Deep tissue massage benefits
A deep tissue massage is a common form of muscle therapy, mainly used to alleviate physical stress or injury.
A deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles and the connective tissue, with the main aim to alleviate consistent aches and pains.
During a deep tissue massage, a therapist will relax the muscles, in order to reach the deeper layers and address the adhesions. He or she will use their knuckles, fingertips, palms, and forearms to work the muscles and tendons. Due to the firm pressure used on targeted areas of the body, you may feel a slight discomfort during a deep tissue massage. Any deep tissue massage pain felt should be relayed to the therapist who can adjust their technique to suit you.
The Benefits of Massage
There are a number of benefits for deep tissue massage. According to experts, a deep tissue massage can:

  • Reduce stress and Anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce symptoms of arthritis
  • Improve and prevent scar tissue

Deep Tissue Massage Near Me
Deep tissue massages should only be performed by qualified massage therapists who have the valid certification. Across the UK, parlours specialising in this form of massage therapy can be found such as deep tissue massage in LondonGlasgow, Manchester

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