Ask Emily Sexy Role-Play Challenge

Q: Dear Emily,

My boyfriend and I love your video content featured on Lifestyle Condoms’ website. We were curious to know what the best movies for role play are. We’re really dedicated, so give us some challenging ones 😉

Kaci, Age 20


A: Dear Kaci,

I’m so glad you and your boyfriend are enjoying the videos for Lifestyle’s website (that means you’re also having safe sex, right?). Experimenting and imitating role play you see in movies is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get that experience, and eventually learn how to create your own role playing scenarios. Here are my top three recommendations for tapping into a rougher side of role playing:

Angela Loves Gonzo — This film is super easy to imitate IRL thanks to its “gonzo” style of filming. It’s very raw and unscripted and set in a hotel room, so you can easily recreate this film, which gives you everything from tender, romantic sex to a rough and raw romp to try out.

Power & Control — This movie is awesome because it gives you not one, but four different vignettes that cover a range of sex intensities — everything from your basic dom/sub role play to what it means to toe the line between fantasy and strangely sexy. Plus, there’s interviews with all of the performers that discuss their feelings before, during, and after filming. This is perfect for getting even more ideas and learning how to get into the role-play mentality.

Cheesy & Easy — When in doubt, you can always fall back on the soft-core, kinda-cheesy porn you’ might have seen, or even sexy scenes from your favorite romantic mainstream movies. These are a great starting point (or even as a filler between the more hardcore films mentioned above) because they give you ideas, but also leave some room for you to create your own sexy spin on the scenes that inspire you.

You get points in my book for wanting to be so creative in the bedroom, and we can’t wait to hear all about your experimentation!




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