Audio Sex Stories in English

Oh Sheela

Indian mother finds a new lover, her own son.

Lovely Beverly

A hot encounter with one of those cruel cops.

Past life

When past impacts your present and future.

The baby sitter

A completely diffrent adventure in baby sitting.

Oh my my

Ek doctor ki kahaani sex ki zubaani.

My First Experience

Indian girl’s first experience of getting her cherry popped.

A messy morning

Inpalpable sexual energy and erotic coupling.

Lonely Mommy

The first time I committed incest with my son Kevin was when he was 18 years old.


Jessica and Jimmy have been dating for a short while now, yet they haven’t yet experienced each other in an intimate sense.

A mother’s nasty thoughts

I know it’s nasty, but I had this thing for my son’s girlfriend and she didn’t seem to mind, and well… things just sort of …

Old is Gold

For the past 3 weak I have been having rigorous sex with my In Laws.

The long distance lover

This is an encounter of my ‘night stand’ experience with my long distance boyfriend!

My journal

I am someone beyond my name, beyond my past, present and future, I am a number, I am a name, who am I?

Shocking Affair

A girl walks in on an incestous encounter between her mom and brother; ends up enjoying the view.

The Dildo

A horny night with my dildo.

The horny night

Story of the night when I stripped down for my son.

Loving Mr. Bad Boy

My fingers started tingling and the sensation move up my arm from his where his hand touched mine.


A short stroke affair of a sales girl.

Coffee with John

How I got my first spasm and cream orgasm in a coffee shop.

A sister and a confession

Young Jeffery takes a ride at the Janitors Office with the confession sister!

Your touch

Me, just missing you and your touch.

Working late

A young working lady loves to mUsterbate in front of colleague.


A story of strength and love and mind controlling.

Long way home

A nice night in a motel with best friend’s stepson on a snowy weather.

Sujata madam

Sujata Madam takes class of 2 of her most favourite students.


A romantic night with my maid’s father.


The wife becomes a whore at a party for husband.


I know it’s nasty, but I had this thing for my son’s girlfriend and she didn’t seem to mind, and well, things just sort of …


One horny lonely lady and a green eyed man in the party.


A bar girl leading a hoe life gets some needed actions inside a ladies’ restroom.


A girl gets her fantasy fulfilled by her jobless neighbor and it is all about an innocent white baby gravy batch.

A tip to the pizza guy

An usual encounter with the pizza delivery guy and getting to fuck him.  

Daddy’s Punishment

A wild punishment awaits Damini after a misdeed done  in a movie theatre.

The Male Midwife

In this erotic story a male midwife has sex with a pregnant woman during her labor and child delivery…

Voodoo si

Wife is subjected to voodoo spells and has an illicite affair with a young black teen and consequences ensue.

A wild night

An indian night in a village takes an exotic turn.

The Sierra Report

Love of a militant, a romantic coupling with lots  of cumshots.


A frigid snooty career woman, her frustrated husband, her resentful brother-in-law and his hot, ever-pregnant wife.  They live happily ever after.

Cardiac Guilt

Wife feels guilt and shame cheating on sick husband.

My Kinky Sex Fantasy Came True

Sharma uncle fulfilled my thirst for kinky fantasy. Dream of spit, piss, cum, threesome, anal, sex in public came true

A new experience

A girl’s first time anal experience with her partner!

A letter to mother Debbie

A young wife turns to Mother Debbie with a problem. Which of her lovers should be the one to make her pregnant?

My sluttiness revealed

Enjoyed being a slutty girl for a night and ended up having sex with a stranger in gents toilet followed by a graceful sex with …

A bride

An Erotic Story about how father Jenkins prepares me and Jeremy for the wedding and a secret is out.

Sex in the airplane

The boeing 787 flight becomes adventurous when Roz gets involved into some interesting actions with a co passenger.

