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Why Classy Birmingham Escorts

Welcome to Classy Birmingham escorts homepage. The place to find your unforgettable moments. Here you you find the best native Birmingham escorts and professional lap dancers. Luxurious ladies who love to live an adventurous lifestyle offering everything from double penetration to dominatrix services, to the more common services like cum in mouth and various types of fetishes. They thrill and excite all at the same time. Offering you a full array of escort services. Including but not limited to BDSM and even full submissive escorts. Never before has Birmingham seen such a vip calibre of escorts. Many of which make up the group of escorts available today, here at classy! You will soon realise. Our Birmingham escorts are all very experienced women. We even have published glamour models available to you, who are very busty. All of the ladies we represent offer you a pornstar experience and / or a full girlfriend experience. Some have been working in the industry for a long period of time. Majority of these women make up the large proportion of mature escorts in Birmingham. Whereas others are new to the industry. However, do not be put off by them being new. They are eager to please and are fast learners. The vip escort girls love to take you to a place of physical and mental euphoric torment. Maybe that is with a sexy session or oral without (OWO) and some expert deep throat, or giving you the opportunity to have an all night party escort, to have as your overnight companion. They love passionate sessions of DFK and have a knack of being able to know just exactly what a client wants or needs! They can convert that deep lust into a mental and physical feeling. Our young escorts in Birmingham are like sirens. Calling men and women to a heavenly paradise. They love excite and exhilarate all at the same time. Every person who spends time with one of our temptresses. Then compares the encounter to being in seventh heaven. Imagine living your life without ever having experienced such rhapsody. Our city centre escort girls will guarantee that every time you are with them. You will walk away from the encounter. Feeling on top of the world. Just look at the customer reviews for the African escorts, for example. Found on the website to see how true that statement is.

Looking for escorts in Birmingham can be a daunting task. There are so many out there that it is difficult to decide. Which one is the best for you. We would advise that you decide on if you want an incall or an outcall service, first of all and then go from there and take a look at the slim, size 8 escorts Birmingham. A lot of these ladies are or have been published models outside of escorting. Our selection of ladies is exquisite. Having many of sexy escort ladies who class as home grown talent being local English escorts who know the area perfectly, with many ideas on what can take place during your time with them. They are probably the perfect escorts in the city centre. Both in the bed and out of the bed that is. There are so many aspects. That set them aside from the other escorts in the area. Their model looks is one of the reasons, especially when it comes to the Polish and Slovakian escorts. Here girls all have to fit a certain criteria. Should they wish to work at our Birmingham escort agency. By doing this we can assure that we only represent escorts. Having beautiful petite bodies and faces. At the end of a day. Nobody wants to spend good money. Not on somebody who is not an attractive and naughty escort. Another reason as to why our stunning ladies. Are second to none. They are highly skilled women. Our A-level escorts can do things to a man or woman. Things they have never had done to them before. We would certainly recommend choosing one of our role play escorts for some kinky and electrifying excitement, that is unlike anything you have been subjected to before, for all the right reasons. They even offer services so erotic, like watersports for a good example.

Birmingham escorts

Browse girls profiles

If you browse through the escorts individual profiles. You will most certainly be overwhelmed with the choice on offer. With escorts that love anal sex, those that provide an outstanding GFE. Even those escorts that love spanking. Or maybe your a kinky couple that seek Bisexual Birmingham escorts. We have many girls that love a three-sum and who are especially for couples. Several of escorts hale from Romania. If Romanian Birmingham escorts are not your thing. Then maybe one of our Spanish escorts will impress. Failing that there is also the Russian escorts or those that work in Birmingham. But are originally from India. Or there are the Pakistani escort girls too. And lets for forget about the passionate and fiery red head escorts we have in store for the ladies and gentlemen of the region. Its for sure that our tall Birmingham escorts offer the spice of life. You will see just how beautiful they are, with blue eyed, brown eyed and the even more rare green eyed escorts. Even those who are more choosy and want every detail to be perfect on their lady can book here with us and be exceptionally satisfied. As well as seeing their individual pages. You will be able to see the escorts profile. Giving more information as to the services that each lady provides. You will have your mind blown by the talents our white escorts have in the bedroom and, for sure the teenagers and students we represents too (All aged 18 years, to 19 years of age). It is worth noting. Not all of them offer the same escort service. Each of the girls specialises in something specific. Like those girls who know exactly how to make a facial with Birmingham escorts a truly memorable experience. Therefore, it is well worth looking at the their profile pages. Ensuring you find the correct escort girl for facials or even dominatrix services. If you wish to experience something that you cannot see in her profile. Then our Birmingham escort agency is the place to contact. Make sure to check back frequently to see the new escorts that are added to the website daily! They come in all shapes and sizes. From size 10 escorts to the fun loving curvy blondes. Or alternatively you can check out the brunettes we showcase and the exotic Asian and Saudi Arabian escorts also.. There is even a good selection of black and mixed race escorts in Birmingham on our website also. Our agency offers a very exact. Match making service. We know exactly which escort offers what.

One thing that makes clients wary of many escorts in Birmingham. Is the fact that the photos that they use to advertise themselves. Have usually been edited using technology. This practice is most popular. With independent Birmingham escorts. Particularly those who come from out of the city the Colombian escorts and the Greek women. This is to improve their appearance to get more business. This is something that obviously concerns many people. It concerns us equally. Therefore, the only editing that we do to our escorts photos. Is the blurring of her face. Maybe some visible identification marks like tattoos. However, if we have removed anything from a lady’s profile, it will state, as much.

A lot of the British escorts are very popular with their clients. This means that they tend to have very little last minute bookings availability. It is for this reason that booking in advance is recommended. If, you find yourself, however, at a loose end. Wanting to hire one of our seductresses. Usually it is not a problem. There will always be an escort available. Whom can cater to your every desire. Often available for a last minute booking. The only thing to keep in mind. You might not be able to contract the escort. Which you had originally wanted. For this reason it might be a good idea. At least to choose a couple of escorts. So, when it comes to booking yourself. A period of unadulterated fun. With a Birmingham escort. You will not be disappointed by the lack of availability. You will be glad to know, those who like very erotic and fantasy like encounters, there are escorts for two men at a time at Classy escort agency and even Birmingham switch escorts who can go from an obliging sub to a commanding dominatrix in the blink of an eye! You really can make your day dreams turn into a much remembered reality for you.

So, if you are looking for. Real good value for money. Go ahead give us a call. Our highly trained receptionists. Are more than ready to assist you with your reservation.

Birmingham escort agency

Classy Birmingham escort agency. Is an exceptionally professional establishment. Giving a very high quality service. Being the best escort agency in Birmingham city. Even having escorts for the needs of disabled clients in the city of Birmingham. We expect the best from all of our glamour escorts. Therefore, we can guarantee that the client will receive a top class service. Much better than that service. You would get from an independent escort. You may well have used escorts. In other escorting agencies before. However, we are sure that the experiences. That you will have with one of our escorts. Will be incomparable.

Classy Birmingham escorts was founded. By an experienced adult industry team. We owe much of our successes. To the escorts and hard work.  That the admin staff put in. Ensuring our continual success.

The world of escorts. Is an ever changing one. It used to be that the average Joe Bloggs. Had to hook up with a common prostitute. To get his enjoyment. However, thanks to technology. Birmingham escort agencies are becoming more and more popular. Allowing most people access. To affordable and safe pleasure at the stroke of a key. It is thanks to this technological advancement. That many of us can provide you now. With such an amazing opportunity! Find all of the escorts you need. In one place without having to leave your sofa. Navigating our website is easy. If you have any questions or queries then contact us. You must keep in mind, however. No escort agency will accept phone calls. From unknown or private numbers. Although, it is not too much of a problem. Should you need to phone from your home or mobile phones. As the number for the escort agency. Is a local number and shows up on your phone bill. Just as if it were a simple call to somebody known.

There are many reasons. As to why men and women. Choose to use the services of a Birmingham escort. Maybe, you are having marital problems. Or have the need to satisfy the marital rights. Ones that you just are not getting at home. Or perhaps, you are a single person. One who does not have the time or the emotional need. Required to enter into a full time relationship. However, you still have the ache caused by the lack of human physical contact. Whatever reasons you may have. You will not have to worry about being judged. Birmingham escort agency is a discreet establishment. No client will ever feel like they are imparting. In any kind of immoral activity. Nor will they be regarded in any kind of negative way. In fact, the agency goes out of its way. Making the clients feel comfortable. Contented with their choice to contact Birmingham escort agency.

Your Classy escorts. From an leading. Provider of elite escort service. Are just a few minutes away. Put your faith in us! Finding you the perfect match to your carnal needs. Each person has his or her own tastes and likes. We understand that. Highly trained admin staff.  Will be able to pair you with the escort. She will provide the services that you desire. They will also match you. With the escort that fulfills your physical demands. We have escorts. Steming from all walks of life. All types of appearance. If you cannot find the escort with the profile. Which is the type of girl you want. Please do not despair. Based on what you tell us. We will provide your own personal Aphrodite.

Our clients are so satisfied. With our escort agency in Birmingham. Especially the efficiency of how it is run. They usually become regular clients. It is because of this. We advise all of the clients. Whom wish to rebook with an escort from the Birmingham agency. To make the bookings in advance. As we cannot guarantee. Availability at the time or day. Will always be what you will invariably want.

What is holding you back? Contact us by email today. Send us your questions or enquiries. If your ready to enjoy. Then make a booking by phone this very day. Many escorts giving an girlfriend experience await.

24 hour Birmingham escorts

We have 24 hour Birmingham escorts. Available to provide you with. Every kind of sexual satisfaction that you may need.

Many years ago. Working patterns were different than they are today. The conventional 9-5 working day no longer exists. So, it is understandable that clients.  Want to have a bit of slap and tickle at any time of the day or night. To make this achievable. We are a 24 hour Birmingham escort agency. This means that no matter what time you need us. We will always have the phones manned. With plenty of sexy escorts working.

Being a 24 hour staffed business. With a large choice of girls. Enables us to offer a myriad of services. Every single day of the year. There are a lot of people. Spending holiday periods alone. By booking one of our call girls. This need not happen anymore. Gone are the lonely New Year’s Eve nights. Spent watching Jools Holland alone. With only your lukewarm glass of advocaat. Keeping you company. If you book one of our ladies. She can keep you company. Perhaps even accompany you to a celebration.

Men and women who decide to kerb crawl. To find a woman willing to offer sexual gratification. Is limited by only being able to use them. During the hours of darkness. By contacting us and contracting escort services. You can be sure that one of our clean. Sexy seductive escorts will be available. Whoever said that a bit of how’s your father. Really should only happen at night was very mistaken. There is nothing more thrilling than a bit of fun. During daylight hours.

Another reason as to why 24 hour escorts in Birmingham. Are so fantastic. Is because it means that you can book an escort. Any time night or day. For any kind of event. No matter how long it will last. You will be certain that your chosen escort. Will have no problem joining you.

Low cost Birmingham escorts

There is no better value for money. Than our fully inclusive service. Low cost Birmingham escorts. Is what you will find. When you look at the price page. On our website. You will get. Your Fantasy escort. All giving you. An outcall in Birmingham. However, do not be confused. By the old adage. ‘ you get what you pay for’. Low cost definitely does not mean low quality. At the agency. Our main aim. Is for the client. To have the best possible time. Always at an affordable price.

There are other escort agencies. Operating in the area. Which claim to offer. Similary low priced call girls. But when you read the small print. You find that in reality. The price is not that low. They usually charge. At least a basic fee. For the time booked. Then, on top of that. Each escort will charge. A big additional fee. For the Birmingham escort service. That she is asked to perform. When you book. One of our low cost escorts in Birmingham. You will be relieved to know. That there are absolutely no extra charges. Placed on top of the fee. That you see advertised. The only exception to this. Could be when an escort. Is required to meet the client. On an outcall service. In this case a small fee. That will cover travel expenses. Might be added. This fee is nominal. It’s just enough to cover the transport costs. Another thing to remember. When booking an escort. through our agency. Is the fact that no two escorts. Will charge a different price. In a nutshell. Every escort charges the same rate.

If you are still wondering. ‘where is the catch?’ well, there is not one. We believe that honesty. Coupled with clarity. Is the best policy. For some extra clarity. Ee suggest that you take some time. To click on the prices page. Then you will. See just how low cost. Our establishment really is. The pricing table. Is laid out clearly. Showing the final price for the time wanted. Full service is standard. It can include. Erotic body massage.

Birmingham escort girls

Offering you only. The classiest of girls at all time. Classy Birmingham escort girls. Is what you will find. Here at the Classy Birmingham escort agency. The girls that we have on offer. Are all very beautiful. Also educated ladies. Some of them are students. Only escorting part time. Whereas others have made a very successful. Full time profession out of the industry. All of the escorts. No matter what their age. Or length of time in the industry. Are highly professional. Also extremely talented in their line of work.

Each and every one. Of the beautiful woman on our site. Has an insatiable hunger. For both lust and passion. They skilfully merge. Their needs with their experience. Providing toe curling. Pure unadulterated fun. For all their clients.

Do not forget. Classy escort girls. Are available to work in Birmingham. As well as the surrounding areas. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can see their clients. In either the client’s location of choosing. An hotel, restaurant, their own home even. Alternatively, the client can visit her. At her own apartment. Having both options available. It helps the meeting. Be as comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Something else that makes. Classy Birmingham escorts girls extra special. Is their open minded approach. Towards sexual orientation. Most of the escorts are bi sexual. This is a bonus for couples and women. Some of the escorts at the agency. Will see female clients. Whereas at other agencies they do not. Also, with us employing bi sexual escorts. We can offer the couples the opportunity. To enhance their sex life. Simply by adding a third party to the equation. Many couples love the thrill. Of using the escorts in this situation.

Whatever reasons you may have. To want to use a Birmingham escort. Under what capacity. You would to introduce her abilities. Into your life. You can rest assured. That it will be carried out. With complete professionalism. As well as total discretion.

High class escort services

The question on most people’s lips. Is ‘Why Classy Birmingham escorts are the best?’ The answer is simple. With a Classy Birmingham escort. You can live out every single fantasy. That you have ever had. Without having to find a girlfriend. Whom will partake in all of it. Let’s face it. We all have those little fantasies. Hidden away somewhere. Not all of us are lucky enough. Turning them into a reality. Especially in a relationship. There are always barriers. Or the thought that. Your partner might judge you. Classy Birmingham are the best option. In these circumstances. Because you know that. Our escorts will never. Make you feel like. Your fantasies are weird. Trust us when we say. Our staff each have vast experience. They have most probably. Indulged in every fantasy known to man. Or to woman that is.

Birmingham girls are not only available. To indulge in fantasies. They can help their clients. Overcome mental boundaries. Or maybe you need some extra practice. Helpping to improve on what you have learned so far. Or to perfect a skill. Later perform it on your partner. Birmingham escorts know what they are doing. They do it with ease. You will feel comfortable. With them from the get go. There is no need. To be fumbling under the sheets. Due to nerves! As they will help. Plus guide you to develop your skills.

Another absolutely fantastic reason. As to why our professional team is the best. Is because they are highly professional women. They will keep all meetings confidential. This also includes when contracting her. For an outcall service in Birmingham. When she is needed. To accompany you to a public occasion.

Our exclusive ladies. Will help to make the encounter. As convenient as possible for the client. The agency provides clean. Bijoux apartments. Which are centrally located. Perfect for the client. which wants to pop in and pop out. Whilst maintaining his anonymity.

If you are looking for something different. Than your standard escort. Why not hire. One of our high class Birmingham escorts. These ladies are perfect. Even for the debonaire gentleman. Who is used to a touch of class. The high class girls. Who offer this high class service. Are pure ladies. They are sophisticated. But seductive all at the same time. They are able to converse. About any subject at a high level. Whether it be politics. Current affairs or even religion.

One thing that can be assured. Is when booking a high class Birmingham escort. You know you will have an elegant lady. On your arm who will fit in situation. All of the high class escorts. Are beautiful women with bodies to die for. They know how to look the part. When out and about. Their clothing is that of high quality. As is their lingerie. Which is an important factor. For when after dinner cocktails are over.

Our high class escorts look like models. Have the air about them. Sophistication of an aristocrat. But the dirty mind of a horny temptress. Combine this with her thirst for carnal pleasures. Experience of indulging in such acts. She is the perfect companion. For any person. Looking for a bit of class.

We are very demanding. When selecting an escort of this calibre. We ensure that the escort. Is experienced in many aspects. Also taking pride in her appearance. By being like this. We can be 100% certain. That there will never be any regrets. Ehen hiring her services.

When booking a high class escort in Birmingham. You will booking one of the most unforgettable. Experiences in your life. It does not matter. Whether your reasons for booking her. Are for leisure or business. One thing that is guaranteed. Is that pleasure will be at the forefront. Of the time spent with her.

Benefits of booking escorts in Birmingham

The benefits of booking are many. However, not everybody has the same. Stereotypical motivation. One of the benefits is for companion. Some people find themselves in a happy life. Great job, brilliant friends. But then at night. They are alone at home. Not having anybody. Who they can tell how their days has gone. By having an escort visit you. In your home. You can sit and chat. enjoy have a relaxing conversation. With a person who you know. Will not judge you. OK, so, you might think. That friends can do the same. That is where you are mistaken. We all know that the mundane. Routine of life is not something. That we tend to share with our friends. Also, sometimes, we do not want. To hear other people’s opinions. Particualy on a specific matter. With one of these stunners. Listening to you. You know she will listen. Without giving her opinion. On your actions, unless you specifically. Require her to.

Another one of the benefits. Of booking is that. Maybe you want to impress your colleagues. At a work do. Or business function. In fact at any social event. An escort will always act. With a certain demeanor. One of sophistication and professionalism. Her conversational skills. Charm and well dressed appearance. Will fool people into thinking. That the escort. Is your date for the evening. Nobody will ever suspect. That she is of course not.

An additional benefit. Booking escorts in Birmingham. Is the knowledge. That they are very fastidious. With regards to hygiene. They have high scruples. This is obvious upon meeting.

Finally, the biggest benefit. When booking. Especially for the client. Who is already constrained. By marital obligation is anonymity. Imagine the scenario. You are in need of extra marital fun. You hook up with a girl. But after a short while. She wants more. She constantly calls you. At home or on your mobile. You  are ow running the risk. Of her turning up at your house. With a Classy escort. She is there for when you need her. Nothing else. No complications. Just pure, unadulterated. Complication free adult fun.

