Cross-dressing Male Wins Best Supporting Female Award

Gay male cross-dresser Mya Taylor won the 2016 Best Supporting Female Actress Spirit Award for his role in the independent film Tangerine.

Taylor, who was born Jeremiah James Bonner, beat out more deserving actresses who had the misfortune of being born biological girls.

The 24-year-old actor’s win sparked debate on social media over drag queens and cross-dressers “erasing” biological females.

“So men are nominated for women’s awards, men can compete in women’s events at the Olympics, and women are erased again and again. I will not be erased by c*cks in frocks,” commented Deborah Peifer on Gendertrender blog.

And a commenter on YouTube wrote:

“He is male and won an award called “Best Supporting Female”, preventing any actual female from winning it, and people are acting like this is progressive. It’s the same old erasure of women (actual women lol) and prioritizing of men that’s been going on for centuries.?”

What do you ladies think about drag queens and cross-dressers replacing biological females in pop culture? 

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