Amazing Sex Role Play Chat

Amazing Sex Role Play Chat

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: 18 female

Stranger: heyy

You: sex roleplay?

Stranger: sure

Stranger: 18 male

Stranger: you start 😉

You: Ok so I am sitting on the sofa and you walk into the room….

Stranger: I walk over to you and sit next to you, and start rubbing your shoulders.

You: I start to blush a little, and I rest my head on your shoulders and put my hand on your leg.

Stranger: I smile, and move my hands down your arms a little, caressing you, I put my other hand on yours, encouraging you to continue.

Amazing Sex Role Play Chat
Amazing Sex Role Play Chat

You: I smile back, I fut my hand on to the side of your face and stare seductively into your eyes.

Stranger: I gaze into your beautiful face, and suddenly kiss your lips, running my hands gently through your hair, down to your back

You: I put my hands on your back and move them down nearly towards your butt, I also slip my toungue into your mouth while passionately kissing you.

Stranger: my tongue dances with yours, locked in a passionate kiss…I slide my hands across your sides, down to your hips

You: I put both of my arms around your neck, pulling your upper body towards me. Now I’m laying down on the side of the sofa with you on top of me kissing. I also starts to adjust my top to try and release my breast.

Stranger: I keep kissing you, my hands moving to take off your top, unbuttoning it slowly before opening it and gently touching your breasts, still kissing you, my body against yours.

You: I then guide your hand with mine as you feel my breats, I unbutton your shirt and start to kiss your chest.

Stranger: I exhale deeply, my hot breath against your neck, feeling your breasts against my bare chest im spurred on, I sit us up, and kiss you again, putting my hand on your thigh.

You: I discreetly lift up my skirt to encourage you to move your hand along my thigh, kissing you on the neck and lips and lightly moaning.

Stranger: I notice your slight move and give you what you want, sliding my hand along your thigh, gentle caressing it up towards your crotch, moving my chest against yours again, kissing at your neck, teasing your ears .

You: While enjoying your hand rubbing on my crotch and kissing on my neck, your phone starts ringing, so I aggressively take it from your pocket and throw it across the room, then continue rubbing your chest and kissing your face and neck.

Stranger: I feel the need to say sorry, so I kiss your cheek and keep my hand rubbing user your skirt, feeling the material of your underwear, keeping focused on you, telling you how beautiful you are.

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You: After accepting your apology, I start to feel that I need to do something else, so I unzip your pants to find out what that bulge was, I pull your penis out and was amazed to find how big and firm it was.

Stranger: I shudder slightly from your touch. smiling I lean back a little to give you room, while still rubbing on your panties, pulling them down under your skirt, letting the cool air touch your penis grows firmer in your hands.

You: While holding your erect penis, I pause for five seconds and stare deeply into your eyes… because at this point we both knew what we were thinking. So I lie there slowly spreading my thighs apart while holding that firm penis of yours.

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Stranger: I return your gaze, breathing silently, in anticipation, as you spread your thighs I gently touch your exposed crotch, just gently to watch the passion in your eyes.

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You: My eyes start to water and already I feel aroused by your gentle and subtle touch on my crotch with your hand. I then start thinking about pulling your body closer.

Stranger: I sense your change in mood, and keep my fingers working gently into you, leaning in to kiss you, whispering in your ear that youre beautiful, penis throbs in your grip, eager.

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You: Your throbbing penis arouses my so much that I pull your body closer, towards my vagina, I close my eyes and I’m slightly nervous but I’m confident enough for the next beautiful step of this love making moment.

Stranger: I pull my hands up and away, holding your body now, face to face with you, I kiss your lips once, sealing the mood, I whisper ‘are you ready?’

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You: I reply with a soft whispering “yes” while lightly rubbing your face, and subtly guiding your body closer.

Stranger: I can wait no longer, I kiss you passionately, my Tongue in your mouth, and slowly push my throbbing penis into your awaiting vagina, I close my eyes.

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You: With my eyes closed and my arms around you, I let out a slight moan. I start to feel excited while I feel your penis inside me.

Stranger: my mind floods with the feeling, ours bodies intertwined, my penis pushing slowly in and out of your crotch, my Hand finds your beast and I hold it gently

You: I then ask you to gently squeeze my breast while moving in about out of me, I also encourage you to go a little faster.

Stranger: I oblige willingly, speeding up slowly, building a faster pace, gently caressin.

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