Classy escort agency. Takes a huge amount of pride. In providing. Only the best customer services. For our clients. Every client who wishes. To contract the services. Of the most amzing. Girls in the city. Is able to communicate directly. To the customer services department. Any time during. The night or day. There is a simple email. to fill in on the websit. Where enquiries can be made. The prompt reply. You will receive is impressive. If you wish to contact. The call desk. To make a booking. With one of our Birmingham escorts. Then you will find. The fact that we attend calls. Taking your bookings. 24 hours a day is a huge convenience.

Another thing that is notable. In reagrds to our company. Is it’s close attention to the small details. These small details. All contribute to client satisfaction. On each escort’s page. You will be able to see. Just how satisfied. They have left their clients. By reading the escort review. These reviews are 100% genuine. Only every are they. Left by real customers.

Finally, the agency has a strict policy. with regards to openness and honesty. Therefore, in the picture gallery. You will only find true to life photos. We hate the fact. That other escort agencies in Birmingham. Enhance their escort’s photos. Using online programmes like Photoshop. We do not agree. When clients book an escort. Solefully based on a false photo. This is false advertising. We vehemently refuse. Ever to edit our females photos. The only time you will see a photo. That has been digitally altered. Is when the escort. Has requested that we blur her face. Sometimes she also. Ask the same of her tattoos. This is only done. To protect the identity. Of the escort. Never for any other reason. This is also an advantage for the client. As it also protects her identity. When for example. Out in Birmingham on an outcall.

Happy endings

There is no point. Spending your hard earned cash. On anything. Unless you get an happy ending. Well here you are guaranteed. To get such an ending. Making you a very happy. Customer of ours. You may like to enjoy. A full body massage. An excellent buildup. To your very happy ending. Its fair to say really. That our staff. Are experts. In this very art. Satisfaction comes as standard. When you use the services. Of our fine tuned. Very wet. Very willing Birmingham escorts. These are ladies. That are master classed. If it could be done. They would have degrees. In this very profession. Guiding you to the happiest ending. Simply said. You can miss this chance!

Anal Birmingham escorts

Spice up your tired love life with anal Birmingham escorts. These filthy minded escorts are very adventurous. They have almost no limits as to how far they will go to ensure that their clients are pleasured.

Almost everybody in the world has what is known as vanilla sex. This is your bog standard roll on, do the business and roll off again. It is as mundane and as boring as it sounds. Not many people are able to obtain their sexual highs from it. If you are in desperate need of something more stimulating or even unusual then A level escorts are the optimum choice of ladies in the city. Not a lot of men get to experience how great it feels from giving anal penetration. Usually, they ask their partner for it and they are given a point blank NO as an answer. Or perhaps you have tried to do it with your partner but she has never been able to relax enough. There is nothing worse than trying to anally penetrate somebody who is tense. Our Birmingham anal escorts have spent many years perfecting the skills of relaxation. Therefore it does not take long for you to be enjoying the tightness of her ass gripping your manhood and pulling you deeper inside her. Imagine how horny it would be to see her beautiful body supported by her hands and knees. Her taut butt cheeks up in the air, spread apart ready and waiting to take you in your entirety. The session could start with a bit of foreplay, maybe in the shower to add to the whole scenario. Some gentle massaging to help her relax. Then retire to the bed with some luxurious massage oils and a good dollop of lube.
Anal sex can be an exceptionally stimulating way of experiencing a sensory overload.

Full A-level services

Some people do not want to participate in full anal penetration. That is ok. There are many other ways of playing with your anal escorts in Birmingham. Some men just enjoy playing with their escort’s anus. Anilingus is on the rise in popularity in society in general and rimming is a very frequent request to our escorts. It is a very sensual experience without being too invasive. Perfect for those clients who are not quite ready to explore new pleasure zones. There are some of the anal escorts who also enjoy giving anilingus as well as receiving it. Maybe you want to try something a little more penetrative. Anal fingering is another form of anal foreplay that blows the mind. Once again, this is a service that be given and received by the escorts. There are some male clients who think that receiving anal experiences means that they are homosexual. This could not be any farther from the truth. The truth of the fact is that it means that you are open to explore the full potential of pleasure that sexual gratification can produce. Do not be afraid of experimenting. Many men find that it is a liberating experience.

There is no need to turn up to the appointment with any accessories. Your A level Birmingham escorts will have everything that is needed at hand. All of the paraphernalia associated with anal will be provided. This includes condoms, dildos, anal beads and most importantly: lubrication. Amazing anal sex will not happen without relaxation, anal foreplay and lubrication. Combine these with two consenting horny adults and the result is explosive. We can guarantee that you will be getting your money’s worth of pleasure from the very first second that you meet.

Be appreciated by your Anal escort

As you may or may not be aware, Birmingham anal escorts need time to prepare their sultry bodies before participating in such an act. For this reason they appreciate that their clients take this into consideration when they are making the booking. Last minute reservations for anal escorts is not the best idea if you wish to achieve maximum pleasure. We advise that your anal escort is booked at least a few days in advance. By doing this you can let the excitement build over a few short days. The anticipation will build the intensity of the event. Allowing you to experience a sensation that will leave you fighting your own urge to climax sooner than you would normally do so.

Look through our extensive gallery of escorts available. You will see the profiles of all of the anal Birmingham escorts on the page. As you will not be spending a lot of the time looking deep into her eyes. We suggest that you focus on each girl’s ass. Find the one that makes your trousers tighten from the pressure of your pulsating erection.

Call us today and enter a world of forbidden pleasures. Anal escorts in Birmingham want to make your darkest desire come true.

Asian Birmingham escorts

We have the most exotic looking Asian Birmingham escorts working at our agency. They love spending time with new people and showing just what they are capable of. The most delightful Asian escorts work in Birmingham. We are very exacting when deciding which escorts work for us. Only the sexiest and audacious Asian girls become our treasured escorts. By being so selective we can assure that only the finest Asian escorts in Birmingham are offered to our prestigious clients.

Ready and waiting to pleasure

The Asian escorts are ready and waiting to provide you with everything that you need. They can be booked as incall escorts or as outcall escorts.You could to take her out for a night on the town and then later to your hotel. Or perhaps you would like to experiment a bit and try something new that you have not done before. Just keep in mind, that for some special services the escort will need to be told in advance. Always remember that our escorts are more than happy to accommodate their clients needs. They are extremely devoted to their work and will go that extra mile to ensure that maximum pleasure is

The sensations that can be felt from engaging with a Birmingham Asian escort are out of this world. They will help you to learn new erogenous zones in your body that you never even knew existed. Or maybe, they can teach you more erogenous zones on the female body to enhance your lovemaking skills with your partner. Being with an Asian escort in Birmingham can help boost your confidence too. Just a short amount of time with them will be enough to turn you into a more confident lover.
Asian escorts in Birmingham are adventurous and outgoing ladies. They have a weakness for all things sensual and erotic. Because of this thirst for passion your time spent in their company will be phenomenal. Never before will a woman have pleasured you as much as they will. So many of the Asian Birmingham escorts clients are so contented with the treatment and service received. To the point that they become regular clients. Even those clients who live out of town tend to call us up when they are visiting the area.

Call to book Asian escorts in Birmingham

Contact the call desk and see which Asian Birmingham escorts are working the day that you want one. Please keep in mind that If you decide to make a last minute booking, we cannot guarantee that the escort that you originally chose will be available. If you wish to have a specific escort then we recommend that you make your booking in advance. Otherwise, you could just open the gallery section and phone to see who is working now. The receptionist will tell you which of the Asian escorts in Birmingham are free and you can check out her profile instantly. We are certain that no matter what time or day you call, we will always be able to provide you with the best escort for your needs. Why hesitate any longer? Your Asian Birmingham escorts are not going to call you!

BDSM Birmingham escorts

BDSM is an intense sexual adventure that revolves around the four fetishes: bondage, domination, submission and sadomasochism. BDSM Birmingham escorts are extremely skilled in this area and know how to enhance the pleasure that is derived from the experience. It is an extremely liberating game that is only played by consenting adults.

BDSM Birmingham escorts are experts in all flavours of BDSM. Maybe it is something that has always piqued your curiosity, but you have absolutely no idea how to maximise the ecstasy whilst minimising the risk. Our talented and beautiful BDSM escorts can guide you to the best way to enjoy such an extraordinary experience. Let’s face it, who better to act out your sexual fantasies than with a professional?. Relax and have the pressures of the day skilfully removed. Your body and mind will thank you, due to the sexual intensity that BDSM experiences open up. Embrace your dark side and book one of the best BDSM Birmingham escorts in the area. Maybe all you want is the odd spank here and there. Or perhaps you would like to experience something more extreme. Our escorts can provide the most appropriate service for you based on what you tell her that you want. Allow our little minxes to drive you to the point of pure ecstasy

If you are dominant or top you are in charge. You are controlling all aspects of the situation. You are the master who dominates the escort. Your pleasure comes from giving and watching how your skills create an immense level of euphoric pleasure. If you are a submissive, masochist or bottom you will have given yourself completely to your escort. You are at her every whim. Your pleasure will come from being subdued. These roles can be swapped during the session. But it is important that you and your BDSM escorts in Birmingham discuss what roles will be played by who during the scene. This clarification of roles will dictate how the session should progress to ensure maximum pleasure for the client. The BDSM escorts in Birmingham know that anything goes during a scene. What is essentially one person’s nightmare could well be another person’s dream. No two people’s experiences and sensations are the same. No matter what feelings you derive from the experience. One thing for certain is that they will be very intense and sensual bodily and mental feelings.

Limits of BDSM

There are many levels of BDSM and it is important to choose your escort wisely. Each and every person has their limits as to how far they like to indulge in the world of BDSM, the escorts included. The level of intensity can vary and all depends on how far you would like to go with your kink .If you are not sure if the escort you like the look of participates at the level you want, you should contact the agency. The receptionist will be able to tell you which BDSM escorts in Birmingham are most suited to your needs.

Aftercare is an important factor to take into consideration when booking the time slot with the BDSM escorts in Birmingham. As this type of intense emotional experience can make a lot of people feel emotionally vulnerable. Therefore, you need to consider whether you want to spend time talking and analysing the scene. Some clients prefer to do this as it builds trust between the client and the escort. Also, it makes the following scenes together easier. Everybody who indulges themselves into this extreme world understands that communication and trust are key to a successful event.

The BDSM escorts in Birmingham can visit you on an outcall service. That could be either at your hotel or at your home. She will take all of the toys that are needed to play if you specify that you want them included in the service. Alternatively, you can visit her in her perfectly prepared apartment.

BDSM escorts at fixed rates

Classy escorts agency prides itself on pricing transparency. The prices that we advertise on the site are a fixed rate. It does not matter what happens between you and your BDSM escort in Birmingham. You will only be charged the price that you saw on the website. Every escort charges the same flat rate.

At the agency we have BDSM Birmingham escorts available 24 hours a day, although, we advise our clients to try to book the appointment in advance, especially as BDSM is not something that can done as a last minute thought. Both the client and the escort need some time to mentally and physically prepare for the scene. Also, do not forget to ask for a dominant or a sub when making the booking.

Birmingham escorts available today

Fill all your desires. Spend time with these. Sexy classy escort girls. All of them are working today. Best choice in the whole city. Easy reservations, discreet service.
As is the norm in this modern day world. Technology has placed everything at the tip of our fingers. That also includes what Birmingham escorts are available today. In this section you will find girls who are working at the agency today. They will have all of the openings in their schedules advertised online.

The Birmingham escorts available today will go out of their way to provide you with an earth shattering experience. They are the type of women that your mother warned you about. Not because they are bad influences. Because they are naughty girls. They love to indulge in anything that produces a sexual euphoria. They will give you the chance to experience the best sex you will ever have in your life. All of the escorts available today in Birmingham are experienced girls. Some of them have been in the industry a while. Whereas others are just starting out. Either way, all of them are experienced enough to provide you with a service that would make your mother blush!. If you are not sure which one of the girls will give you such pleasures then check above. You will find enough Birmingham escorts available today to keep you going for a while!

If you are after a classy moment with one of Birmingham’s most talented escorts. Check out the Birmingham escorts available today. They are sure to put a smile on your face. Not a smile that shows your are feeling alright. It will be one of those grins that go from ear to ear. The type that when you are out and about people will look at you and instantaneously know. That you have had one of the best sessions ever. You will exude a glow of contentedness that is enviable to all. No other girl knows how to do this as well as one of our girls.

Excellent choice of girls

You can see that we offer a wide range of Birmingham escorts available today. There are some of them who are working day shifts. Whilst others are covering the night shift. We also have on offer a range of girls who specialise in different services. All of these girls are prepared for most kinds of last minutes bookings. However, there are some that require special preparations. If you require a service that might need advance notice. Please bear this in mind and book a girl for later in the day.
The majority of the escorts work both incalls and outcalls. Some of them will only do one or the other service. This can be disappointing if you have your heart set on a specific girl. Therefore, we suggest that you are slightly open minded with regards to your final choice. You must select the Birmingham escort that will provide exactly what you are looking for. If you have your heart set on a specific girl. Yet she cannot travel to you. We strongly recommend that you try to visit her. You will never regret doing so. The physical attraction that you felt when looking at the photos. Will be amplified tenfold as soon as you meet you. They will provide you with a service that is incomparable too.

Amidst our exceptional selection of escorts available today in Birmingham. You will find some prime examples of pure femininity. They are delectable creatures. They give out the impression of being ethereal. However, looks can be deceiving. Underneath that beautiful outer shell you will soon realise lies a horny succubus. A creature that makes love to men with an insatiable passion. You will be left exhausted after the encounter. Not in a negative way though. The Birmingham escorts available today are the perfect mix. Beautiful and elegant on the outside yet concupiscent on the inside. Their irresistible and bewitching charms will leave so excited that you will beseech her for more lustful fun. Any one of the escorts that you choose to book will leave you feeling like this.

You will never be at a loss when using our girls. All of the escorts on the page are actually working at the agency. We only provide the public with their availability if they are genuinely available at the times advertised. We understand that a lot of agencies advertise fake profiles to pique interest then feign that they are fully booked when a client makes an inquiry. This is a policy that we do not agree with. For this reason you will only see real girls with an indubitable availability advertised on this page.

Birmingham escorts for couples

There is an increasing amount of couples looking for Birmingham escorts. More and more people are expressing their sexual liberties in the bedroom. If you are one of these open minded couples and want to try something new, this is the place for you.

Many partnerships, be they married couples or not are indulging each other in the biggest turn on possibly available for couples. Which is the introduction of a female escort into the relationship. Most people naturally assume that women prefer to have another man enter the sexual dynamics of the bedroom. This could not be farther from the truth. A third person added to the fun is better being a female, and all women know this. The reasons behind this are simple; both people in the relationship are able to indulge in his and her carnal fantasies in a more erotic and sensual way. By adding an additional female fusion into the mix it becomes less intrusive for the couple. With it being less intrusive both will be able to see how each other cope with another person added to the dynamic. Which is exceptionally important for when trying it for the first time. The escorts for couples in Birmingham are extremely experienced. They know how to pleasure a woman and a man. They are so relaxed that their energy transposes to their clients helping everybody to feel relaxed and at ease. By using Birmingham escorts for couples there are so many possibilities of spicing up a couple’s sex life.

Escorts for women as well

Have you always thought about the excitement of having a threesome but are worried about how complicated it could be to add a third person to the equation? If you hire the services of Birmingham escorts for couples there need not be any worry. It is quite probably the least complicated way of injecting spice into the relationship. There is no need to be concerned that she will threaten the relationship. The escort is only interested in your satisfaction.

Another big bonus of hiring escorts for Birmingham couples is that it comes with an agreement. The escort is only there for the time needed and will leave at the end. There are no awkward moments. Also, as she is a professional her overall health can be guaranteed. The main advantage is that she is skilled in her field. You can be assured of getting what you pay for. This is something that is not given as a certainty when finding somebody from the classifieds.

All the attention on you

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to sit back and watch your wife get pleasured by another woman? Maybe you would like your wife to be centre of the attention or maybe your dirty desire has always been to have two women pour their attention over you…between you and your chosen escort for couples in Birmingham that could all happen.
Take some time with your partner and browse through the gallery to decide together which of the Birmingham escorts for couples is the right one for you.

These escorts are not just suited to male-female couples.They are the perfect choice for female-female couples or for one woman only. Birmingham escorts for women or couples know how to pleasure both men and women. They can be a welcome spirited member of a female couple relationship. The same principles apply to when joining a male-female venture. They will add a little extra pizazz to the situation.

Escorts available for Woman

Birmingham escorts for women can provide a sensual experience to a woman who has always fantasised about being with another woman, but she has never plucked up the courage to try it. Maybe you are a married woman but would like to feel the soft hands of another woman caress your body. This is a difficult situation for a lot of women…where do you go?, how do you find a woman who will let you experiment with her? With escorts for women in Birmingham, a woman can experiment as much as she likes with total discretion. The escort can teach her many things about her own body that can later be used in her own relationship. Also, it is a very liberating and sensual feeling. A lot of women have wondered how it would feel to be intimate with another woman. This does not mean that she is bisexual. She is just an open minded person wishing to explore new realms of sexual excitement.

For a completely discreet appointment with Birmingham escorts for couples or woman. Call us to find out how we can help add a little bit of eroticism into your love life.

Birmingham escorts for disabled clients

Who books Birmingham escorts for disabled clients? The answer is quite simple. If the client is physically able to then they tend to make the booking. However, this is not always possible. Therefore, the carer usually contacts us. More and more parents are helping their offspring to enjoy the same sexual pleasures as everybody else by booking escorts for disabled clients in Birmingham.

Birmingham escorts for disabled clients are available to help those who have more need of an escort than most. There is no need to live a life of celibacy just because you have a disability. With our nubile escorts, disabled clients in Birmingham can experience the same joys and pleasures as everybody else. Our escorts are highly skilled in offering many services. Some of which are particularly popular with disabled clients. The most popular experiences are: the girlfriend experience, tantric massages and tantric sex, striptease. Your chosen escorts Birmingham for disabled clients will listen to her clients every desire. She may also suggest other ways of experiencing pleasure. This all depends on each individual client and how the encounter is going.

Ladies with lots of experience

The escorts who attend appointments with disabled clients have lots of experience and deal with each person as an individual. Attending to each person’s needs and necessities as and when needed to. As they are experienced in helping disabled clients they are well aware of certain stigmas that they may have. Because of this there is no need for embarrassment as the client is made to feel relaxed and at ease from the very beginning.

