt like my cunt was being hit by a hot iron rod. Without a warning he thrust in me and I gasped from the sudden shock but did not break eye contact with my boyfriend who had started sweating profusely. I could make out the tremors in his feet as he tried to find some comfort by thrusting his cock in thin air. As I felt this guy thrusting inside my pussy, I realised that I had not anticipated just how big he really was and how much his cock would stretch my little hole. I moaned harder than the girl in the video as he buried himself balls deep inside of me. The porn star would have had to fake those noises since she’d have taken many cocks before but my cries were as real as they could get. The timing couldn’t have been better when after several minutes of being fucked my legs were sent shaking as I came on his cock. This caused him to lose control and he began pumping his load inside my already creaming pussy. He pulled out letting my boyfriend take a long look at the cock that had just pumped in potent semen in his girlfriend’s willing pussy that was now oozing our love juices all over my thighs. “Take a look how much she’s just creamed after taking a real cock. Quickly, go and fill her up again so that she can suck my cock clean.

My boyfriend was now shaking quite violently, trying his best to find some relief by humping in the air. His restraints were quite tight so there was little he could achieve that way. But I could clearly make out the stains of pre-cum from his track pants. My god, this guy was leaking so much that his fluids had drained all the way to his pants over the boxers that he was wearing underneath. I wondered if he had just cum by watching us. As the guy who was fucking me moved out of the way, the second one immediately took his place. After the sucking he’d already endured he wasn’t going to last long. He began speeding up, started grunting and came soon.

“Yes! Fill my pussy up with your warm load, show my boyfriend how I need to be treated!” I yelled. I was unsure whether that line was part of the video but the words were completely honest. I moaned and gagged as I sucked my own juices from the cock that was previously violating my pussy.

“We’re done with her now. Your cock will never be able to leave her panting like that. Come on, let him watch his used girlfriend slowly recover.” said one of the guys before they both departed.

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Just like the last minute of the video my boyfriend looked at me, slumped over the edge of our couch. As I moved towards him, his sight moved to my gaping hole as two loads of cum leaked out of my pussy, all the way down my thighs on either side. He had just witnessed his sweet innocent girlfriend willingly get taken by two guys whilst he was unable to make any attempt to stop them. He knew I had acted out his most fantasied porn scene on purpose and he enjoyed every moment of it.

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When I gathered enough energy, I walked over noticing the pile of cum that my boyfriend had been unable to contain. He had enjoyed it so much that he had cum without even touching himself. My boyfriend nodded his head in response. I mounted his hard cock and began to ride him as I spoke. “Yes I knew all about your fantasy baby. I always wanted a threesome where you fucked me whilst i sucked on a strangers cock, but you’ve opened my mind further baby. The thrill I felt as your friends used me like and came in me was insane! I know I was only copying the lines from the video before but I have to be honest baby, your cock feels so small inside of me now that I’ve had theirs,” I told him.

My boyfriend couldn’t believe his luck. I girlfriend had become the character from the video he’d fantasied about for months. His cock burst inside of her when I whispered the words in his ear as I rode him rapidly.

“I imagine you have plenty more videos you’d love me to copy, but I happen to have some ideas of my own on how I want to be used the next time that I tie you up.”

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