An Unforgettable Roleplay

We had talked about roleplaying several times since we had met but hadn’t exactly found the right time to do something about it. I had decided that this weekend would be perfect since you were coming home Friday morning and we would have the whole night to ourselves. I wasn’t sure which roleplay to pick at first but I decided that I wanted to be a very naughty student and you would be my teacher.

I decided to use your office so I took mostly everything off of it placing it in one of your cabinets. I became a little sidetracked as I noticed that you had some pictures open on your computer. I realized what they were immediately seeing Andi being licked by Kristen. I sat in your computer chair looking through the pictures, my hand starting to play and caress my breasts. I find the picture where Kristen’s tongue is inside Andi’s pussy. I moan softly as I slowly spread my legs thinking about her tongue being inside my pussy while I licked her. My hand starts wandering down as I take my panties off, my pussy so hot and wet already.

I slowly, teasingly start caressing my pussy. I put my legs on the arms of the chair spreading my legs even wider as I caress the seem of my pussy. I moan again spreading my juices up and down the seem of my pussy feeling myself become wetter and even hotter wishing you were here to join me. I look through the pictures once more thinking about having sex with Andi. I close my eyes picturing her and I on top of each other, my tongue barely caressing the seem of her pussy as my fingers tease her. My finger barely penetrating her as I kiss her pussy mound. I moan into her pussy as I take my finger out of her rubbing up and down her seem. I start to tease her clit as I French kiss her pussy, my tongue barely penetrating her. I hear her moan as her tongue caresses my seem. I push my tongue farther into her pussy feeling it contract around it. Tasting how delicious her juices are. My finger flicks her clit a few times as I feel both of us so close to cumming in each other’s mouths. I feel her tongue go all the way inside my pussy as her finger starts teasing my clit. My pussy contracts around her tongue as we both cum hard. I open my eyes looking at the picture as I caress my pussy gently bringing myself down from cumming so hard.

I notice the time so I close out all of the pictures and head upstairs to take a shower. I stop by the laundry room wanting to go ahead and put my clothes in the washer. I turn the washer on adding the detergent then taking off the shirt I had borrowed from you and my panties. I bend over the washer adding a few more clothes as I feel it against my pussy, vibrating my clit. I can’t help but stand there because it feels so good against me. I realize I really need to take a shower so I head upstairs grabbing my vibrator before I head into the bathroom. I turn the water on getting it nice and steamy in there. I sit on the edge of the bathtub realizing that I can watch myself in the mirror. I start caressing my clit teasing myself as I think about you. I watch my fingers caress the seem of my pussy as I think about how much I want you and need you right now. I turn the vibrator on and start to caress myself with it letting it penetrate my pussy just a little then bringing it up to my clit massaging it. I start to think about what you would do if you were here as I start cumming hard for the second time. I feel totally relaxed and somewhat satisfied but I wish it would have been you that had made me cum.

I realize the shower has been running for a little while so I get in massaging my scalp as I shampoo it then wash my body with one of your favorite scents. I step out of the shower drying myself off then going into our closet and grabbing a tight low cut shirt and some jeans not really wanting to dress up since I was only going to go shopping for a few things. I get dressed putting on a little makeup and grab my keys. I head over to one of our favorite sex shops that we love to visit. I find a schoolgirl outfit that I really like. It’s a tight, very low cut white blouse that you can see straight through and a very short, plaid skirt that would barely cover my pussy. I also buy some very sexy white thigh highs and some black stilettos. I’m a little undecided as to whether I should wear any panties or not. I find a white very see through thong that would barely cover the top of my pussy. I keep looking around buying a few rulers that I know you’ll enjoy spanking me with. I also buy a few vibrators and different sized dildos just in case you want to use them on me. I think I’ll probably put them in your desk drawer to see if you find them or not. I also buy a few sensually scented candles that we can play with. I can feel myself getting wet just thinking about all of this but I’m going to wait until you get home before I cum again.

I pay for everything then head over to a few other stores to pick up some things to make your office look like a classroom. I bought paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, and a bulletin board to go behind your desk. I want this to be as real as possible for you so I even go to a furniture store that has student desks so I buy one. I head back home getting everything in the house excited for when you come home. I set up everything in your office making it look like a classroom as much as possible. I put the candles in one drawer and the vibrators in another.