Escorts for disabled clients are available for hire for both outcalls and incalls. When making the booking it might be worth keeping in mind that not all of the accommodation that the escorts use has easy disabled access. If you are housebound then the escort will happily visit you in your home. The escorts understand that each person is individual and there may be some limitations with some clients that others do not have. This is never a problem when you decide to book an escort through our agency. Should you have specific requirements please inform the receptionist when booking. This allows the escort time to think of how to adapt her services so that her client is still able to share intimacy and enjoy sexual pleasures the same as any other client. We, at Classy Birmingham escorts agency will help acquiesce to your needs. Our escorts are fully conversant with the needs and wants of those with certain debilitating ailments and endeavour to accommodate all our clientele with care and understanding.

All customers treated equally

We all understand that libidinous urges are present in everyone. Irrelevant as to whether they have a disability or not. Unfortunately, even though disabled clients are entitled to the same services as other clients are, they do not have as easy access to escorts as they should have. Classy escort agency in Birmingham strives to ensure that every customer is treated with the same amount of respect, dignity and discretion. When a person books Birmingham escorts for disabled clients they can be certain that they will receive a mind-blowing service. Our escorts are highly skilled and have many years experience providing pleasure to disabled and non disabled clients. They love indulging in their client’s fantasies and sexual desires. The type of escorts in Birmingham for disabled clients are empathetic lovers. They get pleasure from seeing their sexual partner being pleasured. This is ideal for those clients who have more physical restraints. They offer a chance for a unique sexual encounter. It makes no difference if it the client’s first time with a woman or not. One thing is for certain…it will quite possibly be the most gratifying sexual encounter of a lifetime.

Benefits of sexual encounters

If you are still concerned as to whether booking an escort is the right thing to do. There are a few things that should be taking into consideration; firstly, there are many health benefits that are related to sexual encounters that people who have sex regularly take for granted. It is a commonly known fact that sexual relations help to alleviate built up frustrations. In the long term this lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. It can also help to provide and outlet to release pent up anger making people less aggressive. We all know how that rush of endorphins after having sex makes us feel. We feel relaxed and ready for a good sleep. The chemicals that are released also helps muscles to relax and it also reduces muscular spasms. Not only does it have positive physical aspects. There are positive mental aspects too. Depending on how restraining a person’s disability is they might not be able to have much physical contact with people outside of their family, care workers or health profession workers. Just lying next to a woman, feeling the sensuality of flesh against flesh helps to boost their masculinity. We all love that warm feeling of being held in a pair of arm and to have our sexual dreams not only lived out, but respected too. At the end of the day. Birmingham escorts for disabled clients offer the chance for their clients to feel like every other man does. With their passion and understanding they offer a service that no other person in their client’s daily life can offer. One thing that must be remembered is that it is a therapeutic service, both mentally and physically.

Some agencies take advantage of there not being many escorts who are available for disabled clients and they tend to charge more than the going price. Here, at Classy agency our Birmingham escorts for disabled clients work on an hourly fee no matter what specific services are required during the appointment. If you still have any doubts, get in touch via the contact us page. We will be more than happy to talk you through any queries that you may have.

Birmingham escorts for spanking

Escorts in Birmingham for spanking are a great way to unwind after a long, hard day. Some of our ladies are naughty girls and need punishing from time to time. What better way than to bend them over and spank their soft, round rumps?. They love nothing more than to be spanked with a soft, leather paddle, a hand or any other instrument that either you or she may desire to use.

The spanking can vary from mild to hard. Some Birmingham escorts for spanking and clients alike enjoy nothing more than a little love tapping to enhance the excitement. Whereas others, enjoy receiving or giving harder blows to their buttocks. The sensation it brings the client and escorts for spanking is one that will bring your nerve endings alive with titillation. Imagine all the fun that could be had. It can be incorporated as part of the foreplay and warm up or it can embraced as part of the actual act of fornication.

Spanking can be something to enjoy

Escorts for spanking in Birmingham can be difficult to find, it is one of those fetishes that not many people like to talk about. They feel embarrassed and associate it with a childhood punishment. With an escort from Classy escort agency you will not feel any of this. Our escorts are into all sorts of things that some people struggle to experience due to being judged by their partners. Escorts for spanking in Birmingham can be the way to realising this fantasy without ever feeling awkward, like when asking for it from a partner. Let yourself go. Feel the rush that spanking will undoubtedly give you. Allow your dominant deviance’s to surface and hire one of our beautiful escorts for spanking.

So, now you have decided to try something different to add a little kink into your, what could possibly be, vanilla sex life. The next step is to decide on which escort is the one for you. On our site we have many escorts available, all of who offer many variables. Some of them are the variables that you need to enjoy your move into the world of kink, or the expand the kinkiness. We suggest that you click on to the gallery section. There you will find all of the photos of the escorts at the agency. In each section you will see that the escort has a small written profile under her photo explaining the specific acts that she enjoys in partaking in. Once you have found the ones who enjoy being spanked, contact the agency and find out her availability. If your choice is not working on the day and time you want. Do not worry. The agency will be able to tell you which girl is working at the times that suit you.

All of the Birmingham escorts for spanking are highly professional women and ensure that all meetings are keep under the utmost amount of discretion. Escort girls for spanking can be hired for either an incall or an outcall service. They are here to make all of your erotic dreams come true.

Birmingham GFE escorts

GFE escorts offer a service that is beyond compare. We all have urges that need to be satiated, however, not many men want to be in a committed relationship. This is why GFE escorts from Birmingham are so popular. They can provide everything that a man expects when in a loving mutual relationship, but without the fidelity.

The services that you can expect to receive from your chosen escort are vast in variety. Basically, you will experience what a normal relationship involves, but without the added complication of an established relationship. Not everybody wants to spend their time looking for a partner, sometimes these relationships can be a pain in the neck. They can be very time demanding, and this is something that not many people want to waste their time with. This is when Birmingham escorts offering a full girlfriend experience become the ideal option. They will perform all of the acts, offer affection and are able to hold a conversation on any topic you wish to talk about.

The gfe escort in Birmingham is best appreciated if spread out over a few hours. This way you can take your time and drink in every aspect of the encounter. There is never any sensation of being rushed with the gfe. The escort will skilfully take you on a relaxing and sensual journey. Allowing you to have all of the benefits of having a beautiful girlfriend without the headache.

Venus and Aphrodite cannot hold a candle to our escorts for GFE services, such is their beauty. Just look at the photos of the girlfriend experience escorts and you will see for yourself. To find out which of these ladies are working as GFE escorts in Birmingham you will need to do one of two things. If you are not fussy as to which escort you meet then you can phone the agency directly and book any of the women who will be working at the time that you desire. Alternatively, you can leisurely scroll through the profile pages. By doing the latter option you will be able to see the pictures of the escort before any bookings are made. The only problem with doing this is that you run the risk of that escort not working when you will need her. For this reason, it is advisable that you keep a couple of GFE escorts Birmingham in mind when you phone up to book.

Physical and mental pleasure

Not many people know that pleasure does not always need to be physical, sometimes the mental side can induce an endorphin euphoria that outweighs the mere physical aspect. This is something that you will experience when you contract one of our escorts for GFE. The experience is one that does not need full on physical actions to become one of the most fulfilling and gratifying encounters that you will have ever had with a woman.

The pleasure of experiencing a Birmingham gfe escort can be had in any location where you feel most comfortable. She can visit you in your home, which to be honest is the place that most people feel more relaxed. However, this option is not always suitable for a lot of clients. We, as an escort agency including the ladies, understand that a large majority of clients would rather keep their private lives separate to their pleasure time activities. Therefore, the gfe escort can join with you in her private accommodation or in a hotel of your choice. Having the opportunity to meet her in her apartment tends to suit more people. This is due to not having the extra cost of a hotel room on top of the hourly rate, also, having a regular place to visit offers familiar surroundings. All of this adds up to a very enjoyable time.

24/7 services

The agency has Birmingham GFE escorts available 24 hours a day. We can offer a girl no matter whether you need her in the morning, afternoon or the night. There is never a shortage of GFE escort girls as this is one of the most popular services booked.

One thing that every client who books an escort from Classy agency of escorts can be sure of is discretion. Never do we provide third parties with the client’s personal information. Nor do the ladies discuss any of their work with anybody else. Also, the point of meeting the escort is never disclosed to anybody, ensuring that you can relax and have a great time without wondering how many people know what you are getting up to. Contact us for more information or to simply make a booking.

Incall Birmingham escorts

There are many reasons as to why a Birmingham incall escort is the perfect choice for most people. But, first of all, Maybe it should be explained as to what an incall service is. An incall is when a client, who wishes to use the services of an elite girl, visits the Birmingham incall escort in her own private or agency owned accommodation.

Some people might find it hard to decide as to whether an incall is the right type of service for them, whilst others already realise it from the get go. There are many factors which contribute to this decision. The first one being anonymity. Nobody broadcasts to their neighbors about when they are having intimate relations with their partners (unless they have walls so thin they seem like they are made of paper). So, why would you want to broadcast it to the world that you are having a lady visit you to help alleviate your carnal urges?

Classy Birmingham escort agency has many apartments ideally placed around the city for the use of incalls by the escorts. These apartments are usually located in key points in the city centre. By having the apartments located in such prime positions it makes it easier for the client to access. At the end of the day, convenience is what everybody is after.

Clean and discreet incall apartments

When deciding to contract the services of an incall escort, you can be assured that hygiene is at the forefront of the encounter. All of the girls are clean ladies, and there are shower facilities for the client to use both before and after. It must be acknowledged that this is a very important factor for everybody. Now, some people might think that the incall apartment is a dark, dirty, dingy place, as is portrayed in seedy films, this could not be further from the truth. All of the apartments are clean, tidy and well kept. They have all the modern conveniences that are required. This all adds to the comfort and relaxing ambience that is required for a sensual meeting to be fully enjoyed. Let’s face it, turning up to a stranger’s abode is not the most comfortable of situations and some people might take a while to feel at ease. With the incall accommodation being so enticing it takes away the nervousness of the situation.

Something that may need to be taken into consideration is the fact that the escort will not confirm the exact location of the incall until shortly before the appointment. This is to protect the girl. Another important aspect is that if you are a returning customer, you should not assume that the Birmingham incall escort will be meeting you in the same location as before. We have various incall bases around the city. The lady will more than likely be working from a different apartment than the time when you previously met with her.

Birmingham incall escorts are perfect for local people who do not have anywhere to go to be entertained. It takes away the pressure and worry of having somebody walk in on you if you use your home.

Incall escorts available for all

An incall escort in Birmingham is available for all types of customers, whether they be new, regular or even females or couples. There are girls to suit every taste and they will fulfill any fantasy.

Something else that makes an incall service ideal for most clients is the financial cost of the booking. Incall services per hour work out cheaper than another service. The price is an all inclusive price and includes everything. The only thing you need to do is make the appointment, turn up at the allotted time, pay for the time booked and then allow yourself to fall deeply into a mist of lust and pleasure. Our incall escorts Birmingham know how to pleasure a man. After connecting with one of these ladies you will on the phone rebooking your next sexual adventure as soon as you have finished the first one.

When browsing through the website you will find the profiles of the incalls escorts in Birmingham. It is in the profile section that the escort says what services she offers. You will also see that along with the services she says whether she is also available as an incall escort. If you are not sure as to whether your chosen escort can attend you on an incall basis then it might be worthwhile having a couple of escorts from classy in mind, then confirming if she can be visited by phoning the call desk.

Explore Birmingham with outcall escorts

Birmingham is a place to be explored and who better to be your guide than one of our outcall escorts from our escort agency Birmingham?

Our Birmingham based agency is very adept at providing classy outcalls escorts to men and women in the area. All we need are the specifications of what you require and if the outcall escort will be attending an event. Then we can match you up with the perfect companion. We are so experienced in this field that we are more than certain that there will be no disappointments.

Reasons to book an outcall appointment

There are many reasons as to why you should book one of our outcall escorts in Birmingham. By having the advantage of your Birmingham escort travelling to meet you, it opens up a new flexible world. You can request that she meets you somewhere specific. You can go to various places with her, like a restaurant or a bar in Birmingham
The most obvious advantage for a visitor to the city of having a Birmingham escort visit on an outcall service is the convenience of it all. You do not have to worry about not knowing where the escort is based. Which is ideal if you do not have access to transport or are not familiar with the area.

Allow yourself to be driven to ecstasy in the comfort of the place where you feel most at ease. You can decide to take the escort to your own home or hotel. Or perhaps you just want a delightful woman to accompany you as you attend a public or social event.

Contracting outcall escort girls Birmingham is the ideal way to have an explosive date all booked for from your sofa or room. Imagine the thrill of knowing that a beautiful woman is on her way to your place. The anticipation is felt from the moment you choose her from our website. It will grow into a crescendo of excitement until you hear your doorbell ring and there she is on your doorstep waiting to join you in a unification of desire.

Highly Professional girls

Birmingham outcall escorts are highly professional ladies and are very dedicated to their job. They are always pristine dressed and it goes without saying that, without exception, their outfit will be appropriate to the occasion. It is not only their clothing that is of a high standard, their entire demeanour is too. An outcall escort in Birmingham knows how to carry herself in the public eye without drawing attention to her true profession. She is the perfect, no strings attached temporary partner. She will engage you in stimulating conversation at the same time as stimulating your groin.

If you are seriously considering contracting an escort to pay you a very satisfying visit then you will be content knowing that the advertised price on the website is the final price. Birmingham escort agency does not endorse escorts charging more for any extra services performed. Having said that, outcall girls are slightly more expensive than if you were to visit her at her own place. Although, the price is nominal and totally worth it. If the escort is expected to travel a significant distance to meet her client. There may well be a travel charge incurred just to cover the transport costs. This will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Pleasure with outcall escorts in Birmingham

Nowadays, more and more people decide to book a Birmingham escort on an outcall basis. This is due to the flexibility that this service offers. She can go anywhere at any time and turn up looking a million dollars no matter where she goes. A lot of people actually enjoy having the pleasure of Birmingham outcall escorts, purely and simply to offer companionship in a restaurant. We all know that dining alone is not desirable for most people. Therefore, some men who might be visiting the area will not eat out. There is no need to despair as one of our representatives will happily be your partner. As the outcall escorts are highly educated they can offer stimulating conversation throughout the night.With no need for the situation to become uncomfortable. Who knows, after a few glasses of wine and a rich meal, the personalities might click and some extra marital activities might be a natural follow on. By contracting the escort for this type of services it alleviates all external pressures. It is ideal for the first timer who is unsure as what to do.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to book Birmingham outcall escorts the receptionist can help you with any doubts that you may have. Go on….book one of our stunning girls today and see what the hype is all about. You will be able to experience first hand just how amazing our outcall escorts are.

Birmingham Porn Star escorts

If you want to have a very naughty night with Birmingham porn star experience escorts then you are at the right place. You will find only the best and dirty minded Birmingham porn star escorts here.

It cannot be denied that a lot of men have spent many a night watching porn films. Most have fantasised about what it would be like to actually spend time with the actresses in real life. Well, you no longer need to reach a climactic moment into a tissue whilst fantasising about it being with a porn actress. With our agency you can experience the real thing. Porn star escorts are the answer to every man’s dream. They are extremely experienced and are guaranteed to blow your mind. It is in their very nature to want to feel the endorphin rush that horny and dirty sex provokes. Allow them to take you on an erotic adventure that will give you the exact same rush.

Have regular meetings

Many men and women are more than satisfied in the company of a regular escort. However, some people want a little bit more than that. That is why we have some amazing porn star experience escorts in Birmingham.  You are certain to soon realise that Birmingham porn star escorts offer some services that are not available from regular escorts as they are not as experienced in this field. It is for this reason that they are so popular amongst many of our clients.

With regular escorts most men prefer the GFE, which is great if you want the relationship style experience. However, there are times when a man, to put it plainly, needs to release his carnal urges and get down and dirty. Porn star escorts are perfect for when you want to divulge in some pure hardcore sex. Normally with this experience you can expect to repeat what you see in the films. Whatever your darkest desire is, she will fulfill it. These girls are used to performing in front of a camera, so they are at ease with themselves. This will make you feel comfortable too. Whilst in their company, there are no holes barred. They will perform absolutely any act to your exact requirements. With these escorts you can let your imagination run wild. They will do absolutely anything that you desire. Many of the acts you might have dreamt of doing with your partner, but she was not willing. That will never be the case with a porn star escort. To be honest, she has probably already performed every single sexual act that can be done. So, you can be sure that she will know exactly what to do to give you the biggest sexual high that you have ever experienced in your life.

So many live a fast paced life and not everybody can find the time to visit the porn star escorts in her Birmingham accommodation. We understand that, therefore, you can contract these horny ladiess to visit you.

Booking porn star escorts in Birmingham is easy. Just browse through the gallery and find the girl that really does it for you. Then call the booking desk and find out her availability. It is as simple as that. You will have an unforgettable experience that will play around your mind for weeks afterwards.

Bisexual Birmingham escorts

The possibilities of the different states of excitement that can be experienced when engaging with bisexual Birmingham escorts is limitless. These girls can be booked by single men, single women or a heterosexual or lesbian couple. Hell, you do not even need to be in a sentimental relationship. You and a friend could quite simply explore new sexual highs together.

One advantage of booking bisexual escorts in Birmingham is that they can be booked as a duo. Some of the girls have an electric relationship. They delight in being able to work together. Just imagine how horny it will be with you and the two bisexual escorts. You could sit back and enjoy the show. Watch how they skilfully turn each other on. Or, you could be the centre of attention. Allow these delectable ladies of the night to work together to arouse your senses. Indulge in hedonistic bacchanalia. With Birmingham’s finest and most talented bisexual escorts you will experience a sensory overload. Quite possibly it will be the most explosive capriciousness that you have ever had in your life. This can be experienced by both male or female clients.

Bisexual escorts to spice up your love life

Another advantage of these spectacular girls is that they could well be a welcome addition to a heterosexual relationship. There are many sexually adventurous couples who want to add a new dynamic to the physical side of their relationship. The only problem is that they are not sure as to how to do it. Contract the services of a libidinous bisexual escort. All of your fantasies can come to life. You and your partner could spend time deciding which of the girls in the gallery would be best suited to pleasure you both. Both of you need to be attracted to the girl, not just one of you. So, this is an important factor to take into consideration. From there all that is needed is to decide on a date. Between the time of booking and the actual playmate the anticipation will just grow and grow. The fun can start as soon as the booking is made. You and your partner can discuss and fantasise about all the different ways the bisexual escort can be incorporated into the fun. Once together, enjoy the look on your partner’s face as he or she indulges in your fantasy scenario. The pleasurable effect is palpable. At the end of the day, nothing shows true love than the ability to share fantasies with each other.

