Couple’s picnic turns into some naughty outdoor sex

They point high above the billowing grasses, slender young legs waving freely and moving in a regular motion. There seems no meaning at first just legs, young, carefree and naked from the tip to all that I can see, planted amongst the autumn grasses. Moments later it all becomes that much clearer, a pair of feminine naked legs become more visible as I continue walking towards their location. With each stride I take I see more of their shape, 2 young legs seemingly belonging to a woman protruding high above the ground, and with them I just make out the shape of a man’s body, his back and rounded bottom appear naked faced down straddled between her legs, covering most of her body but moving with a regular motion. I see his bottom, rising and falling thrusting into her with her legs moving and jerking upwards in response to his actions.


I stop motionless for a moment, not wishing to make a sound or draw attention to my presence realising what I am seeing. I may be a little intruding yet this isn’t private land they are on, do they realise anyone can see them should they walk this way? I am not meaning to spy on their outdoor sex, but I can’t help watching and staring. As he moves slightly I can just start to make out her dark hair falling around her shoulders spilling onto the ground around her in full waves. Then the sound, yes her sound resonating deep from within her body, she is moaning as he continues to penetrate her body. Ah I take a quick breath, it sounds good, it sounds so raw to actually hear her noises as he fucks deep into her body, so passionate knowing they are making love here in the field that I am also in. I start to feel almost part of her moans as I listen more and more to their sexual energy.


I don’t move away, I don’t feel inclined to, just slightly circle where there is less chance of being discovered….

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