Adventures in Role Play

I just wanted to let everyone know right off the bat this is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, and the downright naughty! Yes, everyone is over 18 (even though later I act like I’m not- just a warning to you psychos out there who think we’d really do anything with jailbait). As for me- well, you can call me Columbia, like in the Rocky Horror Show. After all, I played her a few times. Here’s my first submission to Literotica, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed acting it out!


My boyfriend and I had rented a room in a nice hotel near my house for the weekend. I got there first- right after work, and I’d called him and asked him to come an hour or so later so I’d have some time to sleep after my long day. I stripped out of my black slacks and rose-colored tee, my underwear- well, pretty much everything. I then put on my new kimono-style robe and lay down to listen to my Alanis Morissette CD.

I was woken up by my boyfriend (let’s just call him John for now) slowly massaging the insides of my thighs and kissing my neck. I moaned lightly as I opened my eyes and smiled at him.

‘Hey there, sexy,’ I told him. He smiled back at me and nuzzled my neck with his reddish-brown whiskers and slipped his hand up to my pussy. He grinned as he found my special surprise for him, I was completely bare.

John kissed me and began to play with my clit, making me start thrashing almost instantly. Amazing, I thought. He sets me off so quick, when other guys hadn’t even been able to make me come!

I cried out as he kissed and licked down my body to my feet and started sucking on my toes. All the while, his fingers never left off their playing, and I kept coming. I know I was loud because I heard the people in the room next door whack on the walls. So I moaned louder, just for them. I always have been a bit of a brat.

But I digress. John stopped when I was shaking like a leaf, covered in sweat, and whimpering like a newborn kitten. And he still hadn’t had an orgasm of his own! I pulled him down on the bed next to me and began to undress him. Then I thought, screw this crap, and started to suck him off through the hole in the front of his blue Hanes. He makes the yummiest moans when I do that!

John stopped me before he came, and with a naughty wink he undressed in a little striptease for me. I watched anxiously and licked my lips. I was quivering in antici…you know. Suddenly, John grabbed my hips and tossed me on my stomach on the bed! I let out a gasp of surprise that turned quickly to a moan of pleasure as he mounted me from behind and started pounding at me like a madman- he has always known I like my doggy style as hard and fast as possible.

I couldn’t stand it, feeling his dick thrust into me with abandon and hearing his moans as he pulled me back onto him while he pounded my sopping wet honey-pot. I was coming so hard I couldn’t move. John pulled out of me and with a grunt he shot his hot spunk all the way up my back- almost in my hair! When I felt him come on me I shuddered with another orgasm of my own and thrust back at him. He spanked me and said we should go clean up.

Most of the rest of the night was uneventful. We cleaned up, went out, had dinner… and started talking about ideas to role-play later that night. (And now, we fast forward to the fun bit!)

After dinner, I assumed my role (NOTE: ROLE!) as the 17-year-old Princess Elena, with John taking the role of my faithful bodyguard/chauffeur. We chatted in these roles as we went and got ice cream from a local parlor- he got Double Chocolate and Cake Batter, I got Sweet Cream and French Vanilla. I ordered him about, had him run ‘errands’ for me around the hotel room… We giggled together about how low class the upscale hotel was… Then John asked my permission to read while I napped.

I granted my royal permission under the condition I could snuggle next to him and keep warm while I slept. He nodded, and I went to lay beside him. Soon, I was ‘alseep’, and I kept maneuvering myself where he would see certain things through my clothes. Then I blatantly rolled over so my breast fell out of my loosely tied robe. He moaned softly, whispered ‘forgive me, my princess’, and started to fondle my errant tit and stroke my mocha-colored nipple.

I moaned softly in my sleep and leaned into him as he slipped his other hand inside my robe to squeeze my other breast. I pushed my chest to his, and slowly fluttered open my eyes to stare at him.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked him.

John replied, ‘I’m playing with your tits, Princess… I’m sorry, they were just so beautiful and I just had to touch them.’


‘Did you want my to stop?’

‘No… I- I like it… It makes me feel warm- down there…’

He closed his eyes and shuddered, groaned into my ear. ‘Princess… I’m going to fuck you, but first I’m going to give you a lesson in street talk.

‘Down there is your pussy. It has something called a clit…’ he rubbed his thumb over everything as he named it, ‘and it’ll make you feel real good.’ I quaked as his manipulations of my love-button brought me to orgasm hard and fast.

I let out a girly moan and clung to him innocently. He went on to explain the vagina, pushing two fingers into me, then moved on to the g-spot. I thrashed so hard while he rubbed it he had to push me down into the bed with his free hand.

He suddenly jerked his fingers out of me and held them to my mouth. Obediently, I started to lick them clean. He pulled his cock out, and took my hand. He placed me hand around his shaft and said, ‘This is my penis… my cock. Grip it like you are now…’ I did. ‘Good, good… now move your hand up and down on it and it will get big and then I’ll fuck you.’

I was jacking him off and playing with my clit, too horny to care about the game any more, when he made me stop and slammed his cock into me. I shouted in pleasure, earning another wall whack from the neighbors. He plowed into me in earnest now, lifting my hips off the bed and shoving his dick deep in my pussy.

He pinched and tweaked my nipples, then dropped some of the ice cream on them. I gasped at the shock of the cold and my box clenched around his shaft. He licked my nipples clean and continued until I blacked out.

When I came to, he had me by the hair from behind and was using my hair to pull me backwards onto his shaft. Suddenly he grunted, reached under me, and grabbed my tits as he came inside me. I peaked too as I felt his hot load shoot inside me, and again as he collapsed onto my back and started fondling my sides and ass.

We had many more adventures that night, and other nights… If everyone likes this one maybe I’ll share those too!

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