Maybe none of the aforementioned scenarios are suitable to your needs. You might be one of the many female clients who does not know how to explore her own sexual curiosity. Bisexual escorts in Birmingham are very popular for single women too. They enable women to let go and experience a whole new sensation. Some women might be too shy to approach a friend to have a bit of girl on girl fun. Maybe you have always been curious as to how different it would feel to be intimate with a woman. Walk on the wild side and experiment a little. Book Birmingham bisexual escorts and indulge in your sapphic cravings. Feel free to explore your femininity without prejudice. Our girls will help you to learn more about your own sexuality.

Many reasons to choose our Bisexual escorts

There is a myriad of reasons as to why you might want to choose on of our stunning girls. Not all of them have been mentioned here. Whatever reason you may have we are here waiting to pleasure you. Do not let your lustful urges go to waste. Indulge in the most sensual fun you will ever have in your life. Contract bisexual Birmingham escorts today.

Amuse yourself with the company of one of these bisexual girls from Birmingham. They are available to travel across the county. Neighbouring counties too if so needed. These girls can also service you in her apartment. This does not tend to be the preferred choice for many people who contract our bisexual escorts from Birmingham. The majority would rather have the escort visit them in the accommodation of their choice, sometimes a hotel. As it is a more comfortable and relaxed environment to meet.

It is straightforward to connect with Birmingham’s bisexual escorts. Simply register with the agency and check out the gallery of escort girls. We have ladies working night and day. So simply call and find out which of the bisexual escorts will be free when you want her to be.

For an unforgettable sexual experience book bisexual escorts Birmingham. No man nor woman has ever had need to complain about the services they have received from these woman. In fact, they are left with the need to repeat the meeting as soon as possible.

Black Birmingham escorts

Exotic black and mixed race Birmingham escorts are becoming more and more popular in the industry. This is not surprising as Birmingham is a very diverse and cosmopolitan city. The majority of these girl are actually British by birth. However, we do have a saucy collection of black and mixed race escorts from other countries like the Caribbean, South America and Africa. We have ebony escorts in Birmingham representing various nationalities. This helps us to be able to cater to all tastes.

Their smooth chocolate skin is a turn on for many men and women. As each and every one of us find different skin tones attractive, our black or mixed race escorts are ideal for those who enjoy the excitement of an ebony woman.

Mixed Race escorts in Birmingham

They are not available only for men. Couples and women can also hire these resplendent creatures for some intense rumpy pumpy. This is because some of the ebony Birmingham escorts are bisexual. With them being bisexual it is also a fantastic opportunity for a man to fulfil his sexual fantasy of seeing two women together. You could hire two escorts, maybe a pale skinned blonde escort and a black or mixed race Birmingham escort and get incredibly turned on by watching the contrasts in skin tone writhe together on your bed.

These breathtaking escorts are highly educated women, making them paradigmatic for companionship. Depending on your needs, you can hire them for either an incall or an outcall session. They can hold an intelligent conversation on a wide range of topics. This means that they are suitable for any social or intimate situation that you may need them for.

Take time to get to know these majestic beauties. The combination of their soft skin, heavenly eyes, dark and mysterious features and their incomparable skills makes any man or woman weak at the knees. We have many Birmingham ebony escorts registered at the agency who are looking forward to showing just how hedonistic being in their company can be. They love nothing more than to indulge their clients in extravagant pleasure.

Black escorts with unique heritage

Birmingham black and mixed race escorts have a unique heritage which makes them a delight to be with. As they are individual and not of the run of the mill background. Some of the escorts who are from other countries have led interesting lives and this can be a basis for some interesting conversation. Which is ideal for when you decide to become her regular client and wish to book her for the full gfe.

For a truly out of this world experience, contact the agency and book one of the most delightful black or mixed race escorts that exist in the area. We are 100% certain that you will have no regrets booking one or more of these black beauties. It does not matter what time of the day or night you find yourself in the need of one of our girls. The call desk is continually attended and we have girls working day and night. Go on..treat yourself to an amazing experience with one of our black or mixed race escorts.

Book blonde Birmingham escorts

Blonde Birmingham escorts are by no means the stereotypical dumb blondes. They are intellectual women who love to be sociable. They enjoy getting to know new people and have a sex drive, which at times, is out of this world.

We have a glorious selection of golden haired succubuses eager to make your acquaintance. Browse through the gallery and find the one that suits your tastes. As you will be able to see, we have both natural and bottle blonde escorts Birmingham. Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Well, the ample selection of blonde babes at the agency speaks for itself. There would not be so many of them working if the old adage were not true. Do not take our word for granted. Read the customer feedback or try one for yourself to see how amazing these women are.

Our blonde escorts in Birmingham offer a selection of services to their clients. All of which are bound to leave you in a state of sexual rapture. As we have so many blonde girls on the books, it is virtually impossible to break down the services of each and every blond escort here. Look at the gallery section of blonde escorts. Find the one who does it for you both with her looks and also what services she is willing to provide.

At Classy escort agency of Birmingham we very diligent when it comes to hiring escorts. Just because of their hair colour does not guarantee that we will offer employment as blonde escorts Birmingham, UK. We have a very selective process that they have to go through to become one of our escorts. This way we can be certain when we say that these blonde bombshells are going to give you the ride of your life.

Classy blondes

These classy blonde ladies are the quintessential companion for any man or woman. Their striking figures and remarkable features are the perfect compliment to when you are suited and booted and ready for a wedding or a business event. Due to the fact that we insist on all our escorts in Birmingham blonde or otherwise, having a certain level of education and intelligence, they will not stand out like a sore thumb in any social situation. Leaving you able to relax and enjoy the event. Of course, it goes without saying that they are not only available to those clients who need a beautiful woman hanging off their arm. They are also available to attend their clients in a more intimate situation. As much as they enjoy being out and about and being socially flirtatious. A lot of the blonde escorts from our agency love spending quality one to one time with their clients. Just like their are different shades of blonde, there are different types of personalities. Some of them have wonderfully affectionate characters, which makes them the ideal girlfriend experience escorts. You could snuggle up together and talk about your day. Get her honest opinion on problems that may be plaguing you. Alternatively, you might be interested in something a bit more animalistic. Every man and woman has urges, the likes of which cannot be ignored as mother nature herself is the driving force. These instinctive forces are hard to ignore. It is at these times many people seek the services of a blonde escort in Birmingham. The skills and prowess of these divine escorts helps her clients to alleviate the internal pressures that have crescendoed to an aching pain deep in the groin.

Adaptable Blonde escorts

Blonde Birmingham escorts are very adaptable. They can be a wild seductress, providing the opportunity for some hard fun, or the calm gentle lover, showering you with affection and sensuality. Or they can go out and party hard and show you how blondes move on the dance floor, or have a candlelit dinner and converse about whatever you want. The opportunities to explore new sensations are endless with these exceptionally beautiful and talented escorts.

If you fancy a spending a few hours in the company of one of our blonde Birmingham escorts then you know what to. After making your choice from the photos, pick up the phone and dial the agency phone number. The call desk is never closed. So it does not matter if the urge takes you at 1 o’clock in the morning or at 7 o’clock in the evening. There will always be a blonde Birmingham escort working. Call us now to see which of the girls will be free at the time that suits you. Who knows, maybe the escort of your dreams is available right now and is waiting for your call.

Angelic blue eyed Birmingham escorts

Blue eyed Birmingham escorts are the most angelic looking women in the business. Here, at Classy Birmingham we have a wonderful selection of paragons of virtue.
Not many people are fussy about the colour of an escorts eyes. However, here at Classy Birmingham escort agency we understand that there are people who enjoy the specific look of an escort just as much as her ability to perform. Many men get a thrill from looking into those baby blues as much as another might get from looking at a pair of voluptuous breasts. Therefore, we have decided to help your search by categorising these sexy blue eyed escorts into a defined section. Not many agencies do this, but we think it helps to personalise the services that we offer.

It is a common misconception that blue eyed escorts in Birmingham are only blonde girls, here at the agency, we have black haired escorts, brown haired escorts, red haired escorts and every colour in between who are blue eyed girls too.

Imagine the intensity of the look in your chosen escorts blue eyes as you gaze into the deep blueness. It could be over a restaurant table, eating a romantic dinner, or it could just be the chance lock of your eyes with her blue eyes as you are in the hot throes of passion.

Blue eyed escorts to hire daily

Blue eyed escorts can be hired on an hourly basis for outcall services. With the outcall option you have the freedom to do many things with her. You can go to many places, sightseeing, party, social occasions or even have her attend your needs at your home or at your hotel. If this is not what you had in mind, then contract one of our hot blue eyed escorts in Birmingham for an incall service. This service is available for a minimum of half an hour. Some clients prefer this as they might be on a time restriction and cannot dedicate a minimum of an hour to the escort. No matter what your restrictions or needs are, you will find them to be attended to without judgement at the agency.

Actively working blue eyed girls!

Look through the website and find the blue eyed escort who is the one for you. All of the photographs are original. None have been digitally altered. Therefore, when you see those blue eyes looking back at you, you can be certain that it is the true depth of shade looking back at you.
Each of the escorts that will attract your attention offer different complementary services. All of which are included in the prices advertised on the website. Take your time and leisurely scroll through what blue eyed Birmingham escorts are working. Call one of the discrete receptionists to make further enquiries as to availability of the girl you wish to be entertained by.

Your blue eyed Birmingham escort is only a matter of a few minutes away. A quick call to the agency and she could be ringing your doorbell in no time at all. Finding a blue eyed escort of this calibre in another agency will be difficult. Find out for yourself. Book one today.

Brown eyed Birmingham escorts

Brown eyed Birmingham escorts are possibly the most enigmatic of all of the types of women we have available to you. They have eyes ranging in tones. From a deep brown chocolate that will melt into the depths of your soul, to a shade of burnt umber that reflect the mischievousness hidden behind them.

Sensual brown eyed escorts

You will become mesmerized by the dark whirlpool as you stare into her beautiful mahogany eyes. There is something so sensual about a brown eyed Birmingham escort that you will, unavoidably, form a connection with her straight away. Her dusky, smouldering and penetrating eyes will send tingles down your spine. You will not be able to avoid the temptation of a brown eyed Birmingham escort. Immerse your whole being into her liquid brown pools and be drawn to another dimension. One where pleasure unbound awaits you.

We pay special attention when looking for new brown eyed escorts Birmingham. This is because of there being so many. We only like to offer our customers the best of the best. Any old escort with brown eyes will not do. They have to have a certain charm, a type of elegance that only a few can possess. Not only do we look for Birmingham escorts with brown eyes and beautiful bodies. We also make sure that they can provide the client with an unforgettable experience. Our Birmingham brown eyed escorts are mischievous little imps. They love adventure and to explore new carnal sensations. A night with one of them will leave you in a state of pure bliss. It will be comparable to being in a sexual Utopia.

Brown eyed escorts to hire for events

Our brown eyed escorts in Birmingham are available to be hired for many events. They can accompany you to a high end social event. They always look the part and are exceptionally well dressed. Therefore, they will fit right in no matter where you take her. Not every client who contacts our Birmingham escort agency needs an escort for this reason. Others just like to have a release. There are many reasons as to why you might need the services of brown eyed Birmingham escorts. It is a given that no matter what your reason, all of your personal details are kept under the utmost amount of discretion. The encounter is too. When contracting a brown eyed Birmingham escort the only thing you need to worry about is whether you will be able to cope with so much euphoria.

To find your ideal brown eyed escort in Birmingham, all you have to do is look in the gallery section of the website. There you will find a plethora of beauties all waiting for you to book them.

Contact the agency without delay. It does not need be long until you fall into those chocolate coloured dreamy eyes. A place where you will see that her joy is actually your carnal pleasure. The inescapable pull of the deep, dark, brown eyed escorts eyes will draw you into hidden depths. You will be rushing to re-book the experience and become one of their regular clients.

Watersports Birmingham escorts

Today’s ‘clean and hygienic’ society views watersports as dirty and wrong. This could not be farther from the truth. Watersports Birmingham escorts allow you to indulge in an extremely kinky fetish without having the taboo associated with it.

For those of you thinking of trying something a bit kinkier but not sure where to start or what to do. Then why not consider a little bit of watersports with escorts. Watersports or golden shower as it is more commonly known as, is a common desire that many people keep to themselves. This is due to prejudices and the fear of being judged. Rest assured that our watersports escorts love it as much as you do.

More than just a Golden shower

There is a common misconception that a golden shower is the only way to indulge in watersports. Your watersports escorts in Birmingham will more than happily show you how many exciting games exist. By exploring this wonderfully erotic world you will learn that there is much more to it than originally perceived. There are also many ways that watersports can be introduced. Not everybody wishes to receive, but they love to give. This is not a problem with our escorts. Also, for some people, watersports voyeurism is what tickles their fantasy. No matter how far you want to go with your escort to have your kink satisfied, watersports escort girls will go that extra mile to ensure that your every desire and whim is catered to.

The release from indulging in an act that is seen as dirty can be euphoric, you will experience a climactic high like never felt before. Allow your ws female escort to take you on a hedonistic journey like you have never had in your life.

These watersports lovers can provide you with this act of immense sexual gratification anywhere that you like. Although it is advisable that you take the necessary hygiene matters beforehand and prepare the room where it will take place adequately. If you are not in a position to do this, then the escort will happily entertain you in her apartment.

Make your intentions clear

If watersports is something you would wish to try then please specify it at the time of booking. The receptionist will keep your desires secret as discretion is key at the agency. However, the watersports escorts in Birmingham need to prepare in advance to able to provide the best service possible.

The watersports escorts Birmingham are in high demand. They are available all around the clock, both night and day. Because of this it is highly recommended that you make your booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Let go of the internal demons and give yourself to a new world of extreme pleasure. Contact the agency today and book one of our amazing watersports escort ladies. This is one experience you will never regret having tried. And do not forget…hydrate yourself during the day to be in the best physical condition to be participating in an extremely stimulating act.

Brunette Birmingham escorts

If you fancy meeting hot and horny brunette Birmingham escorts then you have come to the right agency. You will find a plethora of stunning brunette beauties on our website. All of them are experienced in the art of inducing pleasure.

They are caring and sensual ladies who also love a bit of spiced up adult fun. The fun can be endless with our brunette escorts in Birmingham. There are no limits to the levels that they will go to. Some of them will, in fact, indulge in some play time with extraordinary nerve ending stimulating adult toys. Their lust for all things erotic will become apparent the moment you get them in the bedroom. There are some of the Birmingham brunette escorts who will indulge in some fetishes. If this is something that you want to explore, then check out the profile pages and see if she indulges in your fantasy.

Classy and naughty brunettes

Our escorts work in this industry because they love everything that is naughty, just like you do. They thrive on receiving and giving immense amounts of pleasure. They love sensing how horny they make their clients feel and want to take every inch of his manliness. Creating huge amounts of pleasure that you will never want to end. Then again, why should it end? The brunette escorts can be yours in Birmingham for the amount of time that you want. If you want to visit them on an incall service then the minimum time is 30 minutes. Whereas an outcall in a minimum of an hour. Both of these services can last longer, much longer. Just decide on how long you want the pleasure to last. If you find yourself restricted for the time, but wish to continue the fun, then there is nothing stopping you becoming a regular client. Many of the brunette escorts have regular clients visiting them.

Meet a brunette escort

Do not forget that our brunette escorts in Birmingham are not only available for the obvious bit of nocturnal fun. They are perfect to accompany you to any kind of event. It might be that you need a plus 1 to go with you to a friend’s wedding, or maybe you want to impress your colleagues and walk into a business function with your stunning ‘girlfriend’ on your arm. If you book and escort for the full girlfriend experience you can do exactly that. The escorts are highly professional and can pretend to be your partner. Nobody would ever guess that she was really an escort. It is the perfect way to show your ex that you have moved on to something better.

The agency and the escorts work 24 hours a day. We make sure that our clients are well looked after and receive a high quality service. It is for this reason that we are contactable anytime, night or day. We understand that not every person is free to contract an escort exclusively during the night. For this exact reason there are brunette Birmingham escorts available around the clock too.

Busty Birmingham escorts

Busty Birmingham escorts come in all cup sizes to send your loins all a-quiver. Be they natural or be they surgically enhanced. Our busty escorts in Birmingham certainly have the assets that a lot of men and women enjoy fondling. If you are the type who loves the fuller breasted woman. Welcome to the part of the website where you will find the escorts of your dreams.

One thing that all of the page 3 girls had in common was their buxom physique. Those beautiful, bouncing, voluptuous breasts is what kept readers buying the newspaper daily. Unfortunately, men and women can no longer quench their thirst for women of ample proportions by looking at these provocative photos. Which is why, over the past couple of years, more and more clients have been booking busty escorts through our Birmingham agency. The excitement that is provoked by being with these exquisite escorts is much more stimulating than when looking at a photo. When poring over a photo, the excitement is limited to self gratification only. In flesh and bones there are no words to describe how intense the feelings can be. Self gratification over a photo that thousands of people are also looking at is no longer the only way to enjoy a busty escort in Birmingham.

New levels of excitement

The feelings and carnal sensations will take you to a new realm of excitement. The anticipation of the pleasure that comes from being with busty Birmingham escorts will envelop you in a crescendo of exhilaration. Imagine parts of your body delving deep between your chosen escorts cleavage. Oh, the fun that can be had with one of these divine creatures is endless. The deliciousness of watching how those pendulous mammas move is almost hypnotising. No matter what position you decide to enjoy with her, you will always have that gorgeous bust in sight. Imagine caressing them with sensuality.

The thing with large-breasted women is that they can be either curvy or slender. Here at the agency we are proud to be able to offer both physiques to accommodate all preferences. You can choose from curvaceous busty Birmingham escorts or svelte ones. You can take some time and without rush, browse the gallery. If you click on the escort’s photo you will go directly to her profile page. There you will see her exact specifications and also her private profile. To make a booking just contact the agency using the number found in various places on the website. The booking desk has access to all of the escort’s timetables. They will arrange with you a date and time.

