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Our telephone calls are one area where The Car Girls really shine. We place hand-dialed, personalized calls to customers and prospects, using custom designed, approved scripts and messaging. Our outbound phones are programmed to display the dealership
name and telephone number on the recipient’s Caller ID. Our telephone personnel have automotive experience, and are able to represent the dealership in a courteous, professional manner. Our calls get results!!


With extensive automotive retail experience and specialized outbound calling techniques, we generate leads, set appointments and create traffic.

Types of Calls

  • Sales Promotion

  • Update Customer Information

  • Unsold Traffic

  • Lease Renewal

  • CSI

Service BDC 

We can help with your BDC – We can assist in the set up of your dealership BDC and boost your current outbound calling efforts. We are experts at data mining, isolating the low hanging fruit and managing databases. We create a bridge between service and sales that encourages synergy and produces results.

Types of  Calls

  • Service Appointment Setting

  • Recalls

  • Seasonal Promotion

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