That night, all I can think about is how much I hope you’ll like everything I’ve done. I want to make myself cum so bad but I want to wait so when we’re finally together it will be incredible. I can’t really sleep that night so I get up pretty early knowing your flight was early but more than likely it would be delayed a few hours as always. I make sure everything is set up in your office and I lay out my outfit on our bed. You call and say that you’re just now getting on your plane so you’ll be late as usual. I tell you to get some sleep on the plane because you’ll probably need it which I know probably made you hard if you weren’t already. I went to take a shower after you had called and told me you had landed. I had told you to meet me in your office. I made sure I was going to be ready by the time you got home. I quickly got out of the shower stepping into our bedroom and putting my little outfit on and making sure everything was perfect. I even put my hair in pigtails and also put on one of my favorite bras that I had. I had bought it a few weeks ago, it was white lace and pushed my breasts up but showed my nipples just like I knew you would like it. I put on my heels and walked into your office sitting down in my desk with my legs crossed.

I heard you come in the door, my heart beating wildly because I was a little unsure of what you would have to say about all of this. I could hear you putting down your things and then I heard the door to your office open. You walked in and I smiled at you giving you a minute to take it all in. ‘There you are Professor….I was wondering what was keeping you.’ I smile seductively as I rub my thighs together feeling myself becoming incredibly wet. You smile and I can tell you want to jump me right then and there. I can see how hard you are through your slacks already as I take the pencil in my hand putting it in my mouth, swirling it around as my tongue licks around it wanting you to know what I will be doing to your cock very shortly. I take the pencil out of my mouth ‘accidentally’ dropping it on the floor right in front of me.

‘Oops, I’m sorry professor. Could you get that for me?’ I smile wanting you to come closer to me. You come over bending down to pick up my pencil as I uncross my legs opening them a little. I see your eyes wander up my legs as I spread them for you. My thong already having a very large damp spot. ‘I forgot to do my homework, Mr. McDonald….I was hoping you wouldn’t give me an F on it….’ You stand back up looking at me as you hand the pencil back to me. I can see how swollen your head already is through your slacks knowing this is turning you on incre
dibly. I lick my lips looking at it then raising my eyes back up to meet yours. I can tell you like what you see.

You tell me that I should be punished for not doing my homework and that I was a very bad girl for not doing it. I spread my legs wider giving you a better view of my pussy, my clit hard and swollen needing your touch. ‘I’m sure I can make up for it Mr. McDonald….’ You hold out your hand and I take it as you pull me toward your desk. I can tell how much it is taking you to not fuck me right then and there but you don’t. You tell me to take off my blouse. I slowly unbutton it wanting to drive you crazy. Knowing how much I had been teasing you lately coming to class in barely nothing, not wearing any panties half the time, spreading my legs for you while you were at your desk.

I let my blouse fall to the floor leaving me in my lacy white bra that barely covers anything. My nipples already rock hard from being so turned on. You tell me to turn around and bend over the desk. I feel my pussy become even wetter when I hear you say that. I turn around and bend over your desk feeling my breasts touching the cold wood of the desk, making my nipples even harder if that was even possible. I feel you up against me knowing its just taking you everything not to fuck me. I can feel your hard cock through your slacks causing me to moan softly. You back up as I feel your hand caressing my inner thigh teasing me.

‘Please, Mr. McDonald….’ You ask me what I want. ‘I need you to fuck me….’ You bend over me whispering in my ear that you will fuck me just not at the moment because you are going to teach me that I have to do my homework every night. I feel your hands run over my ass as you push up my short little skirt exposing me. Your fingers run lightly up and down the seem of my pussy over my thong just teasing me as I whimper for more, wanting you inside me. I know that this is turning you on more than anything being able to tease me like this. ‘I promise I’ll do my homework, Mr. McDonald….’ I feel you move my thong to the side as I feel your fingers on my pussy for the first time. I moan as I try to grind against your fingers, my pussy so incredibly hot and wet for you.