Gorgeous and feminine women

Busty escort girls are the paradigm of femininity. Their larger than average bosoms, cinched waists and curvy hips provides them with a most sensual hourglass figure that so many women aspire to and men just die to have in their arms. The body of Birmingham’s finest busty escorts is not the only thing that people find attractive. Their personality matches their figures in both attractiveness and desirability. They love to listen to their clients, offering advice if needed. Or just maybe they will listen to allow her client to get his stresses and worries of their chests. They will help to make you feel extremely relaxed in their company. There are so many types of services that these girls provide that it can be mind-blowing for first-timers. Relax. Even though there are time restraints with your appointment, you will never feel like you are being rushed. Just go with the flow and let your instincts take over.

Busty escorts in Birmingham tend to be more confident than other girls in this niche. This is because they are used to having received a lot of attention over the years. This is perfect for when a man needs a beautiful woman to accompany him to a business event. He can be certain that this Birmingham escorts agency will provide him with a woman who will charm everybody. She will turn heads with envy and also desire. You will be the envy of many man who will long to have what you have. The girls are very discreet when out in public. This is what distinguishes them from street-walkers. This allows you to relax and be confident in your choice.

Busty escorts Birmingham may act like butter would not melt in their mouths whilst they are in public. However, get them into the bedroom and it is a whole different scenario. They are super confident in their knowledge and skills. They have spent many years learning and gaining experience. And this become oh-so-obvious once they are in their own domain. They will perform the most audacious acts for you to ensure that you walk away from the encounter highly satisfied.

CIM Birmingham escorts

There is no need to suppress your urges any longer. What better way to end an amazing sexual encounter than to cum in the mouth of Birmingham escorts? Our escorts are highly trained in the skills required to perform fellatio. It is an art that has been performed for centuries. However, not many women know exactly how to satisfy a man orally. Our CIM escorts will do more than just satisfy you. They will produce a level of satisfaction so intense that it will cause an explosion of sensations. Your groin will be burning with lust as soon as you see her open her mouth. Imagine the anticipation that within a short period of time your desires will become true. This will turn your flaccidity into a full blown, rock hard, throbbing erectile ready to deliver its load.

We have an abundance of escorts who have a predilection for oral sex. Not all of them, however, will allow their clients to cum in their mouths. For this reason, we suggest to all clients interested in Birmingham cum in mouth escorts, that they check out the escorts profiles first if looking through the gallery. Alternatively, the escorts found in this section of the site are the ones who take extreme pleasure in feeling a man reach a climactic high whilst in her mouth. Some might spit, some might swallow. This will not affect the overall sensation of carnal satisfaction that you will experience.

Cum in mouth escorts that have you spellbound

These scintillating girls will have you spellbound from the moment you lay your eyes on them. Such is their beauty and charm. Do not let their looks be deceiving. They may well have the faces of angels although these delightfully stunning girls are downright dirty minded in the bedroom. Making them perfect for the client who loves oral sex to be performed to completion. Let your imagination run away with you. Treat yourself to the full package. Combine other sexual activities along with the best blow job you will ever have in your life. Terminate the exceptional indulgence with what what every man loves to do. Ejaculate into the warm, moist and willing mouth of a CIM escort. Standing up or lying down you will fall into a deep chasm of hedonistic ecstasy.

CIM escorts always available

Classy Birmingham escorts agency has cum in mouth escorts working in Birmingham 24 hours a day. No matter what time of night or day that the impulse arises. You can always count on us to provide you with the entertainment that you require. The agency booking line is also open twenty four hours a day. Clients can call and make bookings in advance or see which of the CIM escorts are working in Birmingham or the surrounding areas today. Call to see which of the girls will be paying you a visit. They can visit you in your home. Either in Birmingham or in one of the surroundings towns or villages. So long as it is arranged in advance, some of the escorts are able to travel to other counties too. If you would rather, you could go to her apartment. The location of the appointment is not too important. What is important is that you have the time of your life. Value for money is also an important factor. For this reason, our Birmingham cum in mouth escorts charge a set hourly rate. This rate does not change according to the services delivered. The only change will be if the appointment is for an incall or an outcall. Cum in mouth escorts charge a slightly higher rate if they have to travel around Birmingham or local areas.

Have your desires met

All of our escorts want their clients to have a toe curling time with them. They will go out of their way to ensure that every client gets exactly what they want. Sometimes, what a man wants might not be what he needs. Our cum in mouth Birmingham escorts are so experienced in the art of giving pleasure that they have developed a sixth sense. They can perceive a situation better than most. Sometimes, a client might request a service because he thinks that is what he wants. However, these girls will be able to predict that in reality the client may well need something altogether different to what was initially requested. If the client is receptive to the escorts observations and suggestions, a whole new world of excitement can be accessed.

Rest assured that your appointment will be dealt with complete discretion. We are certain that you will have an amazing experience with cum in mouth Birmingham escorts.

Curvy Birmingham escorts

Statistics show that thanks to our more nutritional lifestyles, the shape of men and women has changed over the decades. This is why curvy Birmingham escorts are more popular than ever. Their natural, feminine, hourglass shaped bodies drive men crazy with lustful thoughts and feelings. There is nothing more sensual than seeing large breasts and a decent set of hips. Just the thought of this makes most men want to grab those shapeful bodies and to pull one of our curvy Birmingham escorts close to your body.

Men’s tastes are going back to an era when healthier looking women were highly sought after. Think back to how Marilyn Monroe was every man’s desire because of her curvy figure. Nowadays, women like Nicky Minaj and beyoncè have become sexual icons due to their voluptuous figures. Our curvy Birmingham escorts have bodies that provoke the same sexual desire as these iconic stars do.

Our curvy escorts in Birmingham are hot and sensual, in both body and spirit. They have a flair for life that is contagious to all of those who are in their company. Their adventurous spirit will pass to you before you have even realised it.

Epitome of beauty

Curvy Birmingham escorts are the epitome of sexiness and they have a sexual appetite to match their statuesque figures. Men fall over themselves to spend some quality time with one of our full figured escorts. Their ultra feminine curves are nothing but pure, spine tingling sensuality. There are so many things that can be done with one of these girls. A lot of men find slimmer women to be boyish in their appearance and this holds no sexual attraction to them whatsoever. Therefore, what better way to spend some of your precious free time than with a sexy, sultry, curvy escort in Birmingham?

These spectacular women are well mannered and know how to conduct themselves when out in public. So, if you wanted to take one of these magnificent girls out on a date or a public function, you can be safe in the knowledge that nobody would suspect their true profession. They love to wear sexy clothing, styles that accentuate their fuller figure. However, they are aware that society demands a certain decorum, and their attire, when needed to be, is most definitely not slutty.

Having said all of that. Curvy escorts in Birmingham are sirens of desire. They have an insatiable appetite for all that is erotic. Hot and raunchy nights is what you will be signing up for when you contact the agency to book one of these girls.

Take time to peruse the gallery section and find the perfect curvy Birmingham escort for you. It might be worth noting that not every escort works on both outcalls and incalls, so double check her availability first. It is for this exact reason that we advise all of our clients to have a couple of escorts in mind to assure that you are not disappointed if your chosen escort is not working on the day that you require.

White Birmingham escorts

White Birmingham escorts are extremely popular with a lot of clients. They love to see the pale, creamy skin tone that is so synonymous with being a white escort in Birmingham.

White escorts in Birmingham are not necessarily English. Here at the agency, we have a selection of nationalities, their pale complexions will make you weak at the knees. We have white escorts Birmingham who were originally from Northern European countries like Sweden, others represent Eastern and central European countries like Russia or Romania. These beautiful Caucasian escorts might have different and distinguishing accents, but they all have one thing in common. They are hot and horny women who cannot wait to show you the prowess of their licentious thirst for lust.

Heart racing gratification

Sometimes what sets a man’s heart racing is the pure look of innocence that pale skin offers. This is why so many men prefer to hire white Birmingham escorts above any other. However, do not be naive in your thoughts. They might look like butter would not melt in their mouths. Get them into the bedroom and it is a completely different story. They are utterly devoted to their profession. They have perfected some wonderfully sensual and erotic skills over time. This ensures that each and every client that hires them has the time of his or her life when in their company.

The Caucasian or white escorts come in all shapes and sizes to suit every man or woman’s preferences. Unlike the black escorts, white escorts have a variety of different eye colours, therefore, you can pick from a blue eyed escort, maybe brown eyes is what floats your boat. Perhaps the rarer eye colours do it for you, like green, grey or hazel. No matter what combination of colouring you prefer, we can provide you with the escort that does it for you. If you cannot tell from the photos have a look at her personal statistics.

White escorts cover the entire Birmingham and surrounding areas on outcall services. This is perfect for visitors to the area. Calling for caucasian Birmingham escorts to pay you a nocturnal visit could be a solution to help keep you entertained on a lonely night in a hotel room. The outcall service is not only limited to visitors. They can also visit local clients in and around the city. Just let us know the address of where you would like her to go and she will be there on time.
Maybe you are in one of the small neighbouring towns. Let’s face it, the nightlife can be quite boring the farther away from the city you are.If you would like a discreet meeting with one of these stunning beauties, but do not have a place to take her, why not book her for an incall service. That way, nobody from your hometown would ever know your private business.

White escorts are waiting for your call. They are available at the time and day that suits you. Call us now, you never know, maybe you could be lying in the fair skinned arms of one of our sexiest girls later today.

Deep Throat Birmingham escorts

Deep throat escort girls know just how great it feels for a man to look down and see his entire manhood buried deep down a woman’s throat. They offer the ultimate in deep satisfaction. Deepthroating is felatio at its best. It takes a certain skill to be able to take a man in his entirety whilst fighting the gag reflex. Our deep throat escorts in Birmingham have perfected the art of swallowing a man’s member in a way that is extremely sensual. The endorphic sensations that she will stir inside you are incomparable to any other erotic escapades. The final release is that of a small nuclear bomb deep within your body. Radiating to every nerve ending. It has been said that it even reaches the soul. There deep throat lovers create a euphoric endorphin release, culminating in a stronger climactic tension dissipation.

Skilled in the arts of oral

Deep throating is the very skilled art of oral manipulation to a degree of pleasure. Which was once only enjoyed by kings and the very powerful. The skill set was only taught to courtesans of the highest order. Now, these skills can be endowed upon you by deep throat experts at our escort agency of Birmingham.

Assuage your hunger by indulging yourself with one of our sybaritic deep throat escorts in Birmingham. Once touched by one of these women you will be under her hypnotic spell. Just like the mythical sirens enchanted sailors, you will not be able to fight the strength of her lure.

Real professionals

Deep throat Birmingham escorts are true professionals. They have worked hard to perfect their skills at providing pleasure in its deepest form. Deepthroating is a hedonistic art that so few women can master. A lot of our clientele who book this service are married men looking to experience sensations that they do not get at home. Here, at Classy escort agency Birmingham we understand that the majority of our clients have the need for a discreet service. All of our ladies provide an excellent service which is seconded by none. Discretion is something that is guaranteed. Both the agency staff and the escorts will never pass on client’s information to third parties. This confidence in confidentiality being so important to us, allows the clients to be able to thoroughly enjoy whatever experiences that he desire with his escort.

There are many places where you can take full advantage of a deep throat Birmingham escorts skills. One of those is in the escort’s own apartment. This is ideal for the client who does not have anywhere that he can take his escort. It also avoids the risk of the neighbourhood busybodies gossiping about what visitors you have. This option is not the preferred way of meeting for some people. Others would rather that the escort visited him in the place where he feels more comfortable. This could be a hotel that is known to the client. Or it could be the client’s own residence. Irrelevant of where you end up meeting your deep throat escorts. You are certain to given an oral experience that will end up with you having the most amazing climax of your life. Deep in the throat of your Birmingham escort.

Find the escort that is right for you!

To find which of the escorts is the right one for you. You should look at the gallery section and focus on her lips and eyes. You need to imagine how your manhood would look between her lips, which will be swollen with desire for you. Also, there will be a point when you connect with her eyes. You need to be able to imagine how much more turned on you will be by looking deep into her sensual eyes. We have such an array of skilled women who love to have their throats filled that we are certain that you will find the right escort for you.

There is one thing that oral sex providing escorts are appreciative of. If you specifically want to experience deep throat when participating in oral sex that you inform her first. Not every girl is able to provide this soul shuddering act. Make sure that when you are making your selection that you choose one from the Birmingham deep throat section. This way any kind of awkward situation will be avoided.

This epicurean existence need not be limited to your own imagination. You could be in the company of one of these pleasure-loving escorts today.

DFK Birmingham escorts

Deep french kissing with Birmingham escorts has to be the most exhilarating experience. It stimulates the nerves in the mouth. Which in turn creates a deep burning and longing that can only be extinguished by letting go. Get stuck into an engaging kiss that releases pent up frustration.

Perfect kissing experience

We all want kissing to be perfect. Not many of us actually find the our ‘kissing soulmate’. Too many people nowadays end up living their entire lives without the feeling of passion that a good deep French kiss can stimulate. Everybody knows how to kiss, but sensual kissing is not a skill that we are all born with. It takes many years of practice to perfect that perfect kiss. Even then, some people just never seem to get it.

Book DFK escorts

The clients who book DFK escorts can be defined into fixed categories. There are the men and women who know how to kiss. These people long for an intimate moment with another person who can match them. Or even enhance their already existing ability. On the other hand, Shy men and women can struggle to find the confidence to attract a partner. This makes French kissing somewhat difficult to do. Connecting with a lady will help you to feel how good this act can be. Even help boost your confidence. So, when found in the situation where a good old fashioned snog is bound to happen. You will know exactly what to do to make it the best kiss ever.

The delectation that is felt when deep French kissing our escorts is out of this world. Nothing enriches those intimate moments more than playing a bit of tonsil tennis with an attractive sexual partner. Deep French kissing can be incorporated as part of the girlfriend experience. What better way to spend those long nights than snuggling up and smooching with one of the Classiest escorts around?

Best services around

Our girls pride themselves on offering the best services around. They are very dedicated to their profession. The main aim is to leave their clients in Birmingham feeling an incomparable exuberance. After just one appointment we are sure that you will be desperately checking your calendar to see when you are next free to spend time with your favourite DFK escort.

Not only will you receive a top class service from your chosen escorts for DFK. You will receive the same attentive assistance from the customer care team too. We try to ensure that all of our customers are treated with the utmost respect and discretion. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that none of our client’s details are shared. They will only be used for our own client database to ease the reservation process. Deep French kissing escorts can be booked for any time that most suits the client. They can be booked for any special event or just for a a bit of adult fun. Whether you wish to see them during the day or the night. You are certain to have the time of your life.

Dominant Birmingham escorts

Contracting the services of dominant escorts of Birmingham is not necessarily all about bondage or being forced to crawl on all fours like a dog with a ball and gag in the mouth.
They can quite simply take charge of the situation. Many people consider that being with a dominant escort signifies being in a deep or dark encounter. One of pain and of being humiliated. Even though a dominant and submissive role is played within this. It refers to a completely different experience. When you wish to engage with a dominant escort it does not mean you want to partake in BDSM. Although, there is nothing that says that you cannot experience some kind of extreme pleasure.

Let someone else be the boss

So many people nowadays are forced into being in charge in their daily lives. In the office or at home. The pressure that this puts both men and women under is immense. Liberate yourself. Escape the restraints of your daily life into the hand or ankle restraints that your salacious escort will put you in. Pursue new sexual adventures and learn how unfettered you will feel. The ambience that is created from being with one of Birmingham’s splendorous dominant escorts is one of pure ecstasy.

Dominant escorts in Birmingham offer their clients the opportunity to relieve themselves of sexual tension. From the very first moment that you meet she will be at the helm. You can leave your worries at the door. Later as you leave, you can pick them back up again. However, during the time that you are with your girl you will not have a care in the world. The only thing that you will need to preoccupy yourself with is adhering to her every command. Pleasing your dominatrix will be the only thing that you will want to do. Not many people have their own dungeon full of whips and chains where they can be handcuffed and punished. Dominant Birmingham escorts might not have the dungeon, they do, however, have a considerable number of toys that can be used on their submissive playmate. All of these toys can be incorporated as much or as little as you like in the session You can also request that the escort carries out a specific service. Or you could willingly give yourself to her. Let the unknown be what excites you.

Advantages of booking a dominant escort

There are many advantages of arranging a rendezvous with one of Birmingham’s dominant escorts. One of these is the fact that you do not have to worry about your performance. Too many men fail to arrive at a platform of pure euphoria. This is because they are too concerned with pleasing the woman. By submitting yourself to your dominant escort this is no longer something to be preoccupied with. Your dominatrix will give you demands. You will be told what to do and when to do it. This is where her pleasure will derive from. Hence, you will be relieved of a massive burden. For once in your life you will be able to be pleasured at the same time as pleasing somebody else.

Our dominatrix escorts can provide you with the ultimate domination experience anywhere in Birmingham. Do you have a preference over an incall or an outcall service? If not then your experience could start from before you even meet face to face. Allow her to make the decision as to where you will meet. If you do not have this flexibility, decide where you want it to happen before contacting us. At the escort’s place, your own home or a hotel. Maybe you want to feel what it is like to be dominated outside of the bedroom. Arrange to meet in a public place such as a restaurant or a bar. Feel the exhilaration of being dominated in Birmingham. However, do not think that you will be degraded in front of people. The art of being dominated is all about discretion. A fun game with a sexy playmate that is 100% discreet. Only you and her will know what is going on. Only the both of you will be able to fully appreciate how exciting the experience will be.

The fact that you are still reading at this point, means it is obvious that you are in need of somebody to assert their dominance over you. Go to the gallery section of the site. There you will find an amazing assortment of escorts of dominatrix services. All willing to put you in your place. Booking one of the city’s dominant escorts is simple. It just takes an expeditious phone call to the agency to inquire which call girl is free when you need her to be. All clients must keep in mind that any calls from withheld numbers will not be answered.

DP Birmingham escorts

Only the horniest women from our agency can be booked as double penetration Birmingham escorts. Double penetration is quite probably the horniest sexual act that is known to mankind. It is one of the most popular acts watched on porn websites by both men and women alike. Because of it being a massive taboo it makes it even hornier. But that does not stop people getting a massive turn on from watching it. If you are a viewer of this act, why not try it out for real? So many men fantasise about having a threesome with a second man and a woman. There is only one problem with that. Where do you go to find a woman who will be willing to allow you and another man penetrate her from both the front and the back at the same time. Can you imagine asking your wife or girlfriend to do this with your friend? If you ever did ask her, the answer would surely be no. You would probably get a slap in the process..and not the kinky type either.

We decided to break down the site into easy to find categories. The reasoning behind this is simple. Many clients know exactly what they want when they book an escort through our Classy Birmingham escort agency. Therefore, by categorising the escorts into the areas that they specialise in, it makes it quicker for our clients to find the escort that will drive him to the heights of pleasure.