From A Married Woman To A Sexy Whore – part 2

How a sex-starved lady wanting to have sex after her hubby gone meets her devarji who ignites love, sex, and lust and then turning her …

From A Married Woman To A Sexy Whore – part 1

How a sex-starved lady wanting to have sex after her hubby gone meets her devarji who ignites love, sex, and lust and then turning her …

An everlasting romance

Housewife finds solace in her Papa’s arms instead of his arrogant husband.

Cannot Just Control

I , a modest Indian girl take a ride worth remembering for in a public bus.

Romantic Love Of Last Week

I was well makeup’d with dark red lipstick, kajal in my eyes, and red mascara. my hands upto elbow and legs uptothighs was well filled with mehendi. In short i was bride again. he was very pleasant …

Taken by Older Lover

An erotic tale of Deepa, a girl in her early 20’s getting fucked mercilessly by a man old enough to be her father.

Indian Wife Becomes a Mistress – part 3

An Indian husband sharing his desi wife with his neighbour and in turn she becomes his mistress. This is a sexy story of a woman …

Indian Wife Becomes a Mistress – part 2

An Indian husband sharing his desi wife with his neighbour and in turn she becomes his mistress. This is a sexy story of a woman …

Indian Wife Becomes a Mistress – part 1

An Indian husband sharing his desi wife with his neighbour and in turn she becomes his mistress. This is a sexy story of a woman …

Ravaged by my Hot Servant

The story of Sunita, a beautiful girl taken and fucked in every way possibly by her hot servant with a massive cock.

What Wifey Wanted

My sex life mostly consists of sucking Rahul off on a Sunday morning. We do fool around a little first. We kiss and Rahul feels …

Indian Girl’s Sex Dilemma

Vaishali is an average Indian girl living in a big city. As she gets transferred for a new job, she meets a new colleague named …

Delhi Girl Sharing First Sex Experience

Listen to this story from start to end about how a 19 year old girl’s sexual life became filled with enormous joy and pleasure. This …

The Unexpcted Awesome Threesome

Sonia is a 21 year old desperate punjabi girl who craves for sex and will do anything for it. Sonia lives with her brother and sister …

Sex with a US guy on train

During the trip by train with her husband, Rashmi meets a sexy american guy. What is supposed to be a boring and tedious train ride …

Hot massage from a stranger

Mona, a 36 year old married woman, has an unsatisfactory sex life. She has accepted her situation, until she comes in contact with a strange …

Sales girl

Beena tells about her adventures as a sales girl of bra’s and panties. She used to go door to door to sell her goods to …

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What Wifey Wanted is the ultimate erotica offering in the audio sex stories in English segment of our website. It starts off with a wife describing her early, dull sex life with her husband named Rahul and how she never experienced an orgasm. Then she talks about how her friend Tanya explain her amazing sex life with her husband, Niraj, and how he was ready to share her with Ankur, giving her a license to bea slut. Now that sounds like a wonderful premises which will leave you asking for more. Don’t you want to now the rest of the story? Just click on the name of the story and experience adult audio erotica like it is supposed to be experienced.

The Unexpected Awesome Threesome is an unusual, steamy and popular offering in the audio sex stories in English segment of our website. It is the story of a 21 year old girl named Sonia who starts off by describing her early experience with porn and how she masturbated every night whilst watching porn. She has big, busty boobs which made sure she got the attention of men pretty easily. She talks about how she fingers herself harder and harder every night. Then, she talks about her beautiful, busty Bhabhi (husband’s wife) and how she watched her brother fuck her one crazy night. Just click on he name to know want to know what happens next.

Hot Massage from a Stranger is a scintillating erotica tale of a 36 year old Indian wife, Mona who discusses her unsatisfactory sex life with her husband and how she used internet to chat with males and females to enter the world of extramarital sex. Regarded as one of the most stimulating audio sex stories in English, this erotica tale throws light on how she chats up with a guy who is a professional massager and sets up a full body oil massage. Then he gave her some guidelines and a few dos and don’ts to enhance the experience. Then he started off by massaging her scalp and then moved on to the shoulders and neck and resulted in electrifying sensations in her body. How does this massage end up in one of the most satisfying sexual experiences for Mona? Click on the link to find out more.

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