You take your fingers away as I feel them running lightly over my ass. I hear one of the drawers open as you get out one of the rulers that I had bought so you could spank me. I can hear your light gasp as you see everything that I bought in that drawer. You rub my ass with your hands asking me if I’m ready for my spankings. ‘Mmmm yes, Mr. McDonald. Spank me, I want you to spank me.’ I feel the ruler spank my ass several times and after each time your hand caressing my cheek. I moan loudly while you spank me feeling my pussy just become wetter and wetter. You put the ruler away, your hands going back inside my thong feeling how wet that made me. You tell me what a naughty girl I am for letting that turn me on and that apparently that wasn’t enough punishment for forgetting my homework.

‘I want to be your naughty girl, Mr. McDonald.’ I hear you open the drawer once more not sure of what you had gotten out. I feel you pull my thong down that is already totally soaked up in my juices. Your fingers just teasing and barely penetrating my pussy. I feel you rubbing my pussy from the bottom all the way to the top with what feels like one of the candles I bought. I feel it slowly penetrating my pussy as I moan holding onto the desk feeling you slowly push it inside me then take it back out. You ask me if I like it and if you should continue. I moan ‘Please….I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me, Mr. McDonald.’ I feel you pushing the candle inside me faster then you were as I come very close to cumming. You take the candle out just as I’m ready to cum telling me you’re not quiet ready for me to cum.

‘Mmmm….please Mr. McDonald, I need to cum so badly….’ You tell me to stand up and turn around facing you. I turn around looking up into your eyes as I feel your fingers playing and caressing my breasts then pinching and circling my hard nipples. I smile as you lean down kissing me deeply, my arms going around your neck as I press my body against yours. You break the kiss telling me my punishment for being a very naughty girl is not quite over with just yet. My hand wanders down to your slacks as I unbutton them pushing them down. I look up at you as I kneel in front of you. ‘I want to please you, Mr. McDonald. May I?’ Your cock is so hard and so swollen already. I spread my legs wanting you to be able to see my breasts and my pussy as I suck your cock.

My pussy is so wet that my juices are just dripping down my inner thighs. I know you can see it and that its turning you on even more specially with my skirt hiked up to my hips exposing it to you. I take your hard cock in my hand as I slowly run my tongue from the base of your cock all the way to the underside of your head then around your entire head. I keep eye contact with you wanting to see how much pleasure your student is giving you. My tongue goes all around you head once more then to the tip running over the slit on your head letting my tongue dip in it tasting the precum that is already coming out. I open my mouth slowly running my lips over your head as I take just the head in my mouth feeling how swollen it is knowing how sensitive you are when you’re this swollen. I start to gently suck your head and squeeze my lips around it wanting you to feel how hot and wet my mouth is. Wanting you to get as much pleasure out of me sucking your head as possible. I continue to suck your head gently into my mouth as my hand gently caresses and plays with your balls, feeling how heavy they are and knowing all of this is just turning you on incredibly.

I keep eye contact with you seeing your eyes closed and hearing how much you love your student sucking you in class and how much pleasure you get out of it. My hand wanders down to my pussy as I moan against the head of your cock seeing your eyes open watching me intently. My fingers start to gently caress the seem of my pussy as I hear you tell me what to do. You ask me if I want to be your naughty little sex slave while I’m in class with you. I moan loudly giving you my answer as you tell me to slowly caress my pussy and flick my clit a few times. I continue to suck your head into my mouth gently sucking you feeling how you’re becoming even more swollen knowing you’re very close to cumming in my mouth.

You tell me to let one of my fingers penetrate my pussy as I caress it with my other fingers. I moan against your cock as I can hear your breathing becoming harder knowing you’re extremely close. I put two fingers in my pussy pushing them in and out as I play with my clit feeling myself become very close. I swirl my tongue around your head, then all the way up to the tip teasing you as I hear you groaning louder making me tighten my lips around the head of your cock like my pussy would. I feel your balls tighten up as I feel you cumming inside my mouth. I keep working my fingers in and out as I feel my pussy tightening around them as I cum hard. My whole body trembling as I take my fingers out of my pussy rubbing them all over your cock. I keep sucking the head of your cock as you cum hard in my mouth. I open my mouth up a little wider and feel some of the cum hitting my cheeks then sucking the rest of your cum in my mouth sucking you through your orgasm.