Not many escorts perform this service as it is seen as very intimate, too intimate for some women. However, we are very lucky to have an outstanding selection of DP escorts in Birmingham working here at the agency.

Double penetration is the best service

Double penetration with one of your friends can be an extremely fun and kinky thing to do. It provokes many sensations of hedonistic euphoria. You can take turns in being the top and the bottom by swapping around with your friend. This way both of you get to experience the same act, but with different sensations. Obviously, our Double penetration escorts do not only offer you double penetration during your time together. They are fun and adventurous girls who will perform some stunningly amazing services to both you and your friend. The likes of which will leave you both intoxicated with gratification.

Enquire as to whether your selected escort will attend you on outcall or an incall. If you decide on an outcall visit, make sure that it is somewhere where both men will feel comfortable.

All you need to do to is get together with your mate and browse through the gallery. Once you have found the double penetration escort in Birmingham that you both like the look of. Call the agency to find out her availability. Because of the nature of the service that your chosen escort will provide you with, please keep in mind that it might not be possible to make a last-minute booking. Do not hesitate any longer. One of the best sexual experiences you will have in your life is only a call away. Double penetration escorts will take you on the ride of your life.

Exciting English Birmingham escorts

English escorts have a myriad of skills. Some of these abilities have taken them years to perfect. They are excited about being able to bestow these exceptional skills on their clients. It will be done in such a way that you will never have experienced them before.

Perfect English escorts for all occasions

Imagine how great it would be walking into a public place with the most attractive woman in the room on your arm. This could become reality if book one of our English escorts in Birmingham. They are spectacular creatures who fit in well in any situation. They can play any part that is so required. Alternatively, allow one of these ladies to excite you in the privacy of either your own or her own four walls. They may well be the quintessential English rose when out in public. However, get one of these girls into the bedroom and all bets are off. They will take you to a place full of lust and passion. A place that will leave you yearning for more.

Not many people like to clock watch when having fun with one of our English escort girls. Although, for some people it is inevitable that at some point or another you will be extremely conscious of the time. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a lot of time on their hands. Why not book your seductive English escort for an overnight appointment. Take your time. Relax with a devastatingly beautiful girl to keep you company. The world is your oyster when you have no time restraints. Unfortunately, time is a luxury that many people cannot afford. If time is not something that will be on your side, English escorts from Birmingham can be booked from as little as half an hour for an incall service. Some clients find that they misjudge how much time they want to be entertained. Therefore, there are ladies who have the flexibility of extending the session. Which is good for when you do not want the pleasure to end.

English escorts from all over the country

The English escorts at our Birmingham escort agency are not only from Birmingham. We have a medley of women all representing various parts of the country. So, you could opt for a local girl or be culturally diverse and choose a girl who is from a country that you have never visited. All of our English ladies are articulate, by connecting with an English escort in Birmingham from elsewhere you could expand your knowledge of the country and our intriguing culture. This would be perfect for those clients who wish to contract the full girlfriend experience.

No matter what service you choose to book, all of your personal details will be treated with the utmost amount of discretion. English escorts are stereo typically British in this aspect. They will keep all details of any appointments under lock and key. They appreciate the need that their clients have to keep their personal affairs to themselves. The agency also works by the same policy. When a client registers and books an escort, they receive a confidential service. Ensuring that the client has no worries about the exciting rendezvous they will have with an exquisite English escort in Birmingham.

Facials with Birmingham escorts

One of the most erotic sexual fantasies of many men is to climax over the face of a woman. Facial escorts in Birmingham can allow you to live out that fantasy.

It is a commonly well known fact cum on a woman’s face is amazing for her skin and complexion. Therefore, it is perplexing for many men as to why there are not a lot of women who allow their partners to cover their faces in his ejaculate. It is after all, the best and most natural facial available. Birmingham facial escorts know just how good it is. If it were not so good, stars like Heather Locklear would not publicly admit to doing it themselves.

There are many escorts who will give a blowjob with gusto. Most will let you come in their mouths. But, at times, nothing is more satisfying than watching your cum drip down off her chin after you have painted her face with your load. These girls really do enjoy sex and all that pertains to it. Facials with escorts Birmingham is an amazing way to let your hair down and to forget the stresses of everyday life.

Enjoy the whole experience

This is such an enjoyable ending for a man’s sexual encounter that the facials escort in Birmingham will help you to enjoy the entire experience without feeling rushed. If you wish to have a session with one of these titillating facial escorts with its focus being on nothing more than covering her face with your cum. Then maybe a quick, half hour in call appointment might be more suitable for you. However, if you would like to experience other sexual sensations with your facials with escorts and have the option at the end to be able to come all over her face then any of the other time slots are perfect. It does not matter whether you choose to visit her on an incall or an outcall appointment. You will receive the exact same treatment. She will attentively stimulate you no matter where the appointment takes place.

Find facials with Birmingham escorts quickly by clicking on to the gallery. Here you will find out which of the Birmingham escorts love facials. Whilst you are browsing through the gallery. Imagine which of the girls would look best when you splurge your man juice over her pouting lips, swollen with desire. The one that makes your groin swell, is the one you should book.

Facials with escorts can be available any time of the night or day. There are so many of our girls who love getting their faces covered in hot, sticky cum. Booking one has never been easier. The call desk has receptionists manning the phones 24 hours a day. So, whenever you feel the urge to spend some amazing time with a beautiful woman. Or just quite simply want to deposit your cum over her pretty little face. Call us and find out when your desired escort is available. You will not regret spending time with one of our most sensual Birmingham escorts for facials.

Fetish Birmingham escorts

If you are looking for a fun time with fetish escorts then this is the agency for you. We have the kinkiest girls in the business working at Classy escort agency in Birmingham.

There are many levels of intensity with regards to fetishes and our escorts will cater to them all. It could just be a bit of light spanking, toe sucking or something more extreme. The more intense the fetish the more the Birmingham fetish escort enjoys it. Nothing gets fetish escorts in Birmingham’s juices flowing like a good old fashioned kink.

Exploring fetishes is fun and feels good too. It provides a sexual release like no other. However, not many people understand the need that some of us have to indulge in fetishes. Society makes us feel like there is something wrong with us for wanting to experience such kinks. By contracting fetish escort girls you can just let go of your inner sexual deviants. Feel the excitement grow from the moment you start browsing through our selection of women.

Explore your naughty side

Each and every person who has a fetish knows exactly what it is. It is something that we have had in the back of our minds since we started exploring the carnal world of sexual gratification. Not everybody is given the opportunity to explore it, unfortunately. This could be because of the stigma attached to fetishes by society. From pure embarrassment maybe you have not plucked up the courage to tell your partner what really turns you on. Another reason for not indulging in your fetish before could just be that you have not found a compatible partner. We all know that when we are told that something is wrong and bad, it makes us want it even more. By being able to indulge in the very same thing that we are not supposed to do heightens the sensuality and attractiveness of it even more so. Fetish escorts in Birmingham can help you to abandon yourself to the very thing that gives you immense pleasure without feeling ashamed or embarrassed

No need to be embarrassed

The one thing about fetishes is that it can be guaranteed that if you are thinking about it, somebody else has already done it. So, do not be nervous about asking your fetish escort in Birmingham to participate in your fantasy. Chances are that she has already done it before.

The fetish escorts Birmingham are available to provide this sexual liberation from their own apartments or from your hotel room or house. Check with the receptionist to see if your chosen fetish escorts provide both the call services that better suits you.

We have been helping men and women to wallow in their most secret and intimate fetishes for many years. Do not hold back any longer. Contact us today for a discreet meeting with one of the best fetish escorts from Birmingham in the area. You are sure to have the time of your life. No doubt you will become a regular customer after being able to lose yourself in your ultimate fetish with one of our sought-after girls in Birmingham.

Glamour model Birmingham escorts

A lot of glamour models work in the escort industry. Glamour models offer a visual and physical stimulation. They have the most voluptuous bodies in the industry.

Imagine how great it would feel to have your very own page 3 girl for a few hours. How many of you fantasised over the playboy bunny when you were younger? So many lads emptied box after box of kleenex tissues imagining how it would feel to be with a glamour model. Well, there is no need to continue imagining. Now you have the opportunity to have her in real life. You can live out all of those teenage fantasies, but with the experience of now being an adult. This will only heighten the sensations and allow you to have a much more pleasurable experience.

Beautiful bodies

Even though all of our Glamour model Birmingham escorts are beautiful women with amazing bodies. Glamour models are in a league of their own. They are used to having their body on display. This creates a massive sense of self confidence, which is transposed to the client. Her comforting at ease in her own skin will transfer to you in bucket loads. Making you a more confident person in general.

We have all got a sexual bucket list. There are certain things that we may never do. Some because we will never find the right partner to fulfil them. Others because they seem unobtainable. Having fun with glamour model escorts in Birmingham can now be something that can be checked off the list. Indulge yourself in the sweet world of a glamour model escort in Birmingham. She will undoubtedly show you things that you never even knew existed before.

If you decide to hire one or our divine glamour model escort girls Birmingham you could opt to book her on an outcall service. She is the perfect woman to have hanging off your arm at any social event. Her stunning body and looks will make you the envy of every man at the event. Every woman there will also envy her perfect body and how good it looks in her clothing. Not everybody has the opportunity to present a trophy woman to their social circle. Some men are married and are only interested in the experience of having a woman so aesthetically different to their wife or girlfriend. It is for this very reason that the escort can also be hired for an incall service. This service is much more discreet than an outcall service. It allows the client to experience an amazing sexual and sensual euphoria without the risk of being seen. Of course, if you would prefer, she can visit you in your home or hotel room. Each of the services as discreet as the other. It all just comes down to what is the easiest and more comfortable for the client.

Search through our selection of glamour model escorts in Birmingham. We have a wide range of girls of different skin, hair and eye colour to suit every man’s preferences. You will not be disappointed with the quality on offer. Call us today and turn a fantasy into a reality.

Green eyed Birmingham escorts

Green eyed Birmingham girls are the rarest of eye colours. It is difficult to find an escort who falls into this category. However, here at our exclusive Birmingham escort agency we have some of the most beautiful green eyed escorts the city has to offer. It is difficult to find such emerald enchantment in other escort agencies.

Birmingham escorts who are green eyed have all the fun. They have charisma and charm and an enviable ability in the bed. They are a delight to look at and even more so when they show you how they can satiate your carnal urges. They will send you into a turmoil of emotions and sensations from the get go. All of which derive from pure pleasure and excitement. Never has it been said that our Green eyed escorts in Birmingham do not know how to pleasure a client. In fact, many of the clients eagerly re-book return appointments. This is due to the immense euphoric ecstasy experienced.

Green eyed escorts of all nationalities

It goes without saying that our green eyed escorts are of all nationalities. So, you can experience some adult fun with a girl from a different country if you so wish. Also, we have a beautiful selection of skin tones and hair colours to perfectly frame such beautiful eyes.

Green eyes is commonly associated to envy, and other negative ideas. This is definitely not the case with our stunners. They are, in fact, the perfect solution for many men who find that they do not want the complications of envy or jealousy in their lives. Some men do not have the time nor the need for a full time partner, hence why they contact our sublime green eyed escorts Birmingham. They can offer a stress free alternative to a complicated relationship.

Our green eyed escorts are chosen, not only because of the colour of their eyes, but also for their flair and willingness to indulge in their client’s chosen fantasy scenarios. They will bow to your every whim, ensure that you have an unparalleled experience. They aim to ensure that your pleasure is at the forefront of the entire appointment. There are many experiences that our green eyed Birmingham escorts can offer.

The fun and exhilaration can be had in many different locations. Either on an outcall or on an incall appointment. Whichever location suits your situation your chosen green eyed Birmingham escort can adapt to make the experience as liberating as possible.

They are available to help alleviate all of the tension that has built up. Just a quick call is all that stands between you and a few hours of unadulterated passion with Birmingham’s choicest green eyed escorts. Be advised though, green eyed escorts are a rare find. So, book them quickly!

Indian Birmingham escorts

Our delightful Indian escorts are the epitome of luxury. They are elegant and sophisticated and are true ladies. So, if you are looking for femininity, Birmingham escorts agency is the place to be.

Birmingham is a multicultural city, where many races live alongside each other without any problems. So it goes without saying that there are many Indian escorts looking for jobs in Birmingham. That does not mean that we employ just anybody to represent our agency. Each and every one of our Indian Birmingham escorts are hand picked to ensure to only the finest escort is offered to our clients. They have to go through a rigorous interview and verification process making them the best Indian escorts in Birmingham around. This is why we only have a select few Indian girls.

Discreet, punctual and gorgeous Indian escorts

Clients can book Indian escorts for either incall or outcalls. As they are naturally elegant ladies. Who like to take pride in their appearance, they are the best choice for anybody who needs a plus 1 for a social event. Their charm and grace will make you proud of your choice. They are decidedly punctual to every appointment. Keep in mind that some of the escorts are available to travel nationally and perhaps internationally to accompany their clients to important events. They have a wardrobe full of clothes specially bought from upmarket boutiques. They even have traditional saris that they can wear if the occasion demanded it. Alternatively, you can book her for an intimate one on one rendezvous either at her apartment or your own. It is possible that some may even be of the mature escorts type.

Even though they are exquisite looking girls, they are hot and horny in the bedroom. Your darkest desire will become a spine tingling reality. These salacious women love their job and get a massive thrill from exciting their clients. These subcontinent beauties are from a world of sultry and exotic pleasures. They will aid your journey to a new level of excitement with skills that put even the Kama Sutra to shame. With knowledge handed down through generations on how to pleasure men. The Indian Birmingham escorts live up to their reputation as the real spice girls. Every night is party night with Indian escorts. Try for yourself and find out what all the hype is about. No matter what service you book, GFE, massage, lapdance, etc…, you will never forget your time spent with these amazing, exotic, dark skinned angels.

Excellent value for money

Indian escorts Birmingham are worth far more than what you pay. They provide many services, the majority of which you would have to pay extra for at a different agency. Here at the leading escort agency in Birmingham, we pride ourselves in charging for the ladies time and not what happens in that time between two consenting adults. This allows clients to be able to ask for anything and not worry how much it is going to cost them.

For some spicy x-rated fun contact us any time and see which of our seductive Indian Birmingham escorts can be yours. You can be sure of a discreet and trustworthy service when booking through our agency.

Mature Birmingham escorts

Mature escorts offer elegance and class. They are sophisticated ladies, who have the advantage of experience on their side.

These women have done all of the partying and got the wild way of living all done and dusted and over and done with. These women have grown up from their wild ways that immaturity and youth supplies us with. They are the perfect companions for those who would like to spend their time in the company of a woman who is not a party animal, or a naive airhead lost in her own little bubble. Having said that, they are still available to work on an outcall appointment for social events. Actually, if truth be told, a mature Birmingham escort is probably the best option to accompany you on a date where you would be with lots of people. As their age helps them to not look like the stereotypical escort. Therefore, the truth behind the date will be kept as discreet as you would like it to be. When a man reached a certain age, if he has a young, beautiful woman hanging off his arm, people tend to assume she is an escort. This does not happen when in the company of mature Birmingham escorts.

The advantages for a mature escort

The advantage of hiring a mature escort is that they have many years experience. They know why men hire them and they aim to provide exactly that. They understand what desires men have and they endeavour to achieve the fulfilment of these cravings. They will also suggest experiences if they feel that their client would enjoy them. They would never expect their clients to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. If there is anything that you would like to try then ask the escort if you can do it. The likelihood is that she has already done everything before and can show you how to enjoy it to the maximum.

Perhaps you have used escorts in the past but found that they did not quite satisfy you, that ´spark´was missing. It could well be that what you needed was not just an escort, but one of Birmingham’s mature escort girls. They leave their clients feeling more satisfied than any other escort can. Their years of experience has helped them to learn more about the unknown erogenous zones that a younger woman might not know of. Another plus for them having so much experience is that they understand just how important being in another person’s company is. For this reason they are perfect for clients who wish to book the full girlfriend experience. They have a wider knowledge of the world and of current affairs. They have met many types of people during their lives and are able to converse on a more intellectual level. Just like non escorts, age has given them a wealth of advantages. Mature Birmingham escorts are more confident and less self conscious than younger escorts are. This will be obvious in every aspect of your time with her.

Not only for older clientele

Mature escorts in Birmingham are not only for older clients. There is a trend of women of a certain age being referred to as MILF’s. These women are sensual and sexy and a lot of young men fantasise about being with one. It is a very popular category in the porn websites. By booking one of the mature Birmingham escorts you could have a MILF all of your own. At least by using an escort you will be saved the embarrassment when your mates mom turns you down. You will also find these escorts are more likely to entertain disabled clients as well.

Whether you are local to the area or just visiting a mature Birmingham escort can help you to unwind and relax. If you do not know the area, she can take you to the best places in the city. Her years in the city and taught her where the hot spots are and her connections can help you to jump long reservation queues. Alternatively you can just pay her a visit at her own place and take advantage of some consenting adult pleasure. These visits will be kept under the strictest of confidence. Assuring you that your time with your escort will be nothing but pure unadulterated fun away from prying eyes.

You can book one of the mature Birmingham escorts any time that you like. We understand that life is not fixed to a set schedule. So, we never close the call desk. It is manned all around the clock to make connecting with an escort easier. If you need an escort during the day then just inquire as to who is available. There are also escorts working covering every hour of the day.

New Birmingham escorts

See the latest Birmingham escorts at our classy escort agency. All of these profiles here display to you the most recent additions to our escort agency. Although the newest escorts may not have many reviews yet. On paper they all meet the requirements. They very often offer you the chance to see some new escorts that have not previously been available in the region.

Its a good opportunity. For you to increase your experiences. Getting the best for your new escort. Is more straight forward. She is not seasoned. Neither is she fully experienced. So this allows for tying new things. Of course do not try. To take advantages. That would not be good. These girls like to please. They are trying to make money. Therefore with a fresh approach. Making you happy. Is their priority

Over night Birmingham escorts

Have you ever regretted not booking longer with your escort?. With our elite collection of overnight escorts the fun does not have to end.

There is no need to rush your time with your beautiful escort. Take your time to savour every feeling and sensation. There is a myriad of romantic things that you can do whilst in the company of overnight escorts from Birmingham. Just allow your imagination to run wild.

By booking Birmingham escorts overnight you can have the pleasure of seeing an angelic girl sleeping next to you all through the night. Wake up with her lying next to you.

