Camino Real Hotels Best Mexico Hotels

Camino Real

Camino Real hotels are leaders in Mexican hospitality. This exclusive chain of hotels are found in the best locations throughout México. Ideal for guests looking to enjoy experiences that go well beyond a hotel stay. Perfect for national and international travelers.

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Camino Real Acapulco Diamante

Camino Real Aeropuerto

Camino Real Fashion Drive Monterrey

Camino Real Guadalajara

Camino Real Hotel & Suites Puebla

Camino Real Monterrey

Camino Real Pachuca

Camino Real Pedregal México

Camino Real Polanco

Camino Real Puebla Angelópolis

Camino Real Saltillo

Camino Real Santa Fe

Camino Real Sumiya Cuernavaca

Camino Real Veracruz

Camino Real Zaashila Huatulco

Quinta Real

Quinta Real hotels are the most luxurious tier of hotels in the portfolio, offering unparalleled service ideal for the most discerning guests. So much more than hotels, Quinta Real hotels are architectural jewels.

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Quinta Real Acapulco

Quinta Real Aguascalientes

Quinta Real Guadalajara

Quinta Real Huatulco

Quinta Real Monterrey

Quinta Real Oaxaca

Quinta Real Palacio de San Agustín

Quinta Real Puebla

Quinta Real Saltillo

Quinta Real Villahermosa

Quinta Real Zacatecas

Real Inn

Real Inn hotels is our youngest Brand, inspired by business travelers who are looking for practicality in a modern and effortless way, with pleasant special touches of unexpected amenities.

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Real Inn Cancún

Real Inn Celaya

Real Inn Ciudad Juárez

Real Inn Guadalajara Expo

Real Inn Mexicali

Real Inn Nuevo Laredo

Real Inn Perinorte

Real Inn San Luis Potosí

Real Inn Tijuana

Real Inn Torreón

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