I stand up in front of you as I lick my lips licking the cum off of them then licking my own fingers tasting my juices. You tell me to lay across your desk as I see you lighting one of the candles that I had bought. You leave the room for a few minutes and come back with a couple of your golf clubs. Seeing you bring those in the room turns me on extremely because we had discussed something like this a long time ago. I can feel my pussy just getting wetter and hotter. You tell me to lay all the way on the desk as I feel your hands roaming over my body feeling everywhere and dipping your finger into my pussy telling me what a naug
hty girl I am and that you want me to be your sex slave.

I moan as I feel you trailing your finger up my belly to my breasts, spreading my juices. I see you grab one of your drivers and rub it up and down my pussy making me moan and ask for more. You ask me what I want. ‘Fuck me with it, please Mr. McDonald. I’ve been such a naughty girl, I need you to fuck me with your golf club.’ I feel it penetrating my pussy causing me to moan loudly, my fingers going down to my clit rubbing my pussy and caressing it. I see you grab the candle and hold it up above my breasts letting it drip. I moan even louder loving what you’re doing to me. I feel you starting to fuck me with the golf club going faster but knowing just how to fuck me without going too far. I push back against it begging you to fuck me as I feel you drip more candle wax on my breasts turning me on even more making me beg for it more.

I start rubbing my clit faster and harder as I feel my pussy tightening around it as you fuck me faster. I moan loudly almost screaming as I cum incredibly hard feeling you drip some more candle wax on my breasts. My back arches up, my whole body trembling as I come down from my orgasm. I collapse back onto your desk opening my eyes…’Oh, Mr. McDonald….I love how kinky you are….’ I hear you put the golf club aside and blow out the candle as you help me off the desk.

You tell me to put my hands on the desk and expose my pussy to you. I feel myself turned on even more when I hear you say that. I bend over slightly keeping my hands on the desk as I spread my legs totally exposing my pussy to you. Knowing that I’m completely open for you. I feel your hands on my hips as you ask me I want once again. ‘I want you inside me, Mr. McDonald. I know you’ve been thinking about fucking me since I started taking this class. That’s why I’ve been teasing you everyday, wearing next to nothing, and showing you my pussy. I want you to fuck your student, Mr. McDonald. I know you want to.’ I reach behind me taking your hard and swollen cock in my hand pushing it into the seem of my pussy. I know you can feel how how and wet my pussy is for you as you slowly penetrate me. I hear you groan as your head pushes inside me. I feel your hands on my hips telling me to slowly gyrate them on you and squeeze my pussy around your head. I can feel how swollen your head has gotten inside my pussy as you grab my hair pulling my head back. I gasp and moan as I feel you thrust your cock all the way inside me.

I moan loudly as I feel your cock totally filling up my pussy. Feeling your head deep inside me and how swollen it is. You pull out letting me feel how large and swollen your head is as you thrust hard back inside me making me hold onto the desk. You start fucking me hard and fast as I feel your cock go in and out of me faster and faster. I can tell you’re very close to cumming as I feel my tight pussy squeezing and milking your cock every time you go in and out. You ask me if I’ve ever watched porn before and I tell you yes, a few times. You push your cock all the way inside me holding it there as you ask me if I’d like to watch some with you. ‘Mmmm yes, Mr. McDonald….I want to watch it with you.’

I feel you pull out of me as you go and sit at your desk telling me to get on top of you facing away from you. I walk over to you taking your cock all the way inside me as you pull my legs apart putting them on the arms of the chair totally exposing my pussy to you. You pull up one of the folders of pictures you have on your computer of Andi and Kristen. I can feel you slowly pushing your cock in and out of me as I sit on top of you looking at the pictures of them having sex. You whisper in my ear and ask me how much I would like to have a woman licking my pussy and pushing her tongue inside my pussy. I feel one of your hands massaging and playing with my nipples as the other trails down and starts caressing my pussy. I push myself up and down on your cock as your fingers play with my clit. Both of us watching the pictures as you whisper in my ear naughty things. Telling me what she would do to me and what I would do to her.

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