Over night escorts for more sensual encounters

These escorts offer the ultimate in the real girlfriend experience. How closer to the real thing can you get? You can go out for drinks, maybe a meal then snuggle down and get cosy together without having to be looking at the clock the entire time.

Our overnight escorts know how to tease and play. They can spend hours stimulating and arousing and cause all sorts of naughty mischief. The question you want to spend so many hours being stimulated both mentally and physically?. Spending such an amount of time with your escort can help to build a relationship of trust and it goes without saying that you will have plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. This helps to build a rapport and you can become a regular client with ease. Have all the perks of having a woman during a long period of time at your side, but without the full time investment of a relationship.

You can book your overnight escorts in Birmingham to spend their time with you out and about and finish the night at your house or hotel. Alternatively, you can spend the entire night at her apartment. Whichever option suits you best. The escorts only aim is to see her client content and satisfied with the service that she has provided. She does not mind where you choose to do that.

No hidden costs with over night escorts

The rate for overnight Birmingham escorts booked through our agency is a fixed rate. You will not be charged extra for any additional services asked for during the date. The price advertised is for a full 12 hours with the escort. Not many other escorts agencies offer this service for so long. The majority are for 8 or 10 hours. This is why we are the best in the field. We offer the most transparent prices and the best services.

Not every escort working at our agency offers this service. It is worthwhile, therefore, to check each of the escorts profile and guarantee that she is one of the overnight Birmingham escorts. Another thing to keep in mind is that 12 consecutive hours is a long time. Our escorts are very popular and tend to be booked up fairly soon. It is for that reason that we recommend booking such a service well in advance. Also, you might wish to have a couple of escorts in mind when making your booking, this way, you will always have the option of one of the escorts that you like the look of if the other is not available when you want her.

Call the agency today and book yourself one of the best overnight Birmingham escorts in the area.

OWO Birmingham escorts

Classy Birmingham escort agency is proud to present the most experienced oral without escorts. These girls probably have the strongest yet softest tongue in the area. They also have mastered the art of relaxing their gag reflex. To be able to give the most explosive blow job without a condom. Every man knows that fellatio is quite possibly the best sensation in the world. Let’s face it, oral sex without a condom is the preferred method for most men. The warmth of a woman’s tongue running up and down your hard shaft is incomparable. It stimulates every nerve ending. Leaving you in a state of explosive intoxication.

Oral without professionals

Our lingham licking professionals have had many years experience in the game. This practical contact has enabled them to perfect their skills. Skills which take many years to hone. This allows their clients to appreciate the full benefit of their knowledge. Most men know that a satisfying blow job is not an easy thing to attain. Some girls just do not get that it takes more than to just stick it in their mouths and suck. This is why so many clients prefer to book an OWO escort. They know that without a doubt they will receive exactly what it is that they want. Let our OWO escorts Birmingham get her knees dirty. They are so good they can suck the chrome off a tail pipe. Do not say that you have never dreamt of having somebody give you a decent blow job. No longer does it need to stay as a fantasy. Listen to your groin and realise that the oral sex that you have been used to was only bog standard, nothing special. Reach new heights of sexual enhancement with one of our escorts.

Being sucked off by one of our escorts is not the only reason why you should book an appointment. They offer many other services too. This act could be part of a complete package of experiences and sensations. You can maybe include with this with other services to get the real happy ending you require. For example its possible that some of these girls are also a member of our Facial escorts and some of the girls may also provide with the option to enjoy cum in mouth.

The transcendent beauty of our escorts will leave you dribbling with anticipation. Their luscious corporal shapes are out of this world. We have a wide variety of girls to suit all tastes. Tall, short, slim, curvy. Whatever you want we can offer. Of course, their faces are as pretty as picture too.

You might be wondering how do you know if your escort performs OWO. Well the answer is quite simple. Simply open the gallery and find the girl that you find most attractive. Each of the escorts has a brief written profile. In this profile you will find her statistics. You will also find what particular sexual encounters she provides. This way you will know if the other services available will be a match to your desires. Alternatively, for any enquiries you can fill in the appropriate section of the website. All queries are answered rapidly. To book your escort is just as easy. Phone the booking line and make your reservation.

Always available OWO Birmingham escorts

The agency is open all year round, every day of the week. Which signifies that no matter when the urge takes you, you will never be left wanting. Some of our guests are regular visitors. For this reason a lot of our OWO Birmingham escorts tend to be booked in advance. However, we also have guests who are more sporadic in their routine. They enjoy spending time with our girls on a more irregular basis. So, we will always have OWO escorts available for last minute bookings in Birmingham. Unfortunately, the only problem with this is that we cannot assure that you will get the escort that you originally chose from the gallery.
If you fancy getting your cock sucked by the best in the area. Contact us for the best priced sexual indulgence available on the market. You will never regret your choice to contract the services of an escort from classy escort agency in Birmingham city. The customer service is second to none. The standard of escorts on offer is extremely high too. After just one session with our oral without Birmingham escorts you will wonder why you never used their services before.

Pakistani Birmingham escorts

Men and women of Birmingham no longer need to travel overseas to find themselves exotic Pakistani escorts. We have the most attractive Birmingham escorts of Pakistani heritage in the area.

These angelic looking ladies are bound to leave you more sexually satisfied than you have ever been before. They are remarkably skilled in the art of copulation.
It is not only their carnal knowledge that makes Pakistani escorts so entrancing. Their personality enraptures all those who spend time in their company. They are a delight to spend time with. Many of our clients book themselves a Pakistani escort to accompany them socially in Birmingham or the surrounding areas.

Pakistani escort girls with beauty

These libidinous beauties offer each and every single client a service, which is individual and unique to each person. All of our Pakistani escorts in Birmingham have an innate ability to intuit what each specific client needs and wants. Which is perfect for when you have had a hard week at work and need to unwind. Before you even tell her what you want, she will have already worked it out. What better way to unwind than indulging in some erotic fun with a salacious escort. They are the embodiment of sexuality. Their bodies move in a way that can only be imagined by most and envied by more. You may be surprised to hear it, but many of these girls love to party.

Search through our website and whet your appetite on these arousing enchantresses. From just looking at the photos we are certain that it will stir up feelings deep in your loins. This is only from the anticipation of knowing that soon the girl on the screen will be with you. Imagine just how gratifying being with her in reality will actually be. It is satisfying to know that the photographs that we use are 100% genuine. They have been taken by our own professional photographer. So, we can, hand on heart, guarantee that they have not been digitally modified in any way whatsoever. This ensures that each and every client who books one of our Pakistani escorts in Birmingham. Will get the same exact person as shown in the photos on the site. The only thing that may be different is that for the sake of privacy some tattoos might have been blurred out.

So many men and women who connect with these girls become regular clients. So much so is their satisfaction that they no longer hook up with whatever escort is available at the time they want. They pre book their preferred Pakistani escort in advance to assure that she will be free at a time that suits them.

Party Birmingham escorts

So, you are thinking about hiring party escorts in Birmingham. Fancy a night out but do not know where to go? Party girl escorts can show you what’s hot and what’s not in Birmingham.
We have an abundance of party girl escorts in Birmingham. All of them are open minded girls up for any kind of adventure. They love chemical fun just as much as carnal fun. Mixing both is the ideal night for a lot of people. It especially is for our party Birmingham escorts.

A long, lonely night of flaccidity is something that will not be happening when in the arms of our escorts. They are so pleasurable that it will be hard not to rise to the occasion. Our girls are very demanding on themselves. Consequently, they are only contented when they know that their client’s satisfaction is one of pure sated rapture. No matter what type of experience you wish to indulge in. You can be certain of one thing…an incredible night that will be one full of hot, steamy, delectation. Luxuriate in the knowledge that life will never be the same. Your normal every day relations cannot compare to the sensations that you will feel when with party Birmingham escorts. Party girls in Birmingham are extraordinarily talented in their ability to satisfy. Both men and women alike finish their time with our girls thoroughly satisfied. Due to this, they become regular customers.

Party girls for a night on the town

This type of escort is not usually booked for an incall service. Clients tend to want to go out and spend a night on the town. However, if you feel like ending the partying and spending some alone time with your chosen escort. You can have a choice of place to while away those house. It can be spent either in the comfort of your own home. A hotel of your choosing. Alternatively, if you do not have anywhere you can comfortably spend your time then ask at the time of booking if you can use the incall apartments. There should not be a problem with this so long as the receptionist is informed from the very beginning.

Our gallery is the place to visit to find one of our wild party girls. Why not be the centre of attention out and about in the city? Hire the most talented escorts in the area to outshine every other woman around.

No hidden costs for a party escort

You can expect to pay the same rate for our party girls as you would do for one of the other escorts in the agency. We strongly believe that offering escorts by the hour instead of by the act is the best way to obtain customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, our customers contentedness is the most important thing for us.

If you feel like flying high with some of the most audacious girls in Birmingham. Give us a call today. Our customer service desk is open all around the clock every day of the year. This makes booking party Birmingham escorts an easy task.

Petite Birmingham escorts

Petite Birmingham escorts may be small in stature, but boy do they pack the punches in the skills department. Their small agile bodies can move into positions that are impossible to think of for a taller escort.

Petite escorts in Birmingham are as cute as a button. Their svelte bodies are enough to tickle any man’s fancy. As they are short girls, they tend to have tiny, tight bodies, which can be perfect for when wanting to carry out the schoolgirl fantasy with your escort. In fact, she can provide as many different types of services that you wish. Why not unwind with a relaxing massage?

Petite escorts give the best experiences

A few hours spent in the company of one of our petite escorts will provide you with one of the best experiences of your life. Their little bodies will move in a way that will leave you agasp with delight. They are certainly very different to our tall escorts in their appearance. But we all know that good things come in small petite packages hey!

If you want to experience the thrills of a petite escort in Birmingham, then you can do so in one of two ways. Either on an incall service or an outcall service. An incall service means that you will visit your charming escort at her discreet apartment. Alternatively, you can book her to visit you at the place that you so require. It could be your house, your hotel, fancy restaurant…anywhere.

Petite escorts are eagerly waiting

If a petite escort is what you wish to experience then we recommend having a look at the photo gallery. We have a great selection of girls all eagerly waiting to make your acquaintance. They are highly experienced in the art of pleasuring both men and women.
Some agencies tend to manipulate the profiles of some of their escorts to make them more attractive to clients. They pretend that the girls are bisexual so that they can be booked by more people. The problem that arises when this happens is that the service that the escort provides is not 100 per cent convincing. Here at Classy Birmingham escort agency we only advertise our escorts as being bi-sexual if they well and truly are. For this reason we can be certain that if a woman or a couple wished to indulge in some ethereal pleasures with a petite Birmingham escort they can be assured that she will know exactly what to do to ensure that your sexual gratification will be guaranteed. Never before would an escort have left you feeling such a sense of sexual satisfaction. You will be able to fill yourself with pleasures that before you were denied.

Polish Birmingham escorts

With Birmingham being such a diverse city, it makes sense that we have an amazing selection of Polish escorts to entertain you. No other ladies can hold a candle to our lovely selection of Polish girls.

From the moment you set your eyes on the photos of these hot babes your heart will start pounding in anticipation. The thoughts of how these nubile beauties can pleasure you will make your loins ache with ardour. The yearning you will have to spend time with the Polish escorts in Birmingham will burn you with desire and anticipation for what is still yet to come. We understand that our little hotties will make you feel like this. It is for this reason that you can call us and make a booking any hour night or day. As we have so many Polish escorts working in Birmingham you will not have to wait long before she is in your company. Those dark thoughts of desire will soon become a hot and horny reality.
Polish escorts Birmingham are young, virile, sexy girls with bodies to die for. The plus side is that they know exactly how to use their assets to her client’s advantage. Delivering an incomparable service. Give in to your burning carnal needs and enjoy being in the company of Polish escorts in Birmingham. You can be certain that you will not be disappointed after spending time with one of these intensely beautiful girls.

Extra sexy Polish escorts

There is something extra sexy about the central European escorts that other women cannot compete with. The Polish escorts Birmingham possess this innate ability of oozing femininity, sensuality and sexiness that sends a man crazy. This is something that escorts from other countries struggle to have naturally. This is probably the reason why Polish escorts are so popular in Birmingham.

Unbelievably, having the privilege of being in the company of one of our Polish Birmingham escorts does not have to cost an arm and leg. Our agency has many years of experience, consequently, we know exactly what a man or woman needs to ease the hunger of lust. For this reason, we hand pick all of the Polish escort girls that apply to work with us. We only employ the most attractive, fun loving and sexually adventurous girls. By doing this we can guarantee that we only offer the best on the market.

Red head Birmingham escorts

Red head escorts are a rare find in Birmingham. Natural red hair is the least common of all of the hair colours, and this makes them stand out from the crowd. You can be assured that when you take out one of our red head escorts in Birmingham that you will be centre of attention. Truth be known, they are probably more eye catching than a blonde escort.
Red head Birmingham escorts are perfect for the man who wants to turn heads when he walks into a room.

It is a commonly known fact that red heads have a personality as fiery as their hair colour. This incandescence becomes obvious once she has you in the bedroom. Her thirst for all things sensual and carnal makes her the perfect escort to relieve the tension that has built up between your loins. It is for this reason that you must be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Once you have spent time in the company of one of these fire kissed temptresses you will never forget her.

Wide selection of red head escorts

We have a wide selection of red head Birmingham escorts. Some are natural and others are not. This offers a man or woman the option of choosing from a range of tones. From strawberry blonde to pillar-box red, we have them all. Whether the escort is natural or not, you can be guaranteed an experience that will knock your socks off.

Our Birmingham red head escorts are the obvious choice for any client whether they are visiting the area or are local. So long as you can keep up with the pace, that is. They exude lust and all things that are naughty. They can be hired to visit clients in any place that is required. Many like to take them out on a date on the full girlfriend experience and then later back home for a chat and a ‘coffee’. However, others prefer to visit the escort in her own discreet apartment. However, you must check to see if the escort offers all of the services that you wish to do. There is nothing worse than booking your red head Birmingham escort only to find out she does not perform the acts that you originally wanted.

Genuine photos of red head escorts

All of the photos shown in the gallery are true to life photos. We pride ourselves on showcasing natural beauties and we believe that to be flawed is perfection. For this reason the photos only portray a true likeness of our escorts. Showing them in all of their natural beauty.

Many men and women hire a lady from our selection of red head escorts in Birmingham because they know they will have one of the best erotic experiences of their lives.
So, if you fancy a few hours of unadulterated adult pleasures with the most enigmatic escorts in the industry, call us. Red head Birmingham escorts are hard to come by. Therefore, we suggest that you book as far in advance as possible to assure that you can hook up with your desired girl.

Role play Birmingham escorts

Role play Birmingham escorts can bring. A new type of entertainment to your life. The type that will enhance and develop sensational kinks.

Role playing is nothing new. It is a concept that we have had influencing our lives since we were young children. It is something we did in the playground at school. As we get older the idea of playing at being somebody or something else loses its attraction for some people. However, there are some people who never grow out of it. Role play Birmingham escorts can help you realise this fantasy that you may have had hidden away. A lot of people keep their role play fantasies in the darkest of corners in their pleasure and desire dream realm. Ashamed of what their partners might think of them. However, It is the perfect way to intensify gratification. Role play Birmingham escorts love nothing more than indulging in those hidden desires.

Types of Role play

There are many types of role playing that you can experiment with. Some clients and escorts too enjoy dressing up in nurses or doctors outfits. There is nothing hornier than watching your escort nurse in a short white nurses outfit with thigh length stockings on, bending over taking your temperature. Others enjoy a bit of teacher/student or boss/secretary role plays. Let your imagination go wild and allow your Birmingham role play escorts take you on an intense journey. Do something that you thought would only ever stay in your wildest dreams.

Our escorts are so skilled at what they do, they can make a potentially boring role play scenario become something that resembles a hot and horny one night stand. This exciting way of enjoying sex whilst incorporating a bit of adult play time will have you bubbling inside with anticipation.

Role play escorts in Birmingham can enhance your own confidence in real life. By incorporating the self assurance that role playing will naturally give into your daily routine you will become a stronger character overall.

Book a role play session in advance

Role play escorts in Birmingham are available all around the clock. There is a possibility of being able to book them last minute, although this is not something that we like to promote. Purely because they are very popular escorts and tend to be booked in advance. Also, it does not matter what day of the week you fancy booking a Birmingham role play escort. There is always one working weekdays or weekends irrelevant of whether it is a national holiday or not. We can assure you that you will not feel disappointed by choosing to explore this new realm of sexuality.

Romanian Birmingham escorts

Fed up of only ever having sex with women who has dead fish syndrome? Then get one of our Romanian Birmingham escorts in bed. No longer will you need to be pounding away on top of a girl who only lies on her back and does not move. Our Romanian escorts will drive you crazy with how sexually adventurous they are. They take extreme pleasure in taking their clients to seventh heaven. They are extremely open minded girls who love to have their clients involved as much as possible in the encounter. They love hearing what you want to do with them. Divulge with them your most intimate fantasy and allow them to explore it with you. They are all experienced Romanian escorts so you can be assured that they probably have indulged in the act before. This means that they will be able to give you sexual satisfaction no matter what you ask of them.

Eastern & Western European fusion

Romania is a beautiful country that many would like to visit. Unfortunately, not everybody is fortunate enough to afford such a luxury. If you book one of our Romanian call girls, you will be able to taste a bit of Eastern Europe without having to leave the city.
There are approximately 101,000 Romanians who now live in our glorious country. So it should not come as surprise that there are a plethora of Romanian escorts in Birmingham. However, as there are so many of them, we are able to be very choosy. Only the finest Romanian girls are selected to work in our agency.

An important part of the Romanian culture is that from a young age, girls have pleasuring men instilled into them. They are taught that above all else their sexual partner must be content. This means that the lucky man or woman who ends up with one of these escorts from Romania, will be treated like a king. Her entire attention will be focused solely on him. These women are taught tricks which have been passed down from generation to generation. The likes of which are kept secret and only imparted by mother to daughter.

Our call girls from Romania are exceptionally beautiful women. With their typical round faces and soft features it makes them highly feminine. Who would not want to spend time with such beautiful and talented women?

What to expect from your Romanian escort?

There are so many services that can be booked. Actually, you might not know where to start. Some of those include dinner dates, massages and the girlfriend experience. Some of you may well be thinking ‘how can you have a girlfriend experience if the escort does not speak the same language?’. If any foreigner wishes to work and be legal in the UK then they have to be bilingual. Therefore, all of our foreign escorts, Romanians included, have a very high level of English. High enough for them to be able to converse naturally.

Russian Birmingham escorts

Russian Birmingham escorts will show you what you have been missing all of this time. These escorts are the cherry on the cake. They are exquisite and divine creatures who relish in providing adult pleasure. Even though Russian escorts in Birmingham are not native speakers of English, they are still more than able to communicate with their clients.

The escorts provide a second to none service, one which is incomparable to anything you would have experienced before. They will fill you with wonderment at how they have managed to obtain such knowledge on gratification. Once you have been with one of our Russian escorts in Birmingham you will be clambering to the nearest telephone to re-book another appointment. They have the most wondrously dextrous bodies. All slithe and flexible. It goes without saying that they use this impressive ability to their client’s advantage. Along with their skills and abilities they will provide you with the most mind blowing, toe curling sexual adventure that you have ever gone on.

Russian Birmingham escorts are bilingual, some are even polyglots. This adds a wonderful dimension to the experience. She can talk to you in her native tongue whilst whispering sweet nothings in your ear. The sexy Russian accent whilst in the throes of passion is a massive turn on for many customer.

It does not really need mentioning, but as some of our escorts in Birmingham are Russian, they can offer their services to a wider clientele. A lot of people residing in Birmingham are from a Russian background. And, it is commonly known that a lot of activities are better performed in our native tongue. Therefore, booking Russian Birmingham escorts is the ideal situation for many men.

Confidential Russian escorts

Contact us today to arrange one of the best experiences you will ever have with a Russian Birmingham escort. Whatever your motivation for contacting us, you will never regret it. In fact, we are more than positive you will have the time of your life and will become a regular customer of your perfect Russian escort in Birmingham. Call us now. We have a great selection of ladies waiting to give you what you deserve.

Size 10 Birmingham escorts

Size 10 girls have always been a favourite for our clients. Their elegance and charm is enough to make any man shudder with delight. When you add their adventurism and lust for all things sexual into the mix the end result is an explosive, toe curling escapade like you have never had before. They will give you a night to remember.

Our clients all have different tastes in women, which is why we have such a variety of them. Although, none of them as popular as the size 10 Birmingham escorts. Whilst some clients love to be with a curvy woman, others prefer the slender body of dress size ten escorts in Birmingham. Just by looking at the photos you can see how sensational these girls are. The size 10 escorts have the perfect bodies. All lithe and sweet for the taking. The smoothness of her skin is like silk when in contact with that of her client. No matter whether you are woman looking for another woman. A couple in need of a professional to add to the excitement in the bedroom. Or a man who wishes to spend some quality time in the company of another woman. Classy Birmingham escorts agency can provide you with the perfect size 10 escort girl Birmingham.

Natural and slender figures

To be able to maintain such slender figures they have to be strict with their habits. These ladies will be found in the gym during their free time. Ensuring that they have nothing less than the perfectly toned body for their clients. Each and every one of our size 10 escorts in Birmingham are the genuine article. All of the escorts who apply to work for us have their measurements taken. For this reason we can say they are a verified size 10.

Our escorts are available for hire for many different events and reasons. Maybe you have a works dinner coming up and you do not want to attend alone. Or perhaps you fancy a night out in town but you are not from the area. One of our stunning escorts will be able to help you. They know all the hot spots within the city. The best places to eat, dance or simply have a refreshing beer. You could incorporate going to these places as part of one of the experiences that the size 10 escorts offer. For example, you could book the girlfriend experience.

Size 8 Birmingham escorts

It cannot be denied that giving pleasure is a skill that has to be mastered. And our size 8 Birmingham escorts are extremely adept at pleasing their clients. Their years of experience have helped them to perfect the art of carnal satisfaction. So much so that it will feel almost sinful to be experiencing such hedonistic delectation.

The perfect figures

We live in world where fast food and a sedentary lifestyle has become part of the norm. This affects the size and shape of our bodies. Size 8 escorts in Birmingham are highly sought after because they are no longer the average size woman. They take great care in their appearance making sure their bodies remain svelte and taut. This offers many clients the chance to be with the type of woman who is not what you would find when out on the pull.

Please remember that our size 8 escorts Birmingham only deal in cash transactions. All payments must be paid at the beginning of the date. A lot of times clients realise part way through the date that they would like to spend more time in the company of their escort. So long as the girl does not have another booking afterwards. If additional time is required all you have to do is ask and pay the additional cash. She will be more than accommodating. Do not forget that they will be enjoying themselves too. If this is not an option for you do not worry. The size 8 escorts will certainly ignite an insatiable fire deep within your groin that is sure to leave you in ecstasy. No matter how long you have with her. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Date a size 8 escort

If you fancy a date with one of our size 8 Birmingham escorts call us on the contact number. The process is quick and will only take a couple of minutes. Clients are more than welcome to make enquiries via email. Many of our clients are returning clients, although, we welcome new faces all the time. The dress size eight Birmingham escorts are always eager to meet new people and share in their ecstasy.

Slim Birmingham escorts

We have a fantastic selection of slim escorts Birmingham eagerly waiting to spend some quality time with you. Just imagine how sensual it would be to watch the slender body of your chosen slim escort in Birmingham, as she moves it with an enticing rhythm, grinding her ever so obvious pelvis against yours. The thought is so exciting that not booking one of these magnificent women would be a sin.

These sensual, nubile, slim escorts are so slender that you could easily hold her waist and move her into the position that you so desire. This is something that is not so easy to do with a larger escort. A lot of men and women are attracted to slimmer women, some are not. It is all down to personal tastes. If you are of the inclination to be drawn towards the slimmer lady. Then, a slim escort in Birmingham should be right up your alley.

A lot of men know that once married, a lot of women tend to let themselves go. A once slim wife becomes a little frumpy and soft around the edges. This leads to a certain je ne sais quoi being lost. If this is the case, then why not spend a few hours in the company of one of Birmingham’s slim escorts? Their snake hipped bodies can provide you with excitement that you once felt. It could well be that you are not in a committed relationship, and this is the way that you like your life …single and living life to the full. However, sometimes, this type of lone wolf lifestyle can become boring and mundane. There are times when nature makes particular demands, and it is hard to abstain from certain libidinous desires. It is at times like this that one of our salacious, slim escorts of Birmingham is the perfect solution. They are highly skilled in the art of pleasuring their clients.

Bodies made to impress

The ethereal pleasure that their sweet little bodies will induce is out of this world. It is almost guaranteed that you will long to be one of her regular clients. Such is the affection and attentiveness that will be bestowed upon you by your chosen slim escort in Birmingham. The contentment that you will feel upon ending your time with her will have you ringing the agency straight up to make a repeat booking. For some ideas of places to take your escort, you can also visit our blog.

We can arrange a discreet appointment between you and your chosen courtesan. This agency with escorts has some fantastic bijoux apartments. However, it is understood that some people prefer the comforts of their own home. Wherever you would like to spend some time with her, your slim escort in Birmingham will do whatever she can to make your time with her as amazing as it can possibly be.

Self gratification need no longer be the way that you spend your alone time. Slim Birmingham escorts are ready to partake in some hedonistic indulgence with you.

Spanish Birmingham escorts

You will be shouting olé when you feast your eyes on the Spanish Birmingham escorts that represent our agency. Spain is renowned for it’s beautiful ladies and we are fortunate enough to have many of them on offer. Their exotic looks are enhanced by their dark hair and olive skin. These remarkable senoritas have very feminine and slender bodies, such is typical for a Mediterranean beauty. Envisage her sylphlike body moving gracefully and skillfully bringing you to a state of euphoric arousal like never felt before.

Spanish escorts in high demand

Our Spanish escorts in Birmingham are in high demand. This is simply due to the passionate and sensual personalities that they have. There is something about the sexy Spanish accent that makes men weak at the knees. Imagine listening to her whisper sweet nothings in your ear with that provocative and accentuated accent. You will melt into her arms as you hear how arousing she sounds. Many Spaniards live in the area which makes our Spanish escort girls ideal. Each and every foreigner knows that there are certain moments when our native tongue just takes over. By booking one of our nubile escorts, who is also from your home country, there will be no need to worry about not being understood in the throes of passion.

Feel excitement with a Spanish escort

The Spanish escorts that are attainable in Birmingham have kept their ethos of work hard and party hard. Boy, do they work hard. They are very dedicated to their jobs and aim to make every single client feel nothing more than excitement. After each and every encounter, a Spanish escort’s client walks away feeling extremely sexually contented. So many clients who have spent some quality time with our escorts end up becoming regular clients. Such is their enjoyment. It must not be forgotten that our escorts are available for hire by both men and women. Most of the girls are bisexual and love nothing more than exploring new coital adventures. If you are lucky enough to spend some quality time in the company of these awesome girls you will never go back to another agency.

Do not take our word for how amazing these sexy creatures are. Try a Spanish Birmingham escort for yourself. See for yourself just how mind blowing of an experience can be had.

Student Birmingham escorts

One of a man’s biggest fantasies is the student escort in Birmingham. They are young and vibrant and exhuberate a passion for life that is contagious to everybody around them.

All of our student escorts in Birmingham are over the age of 18. Even though they are young, they still have a lot of experience and are certainly not naive in the bed.

Adventurous and sensual

Student escorts in Birmingham are versatile girls who love an adventure with their clients. They love to shower their clients with their undivided attention. Making sure that each and every second spent in their company is filled with excitement and lust. No client has ever walked away from an encounter with one of our student Birmingham escorts dissatisfied. The enjoyment and sexual fulfilment that you will experience will leave you having erotic thoughts for days afterwards.

Due to their age they have a natural curiosity for life and all things associated with it. This lust for life is contagious. After just five minutes with one of our student Birmingham escorts you will feel yourself getting energised.

They are available for any kind of service, the most popular are the girlfriend experience and role play. With the girlfriend experience you can become a regular client and spend quality time getting to know each other. The most popular role play situation is wearing costumes. Because of their youthful looks, they look great dressed up as a naughty school girl.

Stuck for choice

We have so many student escorts in Birmingham at the agency that it might be difficult to choose a specific one. This need not be a problem. You could always intensify the experience and hire two or more girls at the same time. A lot of the escorts are either bisexual or bicurious and enjoy playing with each other and their client too. Imagine the fun that could be had with a couple of these delightful girls in your bed.

Student Birmingham escorts offer a unique service. They are easily accessible no matter what hour of the day you find yourself with carnal urges. All of the escorts at the agency are flexible and fit in working around their studies. Contact us and see just how amazing the student escorts in Birmingham there are.

Submissive Birmingham escorts to worship you

Submissive Birmingham escorts will worship your very existence. They are in need of a dominant master like you. To ensure that their naughtiness does not escape punishment.

It does not matter if you are a male or a female customer. Our submissive escorts in Birmingham are so sexually adventurous that they are pleasured by both sexes. They are broad minded and excel in creating pleasure for both men and women.

Take control of your submissive

Take control of your dominant side and be in charge of the situation. Make your escort participate in every one of your little idiosyncrasies. Compliance is a submissives watch word. She thrives on being told what her role is. You could delight in seeing how she will acquiesce to your demands. Perhaps you would like to see her dressed in a costume. Or bound with tight leather straps around her prepossessing body. A submissives elation comes from her acceptance to whatever you want her to do or be. Also, every dom knows that their pleasure arises from having his every command adhered to by his chosen sub. Submissive escorts in Birmingham are here to make sure that your dominant desires are well and truly catered to.

Engage with a submissive escort

Engaging with submissive Birmingham escorts from our escort agency in Birmingham will change your whole persona. It will turn you into a new and re energised man or woman. Your libido will be empowered to its once youthful vigor. Your dominance will exert itself when you are presented by her submitting posture. Such is the potency of the sensations that you will undergo. Never before will a submissive escort have pleasured you as much as a Classy Birmingham escort can. The service they provide is incomparable. It goes without saying that they are highly experienced. You may well become her master in the bedroom. However, she is the master in the act of submission. These escorts delight when they give themselves entirely to their master.

Our escorts vary in their own level of submissiveness. Some of them are mildly submissive whilst others are ultra passive. This means that we can cater to all every level of domineering necessity. Amuse yourself by asserting your dominance. Benefit from the willingness of how much your escort endeavours to comply to your demands.

Exciting experiences

This dark and exciting experience can be had in your house or in a hotel. Everybody knows that there is no better place to exert one’s assertiveness than in the comforts of their own home. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford the luxury of having an escort visit them where they live. For this reason, a lot of our clients prefer to arrange an appointment with their preferred escort in a hotel. Some clients are not sure which hotels are the best to use. Fortunately, our admin staff are all local. They can inform you upon booking which of the local hotels are the most convenient and of course, which are exceptionally discreet. Talking about discretion. We understand that this is the most important factor that our clients take into consideration. There are certain acts, especially ones that might arise when contracting the services of submissive Birmingham escorts, that might involve a bit more noise than normal conversation. Hence, judiciousness is paramount. Sometimes, the patrons of our agency would rather visit the escort on an incall basis. Clients can expect to feel comfortable in the clean, cosy apartments.

Enjoy your Submissive escort fully

Our sublime submissive escorts in Birmingham are not only for clients who are used to being dominant. Maybe you are fed up of being forced into submission in your own life. These escorts can give you the opportunity to exert your own emphatically. Allow your inner preponderance surface. Become the self-assured person that deep down you know you are. Our escorts will help you to develop yourself to become that authoritative person that you have the potential to be.

The majority of the escorts are booked weeks in advance. However, as Classy escort agency Birmingham never closes we are thrilled to say that submissive escorts in Birmingham are procurable at a moment’s notice. This is something that all of our clients find affable. It helps by providing ease and convenience. Especially for those who find they wish to indulge in libidinous gratification at short notice. This is an important aspect for our clientele who have a busy lifestyle and for whom free time is a luxury.

Contact our booking desk and allow yourself to become part of a sensual world full of empowerment and sexual delirium. A world that will allow you to explore new depths of your own character.

Teenage Birmingham escorts

These young nubile goddesses will skilfully give you an experience to remember. They may well be young, but do not confuse age with inexperience. These little minxes are very skilled in the art of sex. It is an art because everybody can do it, but not everybody can do it like a professional. Just because a person can perform a basic skill does not mean that you would employ them on a professional level. This goes for escorts too. Just because a woman knows how to get jiggly with it does not mean that she will give you a toe curling time of your life. We all know that in this world we get what we pay for. If it’s free then it usually is not the best quality. By hiring teenage escorts in Birmingham you can be sure that she will give you exactly what you want, when you want it and where you want it. Having said all of this. They are by no means the most experienced escorts in the world. Everybody knows that with age comes experience. However, what these escorts lack in knowledge they certainly make up for in enthusiasm. They love nothing more than having fun and becoming proficient simultaneously. They love to learn and to give pleasure at the same time.

Genuine young ladies

The beauty of youth is all-so-obvious in these young escorts. As nature intended, they have cute, tight and firm bodies, silken skin and flawless facial features. Their pert breasts are still lifted and have a natural bounce to them. These perfect features on a woman do not last for many years as men of a certain age know. If you want to feel youth in your arms again then Teenage Birmingham escorts should be who you book. You can take great pleasure in knowing that you might have taught her something completely new. Also, revel in how soft it feels to run your hand over her yielding body.

Some of our teenage escorts in Birmingham are so young they are barely legal. The excitement that this provokes is better than any other high, legal or otherwise. The attraction of these fresh teenagers is the look of innocence in their eyes. But do not be fooled by that. They are the exact opposite of innocence. They will seduce you and leave you in an whirlwind of pleasure.

Fashionable yet discreet

Due to their age they have a heightened sense of what is fashionable and what is not. They usually wear the latest from the elite boutiques dotted around the city. So,if you decide to take a teenage escort out in Birmingham be assured that she will look hundred percent like she belongs there. Some of them are real party animals and will love to gyrate next to you on the dance floor. Others are not quite so extrovert. Some enjoy snuggling at home and pampering you. Treating you to a relaxing massage after a long day at work. If this sounds right up your street, then what you need is to book one of these amiable Birmingham teenage escorts to provide you with the ever so common girlfriend experience.

The importance of booking through a reputable agency when deciding to spend time with a teenage escort in Birmingham is ultra important. Especially nowadays, when young girls look many years older. If you end up finding the escort you have been dreaming of and she is registered working at our agency. You can be assured that she has been through a vigorous check before starting work. By doing this each client who books can do so with peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that everything is above board.

Tall Birmingham escorts

There is nothing like tall Birmingham escorts. A lot of men want to see eye to eye with their chosen escort, but they usually have to do it with a woman who is tottering in extremely high heels. With tall Birmingham escorts you will not have this problem. If you yearn for a tall Birmingham escort to entertain you, then Classy Birmingham escorts is the place to be.

Tall escorts for those of a high profile

It is commonly known that successful men tend to attract taller ladies. So, if you are in need of an escort to accompany you to a business meal or the like, why not hire a tall Birmingham escort to keep you company. They will help to emit an air of success from you. Tall escorts look great at all times. As they have legs that never seem to end, they can carry off any outfit and always look good. This means that they will look perfect hanging off your arm at any public event. Taller ladies attract attention. After all, they stand out from the crowd because they are anything but average looking. The combination of their height and their looks will compliment you in any occasion. Once the event is over and your leggy companion has helped you to give the right impression in the right circles, there are many things that you could do with your escort. Once back in your comfy hotel room, the options are endless. Imagine how great it would feel to have her long, lithe legs wrapped around your waist. Only a leggy escort can tightly grip her strong calves in a sensual hold and pull you into a hypnotic world of intense gratification and intoxication. It may well be that you do not have the need of an escort for a business event. However, you might still wish to be seen in public with a beautiful tall Birmingham escort. If you wanted to you could book her for a dinner date. 4 hours in the company of your chosen escort. In public having a romantic meal for as long as you like. Then the rest of the time you could enjoy some intimate one on one fun with her.

Tall and confident

Tall escorts in Birmingham tend to be outgoing and very confident. They emit sexiness in abundance. A night with one of these beauties will leave you giddy with excitement.
Due to them being tall the Birmingham escorts usually have model like figures. This is something that most men find alluring. Give in to your natural urges and allow your escort take you to a world full of euphoria and sensuality. For an amazing price you could spend some time in the company of a sexy, tall Birmingham escort. And experience all of this for yourself.

If you want to try something new and experience the pleasure tall Birmingham escorts can provide, then contact us today. We have a large selection of tall escorts all waiting to titillate and excite. No single client has ever regretted his time with a tall Birmingham escort

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